Gun Ban Fail: FPC Tearing Down “West Coast Wall of Gun Control”

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Gun Ban Fail: FPC Tearing Down “West Coast Wall of Gun Control”
Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

OLYMPIA, WA-( Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) cheered the defeat today of Washington’s House Bill 1122 by Rep. Ruth Kagi, a measure which sought to imprison parents or family members for injuries of minors and criminals when an unauthorized user accesses a firearm.

Said FPC’s Legislative Advocate Philip Watson of the failed bill, “We applaud the Washington State Legislature for listening to common sense on this and other bills this session. People have been charged under the current child endangerment laws and there’s no reason to slam a devastated family with more felony crimes after it has already experienced a tragedy.”

“This legislative session Washington FPC members and supporters have stood tall in stopping schemes to tax and track owners of commonly owned firearms and magazines, as well as outright bans on those same constitutionally protected items. The list of defeated anti-gun-owner measures now includes HB 1122, which would have made gun owners criminally liable for crimes or tragedies resulting from a criminal theft of firearms or the acts of minors.

“With the failure of this measure and the so-called Assault Weapons Ban, the civilian disarmament agenda is being stopped for now in Washington State,” Watson continued

“Rights shouldn’t have borders, and they shouldn’t have walls either. Washingtonians are tired of out-of-state interests buying our elections and chilling our civil rights—and they have made their voices heard loud and clear in the legislature.

About the Firearms Policy Coalition

Firearms Policy Coalition ( is a 501(c)4 grassroots nonprofit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

  • 10 thoughts on “Gun Ban Fail: FPC Tearing Down “West Coast Wall of Gun Control”

    1. The only way that California will relinquish gun control is when the situation becomes intolerably bad like Chiraq. Even then, the snowflakes who religiously promoted gun control will never take responsibility for the catastrophe they created.

    2. Well, this is a good bit of news. What we REALLY need, though, is to get some lawmekers who will take a stand FOR our rights, instead of tossing rocks at those who hate us.

      How about a few good bills:

      full repeal of 594 (Bloomburg’s bill),

      a law making out of state money illegal to use in elections within Washington State, to include the multi-layer levels of the pathway Bloomie’s money travels to get TO washington’s politcal machine.

      repeal and destruction of our stupid handgun permit process and ALL the records kept at state and county level.. the “white form” for all handgun purchases in Washington. That costs millions each year, and so far has not solved ONE “gun crime”.

      change our Mother May I Card system so once we go through that miseery and GET iT, we no longer have to submit to a NICS check for EACH new purchase… that Card includes a BGC tougher than NICS, and trust me, every sheriff in the state will quickly pay a personal visit to any Cardholder who has done something to require removal of the right to arms… they come round and take the Card, and any firearms they can find. Until it al gets sorted out in the courts. As it should be.

        1. That is not going to happen. What needs to happen is those who own firearms in the Evergreen State first need to register to vote, actually cast a ballot at every election, and then regularly let their elected representatives know where they stand on anti-gun bills. In politics the squeaky wheel gets the grease, period.

    3. We need the FPC in California,
      The state of California does not have an effective group like that including the toothless NRA

      1. Just remember the bottom line in CA is the voter. There are more liberals in CA who would ban guns than there are voters who believe in and vote for freedom. It this weren’t the case you’d have Concealed and Open Carry throughout the State.

      2. CalGuns do a pretty good job, but lack support statewide.

        Yes, there are more active vioters who favour disarmament, or don’t care (don’t favour the right to arms enough to get up off the couch and VOTE).
        Until the voters wake up and clean house, nothing will happen.

        Part of the problem is the motor voter nonsense, refusal to clean up voter registration rolls of non-0citizens, duplicates, dead, left the area…. it CAN be done but that takes conserned and HONEST County Clerks. There are few in that wretched state, and what few honest hardworking residents remain are leaving at an astonishing rate.

      3. California Rifle and Pistol association does a great job of filing suits against bills and against individuals like Kamala Harris.

          1. Correction; it is the law abiding gun owners that don’t get much done. ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’ – Pogo.

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