Facts to Remember When Dealing with the Left on Gun Control

DisaffectedFacts to Remember When Dealing with the Left on Gun Control Gun Control Activist Exposes Bloomberg’s “Top-down Bureaucracy”
Facts to Remember When Dealing with the Left on Gun Control

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Let’s face fact 82% of all Democrats want to ban ALL Semi-automatic firearms. From your Glock 17 to your 1911; to your Browning hunting rifle and Benelli Shotgun. They wrote a bill to do just that, and it has the support of almost every Democrat in the House and Senate. You can find this information in the YouGov poll published a week ago. 50% of Democrats would ban all guns completely.

So what do you say to these individuals? Logic does not move them, and they fall back to the same arguments. Here is how I end their conversations.

Gun Control Saves Lives. 53% of all shootings are by black men under 30, 3% of the US population makes more than half the killings. 86% of all shootings are gang and drug-related. The US is not like Australia, many of our problems are urban in nature and in the incident of a school shooting the result is failed mental health programs. Gun owners think you should address the CAUSES of the violence because criminals by definition and crazy people who do not follow the law.

3% of all shootings are by black men under 30, 3% of the US population makes more than half the killings.
53% of all shootings are by black men under 30, 3% of the US population makes more than half the killings.

We’re facing an epidemic of shootings. Most shootings are drug and gang-related and limited to urban areas. 2% of the Counties in the US accounted for over 50% of all shootings. High gun ownership rural areas have the lowest murder rate. Cities with high gun control have the highest murder rate. (Link Here) . Lastly, shootings and specifically school shootings are down over the past three decades. The US murder rate is at a 50 year low; while gun ownership has climbed. (Link-2)

We don’t want weapons of war on our streets. Simply put … you don’t have them. In fact, since the initial ban on FULLY-Automatic firearms, you’ve not had battlefield firearms readily in civilian hands. The AR looks like a military firearm, but it isn’t. It works no differently than any other modern civilian rifle. Bonnie and Clyde are no more and so are automatic weapons in civilian hands.

Number of homicides committed with:
Number of homicides committed with…

There is one last thing you can bring up to the Anti-gun left. A simple question. So think about all of the noise the left makes, then consider the statistics above and this simple chart. Then ask your liberal friends the following question.

Let’s be honest you blame the NRA for Trump being elected, and you want to use this tragedy to get back at them. You don’t care about violence. Why else do you ignore the problems in our inner cities?

In fact, the left ignores the fact and truth. This is a political struggle, not a safety issue. 120,000,000 gun owners will not sit by and let these attacks on our rights stand. Since Sandyhook, the left has been waiting for the next tragedy so that they could unleash their twitter war on the NRA and American gun owners. The left has had this in the can waiting to be used for a decade.

So while history does not repeat itself, it does often rhyme. Bill and Hillary got their Assault Gun Ban, and it cost Democrats the House and Senate for a generation. Hillary called for gun confiscation, and it makes Trump President. The real sad issue here is that you lefties NEVER LEARN. That your lies are always seen through, and that facts beat politics. Say it with me now…”120 MILLION STRONG will not forget the left’s lies.”

God protect the 2nd Amendment and long live the NRA.

About Don McDougall:Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

  • 26 thoughts on “Facts to Remember When Dealing with the Left on Gun Control

    1. You need to correct part of your question for liberal friends: “You don’t care about violence. Why else do you ignore the problems in our inner cities?”

      “Our inner cities” should read “your inner cities”

      Inner cities have been overwhelmingly run (and ruined) by Democrats.

      1. WOW It’s good to see the discussion here. I have become almost irate at the stubborn refusal to give ANY credibility to what I have said. Their response is to berate me for not agreeing that “simply” removing ALL guns would prevent gun crime. Silly me for suggesting we jointly work toward some plausible solution(s)!

        1. Welcome, Jim! (This board has helped me retain the little sanity I possess.)

          Yes, anti-gunners’ are intractable, intentionally ignorant, and stubborn… and we all expect to be slapped in the face with their abject stupidity. It comes with the territory whenever the “debate” or “discussion” of guns arises. You will find few liberals who are open-minded enough to actually listen to you. We will try to make that more bearable for you. LOL

          Hope to hear from you again!

    2. I spoke with my sons high school friends on Sunday about the school walk out. I brought it up, and let them discuss it, so I could hear their opinions. They didn’t know the truth. So I calmly and quickly informed them. The shooter in Florida had committed several crimes that he was not punished for. The police did not arrest him. He was never charged with any crimes. If he had been charged and taken to court, he would have failed the background check when he purchased his weapon.
      I encouraged them to walk out and show respect for the innocent victims. But know that it wasn’t the 2A that caused this. It wasn’t the NRA that caused this. It was a mentally ill young man who was failed by the system.
      That’s how I do it.
      One thing that this article didn’t mention was the number of violent crimes STOPPED, with a weapon in the hands of a law abiding citizen.

    3. You show links, but they are not real (nothing happens when they are clicked on. We need substantiated data/information supportable by hard references. Where can one find/get any? I have liberal friends who will not accept the stuff shown here as true unless substantiated.

      Where can I or anyone find real information with hard back-up?

      1. You can start at the CDC.gov web site and download the PDF file which contains the breakdown of all deaths in the USA.

      2. @Jim Irwin, When your liberal friends will not accept what you say, in the course of conversation, they are calling your credibility into question. Meaning you are not worthy of belief. So you provide something else and that is not good enough. Then everyone bends over backwards to get other evidence… If my “friends” called me a liar, I’d be getting other friends.

    4. Recent election indicates that people voting for Democrats are the real problem. Vote Democrat and that adds to the collective voices of the anti-American, anti-Constitution gun grabbing evil known as communist Democrats. I wager some voters on the left own guns! How stupid can these voters be?

      I believe in a bit of harassment of the local Democrat.

    5. The “FACT” is the left don’t give a DAMN about facts or truth, they deal ONLY in emotion and power. They will not stop until one of two things happen. One a complete ban on guns. Two an armed revolution where we stop them by force. Regrettably it is boiling down to the second option as they have corrupted every other avenue. This LUNACY is coming from the uber left metro areas of the coastal academic elitists hide them selves from the rest of the country. It is NOT going to end well.

    6. How about adding that 685 deaths a DAY are caused by medical errors. Maybe doctors should loose their PRIVILEGE to carry a stethoscope.

    7. Every last one of us needs to get off of our collective fat American asses and vote. We have to get these stinky diaper politicians out of office. 2A

    8. so Kids are so immature we need them to be at least 21 before buying a gun, BUT they are who we should be listening for politics? I think not. Just because you went through a tragic situation doesn’t make you smarter or better able to design a political system of checks and balances.

      1. I agree, when was the last time you let a high scool kid tell you what to do? They can’t vote, but they want us to change foir them? I do not think so.

    9. “So what do you say to these individuals? Logic does not move them, and they fall back to the same arguments”.

      Agreed, but… then you throw out a bunch of logical arguments and you nullify your own (well written) article!

      What about offering emotionally charged points that they must agree with – then back it up with facts?

      Pro: “Don’t you want to save the MOST LIVES POSSIBLE? Let’s agree to focus on the problem areas and address them first.”
      Left: “Sure – all lives matter where is the most violence?”
      Then throw in those nasty little facts like – inner cities, toughest gun laws, etc.

      Lefties don’t stay engaged unless there is emotional content.

      Thanks for your well-written article. Will you be positing the missing links?

    10. The left has used these poor scared grieving kids as “useful idiots” to further their anti_gun agenda. That shows how evil they are. We need to bring them up on charges for.all the crimes they have committed. I was very dissappointed in brian mast i voted for him and he turns out to be a gun grabbing rino.

    11. Very good essay that I agree with wholeheartedly.
      Firearms and trained individuals are still needed in this world of limited resources. The facts support this in all countries.
      But we have an inevitable problem: the percentage of people in this country that have actually touched a firearm is diminishing (forget firing it) and is now much less than the 50%. A large percentage of police officers are now woefully trained in firearm usage and combat situations. Courage is also now an issue for civilians and our police officers.
      This will result in laws similar to Brazil and Australia, maybe even including a Constitutional amendment. And like a pendulum, eventually we will arrive back to a similar situation… Brazil and Australia are again discussing loosening firearm restrictions.

      I think the best the old guard, and the few new recruits, can do is maintain our own individual situations in our homes and workplaces. As always, hope and pray for the best, but always be prepared to protect yourself and those that may need protection.

    12. The only thing to remember when talking to a liberal about gun control or anythi8ng else (for that matter) is that they are going to lie every step of the way.

    13. Don,
      Love your article – it is to the point. But what I find when confronting people who are basing their arguments on emotion instead of thought, is something like “I cannot comfortably continue this conversation – I think some things may be said that will be offensive and that doesn’t solve problems”. True, being inflammatory and offensive isn’t a way to foster communication and find common ground. But increasingly this argument is being used by people who don’t have an intelligent answer, or who simply want to avoid having to talk about uncomfortable subjects…
      Can you get an updated graphic of the 2012 FBI Crime Stats above -and run it on Fb? I will share for sure!
      Kathie Attaway, Oregon

      1. Kathie… I’ve found the same Liberal stance in some of my friends.

        My response was that “It is not a comfortable subject, so it is not going to be a comfortable conversation… but it must occur. Truth and accurate data are required, and if you are offended by those, you will NEVER be part of the problem’s solution. Now, make up your mind to help address the problem (regardless of your comfort level)… or go away and let responsible adults begin the problem-solving.” Surprisingly, that approach – I suppose it is similar to “tough love” – actually worked on two of the five people I used it on (those two are well-educated professionals, and it shocked them, I suppose). The other three liberals and I are now reduced to merely being amiable. at best.

    14. And another thing, the timing and hysteria associated with all these protests suggests public schools have organized and now are marching lockstep in support of a colossal gun control movement. I wonder who coordinated the mass of communication needed to bring 25,000 high schools together to support the leading leftist cause. You can bet your boots it wasn’t Betsy DeVos. I’m thinking someone ought to examine communication between school superintendents and the NEA-AFT partnership. It smells like a rat and the students seem not to notice. I think they’ve been had.

      1. Better yet have a 5 year compilation of those numbers. That way you cannot be accused of cherry picking the way that the liberals cherry pick.

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