New Assault Weapons Ban for Pistols And Shotguns

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New Assault Weapons Ban for Pistols And Shotguns

U.S.A.-( It is no secret that Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I) is no fan of guns. After the Las Vegas shooting, he introduced a bill to ban bump stocks. With another tragedy, he looks to gain political capital by proposing more overreaching gun bills that are doomed to fail in Congress. This tactic is what is known as the “political circus.”

The new bill, which is co-sponsored by 150 other Democrats, would introduce what Cicilline calls “sensible legislation.” He uses such buzz words as “weapons of war” and “assault weapons.” Looking into the bill it is anything, but “sensible.”

“Assault weapons were made for one purpose,” a statement released by Cicilline said. “They are designed to kill as many people as possible in a short amount of time. They do not belong in our communities.”

Rep. David Cicilline
Rep. David Cicilline : With another tragedy, he looks to gain political capital by proposing more overreaching gun bills that are doomed to fail in Congress.

The Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 (H.R.5087) does a lot more than just ban the modern sporting rifle. It would prohibit most firearms used today. Reading through the draconian bill harkens back to the gun confiscations of Nazi Germany, the USSR, and China.

The bill would ban all AR15, AKMs, and all other modern sporting rifles. The legislation mentions over 200 brands of firearms by name which would effectively put these companies out of business. I reached out to some of these companies for comment, but I have not gotten a response at the time of this writing.

According to the proposed law, it would ban any pistol that is capable of using a magazine that holds more than ten rounds. The key to this is that the gun just as to be capable of accepting a magazine that holds more than ten rounds. This stipulation means the bill would ban every semiautomatic pistol as an assault weapon.

Most semiautomatic shotguns would also be banned. The bill would ban any semiautomatic shotgun that is capable of holding more than five shells. If the shotgun has a detachable magazine, it would also be prohibited. If it has a folding, telescoping, or detachable
stock, it would be considered an assault weapon. A pistol grip or forward grip would also cause it to fall into the banned category.

One strange thing in the bill is that it bans any shotgun with a rocket launcher attached. I can't find one case where someone attached a rocket launcher to a shotgun.

I was also under the impression that rocket launchers were already illegal. I will have to look into the laws some more before next Christmas.

One interesting about this bill is that it bans any weapon that has an automatic version. Cicilline doesn't give any reason why this would make a semiautomatic gun any more dangerous. The bill seems to use buzz words without much research.

When talking to Jonathan T. Gilliam on the left's attack on the Second Amendment, he said, “You'll have a pellet gun, and that will be all you would be allowed to have. Even that they would probably go after.”

It looks like Gilliam might be right. The bill would label any pellet fired from a pellet gun with more than 4oz of air “a rocket.” It would further ban any air gun with more than 4oz of air as an assault weapon. This bill goes further than any other anti-gun bill ever proposed.

The bill would grandfather any guns that are in private hands but would require an FFL transfer of the now prohibited firearm from one person to another. There would be a 90 day grace period before this provision kicks into effect. The FFL transfer would help the government track the firearms listed.

The bill defines a large capacity magazine as any “feeding device” that can hold more than ten rounds. It would only allow for the manufacture and sale of these magazines to law enforcement and other government agencies. The magazines would have to be serialized and registered in the same manner as firearms.

This bill has no chance of passing. It will most likely die in committee. It seems like Rep. Cicilline, and the other Democrats are trying to use the Florida shooting to score political points with their base. This bill will be the first of many in the coming days.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at

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    1. Somebody tell the American Indians that the Lever Action Rifle that slaughtered them and the buffaloes were not the Assault rifles of there time, or that the Bolt Action Rifles from the Spanish American War,WW1 and WW2 were not designed to kill as many enemies as possible. They were all the top technology of there time. Now the left wants to shut off the top technology to the masses so only they will have the best. The left is scared Shitless of the masses of all races out gunning them. What a load of leftist crapp. Scared of those who refuse to be Lambs to there slaughter. The only reason any of us has got to enjoy and reap the benefits of the experiment that is America is because Guns were used to steal it from the American Indians. Guns are the main reason we got this amazing continent and have been able to keep it. None of these leftist criminals would even be in power without guns.

    2. Somebody tell the American Indians that the Lever Action Rifle that slaughtered them and the buffaloes were not the Assault rifles of there time, or that the Bolt Action Rifles from the Spanish American War,WW1 and WW2 were not designed to kill as many enemies as possible. They were all the top technology of there time. Now the left wants to shut off the top technology to the masses so only they will have the best. The left is scared Shitless of the masses of all races out gunning them. What a load of leftist crapp. Scared of those who refuse to be Lambs to there slaughter. The only reason any of us has got to enjoy and reap the benefits of the experiment that is America is because Guns were used to steal it from the American Indians. Guns are the main reason we got this amazing continent and have been able to keep it.

    3. James,

      That is actually why I believe “bump-fire” stocks do have a use. They will never be as good as aimed fire, BUT could be used for suppressive fire, if needed.

    4. Well the time has finally come people, we must ban all cars. They kill people in the world everyday so they must be bad things to own. Damn and I was looking forward to being able to transport myself and my family to places we have to go to. But we can’t because cars are so bad. Everytime an incident occurs with a gun this is what we hear and it is just as ridiculous. Cars don’t kill people, accidents mostly is what causes a collision and therefore a death. It is not the fault of the pieces of metal causing deaths , it is the people that operate these pieces of metal. So tell me, what in the hell is wrong with these people blaming metal for deaths, it is insane. Damn people come off of your high horses and think for a change !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. I was talking to a couple of older men and told them I had an AR. They ask me if I really needed a gun that would fire full auto. I explained to them that no AR has that capability, that they are semi auto similar to their 22’s, one shot to each trigger pull. What amazed me is they we’re both 20years older than me and both have shot and own guns but had no idea.
      I also showed them a picture of a .223 ranch rifle and explained they are basically the same gun. I can’t believe they didn’t know. Truthfully I don’t think they believed me. One of them even remarked that they could never shoot someone even to save themselves and family. I feel I lost the battle at that point

      1. @David Hill, That is scary! That anyone would think arms ownership is “need based”; experienced shooters were that ignorant of firearms (didn’t they ever buy an issue of G&A); and that they could never shoot to save their family. I don’t think that it was you that had lost the battle, Dave. You were talking with MINOs. Men in Name, Only.

        1. Wild Bill, “MINOs. Men in Name, Only” always reminds me of what C.S. Lewis wrote years ago, “We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”
          This IS where we are today. It has been done with purpose and forethought. I have raised my boys to be men, but most haven’t. To this end we homeschooled so that they wouldn’t be influenced by the progressive left’s indoctrination. Even then, it’s a battle….

    6. The communist garbage state ( NJ ) had their own “assault weapons ” ban in the 90’s, and we were told that they weren’t after granddads’ shotgun. no sooner than it was passed, some arrogant (is there any other kind) demoncrap from north jiosey came out and said “now we can go after the shotguns”.
      If you are stupid enough to believe demoncrap politicians, then you will find out how people felt when Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc. got total control. God help this nation.

    7. They want to use a tragedy to do something. The National Assault Rifle Association wants to use a tragedy to line their pockets with blood money. In any case, why don’t you just send thoughts and prayers? I mean, if it fixes dead, murdered children as you say it does, then it should fix this, right?

      1. Read this slowly to ensure you understand it completely. The NRA does not sell firearms. The NRA is an organization with two goals; to educate Americans on the proper use and care of firearms; and to defend the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. A vast majority of the funding the NRA receives is people who are buying memberships because they are growing worried that the federal government is going to attack the 2nd Amendment. The number one cause of growth in NRA funding is you – the left-leaning gun grabber. If the American people did not feel like we were constantly needing to defend the 2nd Amendment, the NRA wouldn’t necessarily even be in political lobbying. If both sides were to agree that the right to keep and bear arms is an immutable right, the NRA could stick to just educating.

      2. Bradley: Could you kindly point out exactly which word, sentence or phrase in your (predictable) comment was born of independent thought? This would help to clarify thoughtfulness on your part, to avoid your being perceived as just another useful idiot parroting hackneyed (and exceedingly boring) political talking points. It’s far too late for any of us to send thoughts and prayers or to ‘fix’ the dead and murdered children that were part of the 100+ MILLION people murdered in cold blood during the Bolshevik revolution last century, which never could have occurred had the citizens’ guns not been confiscated beforehand. And of course the citizens were informed that it was for their SAFETY that they had to relinquish their only means of protection.
        So you think it’s a good idea for we citizens to give up our guns for our safety, do you?

      3. @Bratley, What about that gang that kills more than eight hundred people per day. Yet, you are opposed to the NRA who kills no one, and only seeks to protect your Constitutional Civil Rights?

      4. @Bradley … tell me what you hear about the BOKO HAREM . Then tell me that you want 200 or 300 girls disappearing in this country with no way to stop it .

    8. Fortunatly only Democrats have sighned off on HR 5087 so far. It is both unconstitutional and misleading. Unconstitutional because, “Shall not be infringed.” Misleading because the AR15 is not an assult rifle.
      Even if it passed it would be uniforcable because the definition of “Assault Rifle is wrong.

    9. This constant “lone white shooter” has repeated & Repeated,
      & the constant lack of government overwatch,except at the end when it’s time to ban even more fire arms is systematic.
      If you notice the patterns,there are always full glaring histories,
      of violence,mental instability,and no fathers present in the household…no inforcemment of the law when ALL THESE THINGS ARE REPORTED,2 shooters almost invariably show –
      Or are reported,1 shooter apprehended,always white citizens
      As victims (majority) and usually supporters of gun ownership,
      So as to conveniently have them pay for that belief by flooding family and or children…(for the anti-gun establishment)
      They have disappearing tattoos (like the Vegas shooter)
      after being killed…looks more like standard ops for false flag
      Movements,rather than “random shootings” they even have the military element of 5 is4,4 is 3,3 is 2,3 is 2,2 is 1, 1 is none.a team was waiting to manage these school kids/witnesses on screen and off,creating blogs on youtube,creating a tidal wave
      of anti gun sentiment,and content – when leftists can’t get anything right,but can call it in the air – and state all shooters are “white males” that it’s not a gun problem,it’s a “white male problem” and have it repeat as prophecy time & time again…
      This,is planning,this is the government’s involvement,this is a false flag ala hegelian dialectic.we need to treat this as such,

    10. Is I true that the Supreme court of the United States in DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA V. HELLER, argued March 18, 2008 – decided June 26, 2008 held that:

      The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. … and the right applies to those (weapons) used by the militia, i.e., those in common use for lawful purposes.

      Who/what is and individual? What is a right? What does it mean “to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes”? Are target practice, competition shooting, hunting, home defense and etc. traditional lawful purposes? What is a Weapon? Who are the militia? What are the common arms used by the militia? What does “in common use for lawful purposes” mean? What weapons are currently in use for common lawful purposes?

      Today, as defined by the Militia Act of 1903, the term “militia” is primarily used to describe two groups within the United States:
      – Organized militia – consisting of State militia forces; notably, the National Guard and Naval Militia. (Note: the National Guard is not to be confused with the National Guard of the United States.)
      – Unorganized militia – composing the Reserve Militia: every able-bodied man of at least 17 and under 45 years of age, not a member of the National Guard or Naval Militia.
      Source: Wikipedia

    11. Here is what will have all Liberals freaking out about banning assault weapons. Here it is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ban ALL credit cards. Even without sharpening an edge, it can slice your throat in an instant.

    12. They will never take or get your guns ,they are the minority they just have the media to carry out their lies and the dumb masses soak it up unquestionably. I have asked several people about guns and tha 2nd a 1 out of 20 disagrees with the rest of us and most are either union members or democrats

            1. You should Thank The Heavens for our Unions or muta like yourself that can’t even spell “whether” would be making $7.00 an hr.

            2. Jarid, listen up: the Supreme Court wrote a decision (back in the seventies or early eighties, I can’t recall just when) that allowed Jehovah’s Witnesses to refuse to pay union dues, because their religion does not allowed them to provide money for political purposes – and unions use your dues to support various political candidates, push for votes on political propositions, etc. So, the JWs still have to have the same dollar amount as the dues deducted from their paychecks, BUT they can have that money donated to the charity of their choice.

              I discovered this fact when I worked for the California Highway Patrol and was forced to join the union. I declared myself a Jehovah’s Witness and had my “dues” sent to a local facility for “developmentally-disabled” children and adults in our community. I was glad to be able to donate to them instead of our union – whose by-laws stated that the union board could over-rule any vote by the membership. When the board approved sending many thousands of dollars to Dianne Feinstein’s campaign, it didn’t matter that a majority of us voted against it, it was done anyway.

              Check it out. It should still be a viable alternative. You do NOT have to prove you are a JW, nor do you have to attend a JW church. As it would be said today, if you “self-identify” as a JW, you _are_ a JW (for all legal purposes). If you go that route, it might be handy to read a bit about the JWs and what they believe. The primary issue being the no money given that will be used for political purposes – no payment to “Caesar”, IIRC.

    13. What would be the next step, no semi auto shot guns? The duck hunters, upland birds among others will go “crazy”! These firearms as well can do as much “damage” if not more.

      1. Without Unions u wouldn’t b making the money ur making or getting the Heath care or dental insurance u need for u and ur family. What if u didn’t have that Union? I wonder! Thank goodness for UNIONS!

        1. Don’t argue with them, Dave. I’m sure they think “Company Stores” were just a liberal lie and probably don’t even know basic history…like the fucking reason the Revolutionary War started. British special interests (Corporations/Special interests with pull in Parliament) pushed through the Stamp Act while telling the colonies to suck a dick related to representation (Kinda where we’re heading since the Popular vote doesn’t mean shit.) and then had the enforcement of the Stamp Act lead by family of said people with power (Nobles/relatives of royalty and Parliament members/family of Governors appointed by special interests/etc).

          Funny, I’m pro 2nd Amendment as a motherfucker, but many gun owners just regurgitate non-researched shit on a constant basis, that are far-right, as lefties that can’t tell semi-auto from full-auto weapons.

          I get shit on by both sides and realized that it’s a two-pronged attack from politicians to split Americans. We shouldn’t even be having arguments about the Constitution. All the changes to the Constitution have been Amendments just to clarify the rights of Americans. If you’re pro 2nd Amendment, shut the fuck up about other Religions, (ISLAM) and stop crying about other people’s free speech when you spout your own like you’re a messenger from God. (You aren’t.)

          We have the right to assemble and unions are an aspect of that. The mob took advantage, but they represented the working class more than many politicians at the time that were in the pockets of Corporations. We even had a time in this country when the fucking military could be mobilized against striking workers. If you guys are all for that shit again, well there we go. Might as well throw away your fucking guns.

          I’m not a hypocrite, so I’ll keep mine.

    14. People don`t go any farther then their brain washing allows them. They only apply history when they think it will help support their incorrect statements and lies .
      The first assault weapon was the rock ( Cain killed Able ).Then sticks , spears , bow and arrows and knives. Eventually gun powder was developed and with it came along canons , match lock rifles , flintlock weapons , cap lock weapons and so forth to modern weapons.
      Also people that want to do harm to others can use anything for individual one time killing or multiple killings.
      Remember a warrior can use anything he puts his hands on as a weapon to vanquish their enemy.
      Therefore all you control freaks out there , do not lie and say that guns control will solve anything , be honest and say you are ( in my opinion ) cowards and afraid of everything. Then when you figure it out , go back and start banning rocks , trees poisonous plants and animals to include insects and anything else that can cause harm to anyone like mountains ( you may fall off a mountain while hiking ) and water ( you cold drown or choke on water while drinking ) . This might sound like banning nature is general is not feasible but so is banning weapons for law abiding citizens.
      There is evil in this world and people have to right to defend themselves with a weapon that is at least equal to or superior. You do not know what criminals will be carrying and they do not follow the law.

      1. When I stated that in my opinion , gun control freaks are cowards and afraid of everything.
        Think about that , all these people either have money and some because of their jobs have bodyguards.
        They do not have to face anything , yet the are willing to sacrifice a bodyguard and couldn`t care less about his family or friends.
        True the bodyguard took the job , for he has courage and doesn`t take his occupation lightly.
        People that don`t want guns , fine with me but do not infringe on peoples rights to defend themselves.
        I have never seen a person without a gun that didn`t at least try to call the police when in danger and was not grateful when a person , man or woman , police or civilian saved their life , they were very grateful.

    15. Every time some leftist/Socialist starts spouting the buzz words “reasonable”, “modest”, “safer”, “more responsible”, or “common sense” gun control, you can be certain that his ultimate goal is complete gun confiscation from honest citizens.

    16. “This bill has no chance of passing”, while hopefully that’s true, it’s passing probably isn’t the main point of the bill at all. Progressives have studied every major and minor marxist totalitarian playbook imaginable. They know if the left keeps telling lies loud enough and often enough, the public begins to warm to those ideas regardless of validity. “A lie told often enough becomes the truth” (Vladimir Lenin). This bill is filled with false assertions and nonsensical restrictions, but regardless the narrative has been put forth and the uninformed will buy into it. “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” (Adolf Hitler).
      The fight to maintain the USA’s freedom is serious and eventually could turn deadly. The left knows no bounds or limits and will do whatever is necessary in their own eyes to accomplish their goals. As Stalin and Marx have said,
      “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves” (Joseph Stalin), and “The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism” (Karl Marx).
      Conservatives need to lead the charge and take the fight to the left. We can’t continue to sit back in a defensive posture waiting for the next blow. We need to lead in the issues of inner city gang violence, school safety, mental health and firearms safety. Do these things without infringing on our constitutional rights and everyone is a winner.

      1. Doc, I have made that comment before. Much to my chagrin, excuses included deflection to the editor, the person responsible for the posting, etc. As readers, it is very distracting from the content and intent of the author when forced to try to parse as we read. As a perfectionist when writing, I contend that poor spelling, missing words, blatant grammar mistakes, and general language misuse have become the new norm! Ugh! Basic grammar has been thrown out and replaced with a “participation trophy!” The point of any author’s work should not be overshadowed by shoddy workmanship.

        1. Doc and Murphy ,
          Please be advised that people make Typos ( I do ) when typing and miss them when they proof read their own work. People are not all perfectionists In any language that they speak.
          I personally did not major in English , therefore I do the best I can .
          My Mother was from England and spoke proper English , flawlessly .
          She told me growing up that I Murdered the Queens English , which was true. I still do .
          Even now when I go to England and Wales , guess what. , the British have no problem understanding me. they understand because they consider all of the Americans are either Barbarians or Colonials.
          Even when I email friends and family , again no problem .
          I understand that both of you like the post to be grammatically correct , would be nice , I guess.
          Having said that , everyone is not as well educated in English as everyone else .
          Same as chemistry , If I need how to make a rubber ball from liquids, just tell me what to do . Do not confuse me with facts and go into a long explanation as to why the mixing of liquids and why it works. I personally do not care about Atoms and the plus and negative charge exchanges to create something from several ingredients to form one object..
          I enjoy all the posts , whether it is properly written or not as long as
          I can understand it .
          Thank You

      2. Oh thank heavens the grammar police are watching this site. And thank you for pointing out this error. Otherwise, I may have gone thru the entire day not realizing this.

        I’m so ashamed…

    17. The guy pisses his pants at the sight of a gun, But R.I. are stupid en-mass and keep voting for this POS even with a 17% approval rating. Like all elitists communists, he knows better than anybody else and he will impose his will on you. Exactly why we need guns, and exactly why he wants them gone I guess the elitists/communists really want a civil war.

    18. Maybe start a partition on banning assault vehicles and assault trains along with assault cell phones, But wait it’s not these things that did anything it’s the person but use a firearm let’s attack it ..people need to wake up the person could of had explosives and did more damage by wipping out more people but nobody ever talk about 911 look at all the people lost there lives,but yet we didn’t bank plains . Sorry but I can keep going people our talking About age limit to 21 yrs old if that’s the case then make everything voting,driving,military police .the firearm didn’t walk it took some body just like everything else.

    19. “I don’t know what the first “assault weapon” was or who created it,” It was the Dims hero, Adolf Hitler that coined the term for a BOLT ACTION the VOLLMER M 35 Maschinenkarabiner. citation the Firearm Blog. So the REAL ‘ASSAULT Rifle is a BOLT ACTION rifle. Not that any of this matters to morally corrupt Democrats.

    20. @James that is a really good point about rock-n-roll being for suppressive fire. Not that it would matter to the Damn National Communists (hereinafter DNC). They are not interested in getting to the truth. They are interested in getting and keeping power. Oh, and don’t worry, they will get around to grandpa’s shotgun.

      1. I use my AR style rifles for hunting coyotes, deer, and prairie dogs and target shooting, aren’t those sports? The AR was developed during the 1950’s, isn’t that modern, certainly it is more modern than bolt action rifles developed in the late 1800’s. Would be Luddites/control freaks will always exist.

      2. Keep calling them assault rifles & proving your total ignorance to those who actually know what they’re talking about. But you know best, right? Just because you surround yourself with like-minded people does not make you the majority, nor does it make you any less a moron.

            1. @Sgt Rock, Well, just keep calling the them assault rifles, then, and see what the political consequences are. Let the socialists control the conversation and see what the result will be. Just fall into their propaganda trapl Don’t give it another thought.

            2. Stop kidding yourself that these are just sporting rifles. They may be to you but not in the hands of a nut. And it’s easy to say focus on mental health but today’s high pressure world is going to see more and more people crack and our national healthcare system is a joke. I’ll stand by your right to own one but feel it’s perfectly sensible to restrict ownership to sane people as much as possible. If that means an extended waiting period for someone to get a gun, boo hoo for them. If (as the paranoids argue) someone gets murdered in that extra week or two then God clearly wanted them dead. And I’ve owned dozens of guns, I’m just not crazy paranoid about Boka Hareem invading America or other such paranoid nonsense. And yes, the NRA is about corporate money, nothing else. If they could arrange it so prisoners on death row could buy guns they’d jump at it.

            3. @SGT Rock that must describe your head, thick and hard like a rock. Maybe a steel trap, nothing gets in. T R O L L.

    21. I’d like to think I am pretty informed on the 2A front and current events, so why do I never hear any meaningful challenge to the assertions that are made by people like the author of this bill? Things like: “Assault weapons were made for one purpose,They are designed to kill as many people as possible in a short amount of time”. I wish someone could have this man cite the source for the information that prompts this statement. Why doesn’t someone stop him right there and say, “prove that, then we’ll go to the next statement”. I was taught in the military that the select-fire was reserved for suppressive fire and to gain advantage in certain situations. 90% of the time we were in “Safe” or “Semi”. Never were we made to think that flipping that switch was for “killing a lot of people quickly”. It was used as a force multiplier. I don’t know what the first “assault weapon” was or who created it, or what their intended purpose for that was, but I’d bet a paycheck that this politician doesn’t know either. At least I freely admit when I don’t know something.

      But we are not really talking about select-fire even though that is what an “assault weapon” is. People are played for fools and lied to and all of a sudden anything that doesn’t look like Grandpa’s break breach 12 gauge is a scary death machine. I’m not really hung up on the “assault weapon” definition. The whole thing is frustrating and I just used that to illustrate my point in this instance. There are so many statements that go unchecked.

      1. The first ,”Assult Rifle was made in Germany in WWII. It eas called the “Stermgavier”or “Storm Rifel”. It looked a lot like an AK47. In fast Kalashnickove copyed many of the improvents in the AK.

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