Phoenix Weaponry Release Their New 45-70 Auto

Phoenix Weaponry 45-70 Auto
Phoenix Weaponry Release Their New 45-70 Auto

USA -( Phoenix Weaponry of Longmont Colorado is pleased to announce the launch of their .45-70 auto rifle platform. That’s right, .45-70! The classic round born in 1873 through the Springfield Armory and labeled “Government” and designed specifically for the Springfield Model 1893, or “Trapdoor Springfield”.

Phoenix Weaponry blown the lid off the marketplace with a unique twist to this classic cartridge as they have rebated the rim so that it can be adapted to a standard .308 bolt head and fired through a high pressure AR platform with shocking, sub MOA results, and a boosted performance curve.

The standard rifle bears a 18” custom profiled Douglas barrel utilizing a 1:14 twist with 8 grooves. Mated with a Phoenix Weaponry billet upper and lower, along with custom trigger and muzzle brake, this piece weighs in at just over 9 lbs.

Master gunsmiths have toiled to produce one of the most exciting rifle evolutions seen in the MSR industry since Stoner fielded the SP1, with the added benefit of delivering tremendous down rage punishment to anything that stands in its way.

The beauty in the details is that this case, once rebated, can be reloaded easily using existing load information for the .45-70, based on Ruger No.1 loads, and the reloader can use standard .45-70 die sets with the exception of using a .308 shell holder.

Factory brass will be available shortly and available for purchase from Phoenix Weaponry. Each rifle initially will be supplied with 50 pieces of brass to help the new user get started.

Phoenix Weaponry 45-70 Auto
Phoenix Weaponry Release Their New 45-70 Auto

Immediate order slots are available now. Rifle base price as advertised is $4,800 with a multitude of custom options that can be added to enhance your enjoyment of this weapon platform. Just call them and make your wish come true.

With the high level of interest in our 45-70, I thought I would share some of the background on this project.

This gun started out as a personal project that has been languishing on the back burner for several years. This year we had the opportunity to bring my idea to fruition, and we are very excited about the results.

We appreciate you all for showing the same excitement. This project was made possible by my team at the shop.

This is built on our RFL (308) upper/lower with a custom barrel and barrel bushing. This being said, we can build you one in any configuration, caliber, finish – we can do whatever you want, your budget permitting.

The cartridge is a 45-70 modified to be rimless (as pictured in the magazine). If you have a lathe to modify the brass, we can sell you the form cutter, or you can buy already modified brass from us.

Phoenix Weaponry 45-70 Auto
Phoenix Weaponry Release Their New 45-70 Auto

Again, thank you to everyone for your interest and support.

  • UPPER RECIEVER: Precision CNC machined and trued from billet 7075-T7 aluminum, 1913 Picatinny flat top rail section, slick-side style(removed forward assist and brass deflector), and machined for mil-spec dust cover
  • BARREL: 4140 Chromoly18″ 1/14 twist Duglass Airgage Button Rifled 8 Grouves Ultra Rifling Custom Profiled Barrel
  • GAS SYSTEM: Direct impingement, Phoenix Weaponry custom designed and built, light-weight, ultra-low profile, stainless steel adjustable gas block. Rifle length gas tube
  • HANDGUARD: Phoenix Weaponry designed and CNC built, 15”, lightweight, free-floating, modular handguard. Precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. Phoenix manufactured Picatinny rail sections, QD Sling Mounts, Handstops and Sling studs can be added at 45 degree increments around the handguard and along the entire 15” length of the tube are also available. Proprietary barrel nut with screw lock mounting system for increased stability and strength
  • DUST COVER: Billet dust cover when closed is flush with rest of receiver completing the slick side look
  • MUZZLE DEVICE: Phoenix Weaponry “Chevron” muzzle brake, CNC machined from 4130 chromoly
  • BOLT CARRIER GROUP: Standard .308 Bolt Carrier Group
  • LOWER RECEIVER: Precision CNC machined and trued from billet 7075-T7 aluminum. Magazine well is heavily flared for ease of magazine changes. Accepts all mil-spec magazines and most popular polymer magazines
  • TRIGGER GROUP: Phoenix custom 3lb. precision trigger
  • CHARGING HANDLE: Standard .308
  • BUTTSTOCK: Magpul ACS Stock in FDE
  • PISTOL GRIP: Magpul MOE in FDE
  • COATED: Cerakote FDE (other colors availble in Duracoat & Cerakote)
  • MAGAZINE: Modified Magpul 10 Round Magazine 6 Round Capacity
  • WEIGHT: 9.75lbs

For more information, contact Phoenix Weaponry at (720) 340-2496, or see this rifle on their website.

Phoenix Weaponry logo

About Phoenix Weaponry:

Phoenix Weaponry manufacturers and builds Custom Rifles as well as a full line of pistol and rifle suppressors. Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or a new enthusiast we can build you a dream rifle or a range blaster.

If you know exactly what you want, or need assistance building a rifle, we can help. Reach out to us and let’s have a conversation about what you’re trying to accomplish, we build weapons to make you better.

Full-service Gunsmithing, Cerakote, Duracoat and custom stenciling also available.

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Robert Marcussen

The round has been done as rimless for years.
I can be made with 284 win brass as well with about a .004 smaller case head.
I posted on this on Gunco in 2013.
It’s been done before.


I do see merit in this type of platform/caliber. Such as possible dual powder use, dual use components (.45 caliber pistol bullets. Single caliber multi gun platforms. But not $4800 worth of merit, I’ll keep brainstorming on my elongated .44 automag wildcat idea.


The ballistics will be very comparable to the .50 Beowulf (12.7×42).

Jesse S Parrish

My question is ; Is the integrity of the brass compromised by removing mass from the base? I need much more info before I’d buy one, but I’m certainly keeping an eye on it. I see potential in this.


… and “everyone” complained that the M1 Rifle and M14 rifle were too heavy!?

Sorry, I don’t see the niche for this, but that may just be me.

Wild Bill

Evens, How is it that, “The classic round born in 1873 through the Springfield Armory and labeled “Government”…” is “designed specifically for the Springfield Model 1893, or “Trapdoor Springfield”.”? Don’t you mean Springfield Model 1873? Just a typo… right” That is ok. We knew what you meant.


When is a 45-70 Government NOT a 45-70? Answer when the brass has to be modified. I believe the Alexander Arm Baowolf my be more practical.


You might be right, but I think the ballistics can/will be better, especially beyond 100 yards


458 socom.


Or the 458 SOCOM, 450 Bushmaster, 50 AE, 45 raptor, etc… Having to mill brass as opposed to just forming with a die is pretty ridiculous. How many gun owners own mill/lathes and would be willing to turn each individual piece of brass when do many other options are available. Not many I bargain…