Mary Margaret Oliver’s ‘Friends’ Killed by Those ‘Evil’ AR-15 Rifles

by Phillip Evans : Opinion

Mary Margaret Oliver
Mary Margaret Oliver : Georgia Democratic Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver's bill would ban automatic guns, the majority of semi-automatic guns and certain types of ammunition. img MICHELL ELOY / WABE

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Florida – -( Well, those three Oklahoma home invaders must have been friends with Mary Margaret Oliver (Georgia General Assembly for House District 82), since the poor souls were killed right there on the spot by one of those evil AR-15 rifles using one of those evil “high capacity” magazines she wants to ban.

I mean, they were her buddies, weren't they? Isn't the whole purpose of the Georgia legislation she keeps trying to get passed to protect “victims of gun violence” like this?

Why didn't the 19 year old home defender use a double-barreled shotgun like Oliver's Democrat ally and former VP Joe Biden said ( video below ) was best in situations like this? Once the men were inside his home, the young resident could have walked out on his porch or balcony and blasted his two rounds, emptying his shotgun.

If the three “home shoppers” (one with a knife and one with brass knuckles) decided at that point to not run, then the home defender would just have to use his shotgun as a club, since it would be empty at that point.

And to Democrats and RINOs, clubs are perfect for self-defense use against multiple attackers, but not those EVIL “weapons of mass destruction” such as the AR-15 rifle and similar weapons.

I mean, no one was hunting deer here, right? You don't need an AR-15 to hunt deer. Those three men were not deer were they? Oh, the horror of it all!

What if some of the rounds the young man fired ricocheted all through the neighborhood killing dozens?

Those “high powered” bullets are practically unstoppable, you know? The .223 round the AR-15 uses is so awesome that some states have BANNED them for hunting deer, because they lack the knockdown power to put 200 pound deer quickly down and out.

Thank goodness for folks like Mary Margaret Oliver who just “want to have a conversation” and inject some “common sense” into all this mess about guns.

If she could only get her way, lives could be saved! Just ask those poor three souls in Oklahoma, who are somewhere in eternity. I'm sure they are now so upset with us gun-nut liberty lovers who have opposed efforts by people like Representative Oliver.

Let me ask you good folks, if three men broke into your home, which would you prefer? A club, two rounds of shotgun ammo, or a lightweight, easy to hold and accurate rifle with a 30 round magazine?

Here's another tidbit of information: “AR” in AR-15 doesn't stand for “assault rifle” – it stands for Armalite Rifle, the company that makes them.

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    1. Nice Job Phillip
      I am one of those crazies who likes to build those weapons of mass destruction.
      I am working hard on achieving that all elusive 1,000,000,000 rounds a second only because I am a blood thirsty, Semite, mulatto, racist, mutt, crazed disabled Veteran with a hardon for life.

      Now if I could only get an AR round to hit accurately at 6 miles while using a silencer…

    2. The matter that really pisses me off about the whole damn lot of you is that NOT ONE PERSON has made mention or even given a damn about what 23 year old Zach Peters is going to have to live through for the rest of his life. His total future is screwed unless he is able to come to grips with what he had done and actually live with the results without having PTSD. WHAT ABOUT THE TRUE VICTIM IN THIS MATTER? WHERE is the mainstream media and outpouring for HIS support?

    3. Does this stupid woman realize that because of people with the evil looking firearms that she hates have made America safe to allow her to make dumb ass statements? Who does she call when she is in danger schumer or clinton, yeah right.

      1. Probably not, or she is beyond caring about people better than she, gave up their all to protect her right to stupidity.

    4. The gentle lady would ban all manner of things, including the AR15, which like Remington and Winchester rifles offered since prior to World War 1 is a semiautomatic rifle. Seems like the gentle lady knows not the difference between a machine gun, a Selective Fire Weapon and the long available, commonly encountered semiautomatic rifle, I wonder as to why, how come her ignorance?

      Additionally, re the firearms pictured, none of the several shown was an example of the AR-15. Is she that ignorant, could that description be properly applied to her staff or is there something more than plain old fashioned ignorance to be seen here. One wonders.

    5. I hope 4 or 5 people break into her house with knives and clubs and rob her blind. I wonder what she’ll do then.

    6. if they are bitchen about Black rifles , make em in lots of colors. some peps are put off by the color black.

    7. OldVet, I think hornady’s lever revolution awsers that pretty well. I use the 160fxt LR in my 94 ae. It wears a skinner peep. It shoots a full two inches higher at 100 yards than my old standard 150gr. Load. There was an older gent at deer camp years ago the used to load the sierra 150gr SPT in his 94. He used it a a two shot, one up the pipe and one in the mag. Not sure how well that bullet expanded at 30-30 velocities. Higher ballistic coefficients mean flatter trajectory and less fps loss at range. Happy to help with ant other questions. You may want to pick up hornady and Lyman reloading manuals. Basic but good info of the dynamics of the flight of projectiles. But remember pointed bullets in tube mags are a No-No. it is my understanding that the LR with soft polymer nose. Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics share much. Where do you think the boat tail bullet came from? Wishing you well.

        1. Everything is not in your book. Hornady is making good stuff all the time and don’t print a new book all the time . Go to Hornady to get the latest loads and bullets.

    8. If she could only get her way, lives could be saved! Just ask those poor three souls in Oklahoma,

      Well, they’re no longer in Oklahma. I believe the place they most likely call “home” these days begins with the letter “H”.

      Further, that “black and ugly rifle” is not what killed them. No, they killed themselves by deciding to break in to an occupied dwelling. Just as surely as if they’d all three gotten into a fairly fast car, refused to belt themselves in, then began driving at a high rate of speed and headed straight for the huge concrete pillsrs that hold up an overcrossing.

      No one to blam but theyr sorry stupid greedy selves. Serves them prefectly. And good riddance. May that disease spread like an epidemic.

          1. WILD BILL, Why is it that you and I seem to be hearing about persons such as Sen. Mary Margaret Oliver every couple of weeks??????????? Don’t know what to do as it just seems that ordinary sane thinking persons for some odd reason just cannot understand what the 2nd Amendment says, period……… I do not know how this Senator Mary Margaret Oliver can think that defending one’s person, family, and home is wrong and then take the side of the criminals that entered the home to do what ever to the home owner and children. What would have happened to the defender of the house if he had nothing to defend himself with, I wonder. Well that is enough from me on this. Have a good day, Bill.

    9. @Sean Curry, “Cpt” , “WB” s just flushing you out in regards to taking care of and maintaining a semblance of security to the others that might not know about what’s going on here or the agendb, but of course you do?

      Nice to see you honing your skills there, Wild Bill!

      1. @Robert Penny, Sean and Gill sound remarkably similar, don’t they? I am suspicious that Cpt Sean Curry is not a shooter, is not a CAPT, and is not a Sean Curry. Gil and other VPC staffers have used this false flag technique before. If he does not reply, then we will know for sure. Today is the official Democrat Party Day. So VPC staffers have the day off.

        1. @WB, I dunno, Our local paper in VT published a special April 1 cover page that is all ‘fake news’, just to make folks laugh. One had me rolling in the floor about Punxatawny Phil having ties to Putin, including a pic of Vlad holding a groundhog. Seems there was collusion to extend winter with a snow storm we’re having today. The connection was affirmed by spilling that Phil had been romantically involved with ‘Svetlanna Muskrat’, a known Russian agent. ROFL. Enjoy.

        2. Wild Bill, what is your name, and what do you do for a living? A lot of sportsmen and woman in New England share my views. It is easier to take people seriously when they have the courage to use their real names.

          1. @Sean Curry, I am a retired Army LTC, so I am not part of the work force. I just put my feet up here at the ranch. And I prefer my privacy.

            1. Thanks Bill, but you had no problem challenging me. By the way it is the “Democratic Party” when your polite it shows people your capable of respect.

            2. @Sean Curry, You should not take it personally because you write similarly to a Violence Policy Center staffer that uses the name Gill and many other names.

            3. @Sean Curry, I don’t think that you want to know my name so that the sportsmen and women of New England can take me seriously. You are attempting a manipulation for some other reason. And your comment about it being the Democratic Party rather than Democrat party is an attempt to control the language and by extension thinking. Subtle but ineffective.

            4. @Sean Curry relying on your mechanical engineering degree, could you tell me if the efficiency and performance of the Winchester 94 could be improved by using a pointed projectile. It seems the velocity trajectory and thus range could be increased.

        3. I’d swear you & co. must be up to no good when you give a “what, are you a cop?” style of spiel. You and you militia are ready and armed to take down the U.S. Government so you can’t bear the thought you might be exposed or something?

          1. @Gil, Once again you have it backwards. If a rebellion occurred, now, the militia would be supporting a conservative administration against the socialist/ progressive/liberals. Thus the vast logistical support system of the federal government would be brought to bear against you.

            1. It’s a laughable thought that a bunch of middle-aged White men with rifles think they’re were going to take down the Hillary Administration.

          2. qiuck “gil” answer the queer phone, think some trans……..something is confused about bathrooms. Stick to what you know.

    10. Our ex VP’s new progressive socialist/communist democrat party would LOVE to be in the position of reining their tyranny on a citizenry armed with nothing more than double barrel shotguns.

      1. Jim, Massachusetts has some of the strictest background checks and is 2nd lowest in gun violence per capita . We have had checks since right after Ww2. They work well, but could be improved. The majority of voters in our state support strict checks. I do as well.

    11. We need universal background checks. This will keep mental health patients from obtaining large capacity firearms. Schizophrenia may strike anywhere from 15-30 years of age. It strikes like lightning in as little as two months. If we we check people out it will make our sport better. The state with background checks have a lower rate of gun violence. Wishing you all a safe shooting season.

      1. @Sean Curry, What do you mean when you write “… make our sport better.” What shooting sports do you participate in? Shooting is year around. So what do you mean by “…shooting season.”? What firearms do you like best?

        1. At my club, we don’t shoot much when it is cold outside. I’m really looking forward to the nice weather. I shoot targets and hunt whitetail mostly. i love to target shoot. I have several favorites. For the old stuff, Colt series 70 govt. model .45acp, Lee Enfield No.4 mk2 that was unissued (actually have two, one still wrapped with cosmoline, Swiss k31, Swede 96 Mauser…etc. savage 99, Winchester 94ae one of the last made in Connecticut, M1 Garland that was my fathers. For the new stuff, Winchester m70 featherweight .308 made in South Carolina( amazingly well made rifle) topped with Leupold vx3 1×5. Rem 700 mountain rifle in .270, Rem 7600 in .270, m9 beretta with short reach trigger, several Ruger mk 3’s, a 580 series Mini 14. Cz 527 in 7.62×39 (really fun rifle).

          My degree is in mechanical engineering. Firearms as machines fascinate me. It is amazing to me what people like John Browning were able to design without modern techniques. I believe our sport would be better if we did not have to fight the burden of mass shootings. Wishing you well.

          1. @ the Cpt: in your experience wouldn’t you agree that loading the lever action rifle from the muzzle end of the magazine tube a bit awkward?

            1. Sure, my Marlin 39a and my son’s Henry are both loaded from tube mags. Up here when it is cold (we just got more snow) using gloves to dump the magazine is a pain, I like lever actions for deer hunting, but I do not like having to cycle cartridges through the mag when get back to the truck. Ya I know you can kind of pop the round off the follower without actually fully clambering it. Try this sometime when it’s dark and your cold and wet. My win 94 has a top tang safety that is a good feature. My sav 99 is the old spool type mag with sliding safety. My brothers 99 has a removable mag with push button safety. I like his better. Maybe because I’m getting older, I always seem to be freezing when I get off my stand or blind. The hike back to the truck warms you up some, but my hands are always numb. Now I find it very convenient to use rifles with box magazines.

      2. Carry to compare crime rates in California or New York or New Jersey with Kansas, Arizona, Oklahoma or Wyoming?
        Universal background checks require a father, mother or brother to run and pay for a criminal history check on their relative. The law already says that it is a federal crime to transfer, sell, loan a firearm to a person you know to be a criminal. If they are going to break that law they will just skip the UBC. The only purpose is to harass the honest citizen and raise the cost of firearm ownership.
        Of course the thief doesn’t get a background check before stealing a gun from a rail car, truck or home.
        When I was a kid, I recall my Mom asking a family friend if a crazy person could appear to be sane. The friend was a psychiatrist BTW. His answer was yes, an insane person could appear to be sane at least for short periods of time. He then said the a sane person could be insane for a short time, such as after the dead of a family member or loved one but they would recover.
        This was at Thanksgiving dinner. At Christmas the doctor jumped out of the fourth floor window at the hospital where he was treating patients.

      3. That’s about a socialist / communist statement to make.

        Why should we, The Sovereign citizens of the United States of America, put our information in the hands of strangers to do a background check on us to decide whether or not we deserve our rights under the 2nd Amendment.

        I just went up against the FBI NICS background check system through Senator John Cornyn’s office and I must say that the staff member, “assisting” me and the appeal process was totally brain-dead of her fundamental rights as a citizen.

        I caught the executive director of the next background system utilizing unconstitutional ex post facto methods and denied me access to a revolver that I pawned it a pawn shop in Dallas.

        When I first filed my appeal I said the FBI background system my Marine Corps Honorable discharge from specialized weapons platoon, my FFL short number, my permits information to purchase class explosives and to use Class A explosives as well as a copy of my concealed carry license those dimwits maintained that I had a felony against me.

        Then I found out that they used four different outside data mining companies to try and gather more information which was all false, fake or obsolete.

        Hell son, the three credit reporting companies can’t even get my name spelled right and give me a legitimate credit report.

        So you’re sitting here telling the citizens of the United States of America to put their faith in all these dimwits and dumbasses across the country that I have absolutely nothing better to do than to make a decision whether or not you’re allowed to have your 2nd Amendment rights?

        I do hope that the guns you’re using during your, “shooting season” are air guns for BB guns because you sure as hell it too damn stupid to be walking around with a firearm.

        1. Gee Whiz Greg, I did not insult you. Maybe your temperament has something to do with it? Up here if people follow the law, they get a license after completing a safety course. This will save people from mass shootings. What is all this Socialist, communist, sovereign citizen stuff? You don’t like our government?

      4. @Sean Curry, “Cpt”? Your statement is proof that you know absolutely dick about the NICS background check system. Nor do I really believe that you were a, “Cpt” of any worldly known force or your Oath would have prevented you from saying, thinking or believing such a stupid statement.

        I have evidence that the FBI NICS background check system is a sham, a fraud and operates under unconstitutional ex-post facto methods. They (FBI NICS) also utilizes 3 or more outside data-mining companies to dig up information on people to do their denials. Information that is either outdated, incorrect or flat out a lie. Why, if the FBI NICS background check system was a solution and conclusive in their findings do they issue UPIN numbers? It’s because citizens with the backbone that challenge their ill-gotten findings and fight for their RIGHTS TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. A background check system of any kind is NOT the solution to keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. Prior to my little shuffle with the FBI I was an 0351 Anti-Tank Assault Gunner in the Marine Corps, Honorably discharged, held permits to purchase and utilize Class A Explosives, was an FFL Class 1 Dealer, I own an Executive Protection Agency and have carried concealed for going on 40 years in over 7 states yet the FBI NICS background check system claims that I had a felony on my record PRIOR to all of these positions. Hell son, I’m dealing with Experian and Trans Union Credit Reporting Companies right now because I discovered 4 different spellings of my name popped up on my credit report. after speaking with the management of these companies to verify the correct name and social security to my accounts and set-up a fraud alert on my credit report, BOTH of these dumbasses send me letters with the WRONG NAME on them.

        If YOU want to put your life in the hands of incompetent dumbasses, you go right ahead, but don’t you dare stand on any soapbox demanding that the rest of us follow YOUR dumbass in making suck a ludicrous decision with OUR lives!

        You need to wake up!

        y do you suppose the FBI issues people UPIN numbers?

    12. Joe Biden’s new progressive socialist/communist democrat party would LOVE to be in the position of reining their tyranny on a citizenry armed with nothing more than double barrel shotguns.

    13. Have all the conversations you want.

      Shall not be infringed.

      We are NOT surrendering our effective rifles and magazines, our rights, or our freedom, to a political party that embodies the “danger of government tyranny” that the second amendment is in place to safeguard against!

    14. I am and have kept a close eye on my AR 15 and it has not killed anyone or anything. Since AR’s are so sneaky, I will continue to keep it under surveillance.

    15. Thanks, Rick!

      I stand corrected. AR = Armalite Rifle. This is the company that developed them, and now a lot of other companies make them. This second correction was pointed out to me by Moe Mensale at


    16. No doubt she is a moron but how about those who vote for her. They are just as bad if not worse as these idiots can’t harm us with stupid laws unless other idiots vote them in over & over

    17. Double Barrel Shotguns are expensive Biden. I’m poor, you and the Dimms gave my job to the Chinese and Mexicans.
      I can’t buy or build a $500 AR-15, Chairman Cuomo and the other Dimms in New York took that Constitutional Right away from me.

      1. So why buy a double barrel shotgun anyway, they are only designed for bird hunting!
        There are numerous tactical/defense shotguns on the market that hold 6 – 8 rounds in the tube for under $400.

        LOL! Isn’t it great that everyone is stuck on double-barrels.

    18. The stupid never stops, voters must drain the swamp and get rid of these elected idiots. For the first time in my 73 years I fear for the republic.

    19. Not only does the U.S. have some of the stiffest criminal sentences in the civilized world, but we make it almost impossible for anyone to “go straight.” A criminal background all but insures unemployment– or an entry level job at best with no hope of advancement. Our prison system is corrupt. There is no real effort given to rehabilitation of incarcerated individuals. Society pays dearly for this “oversight.” Not everyone can be rehabilitated, but we miss many of the ones that can.

      1. I agree with Pete. I know and work with several men and women who have done hard time for crimes including drugs, violence, and firearms.
        All have made the choice to get it together and go straight and stay straight. ALL regret the bad choices they made. One is my supervisor. All of them agree with “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”. That being said, may those three who chose to criminally enter that home (as well as their accomplices) for in Hell.

    20. Every criminal who chooses violence risks termination, and that’s as it should be. Every one that dies makes America a safer and better place for the rest of us. If you have to defend yourself, just remember: Deceased criminals do not sue you (their relatives might), and they do not come back to stalk you or your family. I pray that you are never put in such a situation.

    21. with 28,000 gun laws and counting… needs to ask why out of thousands of gun violations (crimes).. why has the fed only prosecuted less than 100 total in the last dozen years … “O” prosecuted 7 (seven). and helped save America. Use the laws we have and cut the crap…………bleeding hearts do not get it done…MAKE AMERICA GREAT ,,,SHOOT STRAIGHT

    22. Mary Margaret Oliver wouldn’t be saying a word had the home owners been beaten to a pulp with brass knuckles or stabbed and sliced with the knife the intruders were wearing/carrying. I am SO sick of these stupid liberals/progressives who are siding with criminals more and more every day!!

      1. Esper the oath of office that she took this would be considered an ethical violation and a high crime and the people of her stay should be seeking through their state constitution for the mechanism to start utilizing the process to remove her from Office rather than, “waiting to vote her out of office”

    23. To protect my family, my neighbors, our citizens, our country, and myself from harm I will use anything and everything at my disposal in the fastest way possible.

      1. EXACTLY! This is the REASON the Second Amendment was written into the Constitution. It RESTATES that it is a RIGHT of every American to protect Ones’ self against THUGS.
        It does not matter IF:
        1.) That THUG is an individual
        2.) That THUG is in a group
        3.) That those THUGS are CAREER PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS in OUR government, who Think and/or FEEL “They know best”.
        4.) That the THUGS are TYRANTS that are trying to form a TYRANNICAL government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24. What’s this country going to become if everybody starts defending themselves from criminals? Oh, yeah, a better place to live. I get it.

      1. I agree. Since the dems refuse to prosecute, sentence and jail the CRIMINALS for any lawful length of time, and prefer to just turn them loose, back onto the streets…and our homes. It looks like it’s up to us to protect ourselves.

          1. oh please.tell article.about the New Yorker whom had a permit, owned a gun yet when a burglar came around, instead of defending his house he thought to himself nothing I own the house is worth killing a person over, SO HE LEFT HIS HOUSE,RAN TO THE CORNER and then called the police. What a coward.

            1. Yep, he obviously thought that his own life wasn’t worth defending. Do you happen to know what he did with that lawfully owned firearm? Leave it behind so the burglar could simply take it?
              Some of us are too old and broken to simply run away as you imply we should all do when evil comes a’calling.
              BTW, why didn’t he call the coppers from his own house?

            2. Probably because he thought that the communist progressive government in NY would give him life in prison for firing on a home invader in the act of making a living.

            3. Perhaps he wasn’t prepared to live a life suffering the PTSD and images of his killing the perpetrator. Not everybody is made to be the gun-toting hero. It doesn’t make you a coward.

            4. darrenp1976 – did you also read the story about the guy in Houston that legally defended his home, but because he was a overzealous idiot, empty the rest of the magazine in the criminal after he was on the ground.

              Yup that guy is spending 20 years in state prison now.

              Not every instance justify’s deadly force. Not every home break in justifies deadly force either. Unless the person(s) are immediately a threat to you or another person in you home, a stop order is usually prudent before opening fire.
              There is a case out of Arizona where people in a particular neighborhood felt very safe and most left their doors unlocked. You know those neighborhoods where every darn house looks identical, especially at night. One of this guys neighbors daughters came home after a evening out with her friends and a couple of glasses of wine. Her friends dropped her off at the wrong house, and she did not realize it due to her state of happiness (IE, the alcohol). Walked into her neighbors house, kicked off her shoes and went to the kitchen, which is when she realized she was in the wrong house.
              Said neighbor comes out, in a confused state due to being woken up and opens fire on this young woman. Luckily 2 out of the 3 shots KILLED THE REFRIGERATOR, with a 3rd hitting this girl in the thigh. Surviving fortunately for both.
              So, in this case, do you believe your shoot first, question later mentality is justified? Had this home owner taken another few seconds to evaluate the situation, he would have realized it was just his neighbors 21 year old daughter. And not the Ice Cream burglar!

            5. johnny bear I am calling bullsh*t on your story, please post some evidence. If some ahole breaks into a house, that person has decided what ever is in that house, THEY ARE WILLING TO DIE FOR to steal. Apparently the liberal agenda has their hooks in you for posting such an IGNORANT comment.

            6. @johnny bear, In Texas if one is lawfully present (especially in their own home) and someone enters to do an illegal act, when the first person uses deadly force to defend himself or his property, that person is presumed to have acted lawfully. Meaning that he need not present evidence showing that he acted lawfully. So in your story, did the Houstonian get 20 years for defacing a dead body because he would have had the presumption of lawful action no matter how many times he shot the intruder. Or was that just a an April Democrat story!

    25. “Let me ask you good folks, if three men broke into your home, which would you prefer? A club, two rounds of shotgun ammo, or a lightweight, easy to hold and accurate rifle with a 30 round magazine?” A lightweight rifle that becomes a heavyweight rifle with my 50 Round X Products drum in 300 Blackout with a 200 mw green laser attached. Yes, 200 mw, not the 5 mw that typically comes over the counter. So, send in 10 home invaders so we can eliminate more crap from the gene pool. Oh, and if I decide to use my toy rifle (aka 5.56) I’ll put the Armatec 150 round drum on it! LOL!

    26. Those evil assault rifles. They are supposed to be so dangerous. I bought one years ago with those high capacity magazines. Had it stored in a corner of my bedroom.
      Last week I returned it to the dealer. It had just sat there for years. It never did anything to protect me, not once. Nothing. It was obviously defective. It had never left the corner and assaulted anyone. I felt I’d given it enough time to assault someone, anyone. The dealer only gave me $10 for it as he could see it had never even been fired..
      So I bought a shotgun which according to ‘crazy uncle joe’ would do the job. We’ll see..

        1. And shotguns are “not deadly” because I recall an incident when the police shot a man from about 8 feet through a screen door. He was gut shot. But he died when the ambulance crew dropped him going down the stairs and he died from a broken neck. TRUE story Springfield,IL

          1. True story from Springfield, IL. The guy just died a few minutes sooner by being dropped. The ambulance was operated by Bisch Funeral Home.

            April 1, 2017 you decide if it is a fools story.

            Bill Clinton met some Chinese guys in Moscow. After Ford pardoned the draft dodgers Bill decided it was OK to go back to Little Rock. The Chinese sent two agents to Little Rock. In order to launder the cash, Bill & Hillary started White Water. The Chinese got US missile and satellite tech. The FBI never put the pieces together.

            As a cover story, Bill and Hillary kidnapped a baby girl and named her Chelsea, Hillary didn’t believe in sex, which explains Bill.

    27. The three “home shoppers” took a machete from the garage before they kicked in the door to the house, they were heavily armed, dressed in all black with their heads covered.
      The military “battle field” ammo really is the least lethal ammo since the FMJ bullet doesn’t expand. %% grain JSP or JHP would be safer since it is less likely to over penetrate and go all the way to the neighbors. Out in Oklahoma the nearest neighbor might be two miles away.
      In town, I just saw some .223 Winchester Frangible on the shelf at Wallyworld, about $8/ bx 20. This I’ll but some when I get my pension check.. My neighbors are less than 50 yards away.

      1. Out in Oklahoma the nearest neighbor might be 2 miles away?

        Broken Arrow happens to be a very exclusive suburb southeast of the City of Tulsa Oklahoma and the neighbors are maybe 50 feet away.

        No I don’t want to put you in a state of shock however we DO have indoor plumbing as well!

        How do I know? I spent 8 years in Tulsa and the suburbs.

        Realize that assumption is the gateway to stupidity.

        1. I attended Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa for several years, then lived and worked t OkCity for several years.. But outside of the cities, the farmers and ranchers have houses, with plumbing, but they are often over the horizon from each other. You should take a few airplane rides around the “fly over states at 1,000 feet above te ground, it is mostly empty spaces.
          A friend of mine retired from Boeing and moved to a small town in northern Oklahoma, population about a dozen.
          If you can’t afford an airplane ride, Google Earth Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, the Dakotas, An easier way, look at a NASA picture of the Earth at night.

          1. I am talking about the city of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma located on the southeastern area of Tulsa. It is more or less a suburb, not a farming community and I don’t need to take any plane rides. I was probably too busy performing structural overhaul, QA/QC Inspectionl or liaison engineering of the repairs to the very plane(s) you were riding in.

      2. In regards to your information about the 223 or 5.56 caliber rounds, they were made to be Tumbler rounds. They could hit a blade of grass and Start tumbling.

        Depending on the twist of the barrel usually 1 to 7 or 1 to 8 or 1 to 9 twist; once the round leaves the muzzel and starts tumbling, which means you could shoot your perpetrator in the left shoulder and it’ll come out their knee cap on the right side.

        Refuse the fantasy BS that you’re reading on the internet and focus on the medical examiner’s reports. Once you establish your opinion based on facts and evidence you’ll understand what is happening in the real world.

        1. The Vietnam era M16 used a 1:12 twist and that barely stabilized the the bullet. But the 1:8 or 1:7 barrels spin the heavier/longer modern bullets and they are very stable.
          The modern military spec is 1:7 because the military fights in sub-zero weather. The cold reduces velocity and the denser air matters too.

    28. Good thing those 3 criminals / juvenile delinquents were good ole white boys and not of the BLM squad, can you imagine the squawking then, how they were assassinated because they were black. I guess dumb white lives don’t matter. . Anyone breaking into a home to rob is just stupid, showing up armed is beyond stupid. These 3 idiots paid a very high price, and thank God they will no longer endanger another human again. Mary Margaret Oliver is dumber than wood

      1. Their get-away driver is facing 3 felony murder charges. She doesn’t understand why she is in trouble, all she did was suggest the burglary and drive the crew to this [ and maybe other “jobs.”

          1. Agreed, but then again as they say ‘ignorance of the law is not an excuse’,
            The really frustrating part about that particular event is that the lame stream media is pushing (VERY hard) that this is a ‘stand your ground’ case – heard that on the noon news yet again today. We all (well most of us except ‘gil’) already know that this is a Castle Doctrine issue but then again, the antis will never let an opportunity to further confuse the sheeple.

      2. One of them was black according to the images posted regarding this incident! And the get-a-way driver was hispanic!

    29. All of Georgia should be embarrassed, not because she is fat and stupid, but because she seeks to imposes her all knowing will on everyone else.

      1. I have to wonder how successful she will be. I live in north Florida and most of the good ol boys I know in Georgia are not going to be having any of that.

    30. Why aren’t we hearing about this on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC?

      The tree of liberty may need a good soaking……..

    31. Seems to me that some have missed the point. Those evil black guns in crimes should be in jail. Trying to penalize before crimes smacks of racism. Ever hear of anybody accusing a chromed or green or dark earth-colored AR of being bad and likely to commit crimes? Even if they were, you can’t punish something before it commits a crime. Of course, there must be millions, thousands, even hundreds wandering around wondering why not blame the people that used the tools to commit crimes instead of the tools. Simple: tools can’t argue the point, criminals do. The world would be a much better place if criminals were not prosecuted and victims were disarmed – Isn’t that right, Mary Margaret Oliver. P.S. No comments about Biden’s shotgun because he has already established himself as an idiot.

    32. Preface: Congratulations to the defender in the Oklahoma case for successfully defending their home.
      Next, my shotguns hold 8 rounds each, mixed with 2 shot, 00 and slugs, with 10 more on the saddles. Based on the size and configuration of my home, the need for a high velocity round to dispatch intruders, that could over penetrate and go through walls is un-warranted.
      Needless to say, Uncles Joe’s warning shots do not exist in this part of the country.
      Granted, I understand the jist of the article with the anti-gunners continual bitching about black rifles, but to proclaim a AR is the best choice for home defense, not!
      If the AR platform is all you have, well, so be it! But if you have a multi-round home defense shotgun or a pistol with hollow-points, that would be the better choice, in almost every case. Considering my family, animals, and neighbors (closet one is 150 yards away), a AR is definitely not my first choice.
      If ones only choice is a AR platform rifle, at least load a magazine with one of the mini hollow point varieties available, and not FMJ, especially not 62 grain steel core. That is if you value the lives of your family members.

      And definitely agree with the Surgeon General proclaiming Stupidity as a disease!

      1. Sorry to say but buckshot will penetrate a wall the same as a 223. Not to mention there are more projectiles with a higher risk of hitting someone on the other side of the wall. And a pistol will also penetrate the same as buckshot or a 223. Slugs? get real they have more penetration than all of the others put together. An AR with a light 55 grain bullet will penetrate less than all of the others put together.

        1. Let’s review this! The average home intruder encounter occurs at a average less than 25 feet. Both my defensive shotguns hold 8 in the tube. The first 2 rounds are #2 buck is 15 pellets, at 18 feet my shotguns pattern at 6 1/2 inches. 00 Buck = 9 pellets – pattern at 4 1/4″. So given both my military and civilain training, even under stress and in relative dark I am able to put thise shots in body center, nearly every time. Those pellets will all remain in body tissue and bone, with little chance of overpenetrating. Oh, did I mention both shotguns are triggger laser equipped. So the chance of either buck shot passing through a wall are slim to none. The slugs are in the front saddle and can quickly be chambered for a really stubborn bastard or a need for a pin point shot. Even a relative amateur can place a 00 buck at body center.
          As for hollow points, obviously you have not done much research in that department either. The Hornady rounds in both my pistols expand like crazy on impact, and again no worries of over penetration when the round goes where it was intended.
          Even my heaviest .223/5.56 rounds I have can and will overpenatrate a human body and normal home intruder distances.
          But then again, the average person take the time to do their research before they purchase a firearm for home defense.
          Enjoy your weekend!

          1. It is generally seen that both buckshot and hollow point handgun rounds will penetrate more than FMJ .223 rounds, which fragment easily even through drywall. Seems counter intuitive but nevertheless the case.

            1. Sir! I would like to see the source of your information on FMJ .223 rounds at close range fragmenting through drywall!
              LOL! I have several rounds sitting on my gun bench of .223 and 5.56 rounds that were recovered after being fired at steel plate, Oak, plywood, and other items that were completely intact. And this was at 50 yards. Add into the fact that many people purchase the 62 grain steel core ammo, and over thousands of rounds, have yet to find one fragmented.
              There are numerous studies and videos out there that will dispute your statements day in and day out.
              Yes, handgun ball ammo will over penetrate. My statement are regarding hollow point ammo, that in most cases (if the initial target is missed) will expand and loose terminal velocity at the impact with standard sheetrock.
              Our own testing on our range backed this up with 3 types of common HP ammo from a .40 S&W.
              So please, post your sources that tell you that FMJ 55 gr or 62 gr .223 fragments in drywall.

          2. Having worked in the aviation industry as a structural overhaul, design and repair contractor and having a goose’s ass plastered all over THE BACK WALL of the plane’s cockpit after it’s body penetrated the nose of a DC-10 that was traveling at 600 mph, ALL of you’s guy’s logic is totally illogical and hereby MOOT!

            1. A goose will take out almost the entire windshield on a Cessna P210. Luckily on the one I saw in our hanger took the hit on the right side. There was less than a sq. ft. of plastic remaining on the pilot’s side. The bird destroyed pretty much everything from the cockpit to the tailcone.
              There is a story about Bill Lear and the bird strike demonstration for the FAA. After shooting fresh killed chickens out of an air cannon at a Learjet windscreen they ran out of chickens and sent for more chickens. Bill told the FAA Inspector that he’d sit in the pilot’s seat since he was absolutely convinced the Learjet was up to the test.
              Good thing the FAA said “not necessary.”
              Seems the “gofer” bought frozen chickens. The 4 pound chicken exited the aft bulkhead.

      2. Perfect defensive Weapon is the weapon you own.
        Everyone has their personal choice, personal preference,personal theories as to that which is best for them.selves as a defensive firearm. An AR-15 with fragmentary ammo is a perfect choice for indoors defensive use. A 10 guage-12-16-20 0r 410 with #4 bird shot for indoor use is also a great choice. Small caliber hand guns 9mm 38 special 380,32 ACP , 25 ACP 22 long, are not great stopping rounds
        But if that is all you possess ? THEN BY ALL MEANS USE WHAT YOU HAVR FOR they certainly beat a baseball bat.

    33. We need to get the Surgeon General to proclaim that stupidity is a disease using Mary Margret Oliver as a test-rat, give these moronic Representatives a test and if they I determined to be that of being stupid then they need to be removed from office and make them live on Social Security disability.

      1. Sorry, I disagree. Lab rats do not deserve to take part in the taxpayers largesse by receiving SS Disability.

        I wouldn’t be completely unappreciative of their support of scientific advancement however. In the case of former Congress rats, we could just give them their freedom, turn them loose in the wild, say some inner city, where they can associate with the fellow rats (eg., criminals) they’ve always professed so much support for by attempting to disarm their potential victims (eg., law-abiding gun owners). But we would want to make sure they didn’t have access to any evil black rifles since they are so offended by them; just give them an old, rusty, unloaded coach gun. I mean, they’ve lived their lives saying that’s all anyone needs to protect themselves…in any situation, right?

        1. I don’t know about that I’m a hundred percent disabled and I receive Social Security Disability after getting hit by a tractor-trailer and I’m currently running a forward operating Base outside Presidio Texas to assist the Border Patrol on the toilet all three faces on my 40 acre piece of property with all the high-tech equipment necessary to do night operations, day operations, whatever it takes because of the little bastards that are trying to break into our country with their dope and human smuggling. A little sad dog from that I have been carrying anything everything the last 40 years.

          And then again the bottom line is a little sentence, “shall not be infringed”! Dwell on that for a while.

        1. Okay Jarhead now you need to ship those panels to me and I will frame them and put them on an art gallery display in Marfa Texas all the snowflakes settle and I guarantee you that I’ll probably make you tens of thousands of dollars selling those pieces as framed “art”!

          I swear to God as long as I don’t tell the Liberal snowflakes of Marfa Texas exactly how and where these pieces of art were created they will suck them up and revel in their artistic composition.

          Contact me directly!
          [email protected]

      2. I am sure Mary Margret “NEVER HAD ANY FRIENDS KILLED BY A EVIL AR-15 Rifles, nor BUCK Knives, nor Ford Cars nor Black Cats nor SST Airplanes. If she lost friends they were killed by people, not any inanimate object. If the Ford wasn’t being driven”BY A HUMAN” it could never kill anyone, If the Buck Knife was in someones pocket, it could never kill anyone!! It had to have a human hand take it out of the pocket, open the blade and thrust the knife with enough force to cause a death penetration!! The AR-15 cannot do it by itself, the Buck Knife cannot do it by itself .”INANIMATE OBJECTS DO NOT KILL” PEOPLE KILL!!!”

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