Hawaii Missile Alert Screw-Up Highlights Dangerous Anti-Gun Culture Planning Flaws

What kind of pervasive incompetence requires retractions like this?

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL,” the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency warned cellphone users Saturday. Television viewers saw a more detailed alert:

“If you are indoors, stay indoors. If you are outdoors, seek immediate shelter in a building. Remain indoors well away from windows. If you are driving, pull safely to the side of the road and seek shelter in a building or lay on the floor.”

Panic was widespread. People presuming they were doomed bid terrified and sorrowful goodbyes to loved ones. A video emerged of parents putting their child in a storm drain.

Why would anyone assume this to be a false alarm?

And as terrorized residents learned almost 40 minutes later, it was a false alarm. An employee performing a routine internal shift change test on the alert system had chosen the wrong drop-down menu option.

Oops, our bad.  Gilda Radner’s Emily Litella character comes to mind. And yeah, as bad as this was, it merits ridicule, as satire site The Onion notes.

Why a system was set up that did not require verification and approval before alerting the entire network is a valid question. Equally valid is both the outrage and the scorn Hawaii’s government is receiving for inexcusable incompetence – not just on the part of the employee, but on the lack of adequate management systems, procedures and controls that would allow such a monumental foul-up to occur in the first place. It’s only through dumb luck that people did not have heart attacks.

And as further corroboration to the observable truism that for “progressives” every day is Opposite Day, Hawaii’s government, which only supposedly exists to protect lives, property and freedom, once more endangered all.

I asked friend and colleague George Pace, who lives in Hawaii, for a recount of his experience, partially included here:

“As for the actual preparedness, I wouldn't want you to sit through the hour-long civil defense video, which includes many minutes of purely speculative political blather about North Korea, but basically there is no public plan for an immediate ‘take shelter’ order, as was issued yesterday. Most of the buildings here on the Big Island (Hawaii) are either wood frame or made entirely of corrugated metal (roof and walls… yeah, even Home Depot, etc.). The only heavy-duty masonry constructions in downtown Hilo are the county and state buildings (of course, spare no expense for government buildings!) and, as you can well imagine, they were all closed on Saturday. One report said that people attempted to take shelter at a Walmart on Oahu but that the store locked its doors so no one could take shelter there (the suggestion is that if you are in a car you pull over and attempt to take shelter in a building).

“Also some of the alarm sirens went off on Oahu, which the government officials claimed didn't happen. When it was pointed out to them, at the live news conference, that some of them did their response was ‘Oh. Really? We'll have to look into that.’

“I happened to be downtown doing my Saturday shopping errands and did see some people who were visibly distraught, but most people seemed to be just waiting for more information, and of course the 911 lines were busy, and the cops lines were busy, and the civil defense lines were busy, etc., so no one could find anything out. I listened to all the radio stations and there was not a word about it, I guess they figured ‘Hey, we're all gonna die in the next 10 minutes (the time allotted between the warning and strike), so what better way to go that listening to hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s’?”

See anything obvious missing from this “survival list”?

The Hawaiian state government’s emergency preparedness guidelines are equally deficient. Note the total lack of any discussion on having the means of defense, that is, on having adequate firearms, ammunition and training to deal with catastrophic disasters that will leave people on their own for untold lengths of time.

No, of course a gun won’t defend against North Korea launching a nuke, but there would be plenty of survivors of such an attack. They would have an almost unimaginably horrible aftermath to deal with, one in which emergency responders would be triaged to where focused efforts could be best employed. And anticipating substantial desertions like we saw in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina hardly seems unreasonable.

Whole areas would be left on their own, and increasingly desperate people who have not stored food, water and supplies as recommended – not to mention  opportunistic looters and other predators – could soon be looking for those who have. With civil authority tied up with the most demanding emergencies, there's not that much to dissuade those who would take from others by force. That's because Hawaii as a whole has encouraged an anti-gun culture, and that’s more than corroborated by near total Democrat dominance and by the draconian gun laws and effective absence of “ordinary” citizens bearing of arms.

Sometimes, this is what it takes.

As a personal tangentially-related aside, I lived in Los Angeles during the riots. The lesson evidently still lost on residents (who continue to vote in the same types of politicians) is how people suddenly realized they didn't have a gun when they needed one — and Mayor Tom Bradley ordered a suspension in ammuntion sales. Also lost on most L.A. voters is the lesson of the Korean community, protecting itself when those tasked with “law enforcement” were nowhere to be found.

Don’t expect to see a sea change in lessons learned, either in Hawaii or in any of America’s Democrat strongholds and urban areas, the most vulnerable to mass disaster. Instead, expect to see more demands for citizen disarmament everywhere, by the same impotent control freaks that not only are utterly incapable of providing protection, but often times, are the ones whose policies and incompetence cause the threat to arise in the first place.

Expect to see more weasel words and promises that he cannot possibly keep from Gov. David Ige and the bloated bureaucracy he presides over.

About David Codrea:David Codrea
David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.
In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 30 thoughts on “Hawaii Missile Alert Screw-Up Highlights Dangerous Anti-Gun Culture Planning Flaws

      1. @Dr. S, Yes, a Faraday cage. Any metel shell insulated inside. Inexpensively constructed from a garbage can and corrugated board (cardboard).

    1. Just another Democrap screw up. They want us to think they are in charge and can run a perfect country but this is an example of their ignorance and foolishness. No preparation when you are in the ocean on an island that can get smaller with a disaster whether it is man made or not. Unequivocal stupidity from the party of stupidity. That governor looked like the fox inside the chicken coup but if we can blame Trump everything will be ok. I repeat, stupidity.

      1. @Tcat, I saw a Hawaii democrat yapping on about how the situation was such an outrage. So it is an outrage to reveal to the public how ill prepared and poorly run the state of Hawaii is? Then with all the eloquence and logic of a miniature poodle, she concluded that the whole situation was Trump’s fault. Didn’t the great Barry Soetoro have eight years to fix everything before Trump got here, less than a year ago?

        1. @Wild Bill, the twit of a representative from Hi. blamed Trump and I was reminded the missile problems began when she was still in diapers, maybe she still is. They have to lay awake at night thinking of things to attack him about. All the while, the nation’s business is not getting done. Take out the trash.

          Oldvet, as far as your comment about seeing if something good comes of this, I think I already have the answer since it is all dems in charge. They will dismiss it and go on in their tyrant’s manner of driving the citizens down in the ground. One of my sons, now retired Navy, was stationed in Hi. for a stint and he said the locals really didn’t like the military and didn’t make things easy for them.

      2. @TC…My dad was a wwll Army Medic , was 500 miles out on a troop ship when they hit Pearl Dec.7/ 41. He never wanted to go back ,that was close enough for me never had a desire to go there. Have heard your comment for their dislike for military before . Never understood the hype of going there on vacations . Could not find your reply except in notify e-mail

        1. I have never had the desire to go there. While my son was there several relatives went to visit. Unfortunately, I was unable to because of health reasons. I would have liked to see the grandkids but the island has no interest for me, either.

    2. Comment…Well lets see if something good comes from this mess. That employee may well have done a lot of people a good service, such as the little dutch boy with his finger in the dike.

    3. Cannot help but wonder as to the political persuassion of the employee “accidentally” choosing the response which says a ballistic missile is inbound.

    4. The publically supported bureaucracy continues to screw-up what it is supposed to do, while at the same time, it continues to trample on the rights it is supposed to protect. Strikes me that there is a real problem here.

    5. The irony that the nanny-statist can’t rely on them for protection! But don’t worry! Laying on the floor-boards of your car is sufficient protection, heheheh.
      Yup, WB, the government realized early on that technology and production numbers had progressed to the point that it was infeasible/impossible to protect civilian populations from TNW. You want a bunker, you had better build/dig one for yourself.
      All of the cold war bunkers built for civilian use haven’t even been “mothballed”, but rather, emptied, converted for other uses or outright destroyed. And I don’t think the Fed Gubbmint has plans to restart civil defense. Y’all might get some play from your local gubbmint to restart those efforts… but you can imagine the tax schemes that will start in the name of civil defense only to have those funds diverted to other …ahem… sanctuary purposes.

      1. @jim, Where there is a will there is a way. The various levels of government, however, do not seem capable of even putting out correct information. Did you see “The Hawaiian state government’s emergency preparedness guidelines”? Pitiful, just pitiful. A class on how to speak north Korean would serve the survivors better than those guidelines.

    6. Wait, what?? A nuclear missle alert is an option on a drop down menu???? I find that hard to believe. Is it right above or below the Anthrax biohazard alert?

      1. Oh come ON now didjya HAFFTA ask THAT question?

        Funny thing, I had the same wonderment over this one. Alinsky would have loved this sort of RF on the public…… and promoted such things as a good means of confusing, destabilising, wasting of resources, and such.

      2. SWATTING. A bored employee, probably a “gamer” decided to make everybody play the game. Makes more sense than it was an accident.

    7. I bet that the State of Hawaii employee that pushed the wrong button is glad that it has been determined to have been all Trump’s fault! But I digress. This error has revealed how poorly prepared we are. People don’t even have a clue how to ensure their own survival. And I suppose that that condition could be a good thing.
      The federal government is ready. They have a plan. It is called COG (continuation of government). The agencies practice once a year, every year. Even if the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches don’t survive, the various agencies plan to survive and continue to control the population. Oh, but the survival plans do not include you.

      1. @WB…This also demonstrates how confusing Antonyms can be. For instance LOL , does it mean laugh out loud , or lots of luck, or losers of left , we could all go on .

    8. Why do other counties have bomb shelters for their population, but here in the states only the politicians have them?
      That to me says a lot.

      1. Other countries have bomb shelters because they wete needed and built during the two world wars. We didn’t need them here. Most, if not all of those in Europe are ineffective against a nuke.

        1. Yes, most (all?) shelters are ineffective against the direct hit of nuclear weapons. What shelters can do is protect people who live outside the blast zone, or if the attack is an EMP only. Of course, that presumes the shelter is stocked with enough supplies to ensure survival of the inhabitants for the weeks/months until the fallout/looting/etc. dissipate. Failure to prepare = preparing to fail!

          1. Your simplistic response is sadly all too pervasive with far too many people today!

            All it takes for your preparedness is lots of money!

            Poor people just don’t count with people like you and those of your mindset!

            1. @JRB…To whom are you responding ? This is why you see Wild Bill , myself and Some of the others use the @To so and so. Even thought it irritates some other people.

          2. @Old Vet,

            It was for Ozark and a guy whose replies seem to have disapeared, MAH.

            I was so incensed at the bovine fecal matter he was putting forth, which is that if you are not stocked fully with MREs for a year, and water and 20000 rounds of ammo, etc etc etc, well you’re just dumber than a fence post!

            I’m poorer than dirt, and I’m just flat tired of the elitist mindset I see so often!

            It’s the same way with guns, if you don’t own the top-of-the-line crap, or your AR isn’t a POF, or lwr, or Wilson, et all, then quite obviously that person must be an abject idiot!

            Same thing with the people who stipulate that if you are not spending two or three times at the range, firing two or three hundred rounds are up to 500 rounds per range visit, you’re not a serious person, you’re not taking your responsibilities properly!

            I’d like to kick all them people who think that way right Square in the nuts!

            I’m tired of it. No more patience. No more turning the other cheek.

            These elitist narcissistic swine must be confronted in up front, in your face, without a doubt terms!

            I’ve tried to be nice. I’ve tried to get these people to consider a wider point of view, using the phrase one size does not fit all!

            They don’t want to listen. And I’m not going to put up with it anymore!

            If that offends people, too bad! I’m tired of being offended by those selfish, elitist, narcissistic, close-minded twits!

            I hope I haven’t beat around the bush too much to confuse my meaning!

            Cheers from a crippled up old man who’s poorer Than Dirt in the middle of nowhere Wyoming!

            PS, I will not be put upon, I will not be derided, and I will not be told that I just must lay down and die, and let somebody beat the hell out of me, or shoot me to death, simply because I don’t meet the qualifications of a bunch of people I consider to be utter scum!

            Hope I haven’t worn that bush down too much!

            1. @James Russell Bailey… Understand completely , Unfortunately there are some trolls who just try to one up everyone or criticize . Then there are some who don’t have a clue how to get piss out of a boot. Had not noticed your name before so let me welcome you ..

            2. @James Russell Bailey, You don’t need a lot of money to get prepared, brother. It just takes some thought. What you already have is the basis of what you will need. Water is the most important thing that everyone needs. Rice and beans are cheap. A rabbit can be had for free with a length of wire. There is a week’s worth of food for less than $4.00. A stove pipe with some mesh wired on one end with a little rice for bait is a reliable pheasant trap. A guy can eat mighty handsome while those city people are choking down their one FEMA MRE per day.
              I’m willing to bet that an old timer has learned lots of handy tricks over the years.

        2. When the interstate highway system was first proposed, there was consideration of building large shelters at all the major intersections and cloverleafs. This proposal was ultimately rejected for two reasons: 1. It would add 5% cost to the new highway system. and 2. The Soviets would view it as “provocative.”

    9. It was all Trumps fault according to the news out of Hawaii and on some major media TV stations.
      If it’s bad blame Trump, if it’s good don’t give him credit or stay silent.
      I’m sick of their bias.

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