Henry’s New Lever Action 410 Shotgun – Made in Wisconsin

By Major Van Harl
A Lever Action 410 Shotgun Named Denny.

Henry Lever Action 410 Shotgun
Henry Lever Action 410 Shotgun
Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

Wisconsin –-(Ammoland.com)-  It was 1977 and I was in undergraduate school. I was a criminal justice major in a rural southern leaning University in Missouri, and many of my classmates thought I was a long haired hippy from Chicago. One old Missouri boy name Dennis Cupp, a fellow law enforcement major, took a liking to me and we would go shooting. The “hippy” from Chicago had lots of ammo.

I was eventually invited to Denny’s home town of Moberly, Missouri, a town that Denny would become a rookie police officer in after we graduated. A town that Denny would eventually become the Chief of Police.

My first trip to Moberly brought me in contact with a long gun I had never seen before. It was a Brand X lever action 410 shotgun. It was Denny’s father’s and had been in the family since the 1930s. I had never heard of such a shotgun but Denny and I had fun shooting it.

Years later while on active duty there was a good chance I was headed to Turkey for a two year assignment. American GIs stationed in Turkey in those days could not bring in rifles or handguns but you could have shotguns. I thought I would standout quite noticeably if I had a shotgun that looked like I was just arriving in Turkey from the American west. I never got the Turkey assignment and Denny was never going let me have his dad’s shotgun.

For thirty five plus years whenever I was in the mid-west I make an effort to stop in Moberly and see Denny. I even got to run my hands over that lever action 410 shotgun once in a while.

Sadly Denny never finished his first year of retirement from the Moberly Police Department. I rushed back from Colorado to see him just before he died.

Henry Lever Action 410 Shotgun

Henry Lever Action 410 Shotgun and Shells
Henry Lever Action 410 Shotgun and Shells

Henry Repeating Arms has come out with a new lever gun. It is a 410 shotgun that is built on the same action they manufacture their 30-30 and 45/70 rifles. The moment I saw the first picture of this Henry Arms Wisconsin made lever action 410 shotgun I thought of my old pal, Denny and the fun we had forty years ago shooting his 410 lever action shotgun.

When the e-mail from the gun shop came that a Henry 410 shotgun had arrived, I called and told them I would be there in the next day or so to pick it up. Then I promptly grabbed my hat and keys and was entering the gun shop inside of a half hour.

I see this new Henry lever gun as nothing but fun, with a side of “prepper” thrown in for safety and survival’s sake. It is a seven pound long gun, so when a 410 shotgun shell goes off inside the action there is no need to be concerned with possible discomfort.

The HO18 Henry lever action 410 shotgun comes in two configurations. The H018-410 has a 24″ barrel, with a full choke and a front bead sight. The H018-410R has a 20″ barrel with no choke and a set of adjustable rifle sights. I went for the no choke and rifle sights. With this setup, you do not know that it is a shotgun when first handed to you, with the sights you simple assume it is a rifle.

You are not going to hunt pheasants with a 410 shotgun that has no choke. What you can do is shoot a rabbit or squirrel if you are up close.

Also what you can do with the lever shotgun is hunt white tail deer where allowed in normal, non-crisis hunting time, and hunt anything you have to, to survive in a world gone a bit off its axis.

I did an informal count and discovered that over 50% of the states either do not specifically restrict or in fact actually allow you to hunt white tail deer with a 410 shotgun. Of course you need to make sure you understand the hunting rules of your state before you venture off into the woods with a Henry 410 lever action shotgun this coming deer season.

I am not going to try to convince you one way or the other about deer hunting with a 410 shotgun, but I am going to tell you it routinely and legally happens. I found a story about an older gentleman who had suffered a stroke and could no longer hunt with a 12 ga or even a 20 ga shotgun. A 410 shotgun was all he could handle in his diminished physical capacity, but by sticking to his personal rule of never shooting a white tail deer beyond thirty yards, he was able to harvest twenty deer in a ten year period.

Henry Arms Wisconsin made lever action 410 Shotgun
Henry Arms Wisconsin made lever action 410 Shotgun

A 410 shotgun slug falls somewhere between the energy of a 357 mag and a 41 mag handgun cartridge. A lot of deer have been shot over the years with a 357 mag handgun. I am going to strongly surmise that shooting a white tail deer or a “walker” with the Henry 410 lever gun, you will successively dispatch either of these two. A clean shot, at close range and both will drop.

A Lever Action Defense Gun?

As a defense gun, something to create your own “Henry Delay“, to delay and slow down evil, the lever action 410 has numerous types of 410 ammo to call upon, to assist in this endeavor. If you are shooting slugs then you do not have to let the “walker” get as close before rendering it harmless. If you are shooting buck shot then you will have to let them get a bit closer before engaging.

With all the 45 Long Colt / 410 handguns out there in the market, a cottage industry has developed to provide multi-missile delivering 410 shotgun, personal defense ammunition. What you will discover is most of the special handgun 410 ammo is designed to work correctly if fired out of a rifled barrel. They need a twist to properly rotate the numerous missiles coming out of the barrel at the same time.

Moberly Police Chief Dennis Cupp
Moberly Police Chief Dennis Cupp , RIP brother.

What this means is, is if you shoot this type of ammo out of a smooth bore 410 shotgun it tends to pattern rather widely. So, yes I have no plans to try and hunt game with this “special” ammunition.

Now, let us fast forward, it is 3:00 am and someone has kicked in your living room door. You grab your Henry lever 410 loaded with multi-missile filled shot shells and you engage that misguided “walker” in the hallway of your domicile. Yes that pattern is going to open up rather quickly but at seven yards or less it will deliver the positive results you are desperately hoping for. You will more accurately deliver those life-saving rounds, dispatching “walkers” from a long gun much more effectively than from a handgun–this is well known.

You can hunt, you can plink, you can have lots of fun and you can stop evil, doing all these things with your Henry lever action 410 shotgun. The Henry 410 is somewhat of a novelty long gun but it has already found a practical home with my family.

On occasion I have wondered whatever became of Chief Dennis Cupp’s old Brand X, 410 lever action shotgun. I truly hope one of his sons has that delightful old shotgun.

I am not a sentimental person when it comes to inanimate objects such as firearms and I have never named a gun I have owned. I am however going to deviate for once with this new Henry lever action 410 shotgun.

I know every time I pull this Henry long gun out I will think of Police Chief Dennis Cupp back in Moberly, so the best thing I can do is name this Wisconsin made Henry after a good old Missouri boy named Denny.

Denny it is.

21 March 2017 / Major Van Harl USAF Ret / [email protected]

About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School.  A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI.  His efforts now are directed at church campus safely and security training.  He believes “evil hates organization.”  [email protected]

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Andrew mcaulay

Im looking to buy a lever action 410 shotgun ive been trying to find one and i cant im from hagersville ontario

Joe Horton

Im looking for a .410 lever that takes 3 inch shells …im from ont. Canada


I found a Marlin .410 lever gun similar to this near my home in Slidell, Louiiana for $350 in a pawn shop.
I feel like I got a good deal, and it was very clean, great blueing…

Craig Battuello

Nothing more fun,than a .410


for a hundred bucks more you can get a nice Taylor 12 gauge lever action now those are something


Hi how you …
What’s the price is the 410 but I am in south africa
I got a 410 rexio short gun I need the hammer plz
Plz e-mail me
Thank you




I think $400.00 – $500.00 would be the most I would pay.

Robert Boomershine

I have 2 Henrys right now and will have more eventually. It would be great if the .410 gun would shoot .45 Colt or even .45-70’s. They are a pricey gun but I’d rather pay more and support an American company. I only hunt small game but I love target shooting, sporting clays and trap shoots. To me, guns aren’t just weapons and tools, they’re works of art.

Ron Bronstein

I will definitely consider this. I have four Henry’s, all are perfect, never give me any trouble. I broke a collar bone and have problems with 12 gauge guns, maybe it’s time to step down the power if I still want to have fun shooting.

Mike Graves

Well in my opinion, I’d buy the gun made in New Jersey, laugh my ass off at the NJ idiotic regulations and take my newly bought gun back to Texas where i can have fun with it and have it by my bedside in case any drugged out and or misled folks decide to try and take what’s mine. Just sayin.
I do have a lever rifle in 444 cal. Now thats a fun rifle to hunt with if you have an extra soft rubber butt pad. LOL.

Gern B.

Savage Also OEM’d lever-action shotguns, many of which were branded as Sears & Roebuck, in the first half of the 20th Century. The 12 Ga Savage Lever was used by some Army units in the 1920’s and 1930’s. I came across the Sears (Savage) in 20 Ga a while back and have enjoyed it very much. They also made a lever in .410 bore also, so the Chief’s heirloom might well have been a Sears or other brand-X Savage. Thanks for the review! Henry has long been dedicated to quality, albeit at a premium price point, so its good to… Read more »


Would love to have one for Home Protection, But the fact it is made in Wisconsin is the Reason I won’t even Consider it!!!


What’s wrong with it being made in WI?


What’s wrong with it being made in WI? Henry has had the Rice Lake facility for many years (producing components), and started producing complete rifles there in 2013.


Great summers,great beer, great guns, Wisconsin may not be your ideal home, but it is real nice.


Henry Repeating Arms CO. 3/4 mile from my home in Bayonne, N.J.

Thomas Moreno

I really enjoyed your article about the Henry 410 shotgun. As a Henry owner, I have been waiting to get one as soon as they arrive in my area. Great story!


No mention of chambering 45 long colt. Anyone know if the action will cycle them?


I have ordered one but my gun shop in Eastern Colorado hasn’t been able to get one, Where can you buy one?

Garland Elkins

If its a Henry, it has to be the best.


deer hunting with a 410 /slug whats wrong with that ,hunted my first few years with a old moseberg bolt action and got a deer every year . You really don’t need all these big bore rifles to put down a Penn /N Y whitetail deer ,you just need to place a good shoot , and stop those long shots

Bill shadrick

With the weight to suppress the kick back, this looks like a nice rifle for my wife to have as a self defense weapon in the house. Blessings to all my fellow hunters!!!!

Country Boy

Nice henry .410 ga. lever gun. Hope to buy one soon.
On another note:
Moberly Police Chief Dennis Cupp , Rest In Peace, and May God Bless Your remaining family members..

Michael Canant

I was lucky enough to get a Brand X and a Brand Y:
Marlin 410 lever and a Winchester 410 lever, the Winchester was discontinued when I bought it.

David Viley

Thank you Van Harl for you article and your thoughts about my best friend every Denny. He would have loved the fact that you have named your gun in his honor. A day does not go by that Denny is thought about. Thanks again for your thoughts and the article.


My father always talked about a lever action shotgun when I was a small child. He looked for one most of his life and never found one. He is long gone now and I am over 50 . I have always looked for one in the stores I went to in my travels. It was nice to find this article and finally know where I can get this gun so I can leave it to my son after I teach him about them when he is older.

Larry Nielsen

[email protected] I would to get 2 or 3 or more of your guns but I love the 410 Lever love to get your 33-33 357 44 45 Lever action but I am on med leave


$500 to much need to bring price down poor guys can get one

James Morgan

I love this one. This would be great for a defensive rifle,but more important it would be a great beginner for my grandchildren. Would like to know how to purchase on. Living in Ketchikan Alaska. Thank you

Dennis Everett

Could you shoot TRAP with this??

Reid Z

Possible, but 1/2oz of shot means you would have to be very good or very lucky because of the thin pattern. It would be fun to try in a non-competitive environment.


I have one of the Marlin lever action 410 I bought when i was 15 I traded single shot 410 and $ 40.oo for it i have
shot rabbits,Ducks, quail ,Bushie Tails.I might say i became a very good shot I would not take for the gun.The gun only shot 21/2 inch shesls.


hunt deer with a .410- what are you smoking? TINK NATHAN


It is a good gun to hunt deer in city limits hunting area . Keep in mind it is still a .41cal. slug with more powder than a .40 cal pistol . IN New York back in the 70’s near many suburb areas they were outlawed for several years due to them being more like a rifle and longer range than a shoot gun. This is one of those don’t knock it until you have tried it. Personally I have been looking for a .410 slug gun for the past 4 years


It is in 2.5″ only.

Michael Marchione

Does this shotgun have a 3 inch chamber?


i’ve got the Winchester 9410. Bought it brand new when it came out on the market, probably around 15 years ago. Shot a few things with it including turkey and ducks. Don’t think it’s legal for turkeys, but killed them dead. Fun gun


I have a ROSSI 410 lever action, looks like,a marlin 336C uses 2 1/2 ” never hunted deer with it but at 30 yrds I would say a well placed slug would bring a white tail down, I know several folks that hunt deer with 357 magnum about as effective at 30 yards, but my 357w/ 6 ” barrel effective at hits at 100 yards !!
Since I now have secondary progressive MS, I no longer hunt but only target shoot from my back deck for up to 110 yards in back yard !!

Ruger Shooter

Have a Ruger 77/357 bolt action .357 Magnum rifle; this thing amps the power of .357 Mag to near 30/30 levels to 100 yards. This is an amazing fun gun. My AR fanatic friends are enthralled by this gun, go figure.

Louis Malta

That’s me to I am 66 have Crohn’s Disease keeps me out of the woods and off the lakes and off the softball fields my passions So moved out away from the city where peace and quiet is welcome Built a downsized Double Wide my wife and twin girls designed It is a well built with everything upgraded to the fullest could have built a slab house but wanted to get in fast. Now l passon is to shoot it was to collect guns and in 4 years I started buying ammo old hard to find almost obsolete.22 ammo in… Read more »


I would encourage Major Van Harl to do some pattern tests. He will find that the pattern without a choke will not be a broad as he implies. Others have done such testing. Set up some cut open boxes so you can shoot at one side (4 shots per box) and you will find that the pattern does quite well from a 20 inch no choke barrel. When going after a walker, you do not need shot density to be sure to put a few shot into a 1/4 pound squirrel. If you use the old rule of thumb of… Read more »


I’m trying to remember which American company made one of these years ago and gave it as a bonus when you bought something else. I think it was Mossberg, but I don’t mean to forget any other company. Hopefully someone who remembers better will add to this post.

C Johnson SGM Gunsmithing

It was Marlin called it the 1894-410 and was discontinued in 2010 I believe.

Nancy Pasiecznik

We have a Marlin lever action round barrel made in 1891. It is in excellent condition. My husband has owned it for years, and was using it to shoot deer in deer hunting season.

Norton Alday

Marlin produced the “Model 410” at the turn of the century, then again in the, I believe ’80s; but don’t hold me to that one, and again some five-or-so years ago for a limited production run the Cabela’s. Winchester also produced their “Model 94-410.” Look them up on Gunbroker.com. You’ll find them.

Chuck Johnson, SGM Gunsmithing

I knew Dennis and his wonderful wife Linda from working at the local hospital for 8 years and they were the greatest people. I will be acquiring one of these lever scatter guns as soon as I can. Looking forward to great shooting and protection. RIP Chief!

Peter kunkel

I would love to have this Henry! I didn’t get if it was rifiled or smooth bore. I think it’s over priced! Could a gun smith rifle it? Hell, Jim Bridger could have for a few pelts!


$850 for no choke, $902 with choke models according to American Rifleman/NRA. At least the Henry Company believes in US manufacturing, and resists the anti-gun forces in NJ. (Although this gun is made in WI).

Rest in Peace Officer Cupp.

Jay Robinson

Can’t purchase one where I live. Guess where. NJ Totally unconstitutional state I live in.

Wade Burdin

Vote out the LIBERALS. Ask them how they defend their house? Ask them if they lock their doors at night. Ask them if they have a fence around their yard.
Tell them you will give up your guns when they ,unlock their doors,tear down their fences.
Tell the socialistic Pope to tear down the Vatican wall?
Logic does not compute in defective liberal brains…


Not easy, we have 1,000,000 gun owners in NJ who routinely vote against their own interests. They only change an individual can make is to flee to a free state. (Isn’t that the definition of a tyrannical government? Can’t change it so flee it?)


EXCELLENT comment !

Marty the K

The Eastern Bloc State of New Jersey where they love criminals so much that they seek to make felons of all of us through nonsensical gun laws.
I live there too.

Michael H. Hill

I have lived in many different states in my life and career. If I lived in N.J. I would be moving as fast as possible. Missouri is a great state to live in when it comes to guns and gun laws. I came to Missouri by a mistake after retiring from the Navy but it has been one of the best mistakes I ever made.

Richard Auer


Wild Bill

@Michal H. Hill, Thank you for your service, and welcome to this site!


Why can’t we have one in NJ? The rules only apply to semi auto. Pump, lever and bolt are exempt. Am I missing something? Unless there is a removable magazine over 15 rnds.

Rob Okray

Wisconsin is not anti gun.


What is the overpriced MSRP on this Henry ?


500 to much

James Currier

At LEAST $500 too much.