Why No National Media Mention of Armed Citizen Heroes in OK?


Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “Why has the Democrat Party become so detached from ordinary Americans? Though they arrogantly claim to speak for the poor and dispossessed, Democrats have increasingly become the party of self-important snobs, top-heavy with journalists, academics, and lawyers.” ~ Paglia

Thursday last, a bold, competent and armed “ordinary” American citizen in OK fatally shot a terrorist who was in the process of shooting-up a local restaurant.

A second armed citizen may have also participated. To what degree is unknown.

Our hero(s) was in possession of a state-issued CCW Permit and was thus legally armed, albeit concealed.

The suspect entered the restaurant and precipitously started shooting (pistol). Several were hurt, though none fatally. A mother and her two young daughters were among the injured. It is not clear if the mother and daughters were specifically targeted, or just randomly selected.

In any event, our armed citizen(s) subsequently produced his own pistol and successfully engaged the suspect.

Suspect was DRT. No other fatalities. Armed citizen(s) was uninjured, and no one (aside from the suspect) was struck by his bullet(s).

This is exactly the kind of event our liberal media doesn’t want to report!

They ignore these stories when they can, because this is an outcome they don’t want to happen.

Media liberals would much rather the event turn into a pitiable massacre of the unarmed and defenseless, so they can continue to self-righteously editorialize against our Second Amendment.

Armed American citizens acting boldly, under their own summary command and judgment, to save innocent lives is directly opposed by our media’s brittle, leftist, “enforced helplessness” agenda.

A courageous armed citizen (or two) not waiting for “permission,” but positively acting under his own authority to protect the innocent, is thus unthinkable anathema to liberals!

Competent, magnificent, and armed Americans are proving them wrong, one event at a time, as we see!

“Clear thinking has always been the pathway to personal success. In their perpetual quest to flatten natural social hierarchy (necessary to impose their Marxist model of ‘enforced mediocrity,’ on everyone but themselves), liberals thus instinctively attack anyone espousing clear, logical thought.” ~ Carr


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    1. I’ve seen similar incidents over the last 40 years and except for a write up in the local/state paper, there’s usually nothing in the national news. I personally knew a guy in Georgia who took on three bank robbers in a small town with his CCW gun (he was a retired State cop and a National Pistol Champion). He got kudos from the town, state police, and an award for valor from Governor, but no mention in national news. I don’t think it was a conspiracy to suppress news about self defense or a “Good guy stopping a bad guy (or three of them in this case). I truly think the National Media doesn’t care unless it’s death and mayhem to sell papers. The old adage “If it bleeds, it leads.” is as valid now as it was during the time of Pulitzer and Hearst back in the 1890’s. That’s a big reason for the behavior of people like J. Edgar Hoover (FBI Director) during the 1920’s through the 1970’s. He knew no press or bad press had was more effect on law enforcement funding than simply stopping crime by arresting bad guys. He was always pushing for good press and was a PR hound chasing headlines like any other modern Media celebrity for himself and his FBI. Even the bad guys understood that concept. Bank Robbers like Dillinger was more popular than the police and his constantly pushed his public profile (that’s what made him a target for Hoover). It made 1930’s movies like Little Caesar and Public Enemy sold more tickets than cop movies like G-Man. Even the Mafia under Luciano and other crime organizations realized that public murders, drive by shootings, and bombings did them more harm than good. It gave publicity hounds like US politicians, anti-crime activists, and even religious figures, like Father Coughlin a famous radio personally of the 1920and 30’s, something to rail against for votes, ratings, and money. It’s still true today. Thugs and murders are more glorified by the press than hero citizens or cops.

    2. Similar to the teacher in Indiana that knocked the gun out of the 7th grader’s hand and got shot. Not much on the news about that, either. With either case I don’t even know what kind of gun was used.

    3. Please give my blessings to the person who acted according to common sense and saved the lives of Americans from this moron. To the readers we must remember that most DEMOCRATS lack the ability to think and of course we all know the media are for the most part communists there fore they all lack the brains to tell the truth.

    4. We dont get many reports of good done with firearms as I believe the goal is to demonize firearm ownership at all costs. Good people doing good things screws up the game of firearm demonization and ultimate confiscation.

    5. I saw it on CNN, MSN (used the CNN coverage story) and Yahoo. Fox and OAN of course did the best coverage but neither CNN or Yahoo had anything to say bad about it which shocked all of us. Coverage on anything from my state will ALWAYS be limited in the national news unless its horrible like the F5 tornados or something getting blown up. Even every POTUS that’s served never spends more than an hour or two here for a fund raiser. That national attitude about this state is why it’s easy for us to talk about leaving when it comes up too.

    6. Well argued points… It’s interesting to note that there were possibly two people able to react instantly… Humanity needs more people capable of acting like white blood cells when disease strikes.

      1. Unfortunately they were not able to “react instantly” because their firearms were in their vehicles because they chose to comply with the “No weapons” signage. It bears repeating, concealed means concealed. The most that could have happened to them here in Ok under our laws is if found to be carrying they could be told to leave and trespassed if they did not. Last week, a few days after that happened my wife and I went to the restaurant directly to the south of Louie’s on the lake. And I was carrying as I do every time I step foot off my property. No muss, no fuss.

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