New Update on Status of CMP 1911s from United States Army

Military Funding Bill Establishes Mandatory Program to Sell Historic Pistols to the Public
Status of the CMP 1911s, 1/29/2018:

U.S.A.-( The CMP has been authorized to receive 8,000 1911 type pistols from the United States Army.

The 1911s have been received by the CMP. A complete inventory will be conducted over the course of this week. The pistols will then be securely stored until the Army-approved 1911 building and armory infrastructure is completed. That completion is anticipated to be approximately 60 days from now. Once the 1911 armory is completed, inspection, grading, repair, and ultimately test firing of the pistols will begin. (Please be aware that the CMP was led to believe that we were ready to move forward, but three weeks ago facility requirements were changed, and we are now fulfilling those requirements.)

The CMP 1911 order packet will be posted 90 days prior to the order acceptance date and opening sales date. No orders will be accepted prior to that date. Please visit, click on the Sales icon then 1911 Information, for the latest. CMP customer service has been inundated with calls and emails concerning the 1911s and no further information is available at this time.

The CMP will keep everyone posted as we move through this process.

About The Civilian Marksmanship Program:Civilian Marksmanship Program

The Civilian Marksmanship Program is a federally chartered 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. It is dedicated to firearm safety and marksmanship training and to the promotion of marksmanship competition for citizens of the United States.

For more information about the CMP and its programs, log onto their website.

  • 34 thoughts on “New Update on Status of CMP 1911s from United States Army

    1. My problem is finding a CMP affiliated organization here in Illinois. I looked at the form to find one online, but it asks for the name of the organization! How am I supposed to know that if I’m looking for one?! I emailed CMP, and they simply referred me back to the form!

      1. Same here, but it’s because I carried one in Vietnam. I hope that if I can get one, it will be better than what I carried, which was so loose that it rattled when shaken. Tolerances were not as tight back then.

        1. Factory tolerances were fine. Your old 1911 probably was issued back when Santa was a youngster and was used and abused for years.

    2. They have to build a new armory to house the 911’s? To me that says they are planning on receiving a good price for these guns. Does anyone know if they are the only organization that will be able to sell these and does the Army just donate the guns to them?

      1. They are the only ones by all accounts. This is the normal system. It’s not the Army but the US Government. It’s a program which has been long in existence. It used to be that soldiers got to keep the weapons they carried in wars. In some cases there was a small fee, and in others the firearms were free. Selling firearms was a way for the government to recoup some of the expense of fighting wars. The tradition continues today but only with General officers who are permitted to retain their sidearms when they leave active service.

    3. CMP associates their relatives and friends will get first picks at deep discounts and the rest will be over priced worn out boat anchors.
      Your better off buying another handgun.

      1. This is all to true. Most of the media wants there readers to beleave anyone can just receive one by showing up.

      2. Carmine, You are incorrect. Staff, friends and family will have to submit orders within the timeframe posted and they will also be loaded into the Random Number Generator. The Random Number Generator will provide a list of names in sequence order through a random picking process to CMP.

    4. CMP associates their relatives and friends will get the choice ones at deep discounts and the rest of the 1911’s will be over priced rattle trap boat anchors.You better off buying another handgun..

    5. The CMP associates ,their relatives and friends will get the choice ones at deep discounts and the rest on the 191’s will be over priced rattle trap boat anchors… Better off putting your money in some other firearm….

    6. The complete inventory will be inspected, in other words “chosen few” (friends) will get the pristine,very good… The common folk will get the “will still shoot” ones for a price probably between $400.00 -$600.00. Typical inventory operation.

    7. I did the C.M.P. training a few years back, It was a very good class and you get to fire a Garand rifle and get scored. I will be looking forward to have the opportunity to purchase one of these 1911s. please notify me when available.

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