How to Clean Your AR-15 with FrogLube ~ 3-Part VIDEO Series


FrogLubeU.S.A.-( Check out these videos for step by step, how to clean your AR-15 using FrogLube products, the world’s FIRST Bio-base Weapons Care System. From stripping down your bolt carrier group, cleaning, lubrication, and reassembly to breaking down the lower and upper receivers for an in-depth cleaning. See how it’s done right to keep your rifles clean and ready to go.

Whether you have cleaned a hundred rifles or this is your first time with an AR, these videos will show you exactly what you need to know to break down and clean your rifle.  Be sure to check these videos out and FrogLube’s website to see their full line of cleaning products.

What is Different About FrogLube?
What is Different About FrogLube?

What is Different about FrogLube?

  • Only bio-based and food grade ingredients are used to make ALL FrogLube Products
  • The only completely bio-based degreasing solvent & lubricant combination in the firearms industry
  • All formulations are performance tested in the field, range and competitive conditions by elite shooters

Part 1 – Cleaning an AR-15 BCG

Part 2 – Cleaning an AR-15 Lower Reciever

Part 3 – Cleaning an AR-15 Upper Reciever

About FrogLube

The World’s FIRST Bio-base Weapons Care System – Developed by Navy SEALs.

The close association formed between FrogLube and active and former field operators in elite military units who possessed in excess of 150 years of collective operational experience, including extensive combat tours enabled FrogLube to quickly determine the go/no go criteria for the introduction of a bio-based system to replace traditional petroleum centric gun care products. The FrogLube system is an active enhancement that works to meet or exceed the firearms manufacturer’s stated operating specifications and precisely adheres to all instructions and operating manuals. By eliminating variance, true professionals realize that consistency will translate into improved shooting performance.

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James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon

I’ve been using Hoppe’s #9, Sheath (now Barricade) and Mobile 1 for many years with no problems. They work good; last long time.


this product sucks butt it turns to crap in cold weather and does not clean like the lies they use.i think keven and the crew are nothing butt liers and crummy salesmen.froglube sucks.


Well, this might start some interesting comments, not on the procedure but on the product. Let the games begin! 🙂