An Attack On Gun-Rights Leaders Is Underway – Spread The Word!

AmmoLand News Editors Note: AmmoLand News received the same email solicitation seen in the email screenshot below. As a policy AmmoLand News declines most all interview requests. In this case we did not reply.

First Freedom Television
First Freedom Television

Virginia – -( Last weekend, while doing what seemed to be a regular interview, I discovered that a movie is being made with the intent to discredit gun-rights leaders across the country.

No, this is not a joke, it is real and we need to get the word out to other gun-rights organizations, gun-rights leaders, and prominent firearms trainers across the country and we need to do this FAST.

Back in 2014, alleged Hollywood sexual predator Harvey Weinstein said he was going to make a movie “that would make the NRA wish they weren’t alive.” (All gun organizations are the NRA in his mind.) And he was dead serious. Michael Moore has been attempting to discredit gun owners and leaders for years by tricking people and using creative editing techniques to make them look foolish or idiotic.

Who’s behind this effort isn’t clear, but they are EXTREMELY WELL FUNDED PROFESSIONALS. For example, to reel me in and to try to make me feel beholden to them, they laid out the red carpet, by providing luxury accommodations, limousine service, and providing a generous monetary allowance to cover meals and other expenses for two days.

They use psychological manipulation, as well as lies and tricks to put their victim into comedic situations that subject them to public shame, embarrassment, and ridicule. I believe the intent is to destroy reputations and even lives.

I did some detective work in the days immediately following the “interview,” and I managed to find out they had targeted at least one nationally known firearms trainer and I know there are more. [also AmmoLand News] They appear to be setting up near gun shows. I also found out they covered their tracks carefully to avoid revealing their true identity.


First Freedom Television Email
First Freedom Television Email


First Freedom Television Website WHOIS
First Freedom Television Website WHOIS

It started when Virginia Citizens Defense League received an email last week from a company called “First Freedom Television” to do an interview with an “Israeli security expert” on the “shared security interests of like-minded countries, such as the U.S. and Israel.” [note according to and their website was registered on 01/10/2018 for one year only and appeared online around February 13th 2018]

It went on, “Unlike the misguided position of American liberals, who aim to eradicate guns altogether, Israel has proven that universal gun training and widespread gun ownership actually leads to a safer society.”

I do interviews all the time, and this one didn’t seem to be all that much out of the ordinary.

On Sunday, February 11, 2018, I did the interview in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. About 5 minutes into the interview, my radar turned on big time when the interviewer was making claims about Israeli schools training selected children to use firearms from age 17 down to age 4 (!) as a last ditch effort in stopping a terrorist attack on a school if the teachers and security staff had been killed. The children would have codes to unlock secured firearms in such a case.

When I balked at 4-year-olds being able to do that, he showed me an alleged newscast video on his iPad. The text was in Hebrew, but with an English-speaking narration, talking about how a 4-year-old boy had indeed stopped a terrorist attack at his school. The newscast said that he killed two terrorists using his dad’s gun, which he had brought to school in his backpack to show a friend, in violation of school rules. Israeli Premier Netanyahu was touting him as a hero in the video.

While I’ve never been to Israel, I do know they have some serious terrorism concerns, especially at schools and other public gatherings. The way they handle some of their security can be very different from what we have in the U.S. But that news story just didn’t look right, and 4-year-olds can hold a gun and fire it with supervision, but not take on terrorists, and especially manage to shoot and kill two of them.

Because of this and various other odd things I noticed during the interview, I was now convinced that something wasn’t right. This wasn’t real and probably some sort of a set up.

I could only think of Hollywood’s threat. At a minimum, it could be a comedy which would play only in Israel, but it could be a more damaging attempt to make a “mocumentary,” by someone like Michael Moore, or, even worse, a Sacha Baron Cohen-esq “Borat”-type of shock comedy meant to be devastatingly embarrassing and humiliating to the victim in the crosshairs.

As the 15-minute interview terminated, the interviewer asked me if I, as an English-speaking firearms trainer, would help him make a “gun safety” training video for children of various ages. This had to be the “kicker,” I thought.

For better or for worse, I decided that I would play along with the scheme so I could find out who was behind this and where this was going. I figured if I was right about this being a set up, I could blow the whistle and get a warning out to the gun-rights community across the country to protect as many people as possible and maybe derail this attack. If it turned out to be nothing, then no harm, no foul.

We recorded for almost 3 hours using Airsoft guns as props. They even had a teleprompter!

I was right – it was a set up – and it was much worse than I could have imagined. If you’ve seen the 70’s movie, “The Sting,” it was much like that. It was a well-orchestrated, well-choreographed, psychological manipulation, with a production cast of at least 10 people, to slowly lead a person down the primrose path.

We went step-by-step with a ready, and seemingly logical, answer every time I balked at some crazy part of the training. They seemed to have thought of every thing that a person might question. All I can say is that these people were extremely good at deception and manipulation. And no matter how stupid the things the interviewer and I were doing (we were side-by-side the whole time), no one else cracked a smile or laughed once, and I was watching. The professional actors were keeping up the appearance that this was a serious project.

The end goal was to get the victim to make a “training film” teaching 3 and 4-year-olds how to shoot guns hidden in toy animals at “bad” people, to sing little songs and make gun noises during the training to make it “fun for children,” and even teach little kids how to shoot a rocket-propelled-grenade or a squad automatic weapon at an approaching suicide bomber vehicle!

It all sounds unbelievable. But everything was elaborately and expensively staged; every contingency planned for, with explanations that make unbelievable things seem plausible (fake documents and videos about how Israel handles security in their schools, for example). The interview moved along at a pace, designed not to give the “mark” time to reflect on where things are going. The craziness factor very gradually got more extreme, like cooking a frog by slowly heating up the water so he doesn’t realize what’s happening until it’s too late. It’s a con game, a sting, plain and simple.

I don’t know if they have other scenarios or they will use other company names to continue concealing their identity, but anyone doing an interview dealing with gun rights where they sense something odd should terminate that interview. Or, better, bring a recorder and tell the other party you are going to make your own recording of the interview. If they say “no,” then walk out. I am going to make that my own policy going forward to protect against any future fake interviews. BTW, they had me leave my cellphone in an office “because it might interfere with the recording devices,” but I think it was so I couldn’t take any photos of them or make any video or audio recordings on that phone.

TIP: Never agree to do any interviews without thrid party recording or just say no. ~ AmmoLand News

In the end we played each other and I confirmed what I feared this was all about. Sadly for me, I’m sure I’m going to be in whatever crazy film finally comes out, looking really stupid and, just as sadly, I’ll probably be in good company. A few of us will no doubt get hammered, but if we can get the word out IMMEDIATELY, we might be able to save the reputations of many other good people.

Finally, looking at the possibilities and what I saw while making the “training film,” I’m betting this is going to end up being a “Borat”-style film and it’s going to be vicious on the victims.

Please share this alert far and wide.

Philip Van Cleave
Virginia Citizens Defense League

If you or your organization has been a victim of this scam. please let us know the facts by contacting Virginia Citizens Defense League or [email protected]


First Freedom Television Article of Organization: (note Hollywood Connection and Lawyer)

First Freedom Television Article of Organization
First Freedom Television Article of Organization

Their domain DNS is handled by WIXDNS.NET, which appears to be a subset of, which seems to generally be a Website hosting business with no phone numbers or location posted on its Website.

Mailing address is a UPS store at 8581 Santa Monica Blvd. Ste 351 West Hollywood, CA 90069

First Freedom Television Running Craigslist Ads in Colorado?


First Freedom Television Craigslist Add
First Freedom Television Craigslist Add

More deleted Craigslist ads from across the USA:

First Freedom Television Scam Craigslist Postings
First Freedom Television Scam Craigslist Postings

First Freedom Television Scam email to Florida Carry :

First Freedom Television Florida Carry Email
First Freedom Television Florida Carry Email

Rob Pincus' Warning to CFS Instructors February 13th 2018:

Rob Pincus' Warning to CFS Instructors February 13th 2018
Rob Pincus' Warning to CFS Instructors February 13th 2018



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Virginia Citizens Defense League


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  • 28 thoughts on “An Attack On Gun-Rights Leaders Is Underway – Spread The Word!

    1. It’s a little frightening to think about how many people probably fell for this, participated in it and don’t even realize what they did. Or, worse yet, NOW know what they did and are too ashamed, embarrassed or clueless to come forward. Think about how many small-time Firearms instructors and mall-cop ninjas there are that would literally jump at the chance to be on camera after having the red carpet rolled out for them. As someone with a bit of experience in this area, my advice to the Firearms industry and gun rights Advocates would be this: fight fire with fire; propaganda with better propaganda. Forget the truth. Truth has it’s place among lofty ideals, unicorns, rainbows and pots of gold but it loses every time against well-funded propaganda. We should make our own docu-series about the “The Making of a Documentary” and it could profile these desperate Hollywood hacks and bottom-feeders and the tactics they use to manipulate, marginalize and distort the “truth” – whatever that is?

    2. Hello. I can vouch 100% for Philip. Almost the same scenario happened to me. I received the same letters that Philip and Rob Pincus received. I spoke with Ashley and Julia and Alexis beforehand and asked them many questions to make sure they were legitimate. They said all the right things to make me feel like I was going to to be contributing the good of society, specifically, “discussing how to discuss communities safe in the 21st Century.” They paid for my airfare and put me up in the Hilton, downtown Harrisburg. They also offered a driver to pick me up from my home to take me to the airport, pay for meals and to be compensated for my time. I’ve been volunteering my time and paying my own expenses for more than 20 years fighting to protect the 2nd Amendment, so this was unexpected.

      They also asked me if I could be prepared to talk about gun safety. I was really excited to do this, because I have handed out thousands of the NRA’s “Eddie Eagle” program and worked with legislators to get gun safety education mandated in Utah schools. I’ve also taught many Eddie Eagle gun safety courses. I also found copies of the comic book, “Gun Control Kills Kids,” by Aaron Zelman with Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, to take to them. I believed this would have extra meaning to them…because I would be meeting with members of Israeli security experts.

      I received a phone message from Alexis telling me not to bring firearms on set because they would be using replicas. I had not agreed to be part of any firearms demonstrations. I am very careful how I’m photographed with guns because I know the media’s tendency to put gun owners in positions to make them look like extremists.

      When I arrived at TV production headquarters, they informed me that my driver was making more in one day than they made all week. (More ways to make me feel obligated and in debt to them.) They rushed me through, having me sign a contract without giving me time to read it. There were two buff guys performing disarming techniques on each other. They asked me if I wanted to learn how to disarm an attacker. I said sure. I knew they were letting me put them in chokeholds and grab the gun away from them. It’s possible they will use this section to show why guns are not an effective defensive tool because it’s easy to take them away from people. Eran talked about how they hated Obama and loved Trump. Loved conservatives, hated liberals…they talked the talk. I’ve since spoken with law enforcement and they toldme that everything they did was sophisticated mind control techniques. I’m going to cut and paste what I posted on Facebook for the rest of my experience. But first, I want to thank Philip and Rob. My stress level has been over the top. But now I have two witnesses that will back me up. I’m so glad that we have connected…truly a divine coincidence. Before, I felt like I was alone in my testimony against them. I’m willing to take this to the mat to expose these Satanic pigs. I say that because Satan is a liar and the father of all lies. Everything they told us was a lie. Satan is also an enemy to freedom. If we lose our gun rights, we lose our freedom. Here’s my FB post:

      How do you stop school shootings? With pistol-packing preschoolers and five-year-old “Kindie-Guardians” shooting .50 caliber machine guns. That’s what Freedom First Television claimed that this is what Benjamin Netanyahu wanted in Israel. So they asked leaders of gun rights groups in America to help them for a TV show in Israel.

      I agreed to the interview because they invited me to talk about how to keep communities safe in the 21st Century. Had I known they were professional con artists with a completely different agenda, I would NEVER have agreed to do this interview. The whole letter was a carefully-planned trick from some gun-hating group to trick honest, law-abiding gunowers with lies and take advantage of their honesty. I did not agree to teach toddlers to kill terrorists.

      But they will edit the recordings to make me and anyone who owns guns to look like complete wackos. The following article is what happened to me on the same day! I received the same letter from FFTV. Almost exact same scenario. Totally manipulated and forced under duress, despite my constant objections, into teaching toddlers how to kill terrorists. How? By training gun-totin’ toddlers to shoot guns disguised as “Puppy Pistol,” “Bunny gun,” Uzicorn (uzi gun inside a cute furry stuffed unicorn), and “Dino Gun, a .50 caliber full-auto. And…wait for it…RPGs…to “send terrorists to the moon.” All the while singing, “If you’re happy and you know it shoot your gun, bang, bang.” Because the interviewer was on a mission because he claimed his toddler son was killed by a terrorist attack in a school in Israel.

      As presposterous as this sounds. It happened. And I’m fighting back. I asked for them to cancel my contracts. That I would return airfare and hotel fees. That this is completely irresponsible to teach kids that guns are as harmless as stuffed animals. That they did not have my permission to use my image associated with their “gun safety” program. Other people are victims. I’m asking you to share this message so that no one else is duped. And so that nobody ever thinks it’s OK to make bullets look as harmless as coloring crayons and deadly ammunition to look as harmless as carrot food for the cute bunny gun.That you just press on the tummies of these deadly weapons and they spit out their food to make the bad guys take a nap. Guns are NOT soft furry stuffed animals that can be hugged and played with. SHAME ON THEM!!

    3. No one’s going to point out that the article is written by someone from the Virginia Citizens Defense League – the same VCDL whose members gave that “Under the Gun” interview with Katie Couric, then tried to sue her for defamation because she completely misrepresented them? And they apparently not only didn’t learn from that lesson, but it wiped their brains and made them go along with what sounds like the most obvious setup I’ve heard of (even Borat’s bits would have been less obvious!).
      At this point, I’m almost certain this group is controlled opposition (i.e. they’re anti-gunners masquerading as pro-gun people) – the only other explanation is that the group is composed solely of the lowest IQ, most gullible morons in the entire gun industry. VCDL, stop pretending to represent gun owners – you’re terrible at it.

    4. The correct response to this type of offer or any offer from the left or left media is always no thank you, period, end of story. They will never portray you as anything but a radical fool. That is the objective. Why bother.

      1. Maybe a better strategy would be selling their first class round trip airline ticket on Craig’s List and giving the money to Gun Owners of America.

    5. One name you MUST remember in this, the funding source: GEORGE SOROS. Mr. Moneybags behind these radical, anti-American groups. He needs to be gone. Every day he can influence these pariahs, good, loyal American citizens are at risk. Trust me. Deal with this, now. No foreign national, a Nazi rat to boot, should have this kind of influence in the U.S. He protects and is protected by the worst kind of treasonous scum in this country. He was behind the funding of Barack Obama’s meteoric and sinister rise. The results are a matter of record. The guy is vermin.

    6. These sub-Humans have been using propaganda and disinformation for years. It’s not news as far as I’m concerned. For those who think the left agenda is a conspiracy, I guess this is of critical importance. Well written. I call them sub-Humans because they lack moral integrity in that they have zero understanding of law-abiding gun culture, they have zero understanding of how to deal with security threats, they refuse to acknowledge that strict gun control will have zero impact on criminal behavior and will succeed at nothing other than creating a fantastical microcosm of “safety.” If they were “Human” it would involve making a decision to protect their families and communities, but they blindly follow Globalist propaganda. They call gun owners archaic but the truth is their proactive refusal to understand the problem and come up with a solid solution to protect their children is no less than indifference. Let’s not pretend the big banks are not behind gun control because they are. The big banks want a disarmed America so they can capitalize on a dystopian police state. It starts with a social system and police state to ensure compliance with a complete seizure of citizens rights. Too many EU nations have been following this path for so long they actually believe in it. The bottom line is that we need to invest the $200-300 per child per year to protect our children by placing armed professionals or certified volunteers into every school in the nation. Anything less is just political talk, masking ambitions to pilfer tax dollars into other programs that pad the wallets of our fine leadership. Let’s see it for what it is. I have no problem with shelling out $600 a year for my two children to be guarded so the next psychopath can’t shoot or stab them to death or even blow them up, and hopefully doesn’t make it past the front desk alive. The liberals desire to seek their “better angels” and ban tools that can kill is just an opportunity for the Globalists to push gun control, and I don’t see Bloomberg funding armed guards for school children, as he himself is guarded by armed professionals.

    7. So many of us are Just Sick Sick. Of course they are coming after you just like they always do, and of course you have your same views towards them. How about we try to get together with who ever they are, and see if we can make things better? That is what I am trying to do because I Want It All, not just my way but all of it.

    8. Question…Why would the FBI have all this advance info on the Florida shooter , and do nothing with it ? Because they wanted it to happen ! Just like the conspiracy in the Vegas shooting ? Sounds to me like anti gun money has penetrated the F requently B ought I nvestigators . Can you say Clinton , Soros , Bloomburg , etc.

      1. @OV yes, this is just another opportunity to get rid of Trump. I emailed a note to the pres. on saying that the current call for gun control is just a Democrat ploy to separate the pres. from his base. The liberals in the deep state are hoping that the pres. will go for the ploy and he will be a one term president.

    9. Mr. Van Cleave,
      “This wasn’t real and probably some sort of a set up.” You and your “story” are obviously part two of this hoax. To imply that giving them what they wanted was a wise move is beyond absurd. You are slick though, I’ll give you that – somehow even the AmmoLand editor allowed you to post this ridiculous scam.
      NRA Life Member

    10. This is infuriating to say the least. Please keep us up updated on this story, this is the first I have heard of this. Liberal f#%ktards.

    11. Seems like the NRA, GOA, etc. should be all over this. A scripted Katie Couric like hit piece using the term First Freedom …

    12. “In the end we played each other and I confirmed what I feared this was all about.”

      No sir, you didn’t play them. You obliged, and they got what they wanted.

    13. The deep state tried to throw a presidential election. We all know that getting HER elected was part of the anti-gun agenda. All these failures by government agencies to stop shooters even when they have been tipped off is becoming too coincidental for me.

      1. Our problem is so many Republicans are closet liberals and are also chasing this globalist notion and a disarmed population.

    14. I was actually flown out to this taping that was going on in PA a couple of weeks ago.

      The production team figured out pretty quickly that I wasn’t going to go along with the shenanigans and then proceeded to come up with every version of excuse for why they “went ready for me” or “there were delays” when I repeatedly tried to make contact with the supposed “Trainers” that were involved. At one point I actually got in a car and was heading over to the taping location in Harrisburg from the Great American Outdoors Show and they had the driver turn around and take me back to the hotel. The production staffer was in a panic on the phone, which she obviously didn’t know was on speaker. She insisted that I be taken to my hotel and that the car return for someone else that why were ready for. One of the production staff members showed up there to cover my associated expenses and have me sign a receipt (I never signed a release of agreement to be part of the production). Throughout this time I had been in contact with two different women: Ashley Winthrop and Alexis Rothe.

      I later heard from a female gun rights activist (whom I will not name at this time) who was also invited to participate. They actually put her in front of the camera that day and manipulated her into playing along with the some extraordinarily ridiculous things like a gun disguised as a stuffed animal so that young kids could keep at the ready in the classroom with them and killers wouldn’t immediately target the kids with the guns. One of the guns was actually named “Uzi-Corn”…. you get the idea. Her story was very similar to Phillips that is related above.

      I’ll admit that when I first heard her story, I didn’t believe that it was actually a set-up. It was easier to believe that there were just some really well intentioned but horribly misguided people who were being strung along by an LA Production company looking to make a few bucks. My assumption at that point was that they didn’t let me in to keep their production moving forward without disruption… but, I didn’t clearly see the reason behind their fear of that disruption.
      I did counsel this woman in regard to the next steps she should take to prevent her participation from being part of any video that might eventually be released and I am still in contact with her as she is working with lawyers to try to protect her reputation.

      Over the past few days, the truth behind the craziness has been revealed.

      I am have always been an advocate for “always saying yes” to media invitations so that we can present our views as responsible gun owners and Second Amendment Advocates. That said, we must not be so anxious to participate in front of the camera that we go along with whatever is being said… even if it means risking offending someone or insulting them by requesting to record the event ourselves or vet the claims of the other people involved.

      I am standing by to assist anyone who might be impugned by this well funded scam.

      -Rob Pincus

      My Last Text to Freedom First TV before they went dark:Rob Pincus Last Text to Freedom First TV Scam

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