First Freedom Television Scam Update

First Freedom Television Scam
First Freedom Television Scam

Virginia – -(  Intended And Actual Victims Of The Fake Interview Of Gun Leaders Step Forward

Since the VA-ALERT item on an apparent attack on gun-rights leaders went out last Tuesday, information has been coming in that confirms my belief that many leaders were indeed solicited to be part of the fake interview.

In that alert I alluded to finding the name of another “mark” that I recognized as a national firearms training figure.

That name was Rob Pincus. Rob contacted me and we talked about his experience the night the alert went out. Rob received the same email I received and was flown to Pennsylvania, as was Utah resident Janalee Tobias, who is the founder and president of Women Against Gun Control.

Janalee, as well as the West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Florida Carry, AmmoLand Shooting Sports News, and a gun dealer in Virginia also received the same email as I received. All but Janalee declined the invitation or had their travel arrangements in such disarray that the interview never happened.

Rob posted his experience on the VCDL Facebook page:

Basically because First Freedom Television couldn’t make travel arrangements to save their life, he ended up not making it to the interview (YES!) and flew back home in frustration. Rob also had some red flags raised in his interactions with the First Freedom Television staff and grew suspicious of them. He thought this was either some kind of set up or perhaps just some terribly misguided people.

In an interesting twist, both Janalee and Rob ended up in the same limousine by accident! When the driver called ahead to First Freedom Television and told them he had TWO of their interviewees in his car, the First Freedom Television representative panicked and ordered the limo driver to take Rob back, as there was no place for him to wait for his interview while Janalee did her interview. Knowing now what the fake-interview crew wanted to do, I can see why they panicked.

There may have been more people who were interviewed, we will probably find out in the near future as the word continues to spread across the country.

Janalee is a sweet lady that was lied to over and over as they tricked her into making the fake training film that was supposed to be shown “only in Israel.” She was terribly uncomfortable during the filming and once it was over her feelings of everything being horribly wrong overwhelmed her and she told the staff that she rescinded her consent to use any material with her in it. Janalee, who teaches Eddie Eagle and refers to herself as the “cool aid” mom because she deals with children all the time, was mortified at the complete and irresponsible handling of firearms that would be shown to children in the “training film.” (BTW, the interviewer assured her every step of the way that everything she was doing had been approved by psychologists in Israel and that Benjamin Netanyahu, who appeared in what turned out to be a fake news report, wanted this film made. They told me the same lies.) Staff gave her the run around saying the producer (T.J.) would have to call her about rescinding her consent. He never called, of course.

The Plot Thickens

The First Freedom Television Facebook page seems to have disappeared, but the website is still there.

It looks like there may be another angle to the film. Here is an article about a Hollywood couple that was sent an email almost exactly like the one that I and others received. The article talks about the extreme psychological manipulations and lies used to get the couple to do or say things they would normally never do or say. Rob Pincus found the article:

Sacha Baron Cohen pranks Gretchen and Slade
Sacha Baron Cohen pranks Gretchen and Slade


Sacha Baron Cohen pranks Gretchen and Slade
By Chelsea Hirsch

Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” stars Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley are among Sacha Baron Cohen‘s latest prank victims.

“We got punked so bad by Sacha Baron Cohen,” Rossi told Page Six this week. “I don’t know, but we think it’s for maybe, possibly his new movie. We were reached out to by this production company that basically said … we’re doing this series for Israel that’s all about … security and protecting yourself as an American celebrity.”

Smiley, 44, added that the company pitched them by addressing “what challenges you go through as a public figure” by “[bringing] in an Israeli Mossad agent to teach you some self-defense moves and check the security of your home.” The couple vetted the company and confirmed a two-hour filming time, but decided to do it at a rental property instead of at their own home.

“The second we walk through the door there’s two Mossad agents holding guns to each other’s heads,” Rossi said, describing how she was immediately terrified. “They punked us for four-and-a-half hours! You would not believe the stuff they were asking us to do — the weirdest, creepiest, funniest stuff, but at the time it wasn’t funny. We literally thought they were going to kill Slade!”

Rossi, 40, said they took part in the training because she actually wanted to know what to do if someone broke into her home, and didn’t question the strange behavior at first. But she finally hit her breaking point when she was asked, “When Slade is dead, how soon do you start dating?” Meanwhile, Smiley had enough when Cohen brought out zip ties as part of his “training.”

Rossi said she had no idea they were talking to Cohen because he had a well-designed unibrow and face prosthetics. Cohen never broke character, and his staff maintained their composure as well, she said.

“I was freaked out. I was crying — I was hysterical coming home,” she said of what happened after she left. “I’m sure they were laughing their asses off!”

They tried to call the production company afterward, but “everyone went dark” and they couldn’t reach anyone.

“For two days we had no idea that this had really happened,” Smiley said. “We went to a magazine photoshoot and Tito Ortiz was on the shoot. And we were talking about things, and he was like, ‘F–k dude, I think I was punked by Sacha Cohen.’ I go, ‘What do you mean?’ … and he started describing exactly what happened to us.”

“He needs to win an Oscar for his performance,” she laughed. “Incredible!”

It was recently reported that Cohen, 46, paid O.J. Simpson more than $20,000 to appear in his next movie. Cohen is known for his wild getups and pranks in flicks like “Borat” and “Brüno.”

Cohen’s rep didn’t get back to us.

They Are Also Looking For Other People To Victimize

As Ammoland News reported , the First Freedom Television Facebook page and Craigslist ads were asking for people to participate in self-defense techniques:

“We are looking for everyday people who are interested in learning some new techniques to help keep themselves and their communities safe from all types of threats – while making some money and having a lot of fun.

“We prefer participants who have had no previous military or self-defense training, and you don’t need more than average physical ability. The goal of this project is to show how everyday people can use cutting edge self-defense techniques to make a positive impact in their communities.”

As We Find Out More, I’ll Update Everyone


Virginia Citizens Defense League

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):


Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

For more information, visit:

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First Freedom TV contacted my organization as well. Feel free to email me for more info


Here’s their plan read and understand our freedom depends it..Old ideas new application….
-Bread and Circuses-welfare state, mainstream media
-Divide and Conquer-race, creed, color, gender, parents and children ie common core math parents are stupid can’t help…
media constantly implies everyone hates everyone else
-The ends justify the means.
Means-unlimited funds, unlimited media support, social engineering ie social media blocking what it wants..
violence, intimidation, anything goes…
Justify-elite believe they know what’s best for all.
Ends-subservient population


Call them out, spread the word among the gun clubs and gun communities. I’d love to be invited, put up in a hotel, fed and then, when it’s time for the filming say “oops, sorry, gotta run, thanks” and just walk out.

Ozark Muleskinner

This whole thing provides a really clear picture of what the left, in general, and Hollywierd, specifically, thinks about the importance of traditional, conservative and constitutional priorities. To these progressive/socialist/communist imbeciles, our values are at best foolish and suitable fodder for modern “culture” audiences.

It’s no wonder young people and others who choose to get most or all of their information from social media and MSM have no clue about the real world. Most would be dead within six months of any societal breakdown or interruption of modern life and its conveniences.