Antifa OSINT Profile : Radical Left Anarchist Group – Part 2

By John Crump : Know the Enemy
This is part two of a three part series ( read part 1 )briefing paper on the radical left group, Antifa, looking to overthrow President Trump and our Constitution.

Professor Eric Clanton, unmasked
Antifa prefers to remain anonymous. They have a big fear of their enemies finding out who they are. : Professor Eric Clanton, unmasked.
John Crump
John Crump

USA – In part two of of our exposé we will look at the techniques and tactics used by Antifa. Although these might vary slightly from cell to cell these are the most common Antifa methods. All these tactics and techniques have been used at protest in 2017.

Direct Confrontation

Antifa encourages their members to use direct violent confrontation of other groups. Antifa considers violent clashes “self defense” even if the clash is initiated by the Antifa member because they consider things such as free speech as oppressive to their movement. They also consider the existence of their enemies an assault on Antifa.

This way of thinking is how they can rationalize that they are the ones being attacked instead of being the ones attacking.

Antifa is also seeking martial arts training in MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Krav Maga. There is one gym in Chicago that is run by an Antifa member to teach these things to other Antifa members. More and more of these clubs are popping up on college campuses across the country.


Antifa recommends anything that one can find be used as a weapon, but have they specifically mentions the items below as their weapons of choice.

This isn’t a complete list by any means, but this is what they have used in the past year, or Antifa has talked about using the near future. This also includes things mentioned in chatter from their groups that I monitor.

One of Antifa’s go to weapon is pepper spray or bear spray. This has been widely used especially during the so called Battle of Berkeley. It should be assumed this will be used at all events where Antifa shows up at and will be used in unprovoked attacks to stifle the voices of their enemies. It has gotten so bad that the free speech movement started carrying milk to neutralize the effects of pepper spray.

A lot of the of the pepper spray attacks are random and quick. Some attacks happen on people that just happen to be walking through where a rally is taking place. What will happen is a group of yellow members will distract the target then a red member will spray the victim in the face with the pepper spray. This is the most common technique seen across the country.

Antifa has started to carry clubs to disrupt rallies. This can be something as simple as a tire thumper purchased off Amazon or as complex as a nightstick. They have also started to carry retractable clubs that police carry. This is another weapon that is coming rapidly into play. Antifa members are now encouraged to purchase such clubs and use them on the opposition.

U shaped bike locks is another makeshift weapon that Antifa uses as an offensive weapon. This is a weapon of choice for Antifa because it isn’t illegal to carry a bike lock and it is very easy to use this as a blunt force object. These were used extensively in Berkeley.

The Antifa Bike bloc members will all be likely to be armed with this weapon. They use the excuse of having a bike if stopped by law enforcement to explain why they have it. This was also the weapon Eric Clanton used on multiple people in Berkeley, CA. Eric Clanton was a college professor who moonlighted as a violent thug for Antifa.

Antifa also uses glass bottles because they are also not illegal to have in their possession. These are usually thrown at law enforcement or into crowds to cause harm. This has been seen in Portland, California, and DC. At any event Antifa shows up at the throwing of glass bottles should be expected.

Antifa uses M80s and other fireworks to disrupt rallies. These are thrown in crowds to cause panic due to their sound that can be confused with gun fire.

Antifa’s main goal of attending the opposition’s rallies is to disrupt the rally by causing chaos. Antifa sees the suppression of free speech as a good thing as long as it is not their speech.

Along with the M80s Antifa will use smoke bombs. These smoke bombs are used to cause confusion at the rallies they are trying to disrupt. It is also used to try to cause panic within the crowds much like the use of M80s. Antifa will also use smoke bombs to hide their attacks by throwing the smoke bombs then charging the crowd.

Antifa has used Molotov Cocktails throughout Europe. In the US these have used sparingly in the past, but moving forward Antifa will most likely be deploying these more often on property. Antifa is moving in the direction of becoming a terrorist organization if they are not already terrorist. A lot of people I have interviewed for this article already consider them terrorist.

On some internal Antifa forums they have talked about using wrenches. These wrenches can be tapped to the Antifa member’s forearm and used as a defensive weapon if attacked. On the internal forum I have read in researching for this article other members of Antifa also talked about using wrenches blunt force weapons offensively.

One Antifa website was selling credit card knives. Stabbings by Antifa has been reported in Berkeley, Ottawa, Sacramento, and even GermanyThere is no reason to think that this will slow down. In fact it seems Antifa related stabbings are going up and not going down.
Bricks are the latest weapon in Antifa’s arsenal. Antifa has now set up on roof tops with bricks to throw down on the opposition groups. Recently in Portland police found bags of bricks on roof tops. These were placed on roof tops by Antifa members to rain down down on the free speech movement’s march.

So far Antifa has not been proven to use guns, but Antifa is encouraging their members to purchase guns and learn how to use them. The would be assassin of the congressmen playing baseball was on some of the same facebook groups that the Antifa members that I have been tracking are using to spew their hate. Although the gunmen has not been proven to be an Antifa member his actions were celebrated Antifa. Also a truck flying a Trump flag has been shot at though there has been no arrest or suspects in this case at this time.

Remember the end goal of Antifa is the overthrow of the government and replace it with a worldwide communist government. Antifa believe it will eventually come to a shooting war at some point, but right now encourages their members to use something other than firearms.

Even though they encourage their members to use something other than firearms, Antifa is planning several open carry marches to disrupt events. This will be a major escalation in tensions between Antifa and their oppositions. This is taking a play out of the John Brown Gun Club’s playbook.
In fact this idea comes directly from the John Brown’s Gun Club.

Antifa is also looking for left wing gun trainers and dealers since most trainers and dealers are aligned with “their enemies” on the right. They have reached out to the left wing group, The John Brown Gun Club for guidance. One of the former state leaders of American Patriots III% is also helping with gun training.

Antifa Tactics

Antifa uses what they call “deplatforming”. This is a prevention of an event or the denial of someone to speak at a venue. This has included rushing stages, pulling fire alarms, airhorns, and blocking roads. Once again Antifa’s motto of “by any means necessary” comes into play here.
Ironically this tactic was used by the fascist brownshirts towards the build up of World War II. Antifa will use violence to accomplish their goal of deplatforming. There are several methods and techniques they will use to suppress someone’s free speech as well.

Swarming is the first technique that is popular with Antifa. A group of yellow members will surround the target. They will start yelling and getting into the face of the prospective victim. This will distract the target while a red member comes in and commits an act of violence. This could be anything from pepper spraying the victim to assaulting the victim with a bike lock.

The red member will then retreat into a crowd of green members and try to fade away. This is the very reason why all members wear black clothing and wear mask. Antifa believe they are safe within a crowd.

Female Shields : Antifa will use female members as human shields.

They count on men being restrained when facing a woman so they will strike and use women to block the victim or bystanders from chasing the red member as that member retreats into a group of green members. These women will use all means of blocking including grabbing and hitting. These women are mostly considered yellow members even though they will commit assaults to block a pursuer.

If the woman is hit or hurt during this action Antifa will push the narrative that they were assaulted for no reason. This is to try to get sympathy from the mainstream media who does not understand their techniques and further demonize their enemies. This happened in Berkeley, CA during the Battle Of Berkeley.

Doxing :

Antifa’s favorite tactic is doxing. Doxing means releasing personal information. Antifa will release personal and sensitive information about their target to try to intimidate their victim into silence. Not only do they target the person they have a problem with, but they will also target the victim's family.

The victim and their family might receive harassing phone calls, death threats, and most dangerously they might be SWATT’ed. SWATT’ing is when the police receive a call of something like a hostage situation at the victim’s house. The hope is the police show up and break down the victim’s door. Antifa will use Skype or another VOIP application to place the call anonymously.

Another tactic that Antifa red members will use is using a black tee-shirt to create a mask to conceal their identity. After they commit their crime they will pull the tee-shirt on as a shirt so not to have any evidence of a mask. They believe this will make it easier to blend in with a crowd all wearing black.

The “bike fly by” is another tactic used by Antifa to intimidate the opposition. This is where members of Antifa from the Bike Bloc will distract members of opposition groups by yelling at the opposition group or riding circles around them. Then a member of Bike Bloc will come from behind and “buzz” the opposition groups.

They then will stop around ten yards ahead of the opposition group. The Bike Bloc member will then stare down the opposition group, and pull up their mask. This method will be repeated multiple times. I haven’t found an instance where the Bike Bloc have physically engaged anyone, but these members have in the past damaged and vandalized property. This method was used on a group of Three Percenters during the May Day Martch in Richmond, VA.

Propaganda Tools

Antifa uses many online tools to communicate anonymously through the internet. Antifa is very paranoid about being spied on and will go to great lengths to prevent this intrusion. Although many groups use different apps to keep their communication private there seems to be certain apps and programs that all of Antifa uses across the country.

Signal is the first phone app used by Antifa. What the Signal app does is allow for secure text and calls through a mobile phone. It does this by using a secure messaging protocol called Whisper that encrypts communications. Antifa believes this will stop eavesdropping on their calls.
Although I hate to give Antifa credit they do push their members to use different passwords for each site they access. This means if their credentials are compromised on one site it can’t be used on another. I would recommend that method for everyone.

Remembering multiple usernames and passwords can be hard so Antifa uses an app to help. This app is called KeePassX. This is the app keeps all their passwords secured in an encrypted database. KeePassX is very secure.

A lot of the planning goes on in what is known as the Deep Web. Going into what the deep web is and how it works would be another article in itself. The short answer is the Deep Web is a second hidden internet at is totally anonymous. Everything from drugs to illegal guns is on the Deep Web.

Antifa feels safe on the Deep Web, but in order to get to the Deep Web you need a special browser called TOR. Antifa uses TOR to securely browse and communicate on the Deep Web. ( ) is a website that allows open collaboration via a text document. This site does not store IPs and after 30 days the text document is automatically deleted. This is where Antifa plans and organizes their raids. Since the website doesn’t require a login or stores IPs Antifa feels anonymous.

When Antifa feels that they need to have a video conference for meetings with leaders from across the country they will use a website called This is a free service and is open source, and to Antifa most importantly it is secure.

Antifa will insist all their members use encrypted emails when sending emails about Antifa activities. To accomplish this they use PGP to encrypt their email conversations. PGP has been around for a long time and again is very secure. The only draw back is trying to use it with webmail.

To get around this problem Antifa will use Mailvelope. This program is like PGP but for webmail. Like PGP this is a very secure encryption for sending and receiving email.

Antifa does not trust Google Drive or Dropbox. They think that Google and Dropbox are pawns of the Fascist government. They use an alternative called OwnCloud for storing files..This way they can have control over their files and prevent the watchful eye of the government from seeing what they are doing.

PowerBase Black Lives Matter Screen Grab
PowerBase Black Lives Matter Screen Grab

What I find really interesting is the use of the paid database program called PowerBase ( . Powerbase promotes the Black Lives matter movement on their website home page. Almost without exception Antifa will keep a local roaster and use PowerBase as their database software. I am not sure why they would keep a database of members, but they do exist in direct contridiction to all their warnings to their followers about secrecy . [the old do as I say not as I do]

In part three we will look into the national structure of Antifa. We will look into their leaders, and we will follow the money to some shocking sources.

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About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at

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    1. The Antifa organizers should inform their children protesters that they should be prepared to die, as that is what will happen if they keep it up. Remember Kent State?

    2. Taunts have a way of turning ever more serious. What starts a ego gratifying posturing for these Che wanabees turns to assaults, turns to murder. Do not underestimate their incapacity for appreciating such things. They are truly irresponsible children playing with deadly fire.

      1. Then you treat them like children and in most cases if you distribute pain to the aggressive little offenders they will immediately stop what they’re doing and focus on the pain.

      1. An ‘Active Shooter’ drill was in progress but authorities are saying this was not part of the drill. Redstone is locked down; the word is going out “{Run, Hide, Fight.” People are being advised to avoid the area. Situation developing.

    3. Almost all of the tactics outlined here are the same tactics used by Nazi Brown Shirts in Germany and Fascist Black Shirts in Italy prior to the takeover of Europe by the Axis Powers in the late 1930s. Violence, intimidation, disruption of meetings, suppression of free speech, even keeping records on its own “supporters” were common. I do not understand how these groups came to be termed “Anitfa” or Anti-fascists, when they embrace the tactics and apparently the very ideology of Fascism.

      1. @TF, Most humorous. The youthful little amateurs actually keep an on line data base of their members. Parents go check to see if your little parlor revolutionary is listed. If they are listed, send them down to the ranch, and before school starts, I’ll send you back a responsible adult. Free of charge.

    4. Brothers and Sisters in Arms. I have come to believe that the infamous “Gil” who’s present here in truth is really one of us and like minded. Perhaps 100%. Perhaps even an Ammoland paid employee? I now believe he is merely a “spoon” to stir it all up. He sprinkles the anti-speak to get most all reacting. Kinda like a great spicy Chili, it’s only best when the peppers are stirred up from the bottom ofthee bowl. As for this latest group of Morons and all the descriptive “cause and effect” of who and why they are to me this is very simple. Should I encounter them and anyone of them enact any harm upon my family, myself and innocent others, I will begin incapacitating the perpetrator(s) at their feet and move upward until the threat is neutral. Semper Fi!

      1. @BLG, A fellow, called TENNX traced Gils comments back to the Violence Policy Center office IT. An excellent bit of detective work. Another of our brothers, did some IT investigative work and found out his name is Mas N. Gil. I don’t think that the two guys that created Ammoland for our amusement have any employees.

      2. @BLG About believing he is one of us ehh not so much, $#it stirrer definitely. Have reasoned the same conclusion(he may well be hiding in Ammolands cellar) , many times had the first comment up, have accused him of being the “moderator” and or censor , many times my page is very slow to refresh , (if it were possible he would do something like that) many times my post just disappears. When I pled guilty to all he had accused me of being like being old, an infidel, a bitter clinger, etc. etc. he ceased to respond at me , I have ask him several simple questions like “if a turtle lost his shell would he be homeless or just naked” he never answers. I do believe his daddy was choking his chicken in a flower bed now we have this blooming idiot. Watch this get moderated and or lost.

      3. If you find a local antifa protest and you want to punch out the leader – why do you need my or anyone else’s permission? Do it or don’t because that’s your choice.

      1. Well I would love to debate you on that, but I haven’t the time. I will tell you this though, anyone who supports Communism, has no clue about what Communism really is. Gill-man is spouting off about the tree of liberty, but the Antifa are hard core Communists therefore domestic enemies of the Constitution and freedom. Their idea is “all for me and none for thee.” They want to dictate how we will live our lives, ain’t gonna happen! My oath of enlistment has no expiration date, and my watch will be over when I’m taking the big dirt nap. I can do no less as my Father, and his father did during time of peril. My family has a long tradition of the defense of liberty by service in the Armed Forces, and I WILL NOT stand by while those butt-sniffs try to trash my beloved Country. We still have the best hope of mankind right here – the best form of government. You don’t like it … you are cordially invited to take advantage of another freedom my brothers and I fought for … leave! Move 90 miles south of Florida and see how you like it.

      2. @Eaglesnester, GFYG is not right. If the he would have written that When Left use weapons it’s murder; when the Right use weapons it’s murder. Then he would have been correct, but he could not resist spinning it. Also his implied definition of treason is incorrect.

        1. Oh no, no, no, no. No Christian can do anything wrong because anyone who does wrong and claims to be Christian is a liar therefore Christianity is vindicated. Conservative Christians reckon they’ve got the whole “it’s our country” sewn up hence anyone who attacks Conservative Christians are traitors. Only Conservative Christians are allowed to use the war cry “let’s take back our country!” because everyone one else are just guests.

          1. “Gil”: I have no clue what you are yammering on about, and I doubt you do either. Based on my understanding of our world and the conflict of political ideologies and the like, you aren’t saying anything that jibes with reality, so you aren’t making any sense. You sound like someone trying to be a snarkmeister and are failing miserably. Just a tip for your consideration.

          2. hey fish face…… you know not what you spew… MY bible says that any man who claims he is without sin is a LIAR. I’ll stick with that. You lose. Again

        2. Wild Bill, I’m new here, but I’ve seen the initials “GFYG” several times without sufficient context to understand to what it refers. Can you enlighten me? Thanks.

          1. @Donald L. Cline, welcome to the site and yes, I can brief you up. Gil has been traced back to the Violence Policy Center and never denied working their. Another of the group has traced him to the name Mas N. Gill. He gets paid by the response. So when someone responds to him he gets paid. Thus we don’t respond to him or use his name. We respond to others about his comments and refer to him as Go F#&*Youself Gil.
            Have a nice day.
            Sierra7Bravo6 out.

            1. Thanks for the tip on responses to GFYG! I didn’t know that. Sorry for being a hard head. I will not be responding to his stupidity anymore. Although a choke out sounds appropriate.

      1. Gil,

        I think it depends on how you look at it. Rising up against your country is always treason. Sometimes there is good reasons and sometimes not so much. People will never agree on what good reasons are. My point is what Antifa is trying to implement is a worse system of government, and they are using violence trying to crush other people’s liberty. So they are not so much trying to refresh the tree of liberty as they are trying to cut it down.

        1. What those antifa things ARE doing is committing acts of treason and therefore are fair game and are targets, if you see one of those creatures put it out of its misery, and do the country a favor at the same time.

          1. Bandit: Let’s hold off a bit on that advocacy. The opposition is already advocating assassinating Trump and committing violence to his followers and they are making asses of themselves in doing so. Lets not us fall into the same trap. No advocacy of murder, please. I think Tuco had good advice: “{If yer gonna shoot somebody, do it, don’ talk about it.”

        2. John Crump: This is off-topic, but I just wanted to say thanks for this series. I am posting links to it to my FB page and a lot of people are seeing it.

            1. Uh … sorry, but don’t tweet. Eight hours a day on Facebook, various media forums, and 130-emails a day is enough. Besides, I refuse to be limited to 140 characters.

            2. Third try: Uh … I don’t tweet. With eight to sixteen hours a day on Facebook, various media forums around the country, 130 or more emails a day, life is complicated enough. Besides, I refuse to be constrained to 140 characters.

      2. gill take out your copy of the Constitution and find, then read, the definition of “treason” you’ll find in there. Its the ONLY crime named and defined in that document.

        And you don’t have it right. Again.

    5. Antifa thugs are no match for a .38 spl between the eyes…. sooner or later they will encounter someone with a concealed carry license, threaten them with a club, bear spray or faux martial arts display (which is a legal threat) and they will die, like they deserve. What they forget is that a lot of Iraq and Afghan vets have already wacked human scum, and another one or two won’t be of any consequence to them. Same goes for Nam vets, although we are older, we haven’t forgotten how.

      1. @ DW9143 – Pay no mind to Gill – man, he’s a leftist troll or an Agent Provocateur for them.
        Amen brother, I we vets know lots of nastiness and how to inflict pain. When it breaks out the vets will rise and Antifa and the leftist will fall. They are the domestic enemies we took an oath against. And my oath has no expiration date.

          1. A fan or a bottle of Mas-n-Gil! I do believe he’s a leftist and therefore a domestic enemy of the Constitution. Notice how he takes the part of the Commies in this?

        1. VE Veteran: May I suggest a better tactic based upon military strategy? “When it breaks out,” if we respond in the fashion you suggest they will win because we will be prosecuted and they will be the poor little innocent babies. Better tactic: When it breaks out, just hold our own, defend, stand toe-to-toe and slug it out but with a very measured, exclusively “self-defense” level of violence. Then, when that skirmish is over, we — with the power and authority of the State behind us — take the battle to them and clean out the nest of vipers and throw the ones that survive into a 5X5 cell so far back in the cellblock they have to be fed with a bean shooter. Battles are never won until you take the battle to the enemy.

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