“Politically Incorrect Conservative” Brian Kemp Discusses Campaign Ad & Liberal Anger

Georgia –  -(Ammoland.com)- On Saturday morning, conservative businessman and Secretary of State Brian Kemp appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss his new campaign ad, “So Conservative”, and the liberal outrage over his commitment to cap government spending, protect 2nd Amendment rights, slash anti-business regulations, and deport criminal aliens from Georgia.

Kemp’s first ad, “Jake” garnered national attention earlier this month. Now, the commercial has over one million views across all online platforms. “So Conservative” is approaching similar numbers just five days after going up on TV in Georgia.

Kemp is running second in a crowded Republican Primary. Election Day is May 22, 2018.

Clearly, Brian Kemp is the only candidate for governor that Democrats actually fear. They aren’t bashing the “frontrunner” or “true conservative.” The “outsider” or the bomb thrower. They are coming after Kemp – daily – with unbridled rage.

Georgia’s next governor needs a steel spine and a matching pair of boots. We can’t afford a soft, career politician in the governor’s office. We need a proven, conservative businessman with a track record of fighting – and winning – for Georgia.

It’s time to get involved in our grassroots efforts and do your part to elect Brian Kemp. Together, we can stand up to the left and put hardworking Georgians first. If you not local please consider donating and we need more pro gun champions in public offices.

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Brian Kemp for Governor
Brian Kemp for Governor
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Wild Bill

Sounds like a fun person.


Gotta love this guy ! Old school rules….

Neil Pearson

If democRaTS ARE AFRAID of him and are bashing him daily then he is clearly the best candidate for Governor of Georgia!!!!


Hmm…aren’t all illegal aliens CRIMINAL illegal aliens?!?


No kidding, he’s trying to reach a broad audience. Get a grip.