Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y? ~ VIDEO

By John Farnam

Liberal Phoenix John Brown Gun Club
Liberal Phoenix John Brown Gun Club
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y?

Many of America’s perpetually unproductive/unemployed neo-Communists, masquerading as “liberals,” have unhappily discovered that their hallmark bullying, threatening tactics, particularly at colleges and universities, are only effective when there is no resistance.

Recently, some of the other side have morphed into “hard targets,” and the left is horrified and simultaneously crying “unfair.” Apparently, they, and only they, have a sacred right to employ criminal violence against defenseless opponents.

Communists haven’t changed tactics in one hundred years!

But wait! There’s more:

Suddenly, the American left has “rediscovered” our Second Amendment, while they target white Americans!

After denigrating it, and all American gun-owners, for decades, and piously declaring that our Second Amendment needs to be repealed, leftists are now desperately arming themselves with real guns, exercising the very same Second Amendment rights they so self-righteously smeared just weeks ago!

They obviously want to be able to continue to scare, threaten, intimidate (and eventually murder!?) all who oppose them, much as did their spiritual ancestors, Bolsheviks, decades ago.

Fortunately, they perpetually lack the personal discipline and integrity necessary to develop real weapon skills. They are a motley collection of sleazy, amoral hoods, and that is all they’re ever going to be!

So, while denying the rest of us both our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights, these seedy goons now, oh-so sanctimoniously, claim them for themselves!

I’m patiently waiting for “mainstream Democrats” to unite in speaking-out against these leftist, book-burning thugs.

I’m still waiting!

“The Final Struggle will be between Communists and ex-Communists” ~ Silone


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  • 41 thoughts on “Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y? ~ VIDEO

    1. Our resident snowflake is at it again I see. The NRA for gun control? They’ve caved for some before, but any true red – blooded American will never give up their guns – that’s just plain stupid. But of course our resident troll would understand that – he’s not to bright – about the equivalent of a 2 watt light bulb. This is what I believe gun control is – “Gun Control is a nice tight five shot grouping – and I practice regularly.”

      Ads far as the white racist charge – my ancestors came here after slavery, not to mention that no one could tell them about slavery anyway. They were Irish and were enslaved by the English for 700 years. And the Irish are of the fair (white) skin persuasion. The resident leftist can again go pound sand up his backside.

      As far as the clowns in the picture of the article go, they wouldn’t stand a prayer going up against some of the veterans I am friends with. They’d be made short work of, and then it would be Miller time. I sincerely doubt that those brothers of mine would break a sweat doing it. They are just dilatants trying to play with the Big Boys. They are the epitome of the definition Amateur – Anything worth doing, is worth doing badly … if at all.

      1. @VE Vet, They are parlor room revolutionaries out for a photo shoot. Then a little coffeesito at the sidewalk cafe, and back to the key board.

    2. I think you completely understand everything about this. For one thing, there’s a massive difference in the politics of liberals of the Hillary Clinton ilk, and leftists like those in Redneck Revolt, John Brown Gun Club etc (and people like myself).

      One can be pro-gun AND pro-gun regulations for the same reason one can be into cars but perfectly happy lawfully obtaining a driving license, at least, that’s my opinion.

      This is without even getting into your slanderous comments about “un-productive/unemployed/neo-Communists”

      As a leftist, I find the NRA so blatantly partisan that maybe, that’s a big reason left wing gun clubs are springing up. We have nowhere else to go.

      Hope these comments are received in good faith.

      -Jack in Atlanta.

    3. CDR-C, CT, and Dennis all have made good points. But after taking the time to watch video on these guys, yes they are sadly a bunch of misled idiots (the right has those too) That have no clear purpose, guidelines or conviction. And to compare them to the 3 Percenters or Oath Keepers who have a clear conviction and purpose is insulting to them. The only thing I would add to their comments from article and other comments made is this: Many seem to never consider that they are making a huge blunder that has caused many defeats in sports and military history and that is to underestimate your adversary.

    4. At least they are demonstrating proper trigger discipline. I may not agree with their general outlook or their methodology, but introducing more people to the joys of shooting isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Hypocritical or simply ignorant regurgitation of the talking heads’ mantras aside, viewpoints can change. If getting more people to the range will help people to realize that the fear of loud inanimate objects is irrational, maybe just maybe, they will question other irrational concepts and join the level headed crowd.

    5. Its good that all Americans use their rights and they deserve to exercise them too. I hope they realize there is a lot of responsibility with their rights and dont think other people wont let them get away with irresponsible actions.

        1. That wasn’t the case in Kansas. Find out a little history before you are guided by your supposed “moral superiority”.

          1. So? What’s 5 dead pro-slavery settlers vs the thousands of Africans forced into slavery, raped, worked to death, denied education etc etc. You’re really showing your bias.

            1. @JB our society does not condone a moral balance beam like the one that you suggest. Not even back then. As to applying todays notions of law, ethic, and morality to 150 years ago, you are a little late to lecture anyone effected because they are all dead.
              Perhaps you should pick a modern issue, apply modern ethics, and then lecture someone effected by the issue. May I suggest, “What is the morality of failing to teach high school kids enough to hold a job in a modern technological society?”

    6. CDR-C is 100% correct…….I see a mostly over fed, libtard hyped, whiny, bunch of border jumper types OR their supporters handed guns (looks like quite a few for the first time) with low rider thug music in the background. In their eyes, they made a great little ad starring a bunch of brainwashed city kids released in the dirt to play ARMY for the leftist camera. In REALITY, they have no idea, and are completely CLUELESS of how quickly they would be neutralized and forgotten…
      Bring it on.

    7. A generation that has, if not mostly, at least significantly, experiences based on faceless conflict (social media, comment boards, etc) and artificial experiences (video games) have very little actual experience with real events. That’s important – because artificial events have a reset button, but real events have real consequences. So playing my motorcycle-race video game and I crash, I just start again. But riding a real bike on a real trail or track, I crash and I get hurt and break things. When these protesters and ‘anarchists’ face some real resistance, it will be pretty amusing.

    8. Well, I did see one of them with a tatoo so they are probably pretty tough.
      A bunch of paid protesters. I dont think they would stand a chance against those of us who have grown up with guns and take training with them seriously. Id entertain giving them a chance to test their training and commitment though.

    9. Aww, look at the special snowflake communists play with guns. They had just better remember, they are completely outnumbered.

        1. @Wild Bill re. the NRA being a ‘one issue group’- the Black Panther Party (or, the Black Panther Party for Self Defense’ to give their full name), formed to protest their 2nd Amendment Rights as black people were being disproportionately killed by police (sound familiar?). In response to their actions, CA governor at the time, Reagan passed more stringent gun laws. Fast forward to today and the NRA are silent on the killing of legally armed Philando Castile. The NRA only care about gun rights for white Christian men. If they defended ALL Americans, I’d support them but as it stands, nope. Fuck that.

          Can *YOU* spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y?

    10. I’d love for them to give me a reason to legally unload a 150 round SAW mag into them.. Commie scum deserve to die, please just try to point one of your fake guns at me.

      1. They “deserve to die” and you’d love to “unload a 150 round SAW mag into them”

        Little does that 20-something year old girl in the photo know…her political ideology makes her deserving of DEATH.

        But thats okay because you’re from the totally reasonable, non-threatening, non-violent “side” of this Divide and Conquer agenda…right?

          1. Gil, you loser, what makes you think your “designation” of sides is correct. So asking that question now becomes moot. Just let me know where you’ll be sitting, watching, eating popcorn,okay? Can you do that for me you shill?

          2. I choose the side that is against the liberal-progressives. I may be old, but with three years combat experience in Nam, I haven’t forgotten how to “light up” the bad guys.

      1. Well they did seem to enjoy themselves… If they act and think like Gil they may get off of gun control, .. and start shooting each other!!!

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