VCDL-PAC Endorses Corey Stewart for Governor in the Republican Primary

Corey Stewart
Corey Stewart
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

USA -( On Tuesday, June 13, 2017, the Republican Party will be holding a statewide Primary to select their nominee for Governor.

VCDL-PAC is proud to endorse COREY STEWART for Governor in the Republican Primary! Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart stands head and shoulders above the other candidates.

We thank Senator Frank Wagner, who turned in a VERY PRO-GUN survey and has a solid pro-gun voting record in the State Senate.

We also thank Ed Gillespie, who turned in a PRO-GUN survey.

However, Corey Stewart passed critical legislation in Prince William County this past year eliminating the county fees on CHPs. COREY STEWART’s leadership fostered a movement, with a number of other counties following.

It is exceedingly rare that a local politician can impact pro-gun legislation due to the Dillon Rule in Virginia, which prevents localities from overriding state law.

Corey Stewart figured out a way to advance your rights locally, led the fight, and prevailed in Northern Virginia, of all places.

Corey Stewart turned in a VERY PRO-GUN survey again this year, AND has an aggressive, pro-gun ACTION PLAN that includes championing elimination of ALL fees for Virginia issued concealed handgun permits.

If the General Assembly will do its part, he will eliminate those fees beginning July of 2018!

Oh, and he also AGGRESSIVELY supports CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY! Our thanks to all the candidates who returned the VCDL Candidate Surveys.

VOTE for Corey Stewart for Governor in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, JUNE 13th!


Bob Sadtler

Chairman, VCDL-PAC

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We printed some of these with Spanberger on the signs. The reaction was pretty strong. Look at the link below for the story from WWBT12.
These are 4 samples of what we can print. We call this the “Truth in Advertising” Campaign
I look forward to hearing from you.

I can send you the image with Kaine on the sign if you want.