What the Experts say about Self-Defense and Gun-Free Zones

Dr. Lott Testifying On The Dangers Of Gun-Free Zones
Dr. Lott Testifying On The Dangers Of Gun-Free Zones

When it comes to safety, we can’t know everything ourselves.  We also must consider the opinions and arguments of experts.

These experts collect the wisdom of others, the distilled experience from thousands of lives.  That said, we don’t have to be uncritical.  We can try to distinguish solid expertise from purchased advocacy.  I’ve read what the experts say about self-defense and gun free zones.

Here is a short summary of what I’ve learned.  You can weigh the issues for yourself.

From the Self-Defense Instructor:

These instructors teach basic firearms safety and self-defense.  They see students every day.  They see the benefits and dangers of having a gun.  They say we should each decide for ourselves whether or not we should own a gun or carry a concealed firearm.  They also say that unarmed individuals are killed by armed criminals with monotonous regularity.  Of course, the choice is ours, but there is a silent argument in the debate whether to go armed or not.

What’s the bottom line, look at what instructors tell their spouses and their children.  They want them to have a gun.

Mom Defends Children, Shoots Attacker in Her Home, iStock-488768992
Mom Defends Children, Shoots Attacker in Her Home, iStock-488768992

From the Police:

We call the police after we’re attacked.  Then, in addition, the police need time to arrive.  The police need time to evaluate the situation and stop the threat.  Usually, the threat is long gone by the time police arrive.  It is up to ordinary citizens like us to protect ourselves until the police get there.  Most cops on the street are tired of getting there too late and seeing victims.  Police officers tell their own families to go armed for their protection.  The police know that there are guns inside most “gun-free” zones.

Horrific Murder and Felony Firearm in Flint, Michigan: Three Family Members Charged, iStock-1138299265
Violence is spiking upward in the Seattle region, where a police officer was killed and several other people have been shot in separate incidents, yet law-abiding citizens can’t apply for new concealed pistol licenses. iStock-1138299265

From Firearms Instructors for Special Teams:

These instructors train the trainers.  They look for trends as they pour over field reports. They have learned that time is critical when we’re threatened.  They know that time is critical when a school, church or hospital is attacked.

Murderers will kill until they meet armed opposition.  The faster the murderer is stopped, the faster we can get help to the injured and save lives.

From Academics studying violent crimes:

Violence is an unfortunate fact of life.  We know that spree killers hunger for notoriety.  These murderers look for large crowds and soft targets.  Try as we might, we can’t afford to give everyone an armed bodyguard.  The most efficient formula for saving lives is a mixture of first responders.  Some are who are armed, and some are not.  Armed security moves across the campus.  Armed staff have a regular office where they work.  Armed security and and some staff move toward the threat.  Some armed staff shelters in place.  Other staff members are trained as medical first responders to immediately treat the wounded once the murderer is killed, or kills himself, which is a common reaction to the sight of an armed responder.

I’ve met some of these experts, and I’m awed.  It takes a strong heart to study violence and not despair.  The issue is not academic for these experts.  They argue passionately that we should protect ourselves.  We are the only first responders who can limit the damage caused by the next violent criminal. And gun free zones limit those armed first responders from legally being where they can save the most lives.

Some idealists say we shouldn’t have to defend ourselves.  They want to disarm innocent people.  But this isn’t reality. Violence exists. The experts say time is critical.  They say we are the only solution until help arrives.

Who do you believe?


Rob Morse: Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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All gil has to do if he is ever in an active shooter situation is find the safe place and get out the crayons and play-do.


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Wayne Clark

Well…he’s done it again. He’s managed to shift the focus of the article to him. Just ignore this idiotic mo-fo & don’t even mention his name…he gets off ftom it! He will go away once he sees he’s not the highlight anymore. Maybe he’ll move to the maxi-pad forum.

Dave from San Antonio

Bottom line is that it comes down to a personal decision on whether or not to be armed and be able to protect yourself, your family or others. The choice you make is yours and yours alone. I choose to be armed and I don’t feel any particular need to explain myself or my reasons to others. This type of debate will always be there. Again…it’s a personal choice and I’ve made mine.

JD Carp

Well said Dave from San Antonio! I’m sure there are plenty of safe zones for Gill where bad guys don’t use their guns ever.

Dave from San Antonio

Yep. In the magical fantasy world called ‘Lib-Land’…where the unicorns are colorful and run free…and criminals obey all the laws without question.

JD Carp

Gil doesn’t understand that the LAST thing a “Gunfighter” as he calls them, wants to do is be forced to clear leather. Nor does he realize that if an NRA member was EVER involved in a bad shoot Nancy Pelosi, Schmucky Schumer and Dianne Feinstein (sp) would be bashing down the doors at our headquarters. NRA members and every day carry folks are the most safety conscious people who hold human life in the highest regard. We have NO desire to make anyone dead, it’s just we don’t want to get dead if we can do something about it. Just… Read more »

M Reyna

Gil, actually a gun fighter expert if there are any, will carry a gun for self defense and if possible
avoid a gun fight, as your life will change forever. Taking life or losing your life should be avoid,
unfortunately bad guys have other views.


What’s dumber than bringing a knife to a gunfight? — bringing a sign* to a gunfight (*gun-free zone sign).

Jim Macklin

Unarmed victim zones, the elitists proof that they are better than common people.


Gil, just like pleasing a woman, this too you’ll never understand. Maybe I’ll start dating your mom, then have your bedtime changed to 9pm, turn off your WiFi and force you to come up from the basement, take a shower this month and find a job.


I knew a goldfish named Gil. Is that you Gil? Wait, it was a sheep, a sheep named Gil.
Seriously, the Lefts ideas really confound me, we are nowhere to be seen but we will protect you and your family and if you do have to watch your family member die in your arms just take comfort in the fact that they died in a gun free zone.


Actually that’s right: self-appointed gun-toting heroes always appear after a tragedy never during.


Gil, what would you say to the young lady that avoided being raped because she pulled her gun on the would be rapist and shot him? Or would you have rather she was raped and then called the police, because that way, she would have taken the moral high ground. Are you really this arrogant and uneducated, or do you just play one on TV?


You prefer that over the other 2A right to where guys are arguing and one pulls out a gun and shoots the other. Why choose one 2A rights scenario over another?

Robert J. lucas

Really Gil, Please Go Away! Liberalism is a mental illness. If we follow your foot steps all we can rely on is the second responders to pickup the mess. Anyone voting for or deciding on No Firearm Zones should think about,
“Soft Targets = Soft Minds”.
Remember the ones who have made these decisions for you and the masses will not be there to protect you or your family.
P.S. What is a gunfighter expert? Please educate me with my limited knowledge.


Because real gunfighters make so many enemies they have to be paranoid.


I’m glad idiots like you don’t carry guns.I also hope you and those like you don’t reproduce.


Cal sais you can’t fix stupid, but I say why not? “Fixing” stupid would prevent them from reproducing. Now curing them, that might be impossible.


Since it is only the left that know so little about reason and only follow their socio-path, I would think that you WOULD look at it this way, miserable little troll. We have heard YOUR “experts”, please continue enlightening us with your feelings, it amuses us. 🙂


The gunfighter experts agree: shoot the idiot who looks at your the wrong way or disrespects you, your family, your race or your religion – he won’t be around to do it again.


By your comments , you gil , are exactly the type of person we do not need carrying a gun. Also a fine example of those against gun ownership who simply do not want to “HEAR” the truth and that criminals simply do not follow the law regardless of what is written


This comment = more evidence: “You can’t fix stupid!”


I’m sure you’re glad the ambulance is minutes away so your enemy won’t have to time to be saved and wont’ ever mouth off like that against you again.


Thank you for sharing your ignorance yet again. The law allows a private person to shoot until the threat is stopped. If the bad guy dies as a result, so be it. In a choice between my family’s life and a bad guy’s life, my family wins every time.

Good information like this is readily available through many outlets. Perhaps you could take the time to educate yourself instead of mocking things about which you clearly have no knowledge.

Wayne Clark

Gil is a troll. He is usually the first to comment & always negatively. Just ignore him & give him no creedence. He only is looking to stir the pot & has nothing of value to add. Be smarter than Gil!


This man needs a full time custodian


No gun for Gil!


Back to your padded room, Gil.