Why Do Teachers Have To Die To Protect Their Kids ~ VIDEO

by Laura Carno

College Snowflakes Barricaded in the Classroom
Why do we expect teachers to die to protect kids, when there is a lawful option for them to protect their kids and live?

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- When it comes to school violence, why do we expect teachers to die to protect kids, when there is a lawful option for them to protect their kids and live?

Think about football coach Aaron Feis at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. Coach Feis had no choice but to put his body between bullets and kids. He died a hero to protect kids. But what if he had a choice to live and protect those same kids?

In many states, there are lawful methods to allow armed staff on K-12 campuses, which typically includes the authorization of an individual to act as a member of school security, and a contract between the school board and the employee. This is different than schools that have School Resource Officers (SROs) or other full-time, armed and uniformed security guards.

We ask a lot of teachers, but we shouldn’t ask them to face deranged killers with no chance to save their lives and the lives of their kids.

But that is exactly what we ask teachers and other school staff members to do when the law prohibits them from defending themselves, and the children whose safety is entrusted to them, when they are faced with someone armed in their school.

There are thousands of school staffers who are lawfully armed across the country in K-12 schools today. Who are these volunteers? They are teachers, janitors, principals, and superintendents. Most have had their Concealed Weapons Permit for years and have already made the decision to protect themselves and their families outside of the workplace. They have simply been —up to the point of being authorized to carry— disarmed at work.

Why should the natural right of a school staff member to choose her own self-defense and the defense of those around her, end when she walks on campus?

Many feel better about the safety of their local campus when they have an SRO or other full-time security staff. And they should. The addition of a highly visible security force can be helpful in preventing some episodes of school violence, and on-site security can be helpful with immediate response in the aftermath of an incident. But it’s not enough in the case of these sick killers who plan out their massacres carefully. Because SROs and other security officers are in uniform, the killer knows just where they are. If a school is large enough for an SRO, it has multiple doors, multiple hallways, and likely multiple buildings.

There was an SRO on the campus of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the massacre. He wasn’t anywhere near the scene of the carnage, and that may have been by the killer’s design.

In the 2013 murder of 17-year-old Claire Davis at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, CO, there was also an SRO on the campus. He heard the gunfire and sprinted at full-speed toward the sound of the guns. It took him 45-seconds to get to the scene. When the SRO arrived, the gunman shot himself, potentially saving more lives. But it wasn’t enough to save Claire.

In Colorado, school boards and charter school boards can authorize staff to carry concealed on campus. At FASTERColorado.com, we train these heroes for free if the school can’t afford the tuition. We imported this 3-day, lifesaving training curriculum from FASTERSavesLives.org in Ohio. The Ohio team is helping other states to rollout this critical training.

Laura Carno
Laura Carno

Consider this: the mindset of an active killer is to have as high a body count as they can manage. Most don’t fear death because that is part of their plan. What they do fear is dying without the “fame” that comes with taking a high number of innocents with them. More armed, anonymous, concealed-carriers on campus provide a better opportunity to stop the slaughter when it starts.

Armed teachers have a fighting chance to stop the killer and save their kids. We shouldn’t expect them to die to protect their kids, when there is a legal option in most states for them to protect their kids —and live.

Laura Carno is the Executive Director of FASTERColorado.com, an organization that trains armed first responders in schools to stop the threat and stop the bleeding.

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    1. COMMENT…I see that the tv show modern family plans to have “anti gun violence” messages by cast members . Apparently during show time . They all are professed members of one of the “any Bloomberg” groups.

      1. @old vet Sorry I am sure I will miss that because my stomach isn’t strong enough to listen to them. I watched it once but didn’t know what the title was because I tuned in late. While I was watching it I said what is this?

      2. @Tom cat…Never could stand to watch them either. Saw the teaser on local news . Don’t know if it was ment as a look out you at not want to watch warning or if they were boasting about it.

    2. Teachers could teach morality…thou shalt not kill. How about teaching respect for life? It’s a beautiful baby! I don’t have time, I’m more important, just kill it and get on with it. Hey, I have an old disabled parent. I love them but, I’m busy and don’t want to spend my time and money caring for them so it is better they get put down. I love those trees. that logger is going chop that down. Oh, No! He needs to die to save the tree. Let’s watch some movies where they use guns to solve all our problems in 60 minutes or less. TV shows have a lot of programs where they use guns. They teach how to point them in every direction and threaten people with them and get rid of scum who disagree with me. That kid doesn’t read well at his age and needs Ritalin and Prozac. If he gets enough of it, maybe he’ll lash out and further the cause of the anti-gun crowd. DID you ever notice that whatever the government puts their hand to gets worse? War on drugs and now it is an uncontrollable epidemic. War on bullies and there are more than ever. War on poverty and it is 10x worse than when they started. All the laws and legislation that is heralded as a solution ends up burdening the law abiding, tax paying, honest citizens who already exercise self control and emotional restraint. NEVER does the laws to stop the problems hinder or stop the criminals. Criminals get rewarded with free everything for the rest of their life. Victims have to pay for the rest of their life to provide creature comforts for the criminals. Teach morality, respect, value of life. IF you look at the people in the worst ward in a mental institution, you will see that they could kill each other if unrestrained. They smoke, drink, spit, chew, swear, lie, fight, bully, steal, molest, vandalize, hate, wear designer clothes…..and what do the students achieve when they learn from their peers, from their video games and movies, from TV, from advertising, from psychologists? Instead of learning to do something productive, helpful, beneficial for society and good for themselves and others, Many of the kids learn to do only what the inmates in the worst ward in a mental hospital can do. Or they emulate the inmates in prisons. It is a shame that these generations have no higher aspirations than what inmates in the asylum have. Just don’t teach morality; thou shalt not kill…don’t want kids to have their feelings hurt.

      1. @John very factual post and very applicable to what is truly happening in this country. No respect, no God and no care for another life.

    3. How many police officers were at the courthouse when the shooter entered the school? My courthouse has a metal detector, and I have never seen less that 5 officers in the hallway. Our schools have zero police officers or resource officers. At the Florida school there was one armed resource officer for over 3000 students. Are the lawyers, judges and politicians more important than our children. I think not. I am not one to want more laws, but maybe we need one that says you can’t have more security at the Courthouse than you have at the schools. Of course the politicians that pass budgets spend more time at the courthouse than the schools. Does anyone know of a courthouse that got shot up in the last 20 years?

    4. The LATEST…The hired security guard was outside the door where the shooter entered but WAITED 4 minutes before going in.
      On the other hand we have teachers throwing their bodies between the students and the shooter.
      Now who do you think would have been the better person to be armed?

    5. I agree with the father that spoke at the White House concerning the killing of his daughter. He asked “wasn’t one school shooting enough?” I think it was too much. Thanks to Bush senior we have gun free zones and time has definitely proven they don’t work. Laws stacked on top of laws don’t work, either and that is a proven fact. Time for the politicians to quit their Russia B.S. and get serious about actual problems we have and solutions for those problems. I know snowflakes are going to have a hissy fit if guns are allowed in schools but that is T.S. I think if I was raising my kids in this day and age I would be considering charter schools. The public system is only getting kids killed.

    6. We as firearms instructors, and concealed carriers, will volunteer on school property to be watchdogs and help keep our children safe. The current law will not allow, and school board, says gun free zones. Our child is ours, no the school districts, not the governments, not the states. It is our job as parents to protect our child. We have thought seriously about home schooling, and or sending the child to school with body armor. Picture this, the child in a nice dress, covered in body armor. Oh wait, lets remember the church shooting in Texas, where an armed citizen, help stop another attack? Our prayers to victims and families.

    7. Carrying a firearm should not be part of a high school teacher;s job.
      I’m all for proper selection, training and arming retired Police Officers and Combat Veterans to patrol schools.
      Even if we paid them minimum wage, a lot of Grandpas would jump at the chance to protect kids.

      1. The point has never been to force teachers to do this.. It is to ALLOW them to do so if they choose. Butler County OH, near us offered 50 training classes for teachers – 250 signed up immediately. The same would be true in MANY areas of the country. I know there are a few teachers at my kid’s school who would, and it is a very small school. Our administrator is a general in the reserves. I want him to be able to prepared.

      2. Like Bravas says, it ALLOWS teachers to defend themselves and their students. That is what the right to concealed carry is all about. It isn’t a job; it is a chance to survive in a bad situation. If a teacher would prefer not to do that, then of course they should have that option as well. But this thing about Americans always counting on someone else (i.e., somebody from a government agency) to protect us, feed us, clothe us, and run the country, has got to stop!!!

    8. A very timely discussion. Good to see it here. Thanks.

      Note to staff putting pictures with articles.
      The proper caption to the picture is, “Students barricade themselves in a classroom during an attack at Ohio State University Monday morning.” This was the attack that left 7 injured and the attacker dead. It was Posted: Mon 9:12 AM, Nov 28, 2016. The call went out for a lock-down based on a campus attack and the students did what they could with what they had. The specifics of the attack were not shared until later. As it turned out the attack was vehicular and knife, but the students, staff and faculty didn’t know that at the time. They assumed the worst and did the best that they could.

      The effing idiot who rewrote the caption as, “College-Snowflakes-Barricaded-in-the-Classroom.jpg” needs to get his ass severely kicked. Then you folks need to get yours together. False and misleading captions do not advance the articles to which they are attached. I’m SAT and CWP and in the classroom. You want to make it legal for those of us with the background and training – and the willingness to go through the essential additional training – to be useful ? Than stop doing own goals.

    9. Why Do Teachers Have To Die To Protect Their Kid? Because we won’t follow the Israeli example and arm our teachers. Feel good no gun zone signs and cameras are good enough for we peons while the liberal elite protect their families with armed guards. Nothing to see here, they know what is best for us.

      1. I am a retired teacher. But if I were still teaching I would silently carry despite the rules. We have created killing zones in our schools and teachers who care about their students will do anything to protect them. Many teachers are licensed and can hit what they shoot at. A number of teachers are X military. Let them carry and protect your kids.

    10. Sadly in Kommieforniastan, the idiots in Sack-0-Tomatoes want dead students and teachers. They’s specifically banned staff from being armed. I can promise that I will be very unhappy if anything happens to any of my grandkids that could have been easily prevented.

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