American Conservatives – Let Us Prepare For What Seems Inevitable

I will Not Comply Rebellion Free Speech
American Conservatives – Let Us Prepare For What Seems Inevitable

USA –  -( Let us prepare for what seems inevitable.

Sadly, no Thomas Jefferson has appeared among us (yet) to articulate and encourage the Constitutional faithful and our message wide and far enough to shut these fools down.

With subversive scum like George Soros, the morons in the entertainment industry and the willing idiots in the media pushing this insanity, our resistance to this plague of lies, distortion, and hostage-taking of ignorant youth has to be strengthened and elevated nation-wide.

Look – I am an example of a full-on American patriot, a Marine wounded-warrior and now retired federal officer, which means I’ve sworn that Oath twice in my life.

I am NOT a member of the NRA, but you can rest assured a staunch Constitutionalist, including an unabridged Second Amendment.

I am prepared for any possible future as regards to this onslaught on our nation and our rights.

I want many more of you, whether having served, fought, or simply are a loyal American, to begin to stand up, be articulate, put forward logical and sensible arguments, and give these ignoramuses some lessons in truth and honesty..

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If they choose to persist in the deceit, so be it, we have made our position clear, period. The United States Constitution stands as is, UNLESS a Constitutional Convention is convened to act on it lawfully, unlikely.

As for former justice (small “j”) Stevens, his wisdom is lacking, his reasoning is flawed, his significance is, well insignificant.

And there it is.

Timothy V.
Springfield, OR

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Gregory Romeu

If the focus of each of We, the People is as scattered as it shows on a comment sections of these websites, we are in some real deep shit in any concerted effort to defend this nation!

Civilians trying to tell military Veterans how things are done, liberals pretending to be patriots, young people trying to explain the meaning of life to the elders…

To help with ammo, grab condoms because we are fucked!


What I say now, I say with the deepest heartfelt respect for all of you in who’s breasts still beat the true hearts of patriots. Those behind the anti-gun efforts have absolutely no interest in any acts of resistance which you may choose to engage in, except that violent resistance will be characterized in the Liberal Media as the acts of criminal. or mentally unbalanced people. Such events will be used to justify their effort to completely disarm the American People. Since they have been in control of the Media, and Public Education for the past several decades, they have… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Lou, How do you propose that we take over the “Media, networks, cable, print media, and Hollywood” current shareholders, now, can not control them. And how would we take over the Board of Regents of any given university?
I don’t think that you have offered us much.

Rich Vail

Sir, I too am a veteran of the USMC…and I will defend to the death the US Constitution. At this point, I don’t think that you need to buy MORE arms…but rather start stocking up on ammunition. That seems to me to be the next attempt at constraining us.

Rich Vail
Savannah, GA

Robert Arvanitis

Just because the left bleats doesn’t give them power. Lenin call his side “IBolsheviks” meaning “majority” and no one challenged his lie. Don’t take a defensive posture. Keep up the offense. The “deep state” is, thank God, exposed for the dirigistes and wanna-be tyrants they are. Their enablers in media have lost all credibility. So when they whine “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain,” don’t listen. Go tear down the curtain, turn on the spotlights, and laugh at his impotence. Real Americans hold the field and it’s up to the beta males and their feminista bosses to… Read more »

Francis W. Porretto

The problem here is not in the realm of argument. The arguments have been made, are being made, and will go on being made. They’re of no significance to those who want us disarmed. All that matters to them is power. The problem is one that almost no one is willing to face: CONSTITUTIONAL ENFORCEMENT. There is no agency charged with the enforcement of the explicit terms of the Constitution against power-mongers who willfully ignore it. That’s because it’s our job. Indeed, that’s the reason for the Second Amendment. We’ve tried the soap box. We’ve tried the ballot box. Some… Read more »


The Liberals aeem to be pushing for Civil War, but they don’t realize that the odds of winning is next to ZERO. With 133M Responsible Gun Owners and 400M loadable legal weapons, do they really understand the scope of what they will be dealing with? Nevertheless, if it does happen and martial law is enacted, they just might not understand what “Purge the Land” means, but they will. England experienced it, so will they….!

Randy Locher

Then let’s give them a God Damn Civil War, we MUST cleanse our country of these Traitor Bastards. ALL of them, starting with Everyone in the main stream Media. Everybody want’s a change but no one wants to get their hands dirty. I would Love to be waist deep in their blood.

Clark Kent

Tough talk from an internet weenie. Grow up.


It is possible Randy may be a lefty trying to make gun owners look bad. If not he is pretty brave and blatant considering the government is monitoring everything said and done on the grid.


1) I doubt you have the guts to stand up to your Getament with a sensible discourse or be coherent in a debate… 2) Civil war that DAMNS (God Damn Civil War) God Almighty? Why the blasphemy??? 3) Traitors and bastards are NOT (Traitor Bastards) to capitalized. 4) Not EVERYONE in the media is guilty, although at least 60%. 5) Getting (no one wants to get their hands dirty) dirty? 6) I would Love to be waist deep in their blood….!!! You’re a delusional psychopath on drugs with potential to murder a few people on your way to a rampage.… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Powder K, War is a lot of work. I would have wing tip to wing tip crop dusters fly over the socialist, sanctuary, cities and spray the pests, on the same night. We have lots of crop dusters, and chemicals. Cheap, easy to coordinate, no muss no fuss.


I’m done debating. I’m just going to sit back, keep practicing and, buying ammo. I have several hiding places scouted out to stash my gear and, I can safely and quietly make it undetectable in an hour. So, when its time to feed the Tree of Liberty, it won’t take long to get ready.

James Higginbotham


Disabled 596327323

Citizen # 596327323 will not comply .

Marc Disabled Vet

Ghost Guns For Life !

If You Build it !
They won’t come !


To Bob, Timothy, and others l say this: ignorance and lethality start in the same place, between the ears. While l came to this party late in life, my start began in childhood thanks to my father who taught me to use and respect firearms. This is no longer happening and in a large way, caused by a breakdown of the family and by what ia described in those Congressional Archives. Thank you for posting those!!

Clive Edwards

American history is full of fine documents that have no more meaning today than Shakespearean plays. Oh, sure millions of Americans have fought and died in the belief they were upholding the Constitution, but they saw what they were told to see, not the reality that Bankers and power brokers hid from them. How many Rockefellers ever died to defend the Constitution, let alone fought to preserve it? Ditto for Judges, most politicians and damn few writers and journalists. As a wise man once said, “All wars are bankers’ wars”. America’s founding documents have become just more “false news”.


@Clive Edwards I hesitated to answer your post but in the end I decided it is not fair to us or our Constitution to be trashed by a no nothing from a socialist country. If you do not like the way we do things in this country then why don’t you leave us the hell alone and go kiss Trudeau’s feet some more.

Wild Bill

Clive Edwards a new term for haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa. Another wise man said that the right to keep and bear arms was not created in the Second Amendment to the Constitution and is not dependent on that document. I think clove is socialist, subject of the crown, who is jealous of the freedoms enjoyed by US citizens, and has no standing to complain about anything American.

Wild Bill

@CE, The history of the British Crown is full of fine serfs.

Gregory Romeu

If you believe that our nation’s founding documents are false news then perhaps you better get a head start on finding a different country to live in?


If your not a member of the NRA, your part of the problem

Ozark Muleskinner

As a long time NRA member, gotta disagree with that opinion. Not being a dues-paying member of the NRA, or some other legitimate 2nd Amendment-supporting organization (GOA, SAF, JPFO, state firearms groups, etc) is, at worse, just prima facia evidence of not being fully committed to being part of the solution. In a country of 100 million+ gun owners, 5 million+ dues-paying NRA members cannot afford to alienate the other 95% of the most likely group of people who we must be working to enlist in the cause. The work of solidifying our 227-years old God-given rights, codified in the… Read more »


“Individually we are weak, like a single twig. But as a bundle, we form a mighty faggot!”
—Martin from The Simpsons
Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Ozark Muleskinner

Don’t be sorry. There are many meanings for the word “faggot”: 1 A type of food; it is made from a pig’s heart, liver and the fat belly meat, minced and mixed together with breadcrumbs and herbs for seasoning. The mixture is then shaped into balls each of which is wrapped in caul fat from the pig’s omentum, each of these individual balls is a faggot. They are then cooked and served in a thick gravy with peas and mashed potatoes. 2 The traditional English name for a bouquet garni (the cooking one not the Urban Dictionary one), a bundle… Read more »

Matt in Oklahoma

That’s funny! The NRA that sold out bump stocks and supported the Brady Bill with Reagan!?! Yeah you probably think it was Klinton don’t ya fanboy?
I’m a member, RSO and Instructor BTW.
Knock the fanboy junk off. There are better organizations and they are growing because of the failures of the NRA


I used to be a member of the NRA, but after they supported Harry Reid for re-election (ostensibly because he had ‘a good voting record on second amendment issues’), I decided they were too narrowly focused and didn’t see the big picture. Any reasonable person could see that Harry would sell us out if he had the chance. Until the NRA takes a more wholistic view constitutional rights (not just the 2nd amendment), I can’t support that organization.

Clark Kent

With friends like you, who needs enemies? Grow up.


I partly agree with you. If not the NRA, then at least another Pro 2A organization.

Instead of the author’s “talk” of bravado, he should put his money where his mouth is and join a Pro 2A organization.


All firearm laws were created to deter criminals from using firearms, to include the creation of the NFA. The Feds wanted to block the Purple Gang, Cappone and the likes from using machine guns. That has not worked. It only made felons out of the law abiding citizens who did not follow the law. As time goes by more lws are written to stop criminals from misusing firearms in many capacities, to now include bump stocks. History has shown that this too will fail as all gun laws directed at the criminal have all failed and only make felons out… Read more »

Ozark Muleskinner

Socialist solutions are generally akin to the small town that experienced a couple drivers racing through it at 90 MPH so they lowered the speed limit from 35 to 20 MPH. The only people who obeyed the 20 MPH speed limit were the same law-abiding folks who previously obeyed the 35 MPH limit. The criminals who raced through town at 90 MPH still did so.

joe martin

Excellent article. There are many out there like me, too old to fight, too tired to run so when they come to take the guns we only have one option, and it’s not going to be comply.


Amen to that bro Joe!


We the people must take back our government. Term limits for any and all elected positions is the only way I o truly “drain the swamps”.


term limits will NOT fix what lazy ignorant unengaged voters won’t do.

HOW is it that so many rotten and corrupt mosters keep getting their tickets for four more years? Because voters refuse to take it personally and INFORM themselves. WHO ever askes to see a candidate’s voting record in other positions he’s held?

So the bums get tossed after two terms. Problem is the good ones get tossed too. And another batch ofjunk gets to run the henhouse for another term, doing no different than the last crew did.

Wild Bill

@Tio, There are no good ones after two terms. They have all been tempted beyond their ability to resist and have learned how. Two terms total in any capacity and out. Same with bureaucrats two four year terms and out. Same with Judges two terms and out.

Clark Kent

Term limits are already enshrined in our Constitution. They are called elections and are held on a regular basis. The REAL problem is a majority of citizens can’t bother to get off of their collective fat azzes to bother to REGISTER to vote, much less cast a ballot. ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’ – Pogo.

Ralph Gizzip

“All Congress Critters are crooks! All except mine, of course.”
That sentiment is why they keep getting elected.

Ozark Muleskinner

I am very well and ably represented by Congressman Jim Jordan. It would be stupid to see people with his voting record cashiered due to term limits. At best, term limits are the equivalent of gambling with a new deck. Luck of the draw is not a fix or reliable substitute for the hard work of vetting and working to make sure good candidates are chosen and elected. Benjamin Franklin was famously asked, “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” He answered, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Our founders never promised that it would be… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

Politicians aren’t listening! Just check the voting record of the recent spending bill with FixNics in it.

It’s time we stopped playing in their sandlot and as Timothy asks, get to doing.


The proper term describing this political disconnect is “Taxation Without Representation.”

Matt in Oklahoma

In order for Americans to fight and make change they must become uncomfortable. Right now they sit, drink beer, watch ball in climate control. Nothing will happen except they will drop a dime on more 3%er, molon labe, Spartan, snake swag.
Those few (3%?) who do something will call a politician and that’s it.

Rick Pilgreen

Let’s demand that our Congress Critters do two things, both positive. #1 Add one word to the Oath of Office, OBEY! Preserve,Protect, Defend and OBEY the Constitution!!! #2 Reinstitute and reinvigorate with Patriots, the old House Unamerican Activities Committee from the fifties. Until prosecutions can be attained, #2 will cause mass Bowel control issues among the Commucrats of the country!


They will not listen to you, they are unable to rationalize the benefits of the 2nd amendment. In the face of all logic they will be unable to reason logically about firearms. The hopolophobes who advocate for gun control are sick people. They have an unreasonable fear of firearms. They also may suffer from transference syndrome. These people would use a firearm in an unjustified manner over something as trivial as a parking space. They can not internalize these feelings of rage so they transfer them to someone else. “People will start shooting each other over parking spaces, so we… Read more »

Wild Bill

, yep, in a way we are victims of our own success. We made life so easy and entertainment so available that we don’t oversee our governmental employees. Many people do not even know what a polling place is. We have protected so much speech that should not have been protected, that propagandists are legion and successful. Public education is so expensive and dumbed down that the products of public schools can hardly think at all. Yet, the sheeple are convinced that we should listen to children on the future of our Civil Rights.


Wild Bill, not just by our own success but a concerted effort by foreign entities to overthrow the USA by unconventional means. From the Congressional Record: Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963. 25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV. 26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.” 27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.” 28. Eliminate prayer or any phase… Read more »

Wild Bill

, Well, you are right, of course. I have read those before, but they were not on my mind. Good reminder, though!