North Carolina HB 746 Permitless Concealed Carry is Still Alive

Constitutional Carry
Constitutional Carry

Grass Roots North CarolinaNorth Carolina-( The bad news is that the North Carolina Senate adjourned without passing House Bill 746. The good news is that the bill is still very much alive.

As you recall, HB 746 would give lawful North Carolinians permitless concealed carry, improvements in issuing concealed handgun permits (the system for which would remain intact for gun purchases, reciprocity with other states and carry in sensitive areas), expansion of concealed carry on educational property, and more.

Reasons for the failure of the Senate to pass HB 746 are complex, and I’ll discuss them momentarily. But first, let’s discuss the false claims by our opposition, which claimed the bill didn’t pass due to gun control input.

Nonsense. The dozen-odd “Bloomberg Moms” who showed up to protest passage of HB 746 in the NC House were like deer in the headlights. Despite the bitter viciousness of the left, they had no idea how to control the process. The pathetically small number of negative contacts they generated was ignored, giving them no influence on the bill’s progress.
Politicians did what they do best…nothing

The Senate, frankly, self-destructed on the bill. Without sufficient direction from leadership to chart its passage, Senate Republicans couldn’t agree on what they wanted it to contain – with a number of them wanting a stronger bill than passed by the House, calling for a pro-gun amendment to the North Carolina Constitution and repeal of the Jim Crow-era pistol purchase permit system. Others, including some devout conservatives, were hung up on the age 18 provision, or lack of required training.

Much of the failure should be attributed to failure in leadership by Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger. Although we received numerous reports that he supports the bill, he delegated responsibility to a working group of senators led by Sen. Andrew Brock (R-Davie, Iredell, Rowan) who, unknown to even his fellow senators, was likely distracted by his pending appointment to a cushy job with the state Board of Review. (He resigned his Senate seat effective June 30.)

In general, Republicans in both chambers dragged their feet on the bill. To be sure, there were heroes; in particular, Reps. Chris Millis (R-Onlow, Pender), Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus), Michael Speciale (R-Beaufort, Craven, Pamlico) and to an extent, Justin Burr (R-Montgomery, Stanly) and Jay Adams (R-Catawba). In particular, Rep. Millis performed Herculean feats to keep HB 746 alive and to marshal votes to get it out of the House.

But among Republicans, now comfortable in their supermajorities and the districts they drew for themselves, inertia has set in. As I say in my legislative tactics seminars, once in power, politicians want to stay in power. The best way to stay in power is not to tick anybody off. The best way not to tick anybody off is, of course, not to actually do anything.

What’s next? Flogging pols, of course…

Having now cleared one chamber, and with a fiscal note attached, Rep. Millis has ensured the bill remains alive for consideration, possibly as soon as August, when the Senate returns from recess. Indeed, even if they don’t pass the bill before they adjourn “sine die” for the year, it remains alive for consideration in 2018.

And rest assured that at GRNC, politicians squealing, “We don’t want to pass it in an election year!” will be met with, “Then I guess you should have passed it last year.”

Indeed, the GOP has given us a whole year to plot strategy, strengthen the organization, and (metaphorically speaking) beat the daylights out of waffling Republicans!

North Carolina House Targets

In the NC House, the answer is fairly straight forward. Eight turncoat Republicans voted against HB 746 on the floor: Reps. Ted Davis (R-New Hanover); John Faircloth (R-Guilford); John Fraley (R-Iredell); Craig Horn (R-Union); Frank Iler (R-Brunswick); Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson); Sam Watford (R-Davidson); and Linda Williams (R-Wake).

We are looking for your help in recruiting ideologically sound opponents to primary these turncoats. (Rumor has it McGrady isn’t running for re-election, allowing us to fill the open seat he has misrepresented). Frankly, the GRNC Political Victory Fund will also need your financial support to run effective campaigns to beat them. The only exception will be if HB 746 returns to the House for a concurrence vote or a veto over-ride, in which case those who vote with gun owners may be spared primaries.

What about the Senate?

Unless HB 746 reaches the Senate floor before the end of the 2018 session, the (perhaps deliberate) lack of a recorded vote makes it more difficult to know which incumbent Republicans to target with primaries. But fear not, we are developing, shall we say, “informal” means for differentiating between friends and enemies, and the GRNC-PVF will be active in Senate races as well.

What about HB 746?

Remember: HB 746 is still alive, and GRNC is nowhere near done in working to make it the law of the land. Keep an eye on alerts for demonstrations in politicians’ home districts and each time they go back to Raleigh for the “special sessions” through the rest of 2017 and, of course, the regular 2018 session. Meanwhile, the GRNC Legislative Action Team will be working individual senators to ensure they will vote for the bill.

But first and foremost, we need your help:

  • Your help in convincing your state senator to support the bill;
  • Your help convincing Senate leadership to get it to the floor;
  • In short, your input!

Reloading for the next fight!

This is the part where I, quite accurately, tell you how GRNC threw everything it had at the fight – at a time when we had not yet fully rebuilt resources from the 2016 elections.

It’s easier to ask for money when we are legislatively victorious, as in 2011, 2013 and 2015. This time I have nothing to offer except, as Winston Churchill put it, “blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

To pass HB 746, we need your financial support! Sending 1,000,000+ emails is far from free, and GRNC has made automated phone calls into nearly two dozen districts in order to move the bill.

If you have recently contributed to GRNC, please accept my thanks. If not, please consider $100, $50, $25 or even $10 to help GRNC defend your gun rights. Because GRNC is all-volunteer, we remain dedicated to using your money to defend your freedoms more efficiently and effectively than any other organization.

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The question now (for those of us who’ve recently moved into North Carolina) is: what’s the current status of this bill? Did it pass?! I can’t seem to find any recent information on it – and the state legislature’s website just trails off…

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Howard S Deares

Do you pay or get training to use your first amendment right? No, then you don’t have to for your 2nd Amendment right either. Wake up sheeple. There is no difference from useing a hammer, kitchen knife, circular saw. It’s up to each of us to know our skillset and act responsibly. I would encourage all to familiarize themselves with whatever their weapon of choice the pen or their arm of choice.

Brantley Lyerly

That is where training with parents or an instructor comes in! Building that muscle memory when using a gun is essential! Knowing how to use sights on the gun are essential! All our kids learned how to use every guns we ever used! First for target and then hunting! Now they can use for hunting and defense! Plus, if citizens are allowed to vote, enlist in the military, and “be an adult”, the with just knowledge and practice, they cam learn how to properly use any gun! Just like taking driving lessons to drive a car!

Cam pow

Alot of people dont understand. Lawbreakers are what we should worry about. By not passing this law, all they are doing is preventing law abiding citizens from protecting themselves from people who could care less about the law. Im all for more in depth background checks. I already open carry and it makes people nervous even though i have no bad intentions. Bad guys will conceal weapons no matter what law is in effect. The current concealed carry law is irrelevent.


Concealed Handgun Permit is the official name. Cch I believe means Concealed Carry Handgun. Different states, different names.


I’m a 21 year Army Vet. I recently obtained my CCW only to LEGALLY do what I was already doing. All of my children hunt and shoot. Now my daughter attends College and I’m struggling with doing the ‘right’ thing and her keeping herself safe. I don’t understand all the things we allow or require 18 year olds to do but not protect themselves. We make them take Drivers Ed to get their license but offer them no training on inclimate weather, emergency procedures, change a tire, etc. When I was in school firearm safety was given (required to obtain… Read more »

David Smith

Put training online. That way you can go back and review at any time. Use the FBI data base that is in place for long guns for handguns also. Also make it easy for appeals if denied any type gun purchase. You can go to war at age 18 why not own a concealed handgun?


Might as well pass it. It doesn’t really do anything besides take away the need for a permit to carry concealed IN-STATE. Still need a permit for reciprocity in other states, still have to be 21 to buy a pistol, still aren’t allowed to carry concealed if you wouldn’t be allowed to obtain a CCP due to legal issues, and all rules regulating when/where/how you carry that apply to CCP holders apply. Also, the only reason most people get a concealed carry permit is just to legalize something they were doing already.

Brad Updegrove

Our neighboring state of Virginia seem to have a common sense concealed carry law. Why not follow their example?

Daniel Smith

I think that without a training requirement this bill is s red herring to stack up violations and bad decisions to attack the 2nd Amendment. When the 2nd A was written we were an agrarian economy/ rural country. I learned firearms and safety from my grandfather who was born in PA listening to wolves howl at night. Never thought of using a firearm to kill a human until the USMC taught me. Already knew how to shoot rifles and shotguns. Corp taught me hand guns.

Harry Ort

Here’s my thinking. If I can carry openly without a permit why do I need a permit if I have it concealed. No logic can apply to this be it training or government control.

Heed the Call-up

Harry, 100% correct, the 2A states shall not be infringed, and most states have similar wording in their constitutions.

Jerry Wood

North Carolinas House Bill 746 should be passed.4 Elderly people murdered ,3 shot 1 killed in High .I know Point! The Crimnials are illegally carrying and carrying and concealing firearmsI go to the firing range once a week.I know how to fire,clear,load,unload,and safely secure my firearm.Carry Conceal class a waste of time and money.The criminals have us Law Abiding Citizens at a disadvantage! Let us level the filed.If you have a gun permit and have already had a background check,you dont need another background check.

Jerry Gaither

This is Exactly True my brother. The bad guys are going to have guns concealed regardless of the law. So why do we have to pay extra money and time to have our Legal firearms on us.

Daniel S

We pay extra cash because the system as we know it is corrupt and these idiot non gun owners do nothing but make it harder for lawful citizens to carry forth part of our heritage. Just because they have never climbed out from under there rock it leaves uncertainty they can’t explain so therefore we have scaredy-cats crying instead of looking at reality… Just like the NRA said .. The only thing that stops bad guy with gun , is good guy with gun ! Not a soccer mom throwing a Gatorade at semi auto handgun that is carried concealed… Read more »

William Barnhill

I am a person who stands on grounds of “facts that can’t be argued with.” The right to keep and carry is a fact that can’t be argued with. Having said that ,I don’t want a young kid who has no training to start shooting up the place whenever he feels offended! Even the most trained people are nervous in a deadly situation so imagine how an 18 yo will respond! He may very well shot 5 by-standers trying to shot the guy who talked about his mama.. I think I’m standing on the side of having to do some… Read more »


“young kid” can always carry concealed gun without a permit. Or he can grab his rifle or shotgun (which does not require any permit). The point is criminal does not abide by the rules and any extra permit/prohibition targets law abiding citizens.

Jerry Wood

If we already have a gun permit and a background check.We shouldnt need another one.

Heed the Call-up

What Liam, the “18 year old kids” you so fear are already using full-auto weapons in our military. How can we possibly allow that based on your premise?

Heed the Call-up

G-D spellcheck… William.


You can not control what is in the mind of a criminal. NO LAW will prevent this.I can control myself and protect myself. Stop trying to protect everyone from dangerous people and start protecting yourself and they will decrease. My opinion

Brantley Lyerly

That is where training with parents or an instructor comes in! Building that muscle memory when using a gun is essential! Knowing how to use sights on the gun are essential! All our kids learned how to use every guns we ever used! First for target and then hunting! Now they can use for hunting and defense! Plus, if citizens are allowed to vote, enlist in the military, and “be an adult”, the with just knowledge and practice, they cam learn how to properly use any gun! Just like taking driving lessons to drive a car!


It’s the same if u opening carry u don’t have to take a class for safety u go get a permit go buy a gun put it on your hip no class so the same to me the sheriff just not getting big money so thats why they not won’t the bill to pass

Daniel Smith

Having trained 18 year olds in the military I am not happy with this bill. I even advocate for more, not less, for those over 21. We are no longer in the age where Fathers and in my case a grandfather taught me about firearms back in the late 1950’s and early 60’s. Did I mention that he was an elected sherrif? No 18 year olds and more training. Yes, the pistol permitting is a Jim Crow hold over but I do not believe sheriffs are withholding permits based on race. Another sane check keeps firearms out of the hands… Read more »

Brian P.

The law allows 18-20 year olds vote, drive, serve in Law Enforcement, serve in the Military, sit on juries, own property, etc. And we still don’t allow them to protect themselves with the most effective tools available. I don’t know who you trained or in which branch. But I know that most of our young service members are competent, responsible Citizens. As far as training is concerned, NC CCP classes only cover basic handling and marksmanship and a brief overview of self-defense/lethal force laws. Nearly every firearm owner I’ve met trains on their own at least once a quarter and… Read more »

Jim Brown

Not disagreeing but there are a lot of age restriceted laws that don’t add up. 14 year olds can work and not drive(not arguing that they should be able to but its just a thought), 16 year olds can drop out of high school, get jobs, and drive.. but they can’t sign leases, get their own car insurance, and therefore officially support themselves even if they wanted to and in some states their allowed to get married. So why 18 year olds can sign leases, die for their country, own property, Be charged as adults in a court of law,… Read more »


As a certified firearms and CCH instructor here in NC, I agree 100% Daniel. I am all for 2A rights but see well-intentioned students on a regular basis that desperately need basic handgun safety and skills training in my classes. In addition, carriers need to fully understand the laws governing the use of deadly force! Even after successfully passing the CCH course, I always stress the need to continue shooting skills training!! CCH permit training is not enough! The last thing we need in our society is thousands of untrained, undisciplined citizens who present as much of a danger to… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Steve, oh , yes, because we read about that everyday, right? Yes, just like young drivers, everyone needs more training and experience.

Even at 50+, with training, I am not the best, most proficient out there, and I bet if you were honest you’d admit the same, even as a trainer. Does that mean we, too, shouldn’t carry?


My instructor called it a CHP here in Richmond County NC (Concealed handgun permit) what’s a CCH?

Allen Smith

I don’t think the ones that have a financial stake in the training requirements are the best ones to listen to. I do agree most CCH holders need to be more profisant with the weapon they carry. I’ve been through the course and the basic requirements are a joke. That’s why I have taken it upon myself to get advanced training in order to be tactically prepared. I take personal responsibility for my training and go a min of once a month, shoot in the rain, in the snow, in 95+ degree heat but do I want the government telling… Read more »

d, w. griffith

Pass the Bill lets make it law. a criminal will not obey the law anyway and all you are doing is making it harder on law abiding people to defend themselves. get it done or face a bitter public in Nov.

Anthony Pirrocco

so right!

Eric Hiatt

Absolutely , that’s it. Law abiding citizens will get the training for their firearm. Criminals will always have access to a gun.


As someone who has raised multiple children to 18 and older,. Let them conceal carry. We punish them as adults, how about we treat them like adults. It is already legal for 18 year olds to open carry. Current state law on concealed carry is nothing more than a tax, so the county can collect extra income. The mandatory training for concealed carry is a joke.

Wild Bill

“The Republicans in both chambers dragged their feet on the bill.” from above. Maybe it is time for the good people of NC to find new Republicans for their legislature.

Pro 2nd

No firearm training required, just be 18 yrs old ? Is that what this Bill proposes?

Ron Parks

Pro 2nd, the “firearm training” required to get a CCP in NC now is a joke. That requirement is just one of the arguments perpetrated by the left to give them leverage with people (like you) on the right who normally would not support the unconstitutional hoops law abiding citizens have to jump through in order to own and carry a firearm. There is much evidence that 18-year-olds should not be considered adults… but if we are to recognize them as such then yes, they will be able to conceal carry too (that is a separate issue). As constitutionalists, we… Read more »


It’s more to keep law abiding citizens out of jail, giving them an overview of the legal uses of lethal force. the safety, and marksmanship training provided, is more of a token gesture.

I’m all for making sure people understand the law, if they’re going to be carrying a firearm. But that’s exactly why I find open carry, rather bizarre as a concept.


So what if it did? Exactly who do you want to set the standards for training, the State? We’ve seen what happens every single time Govt. gets involved in anything, our Rights are diminished. You should NEVER be required to have training, fill out forms, pay fees etc to be able to exercise an inherent Right. If you believe you should then you fall into that despised category of “I believe in the Second Amendment BUT…….”.


I agree, the so called training that is the current standard for concealed carry is nothing more than a tax. Very little gun training involved. (In the class I attended there was zero gun handling taught). Even if everyone took this training it would not help a new or untrained shooter handle a weapon safely. Laws on concealed carry , yes it was helpful. Do not know what the answer is. My answer is to train my extended family in safe weapon handling.

Allen smith

I agree 110%. I think all firearms laws should be removed on legal law abiding citizens. Repeal the NFA !!! The 2nd amendment is dying a death by a thousand cuts. If we keep excepting each new small cut as the price to pay for “public safety”, it will be dead and gone before anyone knows what happened.