President Trump Caves to Gun Control Demands, Moves to Ban Gun Parts

Ban Bump Fire Gun Parts
Ban Bump Fire Gun Parts

Washington, DC – -( President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he had directed his Attorney General to compose changes that would ban so-called bump stocks or gun parts, which make it easier to fire guns more quickly.

“Just a few moments ago I signed a memo directing the attorney general to propose regulations that ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns,” Trump said at a Medal of Valor event at the White House, addressing Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“I expect these regulations to be finalized, Jeff, very soon,” Trump said.

President Trump made no acknowledgment that machine guns are legal in the USA and already highly regulated. Also, he offered no clarification of how fast is too fast to shoot your gun?

NRA Statement on Bump Stocks
Calls Growing for NRA Board to Repudiate Bump Stock Statement

Early last fall the NRA issued an official statement that they would allow the banning of bump stocks, which lead to sharp criticism of the organization by American gun owners and is likely what opened up the door to today’s move by president Trump. Once more, a glaring example of why you can not allow any reasonable compromise when it comes to guns and gun rights.

Moments earlier, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump ordered the Justice Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to review bump fire stocks, which she said had been completed. She said movement on that front would take place shortly.

“The President, when it comes to that, is committed to ensuring that those devices are — again I’m not going to get ahead of the announcement, but I can tell you that the President doesn’t support use of those gun accessories,” Sanders said.

In December, the Justice Department announced that it had begun a federal rule-making process that could reinterpret the legality of specific bump fire stock devices, a piece of equipment that enabled the Las Vegas gunman in October to fire on concertgoers more rapidly, mimicking automatic fire.

Repeatedly during the 2016 Presidential campaign candidate Trump had made direct promises to American gun voters that he supports the Second Amendment and promised to protect it at all cost. So much for that promise.

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The Dick Act of 1902 also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws. It also divides the militia into three distinct and separate entities. The three classes H.R. 11654 provides for are the organized militia, henceforth known as the National Guard of the State, Territory and District of Columbia, the unorganized militia and the regular army. The militia encompasses every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. All members of the unorganized militia have the absolute personal right and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms… Read more »


I voted for Trump. I support 90% of what he does.

But, has anyone else noticed that Trump seems to have the habit of simply agreeing with whoever he last spoke to?
And, is his flipping and flapping back and forth a strategy, or just a sign he’s unsure what he wants to do?


Stay alert and keep watch my fellow patriots for the war is on and we will keep watch. Do not leave your post until Properly relived.


We may have lost the day and tomorrow. Now the real battle begins at the house, Trump knows in his mind that he has said that he wants the bump stocks and all the devices gone, He has seen and reviewed what the devices can do. He understands that there is no use for them in our society. Some of us agree. He now has to struggle between the the people who supported him the most. He is caught between trying to appease the public at large. I know He is struggling mentally to do the right thing for this… Read more »


QOUTED. He understands that there is no use for them in our society. QOUTED Well some day when you’re being shot at with a fully auto by a thug , you might think a bump stock sure would be nice to have…seeing as how legal firearm owners are not allowed to own fully auto weapons. And a bump stock ban will lead to (if it doesn’t include now) to bans on trigger enhancements such as a lighter pull trigger kit. You sure you’re ready for this bump stock ban ? I am not willing to give up ANY of my… Read more »


when is say my toys i also mean my ak47 bump stock by sure fire,

The other Jim

@Wild Bill, ok, maybe Trump is just “playing” them. Yes, me too…just sent my two Reps. as well as Cornyn e-mails that now is the time for Reciprocity and repeal of the Gun Free School Zones Act.

The other Jim

@Wild Bill.
I don’t know Wild Bill, could be; but now Trump is going along with Feinstein’s age 21 for guns bill/ideas.

Wild Bill

@The o J, I just listened to President Trump’s speech to the Conservative Union, CPAC, in Michagan. Trump said no to gun control, and talked a lot about how to harden school zones, with armed guards and armed teachers. But just in case, I am going to keep sending emails to the POTUS, my two Senators, and my Congressman. I am going to tell them again how foolish it is to blame inanimate objects, and how unconstitutional it is to diminish my Civil Rights for what someone else has done. And finally, that there will be voting consequences for what… Read more »


@MB: That was exactly my rhetorical point!


Nottinghill < you are delusional if you think both The Reciprocity Act and The Hear Protection Act are about to pass. They will add several new infringements to the 22,000+ that already exist "For the Children", meanwhile Planed Parenthood slaughters 900 babies a day. Evil exists, it lives in D.C and in every state capital. The socialists have started to eat the elephant, one bite at a time. Civil War is on the horizon, maybe in our lifetimes. I Pray not.

Bob Moore

Let’s assume the bump stocks are eventually banned, here comes the rush to buy the stocks off the shelves! Just like the ARs during Obama’s regime. He was the best gun salesman in our history!

Jim Macklin

Don’t assume that President Trump has abandoned us. Often political maneuvering to stop something involves “support” to cool the loud voices. Whether it is the NRA or teh President, things have to be said before you can maneuver agreement for your position. If you saw the President :listening session on TV today, President Trump was very strongly behind arming teachers. He got to say that because he listened to people who were angry because their child was murdered . The simple fact is that a parent who has lost a child to a killer doesn’t “hear” the fact that we’ve… Read more »


… — … — … — … 2A will be saved. Bit by bit. Remember?! The Reciprocity Act is about to pass. The Hear Protection Act is about to pass also. RINOs dropping all over the nation. A bomb was convicted today for exploding after being dropped by two individuals who admitted to the crime. Sorry the bomb has no comment stating severe injuries and tackling pulling itself together. More later on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS including all public broadcasting stations.

Then there’s that damn itching Fix NICS………….. Hmmmmmmmmm!!!


Capitulation the most consistent action that false conservatives perform with regularly. How is it possible that socialist
democrats have the discipline to not capitulate? Do democrats have stronger political will? What ever the reason, our
Republic has and will suffer greatly for it. Appeals to emotion carry the political day over the existence of fact and reason.
Second Amendment proponents,have to develop the will and determination to resist compromising our values. We
have to take a page from our opposition and be willing risk our political station. Compromise has only given incremental
loss of our Second Amendment rights.


Our Trump has been put against the wall. All those that have been trying to get rid of him since he ran for President. And up to date, No one and i mean no one thought that he would make it. And now some of his own cabinet Has been plotting against him. He has done what no other President would do. He has the balls to do what others have dreamed to do. And he is no bodies puppet like so many other Presidents in the past. He cant be bought and he is his own man. I like… Read more »


I remember awhile back that there was this fella who said “THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!”. How can we increase our lot by ceding ground? Looks like we lost that and some more because they’re not done yet! Trump should took the position that allowed as many Marxists to kiss his a$$ at any given moment. You know. pulled up the ole kilt that said ‘left’ suck it!. But is we’re that sucking it. Yea got the big one in the back! Nothing like a Bowie to the kidney. The ‘Kidney being our 2A and us. There’s a 6in. karambit in… Read more »


If trump takes one foot down the gun ban, gun parts road he will lose his entire base. Then the swamp will eat him alive as we stand back and watch. I would be surprised if he lasts the whole first term. Well it was a beautiful thing in the beginning.

Gary Brennan

There are no practical purposes for the Bump Stock modifications other than to make the gun fire faster than the current law allows. NO ONE needs this modification to their Semi-Automatic. when the stocks were first introduced, I shot guns modified with the stock and they are not accurate at all unless your idea is just to spray and pray, Regulating this device is not a violation of the Second Amendment. Automatic fire actions are not lawful without very costly permits. I have three Modern Sporting Rifle platforms and I use them to hunt and target shoot. I abide by… Read more »


No one “needs” a lot of things. What’s your point, that we make illegal things you don’t “need”? Yeah, keep on telling yourself that because that’s exactly what California’s been telling you for years and, evidently, you’ve been buying that freedom limiting line for so long that now you want to impose it on everyone else. Sorry, I don’t care what you want, need, or feel like having, that’s your business and as long as you don’t hurt anyone else it’s fine with me. What you don’t have is the right to EVER tell me what I can have as… Read more »



Green Mtn. Boy

Vanns40, Wzrd
Double Amen !


D A M N STRAIGHT!! Well said! My question is, exactly where in the law, any law that regulates the rate of fire?

Country Boy

Need has nothing to do with it. No one needs a 500hp mercedes or other brand of car, to drive to work…but lots of dems have them don’t they? How about we ban all cars with more than 100hp because if we don’t “People will die!” How would that go over ya think ?

Dems want to ban all things THEY don’t like. Bump stocks is just the 1st step in this episode of gun control. As far as gun control laws…what part of ” SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED ” is it they don’t understand?


you can do all the bs bans on all or any parts of the guns and thats not the solution the only thing thats going to stop crazy people from killing is to ban crazyies and that has not happened since the begining of time and aint going to stop cause they dont care whats illegal they can kill with any utensial so it makes no difference what u use people are stupid to think you can stop crazy its been and always will be until theres not people


“… faster than current law allows.”?? I hope I am not of subpar IQ, but your statement is entirely unintelligible.

I’m aware of the legal number of bullets fired (1) per trigger press, but I know of NO law that specifies an actual number of rounds-per-minute to which a semiautomatic anything is restricted. Please, be more specific and enlighten us.


this is correct! and is also the second time he has angered the base. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION was the first!


May your chains rest lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countryman.

H.K. Latham

You are right bump stocks don’t amount to much, but that is not the issue or the point. Giving into gun control serves no usefulness and harms gun owners because it will include more than bump stocks. Machine guns are legal in case you forgot or didn’t know.

Country Boy

Bump stocks do not turn a semi auto into a fully auto. It just makes firing it as a semi auto a bit faster. So….I presume that means you DO NOT OPPOSE A BAN on lighter pound pull trigger kits for your semi auto pistols and revolvers as well as for all your rifles? Because they too, allow you to fire more bullets with your firearm in a shorter time frame. Have you given this any SERIOUS thought whatsoever? Once they ban bump stocks….. trigger kits will be the next thing dems will be screaming about. No one has told… Read more »

Country Boy

1) there is no law that I know of that states how many rounds a semi auto firearm can or cannot fire in a given time frame.

2) Bump stocks only make a semi auto fire a bit faster (and less accurately) but does not turn it into a fully auto.

Good grief man, read., be informed on what you’re posting about .


A handful of states have completely banned them already. I was just reading that I believe Massachusetts has outlawed them, ordered them turned in with NO compensation or sell it to another state that allows. The violation is a felony with 18 months to life sentence range! Just for having one. Don’t think that isn’t going to happen at the National level. Can you imagine having a couple bump stocks that were until recently even sold at Cabela’s and end up serving YEARS in prison? Unreal..Time to fight back.

Heed the Call-up

Rev R Vincent Warde, I do regularly talk to non-firearm owners, as well as my reps. We can’t accept a “bump” stock regulation and I have discussed this with those same aforementioned people and even with other firearm owners who may or may not agree with that ban. We need to educate, not capitulate. How fast is “too fast”? Who gets to decide and using what criteria? Many competitive shooters can fire semis at “ungodly” rates of fire that we mortals could never attain. Should that be illegal, too? How fast a rate would be certified illegal? Should we require… Read more »


I own several rifles from my personal built .308 AR10’s to a sig 556xi. When bumpstocks made their debut the first thing in my mind was, why? That is a horribly inaccurate device that some hillbilly and or idiot will hurt someone with. They seem like in the proper hands to be a great amount of fun. So is tannerite. On a pistol carbine I can see it as fine. With 5.56 and higher, NO! People should take a class 3 weapons course and learn exactly how automatic firearms are to operate. The biggest thing is, bumpstocks don’t operate like… Read more »


Deb: The peasants in Vietnam were visited by the Vietcong during the night and told that they would hide Vietcong guns and explosives in their homes, or they would be killed when the Vietcong returned. During the day the Americans came, finding Vietcong arms in the huts. So they would burn down the village, leaving the peasants without a place to live. The big losers here were the peasants, because they had no way to resist either side. Give up your best weapons and YOU will be, sooner or later, in the same position. Do you really trust the government?… Read more »


Why should I or you or anyone that is a law abiding citizens be punished for what some crazy person has done that’s not me or you so why are we paying the price !!!!! Semper Fi


@Rev R Vincent Warde: You say defend semiautomatic rifles and right before that say cave on Bump Fire Stocks which are nothing more than the truest definition of semiautomatic! You can’t cut this pie that many ways, it either is or it isn’t and you either defend Rights or you’re willing to, incrementally, give them up just as we’ve been doing since the NFA was enacted. Now, 22,000 incremental “give ins” later you’re saying do it again as a PR ploy? How about we say NO. Suppose we stop playing their game and go on the offense, something we haven’t… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy


Correct ! Where we find our selves is due to talking,discussing,conversations and capitulation with a group of people with the goal of abolishing the Second Amendment.
No more talking,discussing,conversations,capitulation on the Second Amendment, JUST NO !


With my own ears I heard Trump say outlaw bump stocks and any device that turns a weapon into an automatic gun.I am not going to bet the farm that he is playing games with the leftists.
These kids that are protesting in Tallahassee sure are good at reading the scripts that was put in front of them. Word for word looking at the paper all the while. The word staged comes to mind.


Where’s my post from an hour ago???

Rev R Vincent Warde

Wow. We really don’t win when we only listen and talk to people inside our community. There is zero doubt that Bloomberg and company are hoping that we will stand and fight over bump stocks, trigger cranks, binary trigger and other stuff that will completely discredit us in the eyes of not only a majority of the public – but a majority of gun owners. The heavy regulation of full auto firearms was decided on over 80 years ago. Like it or not, the reality is that all of the aforementioned things are seen as “workarounds” to the regulations governing… Read more »


I don’t see any point or need in compromise. People shouldn’t have compromised with the NFA in the 30s. We either have an unalienable right to bear firearms or we don’t. A bumpstock is not a loophole, it is reasserting a position that should never have been compromised in the first place. The compromisers are Quislings in my opinion.

Wild Bill

@Rev RVW, Do you know how difficult it is to obtain civil rights? You are just an enabler for the Anti-Civil Rights Movement. You are slyly trying to talk us into giving up a small portion of our Civil Right to Bear Arms, but you are unconvincing. Were I a member of your congregation, if you really are a minister, I would go elsewhere.


Etal: Sounded like maybe he’s planning to run for a NRA Board Member seat.

Wild Bill

@Rev RVW, It does no good to blame inanimate objects like bump stocks or even firearms. When Cain slew Able did God put his mark on the Cain or the rock that Cain used? Thus endeth the lesson.


The funny thing is, you can “bump fire” a semi-automatic” rifle without a “bump stock.” I’ve seen people do it off of their thigh and from the shoulder. Plus, you can achieve the same result with a piece of string and a couple of key chain rings. Where do they plan to stop?

Robert J. Lucas

The laws the law makers already have on the books have killed many private citizens. “No Gun Zones”= “Soft Targets”= “Targeted Killing Fields”, a freeway for the criminal minded. What makes these lawmakers think that more laws will not? I invite any of these law makers to explain this to the rest of the law abiding public citizens who support our Second Amendment rights, and also exercise those rights . We need law makers who are educated in firearms, training, self defense, not knee jerk reactionaries. The real truth has yet to be conveyed about Las Vegas NV. ‘SPEAK THE… Read more »

The other Jim

I heard Jeff Sessions was “recusing” himself from bump stocks, and most of his job.
Trump doesn’t want to go thru the Congress with this? He’s going to have Sessions twist the law [26 USC §5845(b)] to fit and include bump stocks?




Wild Bill

@ToJ and NEB, You may be a bit premature. Trump has not allowed any reduction in our Civil Rights. This could be just the four corner stall.

Jim Macklin

President Trump has signed a memo. Maybe some people will back-off. Maybe arming teachers will happen.

Bump stock regulations have not happened, yet…. ATF has to write proposals ans take comments. Maybe Congress has to write new laws.
Maybe some time will pass and “cooler heads” will have a voice.

Or we can all attack the NRA and President Trump which be just what the Russians want?


Again banning something, making it illegal who does it stop? stops those of us who follow the laws… Did the LA shooter break any other laws during his rampage? Oh yea murder, would he have cared if he broke the bump stock law? Oh yes I’m sure that would have made him think twice about open firing on a crowd of people! When will people learn that gun laws only affect law abiding citizens not the criminals who use guns against innocent victims! DUH!


I read the wording on the EO and it’s very interesting. He wants “…a rule banning all devices that turn legal devices into machineguns…”. Read that carefully because, in law, words are everything. We’ve actually had that law since 1986. Now, if what he’s really proposing is to change the definition of semiautomatic fire to mean that any device that comes close to automatic fire is now classified as fully automatic, that’s like saying we’re now going to call water dirt! And THAT is headed for a Federal Suit where any competent attorney will walk before a judge with a… Read more »


Didn’t happen when they changed the definition of ‘marriage’
It could happen again.

Old Jarhead

Vanns40 you are correct.
It comes down to the definition of semi-automatic and fully automatic. This a dangerous, giant, camel’s nose. I can’t see how slide-fire stocks, binary triggers and other such devices can be eliminated without crafting something so broad as to essentially make semi-auto rifles illegal. How can they legislate trigger pull /speed? Will all such devices require a form 4? Will this be like the MG and SMG amnesty for “unregistered” devices? What about the inevitable new invention someone will come up with?


This will be end of his presidency. He will lose his core support, including me. I have ZERO interest in bump stocks, slide-fires and other ammo wasting devices. That being said it’s the camel nose under the tent, once they can ban pieces of plastic, they can ban anything. I have no interest in owning a MG-42 but I think if you want one, well that’s your business. We don’t need any more laws, criminals by their very definition don’t obey laws, and new laws only make criminals out of what are good law abiding people.


Agreed ,Also he has not Recinded The UN Arms Treaty. Too Unpredictable now for Me. Cruz would have been better.

Green Mtn. Boy


This !

If he wants to be a one term wonder he has taken steps towards that end,Primary him.


I just scraped the Trump-Pence sticker off the back of my car.


Good luck getting either my friends or myself to register or turn in anything. Not going to happen. I probably wont be able to take it to the forest but….


The wild ride just got a few more bumps in the road!


Yesterday, the FL legialatures told the gun grabbers to get bent!
A Floridian.


You people are passive fucks. Where is the spin of you retards? Its the first step on guns next will be ar’s then semiautos, after that who knows. This should constitute war. No excuses unless the gov is your god which it seems like it is for many people. Any more gun control should mean outright war. No questions about it.


How about you take one giant breath, sit your ass down and stop calling people names? If you want ANYONE to have a polite discussion with you then treat them like adults and behave like one yourself.


Most gun owners talk a lot but roll over like little poodles when told to do so.


@Mekongerbigdonger: Maybe you should read ALL the posts because that has been said a few times over and over on several stories. Now you make go [email protected] yourself very passively.


From the posts here it appears Chicken Little is going by several names


@Saddletramp: It would be nice if you called out the names. Enlighten and/or help. But making an untrue assumption would be what exactly?
So tread carefully… on our little chickens!



What I want to read on the Drudge Report’s masthead is this:

“President Orders AG To Indict and Arrest Hillary”

ANYTHING else is bull dung !


First, I do not own a bump stock.
I wonder about the legality of banning an item that many people obtained legally. Will they be compensated for their loss? If so who sets the rate? In my opinion, if I own something legally, and the Gov’t wants it, I get to set the price.
And what about the manufacturer who did everything right/ Who will reimburse him for all his losses?


These MEDS, you know the so-called SSRIs and the strongest anti-depressants result in the removal of a very basic human need. That need is ‘love’ and ‘Physical Release’ from puberty to middle age or longer. The point is our Rx companies forcing large parts of ‘Teens’ to ‘Twenties’ both female and especially males cannot complete denial of this basic need is driving these people nuts ‘no pun intended’. How much dissatisfaction and/or other psychosis are playing themselves out in these individuals minds. Really how long and much can they take before they break down and blow-up on someone, a group… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

We are still living with the result of the last former Democrat who became a republican,remember back to 1986,just another Infringement.


To think about it. Why legislation or XO on drugs as factor in shootings and investigate? Why did the FBI chose to sit on it? Who funding the protests? Why NOT some of the right things??? If they’re done with the LV shooting, where’s the findings?


Good question Docduracoat. +
My thought is anyone of us who own them will not be able to use them again or caught with one will be jailed and fined, this or course is my guess. We will have wait and see as this has to be passed through the house. And see how this will be played out. Sad day for all of us that abide by the law and follow all the rules to the T.

Jeffrey Stewart

I will probably come under fire for this, and Jeff Knox is welcome to tell me I am full of crap, but from what I understand, based on the wording, Trump told Sessions to work towards banning what is already banned. Parts that make semi automatic weapons, into fully automatic. The bump fire mechanism does not do that, it makes rapid cycling of the trigger easier, but does not make it fully automatic. Trump is a master as playing fools, and this could be a bait to make the dems, expose their intentions, and ambitions. Let this play out before… Read more »

Jared Kushner

U on some BS.
Trump ain’t playing 4D Inter-dimensional Chess retard.

Wild Bill

@JK, I think that you are being a bit premature. This is child’s play for Trump. Trump does not want anything to happen before the midterm elections.

Roy D.

Trump also wrote: “Although I desire swift and decisive action, I remain committed to the rule of law and to the procedures the law prescribes.” And the law clearly states what constitutes a machine gun/fully automatic firearm. Therefore any LEGAL attempt to outlaw bumpstocks because they make a semiauto into a full auto will have to be done by writing new legislation and getting it passed by both houses and signed by the President. Fat chance.

joe martin

Roy, The BATFE can use Administrative Law to outlaw the stocks. It’s not Constitutional as only Congress has the authority under the Constitution to make law, but that is circumvented regularly by all Federal Agencies by posting a new regulation/statute in the Federal Register and requesting public comments (which are ignored) and after 30 to 60 days, the new regulations/statute becomes “official” and has the effect of law.

Marc DV

Now Ya Get it !
He’s Tellin Them Exactly What They Want To Here !
Don’t Get In A Tizzy. Bump Stocks Are Still Not Machine Gun
Parts . ATF Has Verified That They Do Not Make A Gun Fire ,
In Full Auto Mode NUFF SAID

Kenneth G Maiden

Only the beginning. The flood of bans, restrictions has just started. Looks like Florida’s RINOS are caving in droves.

Jay johnson

The left has these protests and rallies to infringe on our second amendment rights. Rights that are for law abiding Americans. Only a handful of these traitorous anti Americans attend. I live in Florida. If there is a state you need to have a firearm to defend against criminals and low lives. Florida is it. I trust that President Trump will do the right thing. He has been fighting for our rights as well as our safety with little or no help from his base. We elected him. Doesn’t stop there. We need to organize a peaceful march or gathering… Read more »


What will happen to those of us who legally already own these products?
Will we be grandfathered in?
Or will we be forced to dispose of our property?


The ‘Communists’ love word play. Once we start approving the redefinition of words, terms and phrases… like the ‘Socialists’. Then you’ve opened a bottomless pit. Think….. the 2A has been the strongest link left in the Bill of Rights. Even with intrusion and bans. All the others have been trampled on. What about the 5th you say? Well if you’re guilty beforehand there is no 5th… pre-crimination. @js: Go ahead risk offending because this action offends me. Mid-term and Long-term. Mr. Trump caved and lost some base and respect today. Soon we will all be in re-education camps donating body… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Nottinghill, true, just as the anti-rights Leftists have also co-opted the term liberal.


Get rid of them. All of those that kill many fast. Thank you They aren’t necessary !!!


I just scraped the Trump-Pence sticker off the back of my car.


Deb… you are being hoplophobic and irrational, so stop and think… For real-world, practical purposes… how would you even define “fast,” much less enact any such a concept into firearms-related law? With a SEMI-automatic pistol, I have the manual dexterity to press the trigger – without any additional devices – at an effective rate (including reload time) of just over 200 rounds per minute. Under the same circumstances, my neighbor cannot manage quite 120 rounds per minute. Conversely, my pistol range instructor easily maintains a rate of well-over 240 rounds per minute. What kind of law do you propose that… Read more »


Hmm, and where did Deb and a host of others suddenly come from? You’ll notice that with rare exceptions they toss their bombs and never reply to responses from us. And you may well ask: “say Vanns, I noticed that, why do you think that is?” Well I’m glad you asked because I have a pretty good idea that the answer is as simple as following Occam’s Razor, they’re just trolls! See how easy that was!

Heed the Call-up

Docduracoat, no, I believe citizens will act as they did when the NYS “SAFE” Act was passed. The politicians expected 1.5 million firearms to be registered. The citizens that believe in our Constitutional rights that “shall not be infringed”, did not comply with those unconstitutional laws, literally passed in the dead of night, resulting in fewer than 50,000 firearms being registered. I hope the other posters are right about Trump playing a semantic game with these anti-rights people, in that “bump” stocks and other devices do not, by legal definition, turn semi-autos into automatic firearms. It is already illegal to… Read more »