The Truth About Gun Violence

by Don McDougall : Opinion
**Warning: These FACTS will get you called a racist.**

Gun Violence
The Truth About Gun Violence : IMG YouTube
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

U.S.A.-( The sources for this article is all published data. I’ve even added a reading list for those skeptics who want to learn more. Let’s look at the actual numbers.

  • 53% of all firearm-related murders are by black men under 30. That’s 3% of the population doing more than ½ of the killing.
  • 80%+ of all FRM (Firearm-Related Murders) are gang or drug related. (Most current numbers are 86%)
  • 51% of all FRM happen in 2% of the counties.
  • 54% of all counties had ZERO murders.

So let’s be blunt. Murders with guns a rare and an unlikely event unless you live in an inner city, are dealing drugs, or you belong to a gang.

What happens to the murder rate in the US if you eliminate Gang and Drug related murders? If you do this, the U.S. has one of the lowest murder rates in the world!

The math isn’t hard to do to. According to the FBI, there are 8,124 murders with guns every year. Now remove the drug and gang related shooting, and that number drops to about 1,137.

Now look at the murder rate by country, the US goes from 12,2053 to about 5,253. Our murder rate per million drops for around 4 per million to 1.5 per million. The US looks a lot more like Canada than anyone else.

Crime Prevention Research Center map of violent crime
Crime Prevention Research Center map of violent crime

98% of the U.S. has the same murder rate as Canada.

I gave a draft of this article to some liberal anti-gun associates, below I address their concerns.

U.S. Homicide Gun Deaths: Per 1 million people ages 15-34 in 2014.
U.S. Homicide Gun Deaths: Per 1 million people ages 15-34 in 2014.

Suicides: To be frank – I ignore suicides. Japan and South Korea have suicide rates double that of the U.S. and both countries have almost total bans on private ownership of firearms. The US ranks around 50th in suicides. If banning guns prevented suicides how can you explain this? You cannot.

Assault Weapons: Let’s face facts, Adam Lanza was alone in a classroom with helpless children for almost 11 minutes before the police arrived, the same for the Pulse Night Club and San Bernardino shooters. Every life matters and every loss tears the heart out of our nation. These killers chose unarmed, unprotected individuals, any gun (or in Lanza’s case knife or bat) would have done. If I thought restrictions would have worked, I’d support them. The left sees restrictions and a gun ban as Marley’s ghost offering to redeem our souls. In reality, they are just lowering a lance and charging a windmill.

Violence against women: This came from a lesbian friend who sees EVERYTHING and every problem as the oppression of women by meat eating white men. For her, I’ll offer this table to the right. The problem is we have two Americas.

Urban drug and gang infested America VS  everything else.

If you don’t live in a ghetto, and you don’t deal drugs or break the law, then the U.S. is a great place to live. We (I live in everything else world) do not have a gun problem. There are 110 MILLION legal gun owners and most live in that nice safe world. Heck, let’s be honest and call it “NRA-America ” Vs “Urban-Crime-Land.”

“Urban-Crime-Land” has the gun problem. The solution is invariable; jobs, education, and a future that turns the youth there away from violence. The only politician to offer that is hated by the population of Urban-Land. Overlay the by county results of the 2016 election with the chart above, and you’ll see what I mean. The counties with the highest murder rate all supported Hillary. They all voted for the status quo and against a real future for their children.

I’m sure someone will object and say the colors are different, but the correlation is obvious. Live in a high murder rate county, and you voted for Hillary.

2016 Presidential Electoral Map vs Crime Prevention Research Center's map of reported violent crime.
2016 Presidential Electoral Map vs Crime Prevention Research Center's map of reported violent crime.

So a frank look at the facts about gun violence from the demographics of who is getting killed and who is doing the killing and the left will simply call you a racist. I see it differently, if you’re not honest about what happening how can you ever hope to solve the problem?

My solutions:

  1. Let’s say if you’re a gang member or drug dealer and you shoot someone you get 25 years in a federal prison, having a gun illegally in your possession 15 years. Criminals are immoral, not stupid. The threat of real prison time will change their behavior.
  2. We should cut foreign aid 10% and reinvest that money in the schools and infrastructure in urban-land. Charity begins at home. America first, needs to mean Americans 1st. Education equals a future other than crime. Sure maybe we do vocational training or seed money to start small businesses. Break the cycle of poverty.

I know right… two simple solutions, but they address the cause of the problem. Democratically run communities are taxed out, and they are also the ones who have more crime. So because they’re broke, they have revolving door prisons to keep the budget numbers for incarcerations down. The result is more crime and a downward spiral that destroys their community.

So go ahead lefties, call me a racist for challenging the status quo and wanting a better life for my countrymen. I’ll read your comments over the next few days.


About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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    1. Great read and great points. But one exception. We need to cut foreign aid period until we rebuild our own country from the ground up. Including the wall.

          1. Do you think every decision should be put to a vote? Or should we avoid doing what you personally dislike?

            1. @Larry B, I think that Chuckb, was only addressing foreign aid. By what logic do you boost it into “every decision” or ” personally dislike”? And why do you hate American taxpayers so much that you would waste their money?

            2. LB, give them more of yours if you like. Im tired of giving to people who hate us. You cant buy love.

            3. LB, ok my first comment was made with too broad a brush. Giving money to Iran and nations of that kind really is stupid.

    2. BTW, anyone else notice the correlation between the crime map and mandatory fluoridation of the drinking water supply? Hmmmm…

      1. Here’s an obvious fact that has been conveniently overlooked: Blacks killing, mostly, other Blacks, mostly in DemoRat controlled Cities and Counties, and the DemoRats aren’t saying a thing. What would you expect from the progeny of former slave owners who fought a war of secession in order to maintain the institution of slavery?

        1. Your recitation of the history of the Democrat party is – obviously – true. As much as the Democrats prefer to change the subject, it remains true. Yet, your particular post make it acutely obvious that the point (however true) is obsolete for practical purposes. The Democrat Party is – TODAY – no longer that which it was in 1860 nor 1960. Precisely the same thing can be said for the Republican Party. The Republicans of the Reconstruction era have largely abandoned the attempt to solicit Black members. If all these major cities with Black ghettoes had mayors and city councilmen who were white lineal decedents of slave-owners, one might make your point; but, they are not. The mayor of Chicago is Jewish. Most of these cities are run by Black Democrats. What is really going on here? We will find the answers to this question by reading the Federalist Papers. Whomsoever seeks to rise to powerful government positions must be watched carefully for they will surely devote more effort to consolidating their own power then they spend on any other endeavor. The entrenched – BLACK – leadership of these cities uses their police force – many officers who are themselves Black – to maintain control. More specifically, their own control as office-holders; certainly not control over the law-and-order prevailing in the streets. They are more concerned about maintaining Mamma’s vote to keep them in office (by not arresting Jr for his violent crime) than they are in keeping Mamma herself safe. If these municipal officials were Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, (Oranges, Yellows or Purples) the same influences would be in-play. Clearly, these BLACK municipal office holders don’t have their grand-daddys’ sheets proudly hung over the mantle. We will be better off if we focus on the contemporary issues and stop wasting our rhetoric on what the Democrat Party was in 1860 or 1960.

          1. MarkPa, The Chicago mayor is Jewish and I suggest that people read about his parents and their involvement with the Jewish State’s founding. They were leftists and were involved in trying to get that faction to be the predominate power prior to the founding. In other words, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

          2. The Black’s are too Dumb to realize that the Democrats are still lynching them but instead of using a rope and tree they are using the Planned Parenthood Clinics and a vacuum cleaned.

            1. The Demon-Craps are importing new voters and want to get rid of their long time supporters because the blacks have started to see the truth that you speak.

            2. Very spooky fact, yet NOBODY is posting this fact on YOUTUBE? Hell? I’d cut a video in a heartbeat of a black woman getting sucked at a carwash by a white woman dressed as a Jewish doctor!
              If I was in a position currently to be able to do that, it would be,on this evening’s news!

      2. There is no correlation at all.

        The vast majority of Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire all have fluoridated public water systems and those states have the lowest rate of violent crime in the US AND they each have “no permit required” for concealed carry.

        The cities of Tucson, AZ and Albuquerque, NM both have NO fluoridation, but have violent crime that is nearly twice the national average.

        1. @Jack? Now you just opened a new can of worms.
          Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire just so happens to be lacking in the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT factor as does the southern turf you mention.

          Should we ship an equal amount of this vermin to your unaffected states to even matters out then re-run the figures in say, a month or two? I’m almost positively sure these cockroaches wouldn’t have any effect whatsoever on your pinkies-up, Bed and Breakfast clientel?

          1. No, Congress just needs to pass a 10-year moratorium on *all* immigration. *Then* build the Wall, and let the entire border patrol concentrate on guarding our southern border, and revive “exile” (not to mention “deportation”) as a common punishment in American law. As for the DACA “kids”, we need only revive the old law which grants American citizenship to any foreigner, of any status, who joins the US military and serves the minimum tour and gains an honorable discharge. Let them gain their citizenship, but put an end to *all* immigration, right now. We need to reduce our population, not add to it.

      3. Since fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash are sold all over the country, this correlation is meaningless. You also overlook areas where fluoride occurs naturally in the local water.

    3. Thanks for the stats. I will def use them next time I’m called a racist for expressing my opinion on black on black crime and the fact that the enemy is not me it’s them against them. I don’t have the power to oppress or discriminate against them at all. But I’m a vial racist POS if I don’t bow down and agree with the
      Best Regards

    4. I hope you do read the comments here, for one, Sandy Hook was a false flag event to get our Guns PERIOD! The school was closed at the time of the so-called shootings and had been closed for 4 years and was scheduled for demolition. I spoke with and individual that lived just down the street from the school and validated this fact. Do your research before writing and article that supports the DemoRat/NWO/Commie LIES! I am so sick of people writing the Sandy Hook LIE…I DID NOT HAPPEN! The Children they said had been shot/killed showed up a few months latter on a Muslim web-site stating that the very same children had been kill in Syira! Get your facts straight before miss informing your readers. Many don’t do their research either.

    5. Let’s be even more blunt. The U.S. doesn’t have a “gun violence” problem, it has a “violent minority” problem. Take away black and Hispanic gun crime and the rate drops off the radar. We aren’t allowed to talk about it because it makes people uncomfortable but better to be uncomfortable than to sit by and pretend one thing is the real issue when EVERYONE knows where the problem is actually centered.

    6. I wish MacDougall would cite all of his facts for this article. He lists “Columbia.Edu” as a source. That’s like saying I saw it in the encyclopedia. Abraham Lincoln said don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

        1. More to the point, go to the FBI’s website, look up Annual Uniform Crime Reports Statistics, and plow through the whole maze of them. The FBI makes those statistics difficult to dig up, for reasons we can guess, but they display exactly the pattern mentioned above. As a general rule, I would recommend trusting those reluctant FBI figures before any academic “study”.

    7. Let us get something straight right off the bat. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GUN VIOLENCE. Guns are inanimate objects. Violence is an act. Guns are incapable of taking any action. Human beings commit violent acts using inanimate objects. Please stop anthropomorphizing inanimate objects by claiming that they are responsible for the actions taken. It is irresponsible and imbecilic. It shows a complete lack of knowledge and intelligence.

      1. If that were true no one would be pro-gun. After all, you could theoretically kill someone with a butter knife but no one’s basing the 2A around it.

      2. @Ken Richards, You are 100 percent correct. Notice how certain liberal, ill intentioned, propagandists change your argument from “Human beings commit violent acts using inanimate objects.” into the unspoken All Human beings commit violent acts using inanimate objects. That is the only way his argument makes any sense. The twitted premise is untrue, of course.
        Oh, and one can kill another person with a butter knife, and the Second Amendment does include knives. Thus everything the evil propagandist has written is a waste of typing.

        1. @WildBill, and all, the sad situation is that we are facing these statistics, we have the information but what are we doing with it to Stop The Killing amongst the groups that are pointed out has to be the primary predators and prey?

          Common Sense still being free is not being utilized by any of us across the nation to provide concrete SOLUTIONS!
          Granted that my actively removing the thug, “representatives” and government lackeys that ALLOW this criminal activity to thrive in their districts SHOULD BE ADJOINED TO EACH AND EVERY CRIME, incarcerated and tossed out of and/it banned from government service for LIFE!

          1. “what are we doing with [the data]”? Yes, that’s the question that we all ought to be coming to grips with. I’m in something of a quandary because there aren’t: obvious; big; political solutions. Wishing there were won’t make it so. To illustrate, National-Reciprocity and eliminating GFZs would help a lot – but only for the demographic cuts that are already least affected by homicide; e.g., white women and white men. If we reduced these counts by – say 1/3 – the total figure would drop very little. Sending in the Army to impose martial law on the ghettoes could – theoretically – work to bring down black-on-black homicide, but it’s not politically realistic. The major point to focus on here is to concentrate on the “big numbers”: suicide; black-on-black. If we can’t do something to these 2 big numbers we can’t do anything of magnitude. With respect to suicide, I think our strategy is to have PotG take the lead position in promoting screening for symptoms of depression and treatment with SSRI drugs. It would be good PR; would work; would be political; would more than pay for itself in productivity (and therefore taxes). Most important, it would take the focus off the instrumentality of suicide (gun, rope, bridge) and onto the “underlying cause” that is so PC. With respect to black-on-black homicide, we have to hammer into public consciousness that the problem of homicide-by-gun is – by magnitude – peculiar to a tiny sub-set of a readily-identifiable 3% of the population. The discussion of solving this problem won’t be found in making guns disappear; it will be found in dealing with the tiny sub-set of the 3%. It’s political to be helpful to this segment of the population; it is politically acceptable to keep young black males alive. It is less expensive to deal with 3% of the population than 40% of the population. (Have you priced the going rate for civil wars recently?) There ARE some solutions that have been found to be effective (keeping felons-in-possession incarcerated, policing gang activity aggressively). It is counter-productive to “wash-our-hands” of the primary and secondary (black-on-black, Latino-on-Latino) magnitude demographics, asserting that “these” people are not “our” problem. As “OFWGs” we PotG are not well equipped to step into-the-shoes of missing black (Latino) fathers. Nevertheless, we can focus the light of public discussion on the relevant demographic and ask: What might each segment of society do to help? What could we OFWGs do to help Black mothers/grand-mothers/uncles do to provide guidance to their sons? Let’s get the discussion driven in a POSITIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE, direction even though we don’t yet have a facile solution (such as throw-more-money-at-it).

        2. If guns aren’t good at killing people you can face an armed robber with your bare hands. Oh wait you want to face a dangerous person with a gun? Oh fancy that.

      3. You are so right.
        Forks cause fat people also. Keyboards misspell words and cause bad grammar.
        If the liberals don’t believe the above than their argument of Gun Violence does not hold water.
        Weight watchers will register Forks. and Someone else can decide who will be in charge of misspelled words and grammar also the punishments for any and all violations.

    8. Is that a photo of al-Shabaab, or the Mau-Mau, or da boyz in da hood? Hard to tell. It doesn’t matter: all are sewer rats waiting for the exterminator.

      1. I hate wasting my time saying this but go back and read that paragraph again but this time read it very slowly and sound out the words if you have to?

    9. Remember that guns do not kill people.


      Just look at the red/blue map plus look at history.

        1. Yup, pretty much… it’s not even a race thing as it is cultural and based in morals and values. The problem lies in fatherless kids without morals begetting fatherless kids with even less morals. That and the “black culture” that celebrates antisocial behavior – how many other cultures (other than radical Islam) celebrate and look up to and worship antisocial behavior? Just watch BET for an hour and it becomes clearer.
          I hate this sh*t because black people have contributed so much to this nation despite segregation and racism… I think we peaked in the late 80’s/early 90’s and have been on a slight decline until 2008 when all bets were tossed and instead of “equal”, some wanted “superiority”… and that ain’t gonna happen to an “immoral minority”.
          I can’t help but think of MLK spinning in his grave with this BLM sh*t.
          The dream is over… the nightmare is here!
          Listen to this closely…

      1. I don’t know where he gets his information but the murder rates that are quoted are bogus! The US isn’t even in the top 100 countries for murder rates according to stats published by the WHO and CDC!

        1. These facts are only about MURDER. The Gun-Haters always lump in Suicides, which triple any number you are speaking about, and prejudice any “finding “. Bottom line, very simple: DemoRats Kill!!

          1. Gun Haters also lump in cases of JUSTIFIABLE homicide, such as carried out by police or armed citizens, but this is an inconvenient statistic for Democrats and other Bolsheviks..

    10. I have seen this map overlay before, which is why I am surprised that some people think they can convince a Liberal that they are wrong. The Liberals will always try the same thing over and over and expect a different result regardless of the facts.

    11. You guys, the readers of Ammoland are the best way to get the facts distributed. Share the articles that like or that are education. Help be part of the solution.

    12. The inner city gun violence is caused by the welfare state and welfare stealing single mother bastard factories. These young men grow up without a father or strong male role models (Pookie, Ray Ray, Hambone, and Skillet are not good role models for young men.) These young men emulate that single mothers emotional, irrational and out of control female behavior, and that part of the reason why they are savages that need to be exterminated. The other part of it, is that the black culture is a crap culture and most black people practice a crap set of value. I got this page bookmarked for any libtraitor POS that wants to get into it with me.

        1. There are “fine people” in EVERY culture, the difference is the percentage of those vs the dirtbags! Name one other “culture” that shows as FEW “fine people” as with negros!

          1. Prove your comment. Do you have some “rate of good people” rating? And “Negros” is not used anymore, by the way. Ever work with any? Any serve in the military with any? I have and found the vast majority to be fine folks.

            1. First of all, who are you to dictate that the word “negro” is not used anymore? Typical libturd who thinks they have control over word usage! Secondly, just because they serve in the military doesn’t make them “fine” folks. There are plenty of people that are “thought” to be “fine” folks that work every day and “do what they are told” that commit crimes. Everyone thought that OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby were “fine folks”, (and still do), because they are too stupid to see past these their nice guy facade! I served 22+ years in the military and I saw plenty of good AND BAD people, irregardless of color, but the military is NOT representative of the overall population! I’m sure you think that Trayvon Martin was a “fine” young man!

              Despite the liberal’s best efforts, it is still in the Oxford dictionary and used in sociological/genealogical classification.
              But when you have 13.3% of the population (McDougall had it erroneously as 3%) committing well over 50% of the crimes, well, there might be something the political correctness blinders prevent us from seeing.
              In science, it’s said, “if you can’t prove it – then it doesn’t exist”. Well, we have statistics and empirical evidence to make an argument here.
              McDougall’s “solutions” at the end of this is spot-on.
              This isn’t about guns or race… it’s about a culture growing up without fathers and the next generation doing the same that has led us to this point. Now what do we do? Ban guns from the law-abiding and pray the magical unicorn brings peace and harmony to all or do we quit with this politically-correct bullshit and start looking for real, hard answers?
              Liberals love throwing money at problems… how about instead of handouts, we use that money to look for real solutions and help those in need?

            3. the best way I deal with the term used for Black Americans which could also be used for a White Person who immigrated to America from South Africa and became an American.. Is Stupid N%G%ER. It came about in the politically correct push by the Liberal Progressive Communists . I always get a real good laugh when I hear it.
              I know many Black Americans who would die before they would be called an African American, they are Americans first and always.
              You fill mistreated here try and find another country that will teat feed you like the taxpayers of America do. I will help you pack your bag. .

      1. The black culture is NOT a “crap culture”! Most blacks adhere to middle-class goals and aspirations. There is a seriously dysfunctional minority within the black population that causes the problems. I don’t keep a gun handy for the black retired Army fellow who walks his dog every evening past my house; I keep it handy for the young thug who living in a rental house near by. Reviving Project Exile would help a little bit.

      2. Yes, in the inner city you have sperm donors, not fathers. Where yo have a black family that is intact the violence statistics go dramatically down. It is all about the lack of a engaging and responsible father. In the black community only 10% of black men grow up with their biological father.

        1. This has been prorogated by the Democrat Party. It is they and only they who have destroyed the black family, and literally encouraged and paid them to have babies out of wedlock with no responsibility for them or to the family. They have lied to, used and cheated the black family by doing everything they could to keep them in poverty and dependent on the government and the Democrat party, for 100 years or more. It is they who stood on the steps at schools and refused to allow black children in. It is they who created the KKK to scare blacks and keep them from voting for anyone other than a democrat. It is they who created black only bathrooms and drinking fountains. Now it is they who want to import a new voting block of dependent class of voters. It is great to watch them destroy themselves today, with their lies and false charges, the only problem is that there are some people out there who believe and think that the Democrats and MSM are right in all of the rhetoric and false news. Fortunately most people are getting wise to this, and we are lucky to have a President who they can’t cower, who just keeps fulfilling his promises and is dismantling their atrocities.

          1. The demoncrap party didn’t destroy the black family. A visit to any “African” country would verify that negros have never had a cohesive family unit, it is their “culture” and they take that “culture wherever they go! But what is true is that the demoncrap party undermines any attempt by the conservatives to establish a family unit in the black community!

        2. Correct me if I’m wrong but regardless of what culture or race doesn’t the female part of the population have to drop their panties before anything takes place?

          1. I always wonder why it is that no one ever blames the “baby mammas”! Sperm is worthless unless there is a uterus to deposit it into! AND since the father is seldom/rarely around for the rearing of the spawn, it is solely on the “baby momma” for these youth becoming irresponsible thugs!

    13. The US Homicide Gun Deaths . . . chart reveals an interesting implication. We think that more wide-spread Right-to-Carry will reduce crime. However, wider RtoC will NOT likely to reduce Homicide Gun Deaths by an appreciable factor. The single largest – indeed overwhelming – number is accounted for by young Black men. If more OFWGuys/Gals carry those young Black men will continue to be killed; i.e., this portion of the total won’t change. They will continue to be killed by other young Black males; or, by Latino or White male drug dealers. To whatever limited extent this sub-set (young Black males) cross paths with OFWGs, they will either be killed/wounded/waved-off. It’s hard to imagine that the encounter with an armed OFWG will scare-them-straight. Young Latino Males are the second largest sub-set; and, their analysis will follow that for young Black Males. Next, Young Black Females, and White Females. By all means; arm law-abiding females regardless of color. By defending themselves, some will be saved from homicide. Some Young White Males; same thing. Yet, the sum-total of these last 3 categories is so small that any reduction achieved by arming these sub-sets will amount to a rounding-error. (Also, bear in mind that some unknown fraction of these are not-yet/no-longer eligible to exercise their 2A rights; and, these are apt to be in the most vulnerable demographic – living in a dangerous precinct.) In pointing this out I am NOT making an argument against RtoC. Not at all. Each individual has a right to self-defense. The point – here – is to focus attention on the perpetrators of the greatest number of homicides. The Anti’s would have the public imagine that homicides are perpetrated by ‘gun-carriers’; implicit in their argument is that the “bodies” in this chart were gunned-down by [law-abiding] gun-carriers. Is this implicit argument believable? If it were, Young White Females would be at the top of the list! But, clearly they are not. So, who is shooting all these Young Black Males? That, my fellow voters, is where to solve the problem

      1. “who is shooting all these Young Black Males? That, my fellow voters, is where to solve the problem” – Nah! let them keep killing each other off, it means less for the law abiding citizens to have to deal with.

        1. Why u finna b apresun dem? Dey dindu nuthins! Democrat ran cities that have a majority of welfare breeders for the win!

    14. It is a good thing that these stats came out before the shooting this morning. That awful fool governor from VA used the shooting to push his gun control schemes. He said that the problem was that we have too many guns, and that 93 million people die from gun violence every day. First, he got every fact and conclusion wrong for his own agenda purposes, and second, I am sending these facts to every one that I know.

      1. Wild Bill, I find myself agreeing with you more and more. Is this good or bad, time will tell. As a Virginian, we conservative thinkers know what an imbecile our Governor is. Even more pitiful, the most ignorant Governor we ever had, was Hillary’s running mate. As stupid as terrible Terry is, Timmy the toad is dumber. Terry is not only of low intellect, he is totally obtuse to facts. Data of any sort is wasted on this man. Basic math eludes him and Kaine completely. I thank God, I live in rural Southwest Virginia, but we are nonexistent to Richmond. But thankfully we have some true Patriot State Senators, such as the honorable Bill Carico. He defends our 2cd amendment rights, and stands against the Governor daily. You are correct though. We need to get these facts out as much as we can. Even though, I think it falls on deaf ears, and impaired brains.

        1. @Rok, Well then, you must be a good egg! I sent the facts to everyone that I correspond with.

    15. If i cant pay my bills i dont offer to help my neighbor pay for an addition on his house. We need to run the country the same way. No more handouts till the infrastructure is fixed,no more homless,hungry people, all schools are excellent and well equipped, and we pay down the national debt. We are going into debt and paying interest on it to be able to give money to countries that dont care about us and in some cases hate us.. How dumb are we for continuing to let the government get away with this
      You are dead on about the crime stats you listed. Its amazing how small of a murder rate we have if you take suicides and gang violence out of the equation. Background checks,waiting periods,and any other regulations do nothing to stop a criminal with a stolen gun because they dont obey laws and stolen guns are passed around and sold on the street not at gun shows or gun shops.

      1. Oh there are people who, “don’t care about us and in some cases hate us”; but, they are also citizens of this country not another. You can do all you stated in your second sentence and it will not change how these people deal with life. The sooner people realize this the better.

      2. we need the “Star Trek” fix……talk to the little box in the bulkhead, and get what want…….and that, my friends is the truth of the state of the Union……don’t make promises you can’t possibly keep!…….and there will be far less angry young of any skin color!

    16. Ten percent of foreign aid, that b.s. stop all the foreign aid. Like you said America, scratch that, US Citizens first. Once we take care of our own then we can go back to helping the world…maybe! Good fences make good neighbors.

      1. @Hoggiessan, President Trump’s budget intends to cut the foreign aid part of the State Dept’s budget. The Obama deep state holdovers in the State Dept are furious because it cuts their power.

    17. About 12% of the population and 85% of our problems, but no one has the balls to say or do anything about it.

    18. More pictures of Democrats. This is the Democrat Party constituency and it is who they play up to.

      1. No; we don’t have a ‘gun problem’. Just as we don’t have a ‘car problem’ when talking about DUI drivers; nor do we have a ‘match problem’ when talking about arson. We do have a minority group (blacks) who commit crimes way out of proportion to their percentage of the population. And I hate to burst your bubble, but the victim(s) of black crime(s) are more than likely other blacks. Grow up.

        1. First of all, anyone with the slightest amount of intelligence can look at the picture provided above and see that “whites” are NOT related to negros! Secondly, God tells us that negros (behemah in Aramaic/translated to beast of the field in scripture) are not of mankind and that means we should not be cohabitating with or integrating with these animals……
          This is NOT my opinion, it is directly from scripture!

          1. Are you just trolling or really that ignorant, hate-filled, and evil? Never mind, those aren’t mutually exclusive. F U. Crawl back under your rock.

            1. Obviously YOU follow the doctrines of Satan through the teachings of man. AND you responded to my comment without even reading what I provided. It is the ignorant and deceived, like you, that has contributed to the rise of Behemah to the status of man. God said that in the end times they will rape, murder, create chaos, and try to be equal to man! Negros have only been considered “humans” since the establishment of the “theory of evolution”. This has nothing to do with racism, bigotry, or hatred, but everything to do with God’s doctrine and creation!

      2. No, troll. The vast majority of inner-city residents of all colors are honest, peaceful people, terrorized by a small minority of violent thugs. Sadly, that majority has been disarmed by the pandering, paternalistic politicians whom they foolishly trust to keep them safe.

        So you might say we don’t have a gun problem, we have an education problem. Or a values problem.

        1. It doesn’t require an education to understand who and what the problem is! Those inner city residents you claim are good are exactly where the criminal element comes from. Try going to the CDC, FBI, or WHO websites and look up the statistical information based on race and resident location and you’ll find that 80(+)% of blacks have a criminal record, as do a large percentage of hispanics and muslimes! (It’s likely that the rest just haven’t been caught yet)! It’s fools like you and your “education” that is a delusion. You’re equivalent to a “global warming” supporter who refuses to accept the truth even if it was snowing in July!!!

          1. @ rattle irregardless is not a word. Now, with that out of the way, I can sense some of the people here are good and honest people others are not. It is hard to disagree with the reports and I will not. Also I am a proud black man and just as good or as bad as my white brothers. I am no beast of the field and sometimes it is hard to accept but you are my brother. Another problem here is too many white people want to solve a Blackman’s problems and have never walked a mile in a Blackman’s shoes. Have you any idea that I had to work two or three times as hard to be successful as my white counterpart. Did you know I had to be also two or three times as smart. Now the number one problem have been identified and that being drugs,and drugs are also going to destroy your neighborhood as well but at a slower rate. Black people are not bringing any of these drugs to America, it is the ultra rich well respected white man and I strongly suspect our government officials. If government wanted to stop the flow they could do it yesterday. There is just too much money involved and the people responsible live in plush well groomed neighborhood or even the islands far removed. Remove the drugs, invest in the neighborhood and the problem goes away. Now for the good part, everyone gets to keep their guns with blessings from the government. If I did not enjoy and take part in the gun culture I would not be on this site. Good luck to all.

            1. Lloyd, you started-out well; and, you ended well. Nevertheless, I’m not convinced that you pinned-the-tail on the right donkey in the middle. “. . . it is the ultra rich well respected white man and I strongly suspect our government officials. If government wanted to stop the flow they could do it yesterday.” This strikes me as conspiracy theory; whether there might be any validity to it is neither here nor there, that’s the way it strikes me. I’m really having a hard time imagining that white billionaires have been at the root of the drug problem. (I’m trying to fit Bill Gates into such a role; and I’m unsuccessful.) I’m really indifferent as to whether those at the root have black/brown/yellow/white skin. I’m also indifferent as to whether they made their fortunes from drugs or in some other industry. I’m further doubtful that “government” could – if it would – stop the flow. They couldn’t have done this yesterday; and, they couldn’t do it if they devoted the entire GDP to the effort forever. Notwithstanding that you seem to have a solid head on your shoulders, I think you are mistaken in believing that drugs have a simple origin (rich white men) or a government solution. Respectfully, MarkPA

            2. 1) You spelled your name wrong – dumbass!
              2) Irregardless IS a word and is recognized as so by Websters and other WORD AUTHORITIES – Irregardless was popularized in dialectal American speech in the early 20th century. Its increasingly widespread spoken use called it to the attention of usage commentators as early as 1927. The most frequently repeated remark about it is that “there is no such word.” There is such a word, however. It is still used primarily in speech, although it can be found from time to time in edited prose. Its reputation has not risen over the years, and it is still a long way from general acceptance. Use regardless instead.
              3) If you really believe that it is just “rich white folk” that are bringing in the drugs, you’re even dumber than your name! And besides, those rich white folk are the same ones that you “po black folk” vote for in every election – like the clinton drug cartel!
              4) It is obvious that you do NOT believe in God or his scripture so explaining that to you is a waste of time! Establishing your ancestry scripturally is NOT condoning mistreatment, it is establishing WHY the negro does NOT have the same spiritual, moral, or civil attitudes as the descendants of Adam! But you twist it any way you desire that makes you happy!
              5) It is NOT the white man that is trying to fix the negro. It is the libturd leftist that is USING the negro, because of their innate ignorance, to accomplish their goal of socialism. The rest of us EXPECT negros, as well as any other “race” to contribute to society, not just take from it. EARN YOUR KEEP, as it were!
              6) [“Have you any idea that I had to work two or three times as hard to be successful as my white counterpart. Did you know I had to be also two or three times as smart.”] Yeah, right, and I had to walk thirty miles barefoot in the snow to school when I was a kid! The only people you worked harder than was the ones who didn’t work hard!

        2. You’re right, Mr. Combs. An extremely small minority (in the non-racial sense) causes most of the problems.
          Any copper will tell you that 80% of all homicides are a community service. They have a saying, “Today’s offender is tomorrow’s victim.” Legit victims are very rare, and are usually the victims of robberies, domestics, and wrong-place-wrong-time victims catching rounds in neighborhood gang wars.

        3. @Richard G. Combs, If as you say, it is “a small minority of violent thugs.” And the stats show that they kill each other at such high rates, then why are your small minority of violent thugs not extinct? Curious… mathematically speaking.

          1. I think that the answer is: There are irresistible forces driving members of the pertinent demographic to join gangs (for self-preservation), deal drugs and engage in lucrative crimes. If my hypothesis is valid then so long as there is a large enough pool of new “recruits” from the pertinent demo, there will be a sufficient flow of cannon-fodder to replace those killed. Bear in mind that we aren’t contemplating a large number. Annual homicides are 10,000; suppose 80% of those are Black-male-on-Black-male; that’s only 8,000. What is the rate of birth of inner-city Blacks? 1/2 of these are males. It takes only a modest fraction of this supply to replace 8,000 Bm-on-Bm homicide victims. This could continue forever. It will continue forever IF we don’t do something really drastic; so drastic as to be unrealistic as a political matter. Could we: reduce the out-of-wedlock birth rate; change the civic-culture of minority demographics; increase the incarceration rate for those arrested of violent crime; increase the time-served by those arrested of violent crime; something else? If NOT a SINGLE one of these remedies is politically-feasible then it seems highly unlikely alter this 8,000/yr figure. “Mathematically-speaking” this table implies very little potential to reduce the 10,000 annual homicide figure. E.g., imagine all white women were armed and none were homicide-by-gun victims; GREAT! The impact on the 10,000 figure wouldn’t be noticed. If we care to think about the “math” what we ought to focus on is suicide. Suppose – purely as a possibility – we found ways to identify and assist (law-abiding) people suffering from depression. This mental illness is highly amenable to SSRI medications; i.e., it’s cheap to treat. The GDP pay-off in improved productivity (therefore, profits and wages, and therefore taxes) would be enormous – sufficient to pay the cost of identification and assistance. Oh, incidentally, suicides would be reduced. Since 60% of suicides in the US are by gun, the 30,000 gun-deaths/year figure would drop significantly. To paraphrase Willi Sutton: ‘That’s where the gun-mortality is’.

            1. This is a globalist agenda to destroy our society to make it easier for the Communists or Socialists or UN drug/pedo bankers to run over us. They have taken over our schools and entertainment industry to dumb down our children so they don’t learn to think for themselves so they will give our thuggish government free reign to pull off their crimes against us, like forever wars and wrecking our economy and pushing vaccines that really dumb our children down, and pushing drugs. Street gangs are mentored by the CIA, the distribution end of their drug running. Case in point, the gang that shot the Australian jogger in Duncan, OK, they substituted a White kid for one of the Black kids so it would not be a hate crime. They could not have done that without the assistance of the local police and would not have done it without intervention by the CIA

    19. Pointing out these facts will get you banned from some sites, like Glocktalk. The SJWs just “can’t handle the truth.”

      1. No, No, No I ban them from my computer, that works better. Who needs them anyway, sorta like Starbucks, they suck.

      2. As a Glock owner since 1992, I used to frequent the Glocktalk site. Then I realized I really had little to nothing in common with them. If owning a Glock makes me one of them, then that logic also makes my head a bowling ball. I self-banned myself for Glocktalk, Facebook, Twitter and and pretty much all the “social” websites. I got along without them for well over half a century and I get along just fine without them now.

        As far as my guns go, I just load ’em and shoot ’em and at times extend that to cleaning them hand loading so I can go back to loading ’em and shooting ’em. That’s been my path since 1959 and it’s worked well for me.

    20. Good article. I use the same maps for my liberal in-laws. They still argue, then none of them talk to me for the rest of their visit, success after all.

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