The LockedOn 360: Mobile and Portable

LockedOn 360° Mobile GunVise
LockedOn 360° Mobile GunVise

Locked On 360U.S.A.-( While the LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise was designed for use by hunters to increase accuracy and reduce recoil, and self-film hunts, this lightweight and portable gun vise can be mounted to almost type hunting stand in minutes. The side mount camera arm then allows a self-film option.

LockedOn 360 creator, Jay Harman, continues to discover more mounting options for the unit, having recently attaching it onto the rail of a Bad Boy Buggy to pattern his shotgun. Multiple steady shots from a 3 1/2-inch magnum turkey load resulted in zero bruising and a much better patterning result. Harman was using a Benelli performance shop shotgun with the Burris Fast Fire II red dot sight. He is confident and comfortable with 50 yards shots now as the LockedOn 360 allowed him to dial in the pattern perfectly. A few minutes of time field testing, has resulted in 4 clean kills this season in two states.

“I designed the LockedOn 360 to mount, using the universal V block, onto both square and round tubing used in most standard stands,” said Harman. “Since most tubing used in commercial products is very similar in size, especially in outdoor products, the Mobile Gun Vise can be mounted to most products with metal tubing, including most ATV rails and will mount to any wood permanent railing as well.”

LockedOn 360° Mobile GunVise
LockedOn 360° Mobile GunVise

LockedOn 360 realizes many hunters have different needs. They understand the impact the device can have on harvest success as well as for predator hunters and Texas style high rise hunters who cover large amounts of ground while also needing steady shots at moving targets. The LockedOn360 is the only vise that allows that smooth rotation while maintaining accuracy. Please share your success stories with us at

About LockedOn 360° Mobile GunVise

LockedOn 360° Mobile GunVise allows controlled movement for better shot placement. This precision vise will allow a skilled, safer and easier introduction to the hunting sports for youth and the physically challenged while reducing recoil. The seasoned hunter will appreciate the stability and range of motion it offers for those challenging shots.

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Donny Roe

I would like to purchase a couple to support our annual Outdoor Dream Hunts. Is there a wqy to buy at cost? I am with Pease River Partners in Crowell Texas , we do one Outdoor Dream hunt and three hunts for combat wounded vets.