Why Has .22 Ammunition Prices Rapidly Dropped?

.22 Ammo Prices Dropping

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten
Dean Weingarten

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- I have been tracking .22 rimfire ammunition and availability for some time.  The .22 Long Rifle bubble has lasted for years.

With the election of President Trump, I expected the bubble to bust. Instead, it has been deflating, like a balloon with a pinhole leak.

The demand for .22 ammunition has been so great that a 20 percent increase in supply, and a Second Amendment friendly administration did not bust the bubble. Instead, they stopped the growth, poked a hole in the bubble, and started a downward spiral of prices.

At Cal Ranch Supply, I expected there to be some .22 ammunition at high prices. The prices were above historical averages, but they had dropped considerably.

There was plenty of ammunition available in several brands. The man behind the counter and I had a discussion about the situation. He showed an excellent practical understanding of basic economics.

Supply of .22 was no longer a problem, he said. The store did not have any limits on purchase.  Walmart has dropped their 3 box limit nationally, as well.

Federal Champion 710 bulk ammunition in the popular 525 pack was on the shelf. He said the store had no problem obtaining it and keeping it on the shelf. The price was $25.95.  That is less than 4.8 cents per round. I have found it to be excellent ammunition.  Right next to it were bricks of Remington Thunderbolt. As I watched the price changed from $32.95 to $29.95, a 10 percent drop in front of my eyes.

CCI High velocity .22 with copper washed bullets was a little under 7.5 cents a round, in 50 round boxes.

The large brown boxes on the floor in the center of the picture are 8 cases of Winchester 17WinMag and at least 3 cases of CCI 22WinMag.  I expect those prices to drop. The CCI 22WinMag cases have been there for months.  The CCI 22WinMag ammo is priced at 30 cents a round. You can buy .223 brass cased centerfire online, with free shipping, for only a penny more per round.

A local gun store, Sprague’s, is only a couple blocks from Cal Ranch Supply in Yuma.  They had plenty of .22 in stock, with no limits.  The prices had not fallen as much as at Cal Ranch Supply, yet. Their lowest priced .22 Long Rifle was 6 cents per round.

Neither store had Aguila .22 LR on the shelves. Aguila purchased new manufacturing equipment using the Eley priming method. They doubled their manufacturing capacity during the bubble. There are plenty of stores that carry Aguila ammo.

They have lowered their prices to grab market share.  On line, it has dropped to 4 cents a round for standard velocity. It is gaining attention.

Very few stores have limits on purchase of .22 ammunition any longer.

In November of 2016, I predicted that .22 Long Rifle bulk ammunition prices would drop to 4 cents a round by October of this year.  I stand by that prediction.

What has been happening with .22 ammunition in your area?  Reports around the country vary considerably. Some say prices have dropped to 5 cents and you can purchase as much as you want. Other areas are reporting shortages and 10 cent per round prices.  Supplies in Wal-Mart remain spotty, but the 3 box limit is gone.

We would like to hear what your experience has been.

©2017 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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5000 CCI .22 LR 36 GRAIN COPPER PLATED HOLLOW POINT @ PSA for $319 or 6.3 c/rnd

Jeff Edmonds

this whole situation has nothing to do with anything other than the Eraserhead survivalist Momo’s that slow down their purchases after Obama left office. And some of the companies increased manufacturing capability so Supply his increased and prices have creep down a little bit. It’s not rocket science. Every right-wing nut job that I no no longer waits in line at Walmart because they think the threat is over LOL. I’m a gun collector I’m conservative on most issues I’m embarrassed to call myself a republican so I don’t. The IQ of the Republican party has disappeared and is replaced… Read more »


Just yesterday I ran across 5 different types at the local Scare-Mart. Every weekend for the last 8 years I have been visiting the 2 different local stores first thing in the morning to see if they had any. (work M-F so I have to check on the weekends) Most of the time even when there was a box limit it was already sold by 8:00 when the sporting goods counter opened. A few times when they got a case of 50 round boxes in I would pick up the limit so the kids and I could enjoy shooting. In… Read more »

Hardy Spires

Academy has Federal hollow point .22 for $2.49 a box. You can order it online most of the time. They keep it in stock in most of their stores. It is very good ammo. I ordered the 10 box limit and had it delivered to my door in two days. I also bought some CCI from a local Wal-Mart back around Christmas. They had a few boxes in stock. They didn’t limit my number of boxes that I purchased. I only bought three though. I don’t understand why Wal-Mart doesn’t get into the guns and ammo business big-time. Amazon is… Read more »

Louis Able

Ammo prices haven’t dropped! They are still rediculous! Look at 5.56! 62gr, ball, natospec, in a 900 round can, distributor price, 27 cents a round. That’s 14 cents a round to the distributor! After shipping from South Korea. Soros is making a financial killing on ammo profits! So, compare .22 lr to 5.56! 2-3 cents a round is a high, but fair price! 4 cents a round for .22 mag is a fair price! 7 cents a round for 9mm is a fair price. 35 cents a round for .300 Winmag, is a fair price! Lets keep actual costs, and… Read more »

William M Butler MSG USA ret

Try Palmetto State Armory, on line. 22 CCI appx 8 cents around if you buy 10 boxes at a time you get free shipping. Happy shoppiny.

William M Butler MSG USA ret

forgot to mention Federal automatch is $19.99 for 325rds and free shipping if you buy 5 boxes.

Willam M Butler, MSG USA ret

Now Fed AutoMatch is $17.95/ box, with free shipping on 5 or more boxes.


Bulk ammo is still hard to get and still jacked up in pricing in the Vegas area. The ‘camp out on Lawn chairs at 4AM’ crowd is still camping the 5 Walmarts within reasonable distance to me. Truck in, cart out, ammo gone. Then it shows up on craigslist or local gun shows.

Scotty Gunn

I stocked up long ago and am still running on that. Local Walmart is always out. Local gun shops are too high.


Just picked up four boxes of 500 rds ea. of Armscor 36g hollowpoints for +/- $24/ea?? It’s definitely getting better!!


Why is my comments awaiting moderation? I did not swear, run another person down or anything of that type. OTHERS on this same subject have compared Dicks prices to other shops. The man that wrote the article asked for comments. I now when you operate out of commie n.j. anything can cause you to get your nose out of joint. Maybe a complaint to someone in the great District of Corruption (to quote wild bill) would like to look into your policies and how you allow some to post anything and you leave it on, others post something less caustic… Read more »


I just picked up a couple of 325 rd boxes of the Federal Automatch for about $18 each.
I hadn’t even *seen* that stuff for years.

Micheal Ring

I just saw a box of Federal .22LR HP 36 Grain Ammo 525 pack selling under 5 cents per round. I know the ammo buyer here in SW Ohio for Wal-Mart and she said the company wasn’t stocking rimfire anymore. The odd box or two will show up here, but it’s not something the stores are trying to get.


Yesterday I picked up 100 rounds of Remington Golden bullet at Cabela’s for $. 06/rd. Earlier in the week I picked up Federal Champion 22lr 525 round value pack for $. 04 /rd. I’ve been seeing in my area (NW Arkansas) a lot more 22lr on shelves than I used to and purchase restrictions being removed by many retailers.


I have a few thousand rounds of assorted manufacturer .22 rounds I was going to get rid of but decided to look for a Henry .22 pump carnival rifle and a henry large hoop .22 lever action for my granddaughter if I can get her interested in shooting and if not ill still have a pair of really nice plinkers and if eventually I get a grand son I can leave them to him. its hard to find places to go plinking in my area without going to a range that cost thirty five bucks an hour for a rifle… Read more »


I’ll agree with Jim on his comments re Dicks. Never having shopped there before, I stopped in to look at some 22 rifles, as I was getting into Steel Challenge. When they asked for my DL , just so I could look at a firearm, I was taken aback. Their 22LR Ammo prices were only Run of the mill, so I walked out, putting Dicks on my list with Gouger of places not to go. As far as 22LR ammo, I shoot in three different 22 competitions, and have found Wolf Match Target to run the best in all of… Read more »


Miami, FL… Walmart stocks(most of the time) FEDERAL AUTO-MATCH 325 box at $19.99 and BASS PRO sells the same and also The REMINGTON green box at $29.99 and seems to be in stock every other day.
Let us stock up .

William M Butler, MSG USA rwt

Palmetto StateArmory, buy 5 boxes and get free shipping.


Walmarts in the Ozarks hasn’t had 22 ammo for 3 years, just a sign saying “Don’t ask’.
Some of the gun shops keep it under the counter and you have to ask.
Haven’t checked this week for any price reductions, hoping.


Local Wal-Mart and Bi-Mart stores here in Oregon are still not well-stocked as of two weeks ago when I visited several locations each. I would suppose the supermajority DEM politics in Salem leaves many to be cautious regarding acquiring ammo at whatever price is asked. It has been ridiculous for nearly a decade now here. ALL calibers, not just .22lr.


Try the BiMart in Scappoose – tons of .22 ammo at reasonable prices. The Walmart 7 miles away in St Helens has a reasonable stock of .22 ammo, This is a big change from several months ago.


LAX Ammo had the best price I found on Hornady 22 WM at $100 per 500 rounds. Add shipping for 1000 rounds at $13.61

Tom Carie

The Aguila .22 LR ammo is some of the best I’ve tried. Especially the match rifle which shot nice .25″ groups with my Anshutz at 50 yards.

Rural Texas

It’s not the ammo, it’s t he Anschutz.

Peter J Levakis

Still a problem in Commiefornia. They must think everyone is rich here. Still no ammo at the the Walmart’s that “chose” to sell it. They few other retailers who sell, have over inflated prices for obscure brands. I doubt I will ever see a Federal bulk offering again. Neither the 525 that Big 5 used to sell, nor the 550 that Walmart carried. And since the Draconian legislature decided to pass a law that basically ends internet sales in Jan., we have lost that recourse too. And no one comment that I voted for them so I deserve it, I… Read more »

Tim Cox

still none at Walmart but some at local shops in central Maine prices haven’t dropped enough to get excited about yet, wish they would need to stock up more


22lr is back on the shelves instead of behind the counter at Academy in Texas. $16.99 for a 325 pack of Federal Automatch!

Barrel Stroker former federal ammo contract writer

5 cents a round for .22lr is almost a 400% profit. Despicable! With the outrageous profits being made on ammo, across the board, one would think the manufacturers would minimze profits on .22 in order to feed the pig on all other calibers. 5 cents a round on .22 mag is a fair price, but 2-3 cents a round for .22lr is still profitable!


It’s a market like any other. Don’t buy when the price is high.

Roy D.

I have plenty of 22 LR purchased decades ago. I also cast bullets so I load pistol rounds for five cents a round. I don’t shoot much 22 LR anymore so these last four and a half years have been just a side show for me.


Not as good here on Long Island. Best deal was approximately 1 month ago. Dick’s Sporting Good $10.99 regular price Remington Golden Plated Lead Round Nose 100-pack. Sale was $8.99; but it was buy one get one 50% so it came to 6.7 cents per round. Full price without deal is 11 cents a round. I try to stay away from Dick’s though because of their left wing radical policies. There is no New York State Law to keep a “registry” of purchasers of ammunition; but Dick’s asks for your drivers license under the false premise that it is to… Read more »


Local news paper in East Tenn last Sunday had ads from Dicks and Bass Proshop. Bass was about half the price of Dicks. I have been to Dicks several times but nothing tripped my trigger, but when I go to Bass I go there to buy.


Honestly, I haven’t purchased any .22 LR for ages, that was at .09¢/rnd. It was CI and I LOVE IT. 34grain and the stuff worked VERY well in my SR22 and MkIII Target. Decent groups at 25 yards from old shaky hands, out of the MkIII about 1.5″. Did I mention I love the stuff?