Ed Brown Products Introduces the FX1, a Cutting-edge 9mm 1911

PERRY, MO-(Ammoland.com)- Ed Brown Products, Inc. is excited announce addition of the FX1, to take its place among the World’s Finest Custom 1911’s. The Brown family name is synonymous with the highest quality, traditional 1911’s. Now under the leadership of the second generation, the introduction of the new FX1 shows they can also lead the field in producing a innovative and cutting-edge 1911.

The FX1 is fully machined and hand built in America’s Heartland by the very same craftsmen that have been building the industry standard, custom 1911s for almost 50 years. However, the new cutting-edge custom features that make this pistol a real standout, are off the charts. The release of the FX1 unveils a number of new, innovative custom options that are available on any custom build. Two of the unique features on this pistol are the FX1 slide cuts package, which give the pistol a racy, dramatic look, and the American Flag rear cocking serrations for a classy, and patriotic feel. But they didn’t stop there, they added the aggressive styling of the slide ports and a recessed slide stop with serrated pin for a tactile point of reference.

Ed Brown Products Introduces the FX1, a Cutting-edge 9mm 1911
Ed Brown Products Introduces the FX1, a Cutting-edge 9mm 1911

They have also released two new finish options with this model, Industrial: a modern brushed stainless finish, and Dirty Olive Gen4: a two-color process that creates unique, urban look. The discerning eye will notice the tasteful blending of the integral light rail that perfectly aligns with the lower front of the slide. The front strap boasts the new FX1 Snakeskin metal treatment for an exceptional griping surface without being too aggressive. A fully machined One-piece magwell paired with VZ Alien grips completes the package. The rest of the FX1 is what you have come to expect from Ed Brown: fully machined, hand built, backed by the industry’s best Lifetime Warranty, and just perfection.

Ed Brown’s Sales and Marketing Director John May told us, “When you consider that the Kobra Carry was introduced almost 20 years ago now, you can see that we are trend setters in custom handguns, it is just in the companies DNA. This pistol is a game changer and will be the new standard by which others will be judged and once again a reminder that we are a force to be reckoned with!”

For more information on FX1 or any of our custom 1911s please check with your local Ed Brown Products Dealer or visit www.edbrown.com . Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Find informational videos on our firearms by visiting our YouTube channel.

About Ed Brown Products:

Beginning nearly 50 years ago as a one-man custom shop, Ed Brown Products has evolved into one of the leading custom manufacturers of high-end 1911 handguns and components. The complete line of innovative 1911 parts, and 1911 handguns, represent the pinnacle of engineering, hand craftsmanship, and performance, and come with a lifetime warranty! All Ed Brown products are manufactured in a family-owned and operated facility under the direct supervision of the Brown family, who are entirely focused on raising the bar for custom 1911 excellence. For more information please contact Ed Brown Products at 573-565-3261, or visit www.edbrown.com.

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What am I missing here? “improvements to the 9mm performance have changed that” – what improvements? The 9mm isn’t any faster than it used to be, is it? Not talking about 9mm+P right? Because then you’d have to compare to.45+P. Yes, bullet design has advanced, but those designs are available in .45 cal. too. I only see the same advantages 9mm has always had – more rounds in the mag and less recoil. As for the above comment, “The pistol also “prints” much less” – how does a 9mm Commander print much less than one in .45 ACP?


Ed Brown inc., and most others have recognized that the 9mm cartridge is what most new auto gun buyers choose. So Brown creates a new 1911 just like Colt makes their Gold Cup in 9mm now. The market makes & sells what people want. Nothing really new here, especially with the 1911 design.
I just think that the 1911 design has been bested by newer designs that offer features the 1911 cannot. Better & superior designs that do not use barrel lugs, barrel links and “cocked & locked” only first shots.


Ed Brown pistols are excellent . . . but after having the chance to compare and test fire them side-by-side with some OTHER upper-class pistols, I believe they’re overpriced by at least a third.

Jack Lalley

I have always carried a .45 Commander because of the performance of the .45 ACP cartridge. Over the years the improvements to the 9mm performance have changed that. Being 75 years old the recoil of the .45 ACP has made me “rethink” trying the 9mm. I now carry the 1911 9mm and am able to shoot faster and more accurate with this caliber. If you are recoil sensitive choose the 9mm and feed it reliable defense ammo. The pistol also “prints” much less.

James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon

I don’t know; I guess I’m just an old curmudgeon but the idea of a 1911 in 9mm is like a Rolls Royce with a lawnmower engine.

Tony York

that is a flawed analogy, it would be more like a Cadillac big old finned 59) with a BMW German,smaller faster more efficient) engine