Statists Spearhead Attack Against The President’s Executive Order Through The Courts

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law and Stephen L. D’Andrilli ~ Part 1
The Ninth Circuit’s Decision, Enjoining the President’s Executive Order, Temporarily Suspending Refugees from Entering Our Country, Was Legally Wrongheaded. Who Really Was Behind the Filing of the Lawsuit?

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Statists Spearhead Attack Against The President’s Executive Order
Arbalest Quarrel
Arbalest Quarrel


President Trump has promised to get our House in order. This is no small task given years of disassembling through the insidious machinations of Bill Clinton, George Bush Senior, George Bush Junior, and Barack Obama.

These lackluster U.S. Presidents of the past decades have supported doctrines of liberal democracy, globalization, multiculturalism, and debilitating military interventionism and entangling alliances—all of which have, together, devastated the financial well-being of our Nation, and have denied to hard-working, proud Americans the financial and physical security they deserve—the financial and physical security they might have had but through the implementation of destructive trade policies and through seditious collusion with foreign Countries to keep our borders open; and through seductive psychological conditioning and indoctrination, designed to produce mass confusion in the public psyche—inverting and substituting the ideal of nationalism for the flawed notion of internationalism; the ideal of protectionism for the corporatists’ dream of globalization; the ideal of individualism for the morass of mass conformity and inclusiveness; the ideals expressed in Judeo-Christian morality for amorphous cultural and moral relativism.

Through incessant, monotonous, repetitive sloganeering and messaging by the mainstream media, Americans are urged, even cajoled, to view patriotism as jingoism, national pride as nativism and racism, and love of Country and concern for one’s Nation and one’s Countrymen, first and foremost, as selfish parochialism.

These past U.S. Presidents support the precepts of utilitarian consequentialism, an ethical position anathema to the Founders of our Republic and inconsistent with the import of the Bill of Rights.

These Past U.S. Presidents worked to undermine our free Republic and worked to undermine the U.S. Constitution even as they declared, disingenuously and hypocritically, to support our free Republic and our Constitution. They have forsaken the American public, implementing policies that benefit a small, exceedingly powerful and ruthless, cunning and duplicitous, secretive and sinister, extraordinarily wealthy, elite coterie of internationalist globalist benefactors, hell bent on undermining and ultimately destroying the very  concept of the Nation State—our Nation State—working vigorously behind the scenes to dissolve our Nation’s sovereignty; weakening our Nation’s laws; doing nothing to secure our borders against waves of illegal migrants and criminal gangs and refugees and Muslim terrorists; spending frivolously on wars they have no intention of winning; involving our Country in innumerable foreign escapades that have nothing to do with our national security; throwing billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries that give us nothing in return except millions of their own wretched citizens who drain our own wealth and resources; and slowly moving our Country in the direction of an EU style social, political, economic construct through implementation of secretive international trade deals that harm our small businesses, destroy our manufacturing base and leave millions of hard-working Americans destitute.

Not surprisingly they, and their international benefactors, are yet working, behind the scenes, taking every opportunity to frustrate the policies of President Donald Trump, sowing dissension, creating discord, inciting violence, vilifying our President, blocking our President at every turn—doing everything in their power to prevent him from doing his job, to prevent him from succeeding on behalf of our Nation and on behalf of its citizenry.

The quick, violent, and virulent assault on the President’s January 27, 2017 Executive Order is a case in point. President Trump implemented this Executive Order for the legitimate purpose of protecting this Nation and its citizenry from acts of Islamic terrorism, sweeping across Western Europe, lest the unmitigated horror descending upon the EU work its way into the U.S.

The title of the President’s Executive Order is: “PROTECTING THE NATION FROM FOREIGN TERRORIST ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES.” What does the Order actually say?

We explain in Part 2 of this series.

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BRAVO! THIS is the conversation that should be dominating the media!


I tend to agree with the premise that the administration’s handling of this may well be a smoke screen. Trump MUST have counsel astute and sufficiently brilliant to realse that the two bit district court judge in Seattle had no jurisdiction to take this matter up. Since the three parties are two states and a “pubic minister” (read the title to the matter) and since Article III Section 2 clearly states that in ALL matters where a state, OR a “public minister” are a party, the Supreme COurt, and ONLY the Supreme court, shall have original jurisdiction. Let COngress chew… Read more »

Donald Silvernail

I sincerely hope that you are right, sir!

Wild Bill

, you are correct, but how will the executive branch or the legislative branch force the judicial branch back to doing its constitutional duties. The S. Ct. has not tried a case in decades. The S. Ct. is too busy deciding “constitutionality” a power and authority that the U.S. Constitution does not give the S. Ct.


Something to consider: Hillary is not president, Democrats are not in power, President Trump may make missteps going forward but the future of this country looks better than it has in a number of years!

Wild Bill

@Nitmoi, Your words are pure magic. Some how, I feel so much better.


I am inclined to think that the immigrant executive order was a shrewd move intended as a bone for the unhinged leftists to chew on while Trump is making minor appointments and policy initiatives quietly in the background while the glare of the spotlight is on that issue. The bungling and crafting could be enticements instead of carelessness.
The left is wasting time energy and resources while plainly revealing their true nature which can be used against them in 2018.


The court attacks on President Trump’s orders should have surprised no one. What should have utterly shocked EVERYONE is how totally unprepared the President and his team were to immediately and swiftly handle them. I am a Trump supporter but this was bungled terribly. The wording was crafted poorly and, when challenged in court, the legal team assigned to defend it was not up to the task. In short, get your act together or expect to be mired down in this muck for four years.


Anyone who wants an good example of what our country is/has become read The Turner Diaries. by Dr. William Pierce