Air Force Veteran Arrested on Weapons Charge in NYC

Air Force Veteran Arrested on Weapons Charge in NYC
Air Force Veteran Arrested on Weapons Charge in NYC

Fayetteville, AR-( Iraq War veteran and mother of two has been arrested in New York City after bringing her children to visit the children’s father, her estranged husband. I have been able to verify the arrest, booking, and eventual release of the woman, Deanna Jo Robinson, and there is a funding campaign for her legal expenses. According to reports, her ex-husband received the children, then called the police on the assumption that Robinson had a handgun somewhere in her possession. Officers found a weapon in her vehicle.

This is unfortunately not Robinson’s first bad encounter with law enforcement. Over two years ago, an accusation was made that her older son, who suffers from cerebal palsy, was being neglected. When Robinson insisted on seeing any paperwork that the officers had, they refused, leading to her attempting to prevent them from entering the home where she was staying at the time. An altercation ensued, during which a sheriff’s deputy punched Robinson, who was thirty-eight weeks pregnant at the time. A video exists of the fight, but the deputy was not charged.

Robinson’s history has even more detail, since she was awarded the Airman’s Medal for pulling soldiers from a burning aircraft in Iraq. At least, her service to the country makes her a sympathetic defendant. And she is not the only American who has run afoul of New York City’s onerous gun laws that infringe on the rights of people who are hurting no one. And while the safe passage provision of the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 might suggest to some that Robinson and others are supposed to be protected, the fact that her destination was Mayor Bloomberg’s former fiefdom makes the law inapplicable in my reading.

The fact that the Second Amendment has been incorporated as an individual right against the states by the 2010 McDonald decision would suggest to ordinary people that bearing arms is protected throughout the entire United States. But that ruling, as with Heller, only covered ownership in detail, so in legal terms, carry outside the home remains uncertain. The founders of this nation intended the Constitution to be something that a person of decent education could understand, but the lawyers are in charge now, and until a case can work its way through the judiciary to the Supreme Court regarding what “bear arms” actually means, we’re left with a patchwork of regulations.

And thus the need for national carry license reciprocity. And there is a bill in Congress to provide just that. But where are the Republicans? Good people shouldn’t be disarmed when they cross state borders, and rights exist everywhere. Until we have a law in place that makes those rights explicit to each state, more explicit than the plain language of the Second Amendment.

Then we need to restrain law enforcement. As the recent arrest of a nurse in Utah by a police officer who was angry that she wouldn’t violate hospital policy and the privacy rights of a patient who was not in custody or the subject of a warrant illustrates, we’ve allowed agents of our government to wield far more power than they can use responsibly.

Until we restore the doctrine that power flows from the people to the government and not the other way around, no right is safe.

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Greg Camp has taught English composition and literature since 1998 and is the author of six books, including a western, The Willing Spirit, and Each One, Teach One, with Ranjit Singh on gun politics in America. His books can be found on Amazon. He tweets @gregcampnc.


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    1. The New York gun laws were written by a man named Timothy Sullivan. He was a leader of the Irish Five Points Gang. The Sullivan law was written to promote crime, not to reduce or control it.
      Other cities and some states copied the Sullivan law. It is no wonder that crime increases where gun control is strictest.
      A real problem is that Federal law makes you a prohibited person if you’ve been convicted IN ANY COURT of a felony. Most of the laws are now felonies.
      In this case the children’s father wants custody and what better way to show a court that a mother is unfit if she is a felon.
      Know the laws where ever you might go. If this woman had stashed he EDC in a locker somewhere outside of the city and not in her car she’d be better off.
      If she’s lucky she’ll get by without a felony and she needs to get a Texas judge to declare the father a dangerous person and require that he come to Texas to see the children and pay all the child support

    2. Texans! Our fellow Texan, and a decorated war hero, who risked her life pulling soldiers from a burning air craft, in the late unpleasantness in Iraq, has been captured behind enemy lines. We can help her, with a small donation during this season of giving.
      Now is your chance to step up to the plate. No sweat, no strain. I did. I hope you all will, too.

    3. The govt needs to be needed. They want you to have to call the police when u need a gun. Why else wouldn’t they want law abiding folks to have personal protection in a crazy city like New York.

    4. @Chiefton, no Bush was completely on the wrong track. His motives were to create an “only ones” class comprised of retired LEO’s etc and the hell with the average citizen, nothing more. In retrospect Bush may have been more pro-gun than Clinton or Obama but not by much.

      A truly pro-gun POTUS wiould demand that Congress send him a National Reciprocity Bill that has real teeth and penalties against any State that violates the Second Amendment Rights of law abiding citizens (jail terms for police officers, prosecutors & judges). Neither Congress nor the NRA is serious about this. Rep. Hudson’s Bill is a weak, better than nothing Bill, but it’s going absolutely nowhere because Paul Ryan has stalled it.

      This is just one more in a long list of reasons why Republicans don’t give a damn about you and why they ALL need to go.

    5. NYC as is the state of NY governed by control freak socialist Democrats. As long as they pass out the food stamps and welfare checks to the mindless sheep they will continue to be elected. It’s sad to say that working freedom loving people are controlled by dimwitted bums who eat, sleep and reproduce at the expense of taxpayers. These mindless whelps will continue to vote Democrat as long as they are fed and sheltered by the government as they have no pride, ambition or responsibility. They are inbred idiots who are destroying our country. We can say the same for NJ, CT and MA, RI, CA, WA and OR.

      1. Neither WA nor OR should be lumped in with the rest of the states you list. WHY? Both have some of the easiest laws around for firearms purchase and carrying. Both are open carry no paperes, both SHALL ISSUE Mother May I Cards to residents, WA have reciprocity with most other states that allow carry, but Oregon is a fair bit nastier, maintaining MAY ISSUE Mother May I Cards to contiguous states only. Yes, Bloomie has got to both states and enacted Universal Background Chck laws that apply to “every sale”….. but these are not enforced, most counties in Washington refuse to recognise the stupid law. Oregon does require a phoney three hour classrooom instruction session as a precondition to one’s Mother May I card, but there is no proficiency or knowledge test. You can sit there like a lump on a log, only investing the three hours and $35. LE, for the most part, are easygoing when it comes to personal weapons as long as the basic laws are observed. Neither state have anything resembling a long gun registry, but WA do have what amounts to a handgun registry, but it is so overwhelmed and chaotic it is worthless. Attemts to abolish it, however, have been met with foot stamping, hissy fits, shrill cries over the “danger” that would certainly ensue…. and yet that ridiculous system has not yet led to the apprehension of one criminal, or to one criminally used weapon. It is a waste of tex money, adding to our increasingly rising tide of public debt.

        As far as gun friendly states go, Washington is one of the best.

        1. You’d better do some research. Washington State is ranked 38 out of 50. I’d hardly call that “among the most gun friendly”.

        2. Just in the past couple years both Washington and Oregon have outlawed the private sale of private property between private individuals. Both states’ legislatures trot out new batches of infringements every time they meet.

          Oregon recently passed a “law” allowing police and judges to confiscate firearms from anyone even anonymously denounced as “mentally ill” or “potentially violent”.

    6. President Bush was on the right track when he and congress wrote the law enforcement concealed carry law which gave police officers and retired police officers the right to carry anywhere in any state that the local officers of that state can carry. They were required to qualify annually. When Obama and the Dems took over they watered that bill down to let states restrict out of state officers. That original bill was the correct path even though it was just of LE officers. We need to go back to the original bill to include all citizens.

      1. @Chiefton… looks like only special people in Gov. are afforded the State to State freedom intent of the 2nd Amendment by replacing the Original “we the People” freedoms with “those special few people” that get to be covered by the Original 2nd Amendment intent.

        1. To return to the right of the 2nd Amendment after so long of erosion, you need to start somewhere. The LEO Safety Act was that first step on the path back to righteousness for all. LEOs were probably the easiest group to get approved. We just hadn’t counted on people like Obama whose goal is the destruction of 200 years of individual rights. The goal was not to create a class of elitists, but to advance the cause while SCOTUS was supporting the opposition.

          Hard to believe there are so many cowards trying to bring down the very ideals which have given them more than any other nation.

    7. A Call to Arms! This decorated Air Force war veteran and Citizen of Texas has been captured behind enemy lines in the police state of New York. If the Governor of the Texas had any balls he would ask for our fellow citizen to be returned to us. I have donated to her legal defense, and I hope that you will, too!

    8. Any logical thinking person would be a fool to go to New York City without a handgun. My opinion. Well at least that’s what common sense dictates to me. Chicago is another destination where being disarmed is a detriment to your health and well-being. The strictest gun regulated municipalities and states are the ones with the highest murder rates and no one can figure out why. Hell, I know why. There is no deterrent for criminal behavior if the citizens have no legal way to meet threat with threat. More common sense that seems to decline as the red states give way to blue. My fear is those that move south or east to escape the over taxation and onerous regulation of the blue states will bring their liberal thinking into our voting booths not understanding what the cause of their move was. Democratic, liberal policies. Please leave that mindset behind. Hell, there’s that darn common sense thing again.

    9. I feel sorry for her, but she showed extremely poor judgement.
      NYC is the worst part of one of the least free states in the country. She was going to see her Ex, which can easily be seen as a possible place for a confrontation. Exes are known for attempting to seize children on any pretext they can dream up. The choice of carrying a weapon into what amounts to enemy territory was, at best, unwise. This was absolutely foreseeable.
      Anyone with any sense should flee to the free states while they can and never go back. They sure wouldn’t go to those places, much less carrying something that is sure to cost them their 2A rights, freedom, and any security clearance they might have.

    10. Sounds like an unfriendly ex causing her grief and taking advantage of the Socialist Republic of NYC’s ridiculous firearm laws. Let’s get this national bill passed Republicans.

      my 4 year old Grandson can read AND UNDERSTAND THIS.

    12. The Dredd Scott Supreme Court decision assumed that all citizens can bear arms wherever they may go.

      “ It would give to persons of the negro race, … the right to enter every other State whenever they pleased, … to sojourn there as long as they pleased, to go where they pleased … the full liberty of speech in public and in private upon all subjects upon which its own citizens might speak; to hold public meetings upon political affairs, and to keep and carry arms wherever they went.[27] ”

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