Nancy Pelosi’s False Assumptions About Gun Law

Nancy Pelosi’s False Assumptions About Gun Law

Dean Weingarten

Arizona -( Nancy Pelosi is ignorant about the state of gun laws. It is not surprising. Many people base their decisions about guns and laws on ignorance. It is possible that she is lying.

I suspect ignorance. Most Progressive decisions about guns are made from false assumptions about reality.

Once those assumptions have been internalized, there is no need for further thought or learning about guns and gun laws.

Those decisions have already been made. The assumptions are obvious in the following statement from Nancy Pelosi.


“Far from making Americans safer, this deadly, extreme Republican bill would make it legal for more dangerous and untrained people to carry loaded, hidden guns in more public places and would inexplicably try to make the weakest and most dangerous state concealed-carry laws the law of the land in all 50 states,” she said.

The assumption is that more guns in public places make those places more dangerous. She does not need evidence to support her assumption. It is an assumption, an article of faith, something that is intuitively obvious to her.

Readers will recognize it from a hundred comments about guns and gun laws from those who fear guns and want more gun laws. The assumption is, simply, more guns, more danger. Reality is far more nuanced and subtle. More guns do not mean more danger. More guns can mean less danger.

A fairer reading of this assumption could be: If you know nothing about guns, more guns will seem to mean more danger. The more you know about guns, the less dangerous they will seem.

Former Speaker of the House Pelosi goes on to say the proposed law would invite concealed weapons into schools, churches, bars and public lands.

If the concealed-carry bill is approved by the House and Senate and signed into law, key state and local laws protecting against gun violence could be overridden, Pelosi said, “inviting concealed weapons into schools, churches, bars and public lands.”

Guns do not have volition. Inviting a gun into a bar results in no action. The gun will simply stay where it has been left until someone moves it to another place.

Attributing volition to inanimate objects is an old animist belief that Western Society overcame hundreds of years ago. Nothing in the bill changes where guns may legally be possessed. That is left up to state law, which is not changed. If Arizona forbids the open carry of guns in bars, the bill does not change that.

People who can legally possess and carry guns have shown themselves to be much less dangerous than people in society as a whole.  Some studies have shown that more guns make areas less dangerous.

Other studies have shown more guns do not make a difference. No credible study shows that more legal guns in public areas make those areas more dangerous.

Most will notice that Nancy Pelosi ignores the Constitution, the Second Amendment, and the rule of law. Progressives do not believe in the Constitution, the Second Amendment and the rule of law.

They believe in the power of government. Constitutional arguments mean little to them because they believe the Constitution is almost meaningless.

They express this by saying the Constitution is a “living document” or that it has to be interpreted for today’s society.

Those words simply mean the Constitution only means what they want it to mean when they want to use it for their purposes.

Nancy Pelosi cannot afford to become educated about guns and gun laws. To do so would be dangerous to her position in the Democrat Party. She might not be able to lie as convincingly as she can speak from ignorance.

2017 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Badger Jack

Personally, I truly believe the anti-gun zealots ARE ignorant, and I truly believe they DO willfully LIE at
every oppurtunity, because that is much easier for them than learnig the facts and knowing the truth.

Chuck 32571

California keeps sending the likes of Finestien, Waters and Pelosi to Washington in an effort to screw up the rest of the country.



This entire article was encapsulated in the opening line of “Nancy Pelosi is ignorant…!THE END!


Actually, the woman is a dangerous windbag.

Travis Klein

Let’s rename this law “Stephen’s Law” in honor of the concealed carrier who stopped the Las Vegas massacre. Texas CHL holder Stephen Paddock stopped the slaughter when he fatally shot the perpetrator, Texas CHL holder Stephen Paddock. Because the only thing that stops a bad “good guy” with 23 guns, is a suicidal “good guy” with 23 guns. “Paddock said he had a concealed weapons license in Texas…” Exclusive: Vegas killer described his unusual habits in 2013 testimony Also, the most comprehensive study of the effect of RTC (Right To Carry) laws shows these laws are associated with measurable… Read more »

sam jones

Ms. Pelosi does not speak from a thoughtful, educated mindset. Everything she utters is a rehash of the leftist playbook. This same drivel is heard daily from her amigos in the socialist party. Thanks to our last President, that group has adopted the Alinsky method.
If they ever again regain power – and also if they ever gain a plurality on the Supreme Court, the United States will resemble the “enlightened” Nations of the world – like Venezuela, France, Spain, etc.
Capt Sam

Gordon Matthews

Nancy is a poster reason for term limits,along with Chucky,Pocantas Lieawatha,John McCain and all those who are part of the “New World Order” group.Please President Trump “Drain the swamp”!!!
Just saying,
Grampa 38


Democrats have a mission: (1) Remove Trump from the Presidency by ANY means (2) Confiscate ALL firearms from citizens making society a “CONTROLLED” society (3) TOTALLY destroy the Republican party (4) TOTALLY control heathcare under a single payer system (5) TOTALLY control all banks and financial institutions (6) TOTALLY control all parts of the economy. (7) KEEP control of the DOJ and FBI for political protection. (8) KEEP control of the public school systems to indoctrinate children in liberal progressive dogma (9) TOTALLY control the southern border to allow unlimited immigration to increase the Democratic voting base. They’re actually accomplishing… Read more »


Hello Glock, what’ll it be?

I’ll have the usual, a drop of oil on the slide and a Corona for my pal, oh and top off my magazine will ya? I had to dispense with a couple of reprobates trying to assault a woman in the park.

Sure thing, coming right up.

Charles Valenzuela

In my 1966 civics book, in high school, the Constitution being “a living document” was explained to be the ability to change the document by ammendments. It didn’t mean some dirtbag politician interpreting the Constitution in a way that perverts its meaning.


EXACTLY! As an example, Prohibition, which is not a right, required an amendment to implement, and another one to repeal it. You would think that the 2nd Amendment right would be far more important than a non-right like alcohol should receive. I should also point out that the progressives, who were responsible for Prohibition and push for gun control, used the same excuse for both… “public safety”. Prohibition was an utter failure and resulted in being repealed. In addition to the amendment process, an alternative means of change is the Constitutional Convention, which at least 29 states have already signed… Read more »


You could have stopped with Nancy Pelosi ignorant and been fine!

Mrs. Silence Dogood

These DNC politicians are working for big bank investors and their profit pipe dream. It’s a progressive measure to usher America into an idealistic consumer environment. They seek to disarm, seize property, control transportation, control Human Capital, and create consumers that are utterly reliant upon them. This mouse trap is not too far from fruition, given America’s credit and debt game. It’s not until they can disarm America that they can use private security and heavily influenced legislation to seize private property. You can see President Obama took steps to allow international entities freedom of search and seizure. What other… Read more »


Of course Nancy lies about these things, but only during those few times she is lucid enough to know she needs to lie.


The VERY LAST statement in the article,
I will remember!
Thank you Sir for your view on the process.
You stated more truth about the safe and common sence about an honest conceal carry person than I have read in a long time.
One that carries counseled (most of the time) knows and cares how and when to use the weapon.
Legal counseled carry is an Honor!!

Herb T

Nancy Pelosi may be ignorant about guns but I believe she and other democrats will also lie about them. Surprise, surprise – lying democrats who are responsible for obama care and screwing the greatest medical care system in the world, criminal misconduct by the Clintons hidden and ignored, a $19 Trillion budget deficit and screwing the country’s military defenses while supporting welfare recipients from other countries. Let’s hear it for democrats.

Buck Cassidy

Everything you’ve stated is true!


Nancy, we need to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it!


every time I see Nancy Pelosi’s face I want to hit it with a baseball bat


Nancy, Diane, Harry, and the rest, as well as the gun control groups know precisely what the truth is. I know I am not alone in having written to them directly and pointed out the errors in their comments. Pro-gun groups have done likewise, and their points have been made in litigations as well. Unfortunately, their words are accepted by the masses who lean to the left, and are accepted as gospel from on high. Nancy and her peers went to school during the same era I did and were educated as I was regarding the history of our nation.… Read more »