Grizzly Targets SOCOM Rack: Something NEW in the World of Steel Targets

Grizzly Targets LLCU.S.A.-( Grizzly Targets LLC has just released their SOCOM Rack, which utilizes an entirely different method of action than any other steel target system in America. This is truly a game changer. Who better to develop targets with than the team at Special Operations Command, right?!!

Grizzly Targets manufacturers reactive, AR500 steel target systems in Tampa, Florida. The company recently was about to close their doors, until marketer Jeremy Griffin and Shop Manager Mark Askren decided to go all in, and purchase the company. Since then (early March 2017) the company has been on fire, partnering with some of the largest names in the industry.


That’s kind of how we are looking at our brand new SOCOM Rack. With all the ups and downs of business, we have remained committed to winning. Constantly putting in late nights, working on Saturdays instead of going to the beach, and not allowing “the process” to escape our minds once we finally go home at night. As Grant Cardone likes to say… “Be Obsessed or Be Average”. Needless to say, we aren’t in this game to just be average.

So here it is. The toughest, longest lasting AR500 steel plate rack system in America. Developed by the team at SOCOM (Special Operations Command) at their range on Mac Dill Air Force Base, Tampa FL. Definitely a great group of people to work with!

So what makes this steel target system so great?

Gone are the days of loose plates & bent bolts that are impossible to change. Racks that rust and leave your range looking awful. Parts that can’t be replaced, leaving you stuck purchasing an entire new unit. Some of the features include the following:

Our Proprietary Cam-Grip System:

  • Cam-style pucks hold plates in place. No bolts needed
  • Never gets loose
  • No bolts to get bent, damaged or mangled
  • Smooth operation

On Top of That, Also Included Are:

  • Body and legs that are hot dipped galvanized to maintain function, prevent rust and keep your range looking sharp!! Who wants rusted out and old looking equipment at their facility?!
  • Overbuilt, heavy duty construction that Grizzly Targets is known for. Buy it once and be done.
  • Front Guard is removable for easy replacement if needed. Not welded to unit, making replacement impossible. Our products are built to allow you maximum lifetime value.
  • Detachable Wheel System available for mobility. Need to move it around, or bring it in at night? Wheel system also doubles as a range cart once detached from rack and then re-locked to each other. A Great Value!
Grizzly Targets SOCOM steel target rack
Grizzly Targets SOCOM steel target rack

When we say that the SOCOM Rack is a piece of equipment that can change your entire range, we are not kidding. It’s built to last, it’s built to withstand whatever you throw at it and it’s built to actually be serviceable as it ages. Exactly what you need. And like all of our targets, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Something happens to it, we will take care of it.

We are in this game for the long haul and will do whatever it takes to not only earn – BUT ALSO KEEP- your business.

The MSRP on this unit will be $2399.95. But for a LIMITED TIME ONLY we are offering it at $1995.95 to our existing network. If you have not already, please go to and fill out the form, and someone from our team will contact you shortly afterwards.