Antifa OSINT Profile : its Leaders & Weaknesses Exposed – Part 3 ~ VIDEO

By John Crump

Yvette Felarca (r) and Shanta Driver of BAMN carrying water for Antifa.
Yvette Felarca (r) and Shanta Driver of BAMN carrying water for Antifa.
John Crump
John Crump

U.S.A.-( In part one and two of the Antifa investigative series we learned about the history of Antifa. We also examined their tools, and their techniques. Most importantly we looked at their goals.

In the third and final part of the Antifa Series we are going dive into their leadership. We will also look at Antifa’s enemies and groups they consider to be their allies.

Through this series we hope we have shed some light on a very dangerous group. I will continue to track Antifa and if the readers have any additional information they feel is relevant to my research please add info in the comments or at the links below.

Key Figures And Organizations

Although most Antifa members are in their 20s and local Antifa cell leaders are in their late 20 to early 30s most of the national leaders are in their 50s.

Most of the Antifa leadership is hidden within BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). Although BAMN claims to be civil rights organization it was originally an openly communist group.

Donna Stern, Organizer, BAMN: By Any Means Necessary
Donna Stern, Organizer, BAMN: By Any Means Necessary

BAMN was investigated in 2005 for engaging in terrorist activities. There were reports that they had ties to several terrorist organizations such as the East Lansing Animal Rights Movement (ELARM), Direct Action, and to the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) . BAMN alleged that these allegations were brought by the FBI was to try to crush dissent.

BAMN collects money through United for Equality and Affirmative Action Legal Defense Fund (UEAALDF), which is a 501(c)(3) organization registered to Donna Stern, Organizer of BAMN: By Any Means Necessary,  that claims to be nonpartisan. This money is supposed to be used for “civil rights actions.”

Some of the UEAALDF donors include the Ford Foundation and the far left wing group The Southern Poverty Center. They have also taken money from multiple labor unions including the UAW International.

What is the most disturbing thing I have uncovered is the amount of teacher organizations that give the UEAALDF money.

Yvette Felarca spokesperson for Antifa and BAMN
Yvette Felarca spokesperson for Antifa and BAMN

This money is funneled through the UEAALDF to BAMN then to Antifa. This is how Antifa can organize so well. This also means Antifa is very well funded. One thing I did find interesting is that the TV Judge Mathis is a major donor to the UEAALDF.

Yvette Felarca is the semi-public spokesperson for Antifa through the BAMN front organization. As mentioned earlier in the article Antifa will only have semi-public spokespersons and they will deny being Antifa members.

This is exactly what Yvette Felarca does. It is widely known she speaks for Antifa on the national level.

Shockingly, Felarca is a middle school teacher in Oakland, CA. She has been suspended multiple times for recruiting her students for Antifa and for violent protest such as The Battle of Berkley. She wields a lot of power in the teachers union and keeps being returned to her job where the whole cycle restarts.

Shanta Driver is the top national leader for Antifa although she claims she is just an activist who happens to work with Antifa. Away from violent protest she is a labor lawyer. She was present in the background at the Battle Of Berkeley. She uses the BAMN organization to organize and control Antifa disruption activities. Driver is not only a member of BAMN, but she is also the National Director of UEAALDF. This it the non-profit arm of BAMN.

Shanta Driver of BAMN
Shanta Driver of BAMN

Mike Wilson is another national leader of Antifa. He works at UC Berkeley as a researcher. He was also seen at Berkeley giving orders to the Antifa foot soldiers.

Mike Wilson UC Berkeley researcher and Antifa Organizer
Mike Wilson UC Berkeley researcher and Antifa Organizer

Mark Airgood is another national leader in Antifa. Most disturbingly he works as a special education teacher. He is currently running for a leadership position in the Nation Teachers Union. This would give Antifa a lot of power in controlling how our kids are taught in public schools.

Mark Airgood . Antifa Leader And Special Education Teacher
Mark Airgood. Antifa Leader And Special Education Teacher

Benjamin Lynch is in charge of organizing protest across the country. He resides in Oakland, CA where he has organized several of the violent Oakland protests of the past few years.

Benjamin Lynch , Antifa Organizer
Benjamin Lynch , Antifa Organizer

James Anderson-Furgeson is the editor of the Antifa news website It’s Going Down. This website is the main website which disseminates Antifa’s national message and calls for acts of violence including the murder of President Trump. Like many others of the Antifa’s leadership board Anderson-Furgeson is a professor at UC Berkeley.

Publicly Declared Enemies of Antifa

Antifa does have some publicly declared enemies. They consider all these groups fascist no matter what their political beliefs are. One must remember that Antifa uses the term “fascist” for any non-communist ideas.

Antifa does fight against fascist though. These groups include neo-NAZI and White Supremacist movements. Although Antifa rarely engages these groups directly they have done so on a few occasions such as the crashing of the National Policy Institute dinner in Washington, DC shortly after the Presidential election

Antifa considers all Patriot Groups fascist even though most groups are founded on the idea of individual liberty and on a distrust of the government. From Oath Keepers to Three Percent groups Antifa has been on a mission to unmask the leaders and “dox” them (see doxing in part Two of this series). In my home state of Virginia we have been informed and seen evidence this is their goal for the local Patriots groups. Antifa believes that these groups adherence to the Constitution makes them a threat.

In an interesting side note Antifa has recruited a member who was a state leader in American Patriots III%.

The Militia (right wing) groups have also been a target for Antifa. They consider any right wing militia group fascist while at the same embracing left wing militias like the John Brown Gun Club.

To Antifa capitalist are inherently fascist. Antifa members for the most part are communist and therefore at odds with capitalist. At any event that Antifa shows up at you will see the old USSR flag. To the membership base they view all capitalism as evil. One of their core principles is to bring down capitalism.

“The State” is the boogeyman for Antifa. Antifa believes any government body that is not communist is inherently oppressive and evil. They truly believe in collectivism. Most believe that communism of the USSR only failed because of US intervention. They view the US as the “Evil Empire” of the cold war and not the USSR.

Even the ACLU is not immune from Antifa’s wrath. This might seem like an odd entry to this list, but Antifa doesn’t believe in free speech whereas the ACLU believes that hate speech is protected. Although the ACLU has defended BAMN in the past the free speech issue has put these two groups at odds with each other.

It goes without say that Antifa does not like any law enforcement. Antifa views law enforcement as a tool of the state, and since they view the state as oppressive they extend this to law enforcement officers. They believe the police are there to work against minorities and other such groups.

Conservative Media is another target of Antifa. To Antifa, the conservative media is believed to be the propaganda arm of a capitalist society. They buy into conspiracy theories of shadow governments and the New Order Order. Jack Posobiec, of The Rebel, was recently attacked by an Antifa member for being a member of the conservative media.

The Proud Boys ( ) are the sworn enemies of Antifa. They are one of the driving forces behind the Free Speech Movement. They are lead by Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes. The Proud Boys was one of the first groups to stand up to Antifa. Antifa views them as NAZIs and this is probably enemy number one for Antifa.

The anonymous image board 4chan /pol is another target to Antifa. The website (NSFW) is mostly made up of internet trolls. The section called /pol has been responsible for tormenting such stars as Shia Labeouf. They used airplane contrails to find his “He Will Not Divide Us” flag in a field in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky. They have also used their powers to unmask several Antifa criminals including the bike lock attacker himself, Eric Clanton.

This has put 4chan in the crosshairs. Antifa has tried, but has not so far been able to crack 4chan’s anonymity. If the Proud Boys are Antifa’s number one enemy then 4chan /pol is who they fear most because their uncanny abilities to tear down Antifa’s wall of anonymity.

Antifa Allies

Although Antifa has a lot of enemies they also have allies. All these allies are far left leaning groups and share their ideas. These ideas can be communism, or anti-law enforcement. These groups are not Antifa, but they share a lot in common them and work hand and hand.

Antifa has been known to support the Black Lives Matter movement. The BLM movement is certainly anti-law enforcement. This is why Antifa supports the BLM. While the BLM and Antifa have worked together in the past, it seems that Antifa is more likely to show up at a BLM protest than it is for the BLM to show up to an Antifa protest.

The TORCH Network and Antifa have a deep bond to each other. The TORCH Network, in a lot of ways, is a part of Antifa. They push a lot of Antifa’s agenda. They are currently trying to organize boycotts of hosting providers that host webpages they do not agreement with. They believe in shuttering dissenting opinions.

The World Workers Party is another group they support. Antifa and the WWP go hand and hand. Most Antifa members are also members of the WWP. Both groups have worked together since the mid 1990s. The WWP is the communist party in the United States.

John Brown Gun Club is a left wing militia, and they are an ally of Antifa. The John Brown Gun Club has held open carry marches where they have marched through the streets wearing their brown clothing, much like the fascist Brownshirts in pre-World War II Germany.

Antifa has sought out the John Brown Gun Club for firearms training and advice. As Antifa becomes more radicalized I can see these two groups merging. This is one relationship that should be watched very closely.

No list of allies to a violent left wing group can be complete without the Alliance For Global Justice (Funded by George Soros). George Soros has been pumping money into Antifa since the 1990s. The goals of the Alliance For Global Justice align with Antifa, and Antifa is happy to take the money to do George Soros’s dirty work.

Antifa Weaknesses

The biggest weakness that Antifa has is that anonymity to them is paramount. Throughout this series I have tried to make that abundantly clear, it bears repeating. Antifa members live in fear of being exposed. The best way to combat Antifa is not through physical action, but research.

Antifa members have delusions of being targeted by the state. Although this paranoia can be good for them to prevent infiltration it can also be exploited by releasing their information to the public. Antifa members for the most part will back off if their identities are exposed to the public.

Antifa will be around in some form while Donald Trump is still president. While it might be hard to eradicate Antifa entirely they can be marginalized. After their loss at the Battle Of Berkeley they showed up at another free speech rally.

The Oath Keepers were also there. The Oath Keepers were critical in the defeat of Antifa in Berkeley. Once Antifa noticed the Oath Keepers they quickly ended their attempt to disrupt the rally and retreated.

It is time to confront these thugs and let them know they will not be successful in their goals.

Update : The New Jersey Office Of Homeland Security And Preparedness has officially declared that Antifa / Bamn as a home-grown terrorist organization.

New Jersey Declares Antifa / Bamn A Terrorist Organization

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at

  • 35 thoughts on “Antifa OSINT Profile : its Leaders & Weaknesses Exposed – Part 3 ~ VIDEO

    1. These Antifa terrorists are merely the foot soldiers of the International Jewsish criminal network that is trying to create a New World Order that they will rule from Israel if they are successful. Please read Henry Fords book “The International Jew” and Revilo Olivers book “The Jewish Strategy” to learn more. Hail Victory!

    2. This started a long time ago. I really wonder when it is going to come to a head and how. Nothing is logical. It is quite disturbing…

    3. Antifa has been in the making for the last 60 decades, or more. J. Edgar Hoover was right in that the Communist were making headway infiltrating our schools especially, and media. Weather it New, Television sitcom’s or movies. Individuals, and institutions of higher learning have tried there best to make the former head of the F.B.I. to be paranoid lunatic. There was a legitimate Red Threat. The Congressional investigation was lead by the wrong people.
      I started to hear Anti-American rhetoric as far back as elementary school in Hawaii. Young people were already being taught who was the good guy, and bad guy based on race.
      As I started Community collage in 1979, a Associate professor pointed me out because I was the only Caucasian in the room, that it would be no problem for me to obtain a well paying job based on the fact I had white male privilege.
      I did not know what she was talking about, nor would she explain her statement to me. I am still waiting for my privileged and high paying job. I don’t say that viciously in response.

    4. It is sad that the young people have been convinced that America is a Fascist country. In reality, if they would look up the word Fascist, they would find their actions are more geared towards the Fascist ideas and government. It is sad that these young people are being used by the elite Globalists who pay and fund them to protests, riot and tear down the best country in the world, America. All the while, they care nothing about the people. Globalists are using them to bring our country to our knees so they can take over the world with their own government, The New World Order. No more Constitution, no more freedom, no more free speech, no ownership of property… We will be their slaves living in FEMA camps while the rich Globalist, which is about 1% of the world’s population, will own all property, all money, everything and the people will have to have the microchip inserted into their hand to get anything from them because they will own us. Ever hear of the Anti-Christ? Well, that will be the leader of the world… All brought about by these crazy Rich Billionaires who are greedy and want to own the world. Obama and Hillary, both are members of this elite club, along with George Bush, Sr, & Jr. And many more like the Rockefellers… Rich, rich greedy Globalists.

      So my question is … What does Antifa really think they are protesting??? In the end, if they succeed, they will be just another American civilian living under the worse, controlling, socialist, communist ruled government ever…. Just like us… American people who were born here or migrated here, who have worked hard to make America the great country it is. Why does Antifa think they have the right to take that away from us? You may be angry with the governing powers but we are too. We are just like you… But do not feel we need to take these kind of measures, hurting innocent people who have no control over anything you are protesting.

    5. Everybody has a price even Antifa punks. Information and leaks can be bought. The leadership needs to be reverse Doxed and litigated out of business.

    6. Highly educated individuals who think of themselves as anarchists, who recruit the lemmings willing to do their dirty work. Has a familiar sound to it.

      ANTIFA does not operate in a vacuum. The biggest threat to maintaining a vacuum is a leak. Articles like this providing the 5 W’s, who-what-where-when-why, will continue to create bigger leaks in identifying ANTIFA and similar organization.

      There are numerous legal, safe ways, to dismantle ANTIFA. Do not fall into their trap by engaging them at protest, as the always fair and balance main stream media will only refer to them as “the other group”, but will only be to happy to name your organizations loud and clear, just like they did in Charlottesville, VA. Making ANTIFA a household word will go a long way in dispelling them.


    7. Glad to see BAMN exposed, I have hundreds of news and video postings on BAMN & Yvette Felarca. TEACHERS UNION!!!!! She ran for AFT President and wanted to be US Secretary of Education, replacing Arne Duncan.

    8. “Sure, there’ll be Fascism in America; but it will arrive disguised as Americanism.”
      Quote attributed to Huey Long
      It is remarkable that the majority of those crying “Fascist!” as justification for their hate and violence look far more like actual fascists than do those they’re attacking.
      But then how can you expect those with no moral compass to know better?

    9. Antifa here, honestly this was a hilarious read. It’s really astounding how, even though we’re actually really open about who we are, what we do, and how we do it (you can find it all online,,,, searching for antifa/antifascism on y’all still manage to get so much wrong. Like, we’re very intentionally not that secretive, also like we don’t have leaders? And i don’t get how you all link BAMN to antifa? Like if they have any connection to us they probably just sometimes join in with other groups. Also it’s really weird you characterize antifa as communist when in the US and Canada it’s largely Anarchists. Also the person you have as James Anderson isn’t actually him, i’ve met him, he’s like a beefy 40 yr old punk dude.
      Also it’s wild that you think we use the term fascist to refer to any non-communist ideas, because if that were true we’d be fighting a whole lot of our allies too. Also like we’re not allied with Workers World Party? Like if they’re in the streets with us we’ll roll with them but being a mostly anarchist movement we’re pretty against what they’re for. And TORCH network literally is antifa…’s a network of antifa groups….like its on their website and it links to other antifa websites….how did you drop the ball on that one. And the alliance for global justice? literally not involve with antifa on the slightest, and i don’t know how y’all keep bringing George Soros into this when he’s literally an anti-communist shill who funded anti-communist revolutions in eastern europe like…….??????
      i can’t tell if y’all are honestly this bad at intel or are just purposely throwing out false info (and this is just scratching the surface)

      1. Annetifa,

        Wow man ! “Like” so kool. “Like” an alleged AntiFa spokesweasel rears his/her/its ugly self.

        “Like” you claim you’re not everything you are nor affiliated with your “soldiers” in the streets of Berkely. AntiFa is “like” wow man, just a kinder, gentler organization that means white, Christian, American Patriots no harm. “Like” correct man ?

        Before you venture online elsewhere to chastise good Americans and educate us about what YOU claim AntiFa is not, you would do well to get a grip on the English language. Your infantile use of the word “like” is indicative of your utter ignorance. You and your fellow scum would do yourselves a favor and stay out of the streets destroying public and private properties. The time is coming when many of us will engage our oath to defend this nation from “enemies foreign AND domestic”. Have you ever seen the results of the meeting of 168 grains of OTM with someone’s skull ? Keep up your violence and your “troops” and especially your ahem, Marxist “leadership” will get the opportunity to experience the meeting of such, first hand.

      2. Why don’t you go to N Korea, he needs worshippers, or China for a few years, you will come back kissing Amercan soil. Read a book or 2. Try the Gulag Archipelago. You just might appreciate your country and turn Red White and Blue instead of just red. I forgot communism is no longer a system, forgive me for my total lack of respect for your descension. Suck up the propaganda, you wear it well. Violence is all we hear out of Antifa, it is now Oct and it increases, thus BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY? Yeah, I know but you can call it ABC, it is the same ideal. Those means are dangerous. INSANITY!! I never really thought about having to protect myself and family from militant protestors here, a protest, yes, but the violence that you drag like a carcass behind you, disgusts me. Your claim about Soros? Nah, why bother. I think I will now donate to Oath Keepers, because I love my freedom. Already joined NRA. America has a scary future.

    10. Something does have to be done about antifa and damn. If they’re already considered a terrorist organization in N.J. why isn’t everyone of those face covering cowards arrested when they show up? I mean it’s kind of hard to mistake them for the good guys. Good guys don’t need masks. It would just be awesome to see our government do exactly what they are accused of by these idiots and arrest everyone of them on some kind of sedition charges or hell anything would be better then letting them beat people up at our peaceful rallies.

    11. Should there be another confrontation between the Amerikan communists and the Forces of Freedom, there must be tactical planning. FreeFor needs to have individuals in overwatch over the main body. RoE need to be specified and upon acts of violence perpetrated by Antifa, the overwatch engages them with extreme prejudice.

      Although Antifa foot soldiers will be immediate targets of opportunity, priorities of engagement need to be, and must be, tne Antifa leadership.

      Time is here.

    12. Dissent is good when used properly BUT when you try and break down society and destroy America and our/my way of life, I say its open season on you pond scum A**holes.

    13. There is a deep cruelness you see when you look into these people’s faces. They use the claim that they care for humanity to mask that they are driven by hatred of anyone who disagrees with their vision for how the world should be. You can tell that they would fit right in as a camp guard at a Soviet gulag or a North Korean total control camp.

    14. From what I’ve gathered over the years, Soros main objective is to disrupt and kill this country’s Constitution and capitolism. I really hope he dies before he can accomplish his goal and it would be good if he took comrade bloomburg and comrade sanders with him. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the latter two support the Antifa.
      At least the candy a**es cower when they are confronted by someone like the Oath Keepers.

      1. Soros should have been terminated by Mossad years ago. They certainly had/have justification.

        FWIW….Soros is the money provider. Upon his death the forces of evil will continue. Soros is neither the planner nor executioner of anti-Freedom actions by both the domestic and international communists.

    15. What does weed have to do with this ha ha, anyway, check out forward observer run by “sam culper” SHTF Intel, cool guy that takes his knowledge from his work in the army, and boils it down for the layman/regilar guy. He does sell books, a subscription type service etc, but ge gives a TON of free info also on open source intel etc, and his live streaming battle maps for riots/protests are super cool tool

    16. I sincerely hope some of the Antifa and BAMN slimes will read this post. Your greatest threats will be military veterans….. we have been to war, we have bled, and we have killed…all in the defense of our country. If you slimeballs become a serious threat to us or our country, you will find out what By Any Means Necessary means to US. We now have your names, your pictures and know where you live. You are no longer in the shadows.

    17. Folks, It is time we ALL learn about our domestic enemies and their plans for US and America. Stay alert, and watch what this trash group and the democracks in “alt left mode” say and do, your lives depend on it. Arm up now, and join the NRA and any other national and state level pro gun organizations near you. These folks ARE DANGEROUS. Stay safe, Mike

      1. The same mantra as Watergate… follow the money. I say that is where we will find the real RUSSIA! Connection. They are deeply imbedded in our schools and universities. Legal pot, BLM, antifa are all seditious anti American cells with one objective, destroying the American way of life and freedom.

        1. Mike MDS….REALLY? What the hell does pot have to do with anything?
          As you drink your liver damaging highballs.
          Please don’t tie one to the other. That’s archaic

        2. Mike MDS….REALLY? What the hell does pot have to do with anything?
          As you drink your liver damaging highballs.
          Please don’t tie one to the other. That’s archaic

        3. Mike,

          Guess you should take a look at the treasonous scum of the Congress of the United States of Amerika. Therein lies the first problem with the demise of fUSA.

      2. Jevnager,

        Join the NRA ? Hahahahaha….surely you jest.

        Secure an AR-malite and/or a Kalashnikov. Get the ammo. Start practicing target engagements to 200 meters. Do physical training. Prepare to defend yourself and loved ones. The NRA would have you submit to tyranny before ever leading the charge to “go to guns”.

        Trust in the NRA….to do nothing except beg you to give them more money, buy their rot gut wine and their life insurance.

        NRA…hahahahahahahaha !

        1. @D3, If you just prepare for the revolution alone, then you will be defeated and branded a criminal. Just hold a formation and see what happens. You don’t have the logistics to challenge government.
          With Trump we have the beginnings of things going our way. Join some other pro Second Amendment Civil Rights group because they are making progress.

          1. Bill,

            Agree with your comments. My point being that belief in the National Rifle Association as some type of savior group is asinine at best. They have shit on their membership time and time again. My favorite example is NRA giving Harry Reid thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.

            FWIW..I am an NRA lifer. Biggest waste of money ever.

      3. @M. D. Jevanger, You plan must include a minimum one year”s supply of food per person (per family and per soldier).

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