Calls Needed To “Save” Tennessee 2nd Amendment Bills

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Calls Needed To “Save” Tennessee 2nd Amendment Bills

Tennessee – -( There are two pro gun rights bills on notice for next week that are critical to the restoration of 2nd Amendment rights in Tennessee this year. Both of them need your calls and support this week and next.

House Bill 1602 / Senate Bill 1955 (Sen. Mark Pody /. Rep. Judd Matheny)

This bill was written to strengthen the state preemption act (TCA 39-17-1314) and is called the “Second Amendment Civil Rights Act of 2018“. It creates a private right of action so that a citizen can sue a government entity (like Nashville, Knoxville & Memphis) that refuses to make government owned “venue” property available (like the Nashville Fairgrounds) to third parties for Second Amendment activities when the property is made available for other activities. Simply, it prevents local governments from discriminating in the rental of publicly owned rental venues against 2nd Amendment activities (gun shows, outdoor shows, hunting shows, etc.). The bill also fixes a problem, perhaps unintended but we are not sure, that the legislature created in 2017 and which rendered moot the litigation TFA had pending against Knoxville where it had banned guns in Chilhowee park. If this bill passes, gun shows should be able to return to the Nashville Fairgrounds and would be protected activities in all publicly owned rental spaces (mainly parks and fairgrounds) across the state.

This bill is set to come before the House Civil Practices subcommittee on February 28. However, this committee has killed another pro-2nd Amendment bill (HB0884) last week and, in doing so, committee members made comments that were nothing short of hostile toward your rights.

House Bill 1833 / Senate Bill 1953 (Sen. Mark Pody / Rep. Jay Reedy)

This bill is called the “2018 Second Amendment Protections Act.” It is a bill which simply says that it is an exception to a criminal charge of carrying a firearm with intent to go armed (TCA 39-17-1307) if the person is legally in possession of the firearm and the person is not prohibited from carrying a firearm. The bill overcomes the presumption that mere possession of firearms by law abiding citizens is a criminal act – even at their own home. It contemplates that those illegally in possession of a firearm or those who use a firearm to commit another crime would be prosecuted. This bill is set for February 20 in the House Criminal Practices Subcommittee but we have been alerted since last week that Beth Harwell’s office will try to move the bill to the House Civil Practices subcommittee this week. As noted above, such a move would increase the chances that this bill also will be stopped by Harwell’s operatives in that committee.

What do you need to do?

Contact Beth Hawell’s office and the members of the House Civil Practices subcommittee. Insist that they move these two bills forward to the floor of the House for a full vote on the merits. We know that the Haslam administration, the TN Sheriff’s Association, and several House Republicans do not want to let these bills on the House floor for a vote.

What do you say?

1) Tell them you are interested in these bills, that you want to make sure that they know that you support these bills and that you want their help to move these bills into law.

2) You may be asked “Are you a constituent” or “Do you live in the District”? Don’t be tricked by this. This bill is a committee and its probable that your legislator does not even serve on the committee. Therefore, a committee and its members serve all citizens of the state not just the small 1/99th number of citizens that they happen to represent. You may also want to call or contact your legislator and insist that they call the committee members on your behalf.

3) Call back daily.

4) Encourage others to call.

Here are the contact numbers and emails:

Criminal Practices Committee:

Please share this with your friends and on social media (buttons below). Encourage your friends to get informed and to sign up for the free TFA Legislative updates.


John Harris
Executive Director
Tennessee Firearms Association

Tennessee Firearms Association

P.S. If you want to wage in on the battle to elect someone to the State Senate and the State House in 2018 – candidates who put the constitution first and who are true public stewards of your rights, please take a moment and go to the TFA’s PAC website and make a donation so that we can raise the funds to restore our rights.

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Twitter: @Tennfirearms

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Harwell is running for governor, what a joke. She has made it very clear that she doesn’t like guns or positive gun laws, except those carried by her body guards. RINO 100%.


time for the people to wake up in that state and make sure she don’t get that office.