Mauser Introduces New M18 Rifle

Mauser M18 Rifle Action
Mauser M18 Rifle Action

San Antonio, Texas –-( The dream of owning a Mauser is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the launch of the iconic German gunmaker’s newest rifle: the M18. Like its well-known stable mates, the M18 combines heritage, experience and state-of-the-art technology, and has been designed with the manufacturer’s core principles at heart to inspire confidence and adventure.

Thanks to its ultra-rugged synthetic stock, the M18 will withstand daily use in even the harshest hunting environments. A three-position safety allows you to safely carry a round in the chamber without fear of the bolt being nudged out of battery. The steel receiver provides core strength and reliability to protect the action, and a cold-hammer-forged barrel gives further peace of mind that the rifle will perform consistently, round after round.

For optimum grip, the stock features two areas of soft-inlay. The five-round magazine enables fast, fuss-free follow-up shots, and an adjustable trigger allows you to set your own preferred pull weight. Clean lines and high-quality materials result in a premium appearance, so that overall, the M18 has the look and feel of a rifle twice its price.

“Being able to produce a rifle this good at such an affordable price means more sportsmen than ever before can realize their dream of owning a Mauser,” said Christian Socher, CEO of Blaser USA, Mauser’s North American distributor.

“The value of the M18 lies not only in its price but also in its ultimate reliability, durability, and accuracy. This is a rifle for the everyday hunter, incorporating features they rely on, and it will get the job done time after time. That’s why we’re calling it ‘Volkswaffe’: ‘the people’s rifle’.”

Blaser USA

Priced from $699, the M18 is currently available in .243 Win., .308 Win., .270 Win., .30-06, 7mm Rem. Mag., and .300 Win. Mag. with 6.5 Creedmoor to follow.

Visit Blaser USA :

Mauser M18 Bolt Action Rifle
Mauser M18 Bolt Action Rifle
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John Smith

Will the M-18 be available in 7×57?


I have the typical southpaw dream. I would love to see a left hand in the 6.5 Creedmore.


May your dream come to fruition. That said, I was never a hunter. I did shoot High Power Rifle in competition for many, many years, first with a Garand, later on with bolt action rifles, mostly Model 70 Winchester Standard Target Rifles, as they were described. Being Left Eye Dominant, I shot Left Handed. Never had any trouble working the bolt or reloading with stripper clips in the Rapid Fire Stages at 200 and 300 yards, sitting and prone respectively. This was with Iron Sights.


If you can find one, prior to the idiocy of GCA’68, P.O. Ackley had imported from Japan some ’98 Mauser rifles and actions that were true left hand actions. These actions had charger slots too, and from what I saw, they worked perfectly. If you search for one, bring money, likely a lot of money.

John Dunlap

I feel your pain. Mauser informs me that only the M12 will be offered in left handed models. On a brighter note, if you want a CRF action, CZ is now offering the 550 in a lefty, and while Ruger won’t admit it for some reason, it looks as if they’e still making them because brand new left handed Hawkeyes are fairly easy to find. I’ve been eyeing a beautiful .375, flat blue and wearing gray laminate, at an online retailer, though I’m not sure what I’d do with the cannon, especially given the price of the ammo. Haven’t seen… Read more »

Wild Bill

So what is so Mauser about it? Controlled round feed? I did not see that mentioned. How about twist rate? Trigger? Is the barrel threaded on or sweated on? How about a legendarily strong action? Could it be that Mauser about it is the name so that the Germans can charge more? I’m all ears.


Wild Bill, knowing how anal-retentive Germans are with technology, I’m sure they re insisting on rigid standards, but – YES – it would be nice to read the rifle’s technical data.


Good questions all.

John Dunlap

The M18 is Mauser’s entry into the low cost, push feed fat bolt rifle market. The specs are all up at .

James Higginbotham

i own a Mauser in caliber 270 and it’s a good Rifle.
and haven’t shot it in about 8 years lol.

Ralph Klimach

When will the M18 be available at retail?


When technology fails, we are SOL. For example, we Navy patrol “Airedale”s were required in the Sixties to qualify quarterly on a 4-hour night navigation flight, using DR, LORAN, EP and AT LEAST one celestial three-shot fix. This applied to both pilots and NFOs. Now they depend on GPS, and could not find their own arses with both hands if the nav system failed.

Iconic Coach Vince Lombardi said it best: “You can never overemphasize fundamentals.”


Will Mauser offer it with backup adjustable iron sights? I would hate to be stuck in BFE on a hunting trip and a gone-to-air scope!


Funny you mention that. Back in the day, ALL rifles came standard with iron sights, it was just a given that they’d be on the gun. I don’t know why manufacturers started getting away from that.


follow the money – it’s cheaper not to do


Cost saving, ala the Bean Counters.