SIG SAUER P365 High-Capacity Micro-Compact Pistol Review

SIG SAUER P365 High-Capacity Micro-Compact Pistol
SIG SAUER P365 High-Capacity Micro-Compact Pistol

GRAND RAPIDS, MI USA -( I admit that I was a bit surprised when I got the initial press release regarding SIG SAUER’s P365. At first glance, I wasn’t terribly impressed. I figured that it was simply just another in the lineup of single stack 9mm pocket guns that seem to be rolling to market these days. After closing the email, I had to open it up again. I couldn’t have read it right. 10+1 capacity in a gun with specs smaller than most competitors?

SIG is a company that always seems to want to push the barriers as far as design is concerned. That level of innovation has landed them their share of success and has also drawn a significant amount of controversy. Despite the pushback from many angles, SIG has delivered some of the most interesting and successful designs of recent years, virtually all of them original.

The radical departure from conventional thinking is where we land with the P365. You’ve probably heard that this gun is a game-changer for the industry. I hear that all the time and usually it is far from true. Fitting 10+1 in a compact gun isn’t new. Fitting 10+1 in a gun as small and light (if not smaller and lighter) as most that hold 6+1 is a feat of engineering. SIG has delivered not just a gun with the P365, but a complete carry package that includes a number of magazines, 365 ammunition, and holster options.

In this review, we are going to start at the source of the P365’s appeal: the magazine. The incredible part of the P365 magazine is that it is so very small. It has a staggered shape that essentially allows the mag to act as a single stack towards the top and a double stack at the base. In the extended version the capacity is 12+1 and it doesn’t show it. Looking at the design of the magazine shows an incredible effort to make use of every single millimeter of available space. That trend continues all over the gun.

The source of the P365’s appeal: the magazine.
The source of the P365’s appeal: the magazine.

Just like the P320, the P365 has an internal chassis that bears the serial number. This means that there will likely be alternate frames available at some point in the future that could contain lasers and lights. Removing the frame is as easy as punching a pin out and can be readily accomplished by the owner. As far as regular disassembly, the P365 is as simple as simple does. If you’ve ever taken apart a modern semiautomatic pistol, you’ve already got it down.

Now, I’ve heard that there were some reliability issues with this gun and as far as those rumors are concerned I’ve got nothing to say. I never bothered to clean the gun, I just unboxed it the same day I received it at my FFL and put 500 rounds through it of various brands and power levels. I’ve since put an additional 550 or so through before I sat down to pen this review and have experienced no issues to date. I paid particular attention to what some internet personalities said were ‘issues’, and I noticed none of them. I never cleaned the gun at all in the entire course of testing and it ran perfectly.

The P365 is a new gun and I’m sure that some people had real problems with it, but I think that any criticism is fully unwarranted. Since the design is so new, to the tune of a few months, there were bound to be some critics of an otherwise innovative new firearm. I try to be fully objective in my reviews, and this one is no different. The thing is, The P365 is a great gun and it works exactly like its supposed to.

Now, onto the exciting part: how did this gun do in the course of my testing? Well, if you haven’t gathered that it was 100% reliable, go back two paragraphs. The gun ran flawlessly and it ejected brass with gusto.

Firing the P356 is a unique experience. The gun is very small in just about every dimension, but it handles like a full-size pistol as far as accuracy and follow-up shots are concerned. I was honestly expecting a harsh and not-so-fun time with it, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The thing points great, shoots like a house on fire, and somehow fits in the palm of your hand. The best part about it is hands-down the onboard capacity. It just feels weird that you don’t run out after six or seven shots with a gun so small.

The best part about the P365 right now is that it is offered as a complete system from SIG.
The best part about the P365 right now is that it is offered as a complete system from SIG.

As far as accuracy is concerned, the P365 is peerless for its size.

I was very impressed when I tested out the new Emperor Scorpion P238 this year, mostly because it is a very tiny pistol that delivered stellar accuracy. The mini-SIG trend continued for me and the P365 delivered some of the most surprising groups I’ve had for a gun this size. Included with the gun are a bright set of night sights which make targets easy to find.

The best part about the P365 right now is that it is offered as a complete system from SIG. This system includes both a great IWB holster, various magazines up to 12 rounds in capacity, and a line of ammunition. This means that you can have a supremely reliable, accurate, and concealable weapon with turn-key simplicity. The P365 and 365 ammo are literally all you need to get started with concealed carry.

SIG includes a great IWB holster
SIG includes a great IWB holster

Both 365 loads are identical in velocity, accuracy, and point of aim. The first is a bulk practice load featuring a 115gr FMJ. The second, and most likely to be in your new P365, is a 115gr V-Crown bullet that is designed to perform from barrels as short as those in the P365. My average for both loads was 1070fps when I tested them over my Oehler 35P chronograph. Accuracy at 15 yards for ten shots from the bench was 1.5”. Also, my 25-yard accuracy for 10 shots came in at 2.75”. Firing rapidly and accurately with the two loads from the 365 line was easy and I had zero issues.

If you are looking for a great EDC pistol that has a dedicated ammunition line, magazines, and holsters available directly from the manufacturer, cast your gaze to the P365.

You’ll want for nothing else and you’ll be amazed by the performance and accuracy you can wring from this small, powerful feat of engineering.

About Josh WaynerJosh Wayner

Josh Wayner has been writing in the gun industry for five years. He is an active competition shooter with 14 medals from Camp Perry. In addition to firearms-related work, Josh enjoys working with animals and researching conservation projects in his home state of Michigan.

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richard martin

I have a November 19 2018 shot 100 rounds no problem at all .love it . Had my hands operated on I will shoot it a lot more r.I have p938 and p238 all good guns.

Robert Maletta

I’m not knocking Sig but for 599 retail price for a micro-compact 9mm l guess l would not expect to have a single problem and if l did expect it to be fixed besides the high capacity of the gun there are many other choices minus the high capacity that can be purchased at 299-400 dollars the difference in price would buy ammo holster extra magazines etc. I’m pretty sure other manufacturers are examining this new Sig closely and in a year or two other manufacturers such as Walther Smith and Wesson Ruger will be making a gun very similar… Read more »

Donald Ellington jr

If a gun will not go bang every time for any reason , it is not worth a damn .

bill ric


Donald Ellington jr

If a gun will not go bang EVERY time , NOTHING else for any reason matters !!


1500 rounds through my May 2018 P365 with stellar performance.


Great news, thanks for sharing, mine has a June 8/2018 date, and it also has been flawless, it looks like the bugs have been worked out, enjoy your P365, I know I am…


I have waited for the P365 to be avail in my area for a long time, so I opted for the new Taurus G2C. Similar to the Sig 365 & for a lot less $$$$. The G2C has a 12 rnd mag & has performed with no issued for me. !!!!


I’ll just keep on keeping on with my 20yo, $230 KT P11. Yeah, it’s got a long trigger pull and doesn’t have that Sig aura (which is pretty tarnished by now), but it works. I’ll take a long DAO pull that works over a striker that doesn’t in a self defense firearm.

Oh, it’s even got Sig’s “unprecedented” 10+1 capacity.


I to have a Kel Tec P 11 long trig pull but works every time 12+1 .works for me.Bought 15 yrs ago ,not one malfunction.


I was finally able to hold one. It felt good, had a smooth trigger and I loved the X Ray green front sight.
I am a police officer, 24 years of service, my off duty / back up gun is a Kahr PM9. The Sig has the same dimensions, but with a higher capacity magazine. I had jumped on the Sig P320 bandwagon. I sent it back after doing the recall. I sold it and went with a Glock 19, 5th Generation with the FBI Night Sights.

To each their own.

bill ric

I’m sick of hearing Sig prices on 365, 320x carry. Buy a glock, s&w, s field, berreta, ruger and walter.
buy the time you change out the triggers, add night sight or x-ray sights, you are far above
the price of a sig p 3 series. Walter does have a great trigger.
Plus the mag on the 12 round sig p365 is not double stack it’s 1.5. as is the 10 round.

H. Spires

I never fire a new gun until I clean it. Just don’t want to risk a small piece of metal somewhere inside of the barrel.

Matt in Oklahoma

Moot point even discussing SIG until they fix themselves. The multiple issues with multiple weapons is really disappointing. It’s no secret I’m a Glock fanboy, it’s just my preference for what fits me, but I recommended a SIG to some folks and got burned. 2 different guns and both broke within weeks. I was shocked because SIG has always been so reliable. They got one fixed and it seems to be ok, still waiting on the other. They are madder at me than the company which is kinda funny. The writer here thinks these comments are “unwarranted”. If that’s so… Read more »

Mark Hummel

I want to trust this gun enough to buy one but the tsunami of complaints of various failures online is impossible to ignore. I have my incredibly reliable PPS, and I’m starting to think about just keeping it and waiting a year.

Jack A Furbush

I fired this weapon at the Sig O.D. range last week. Outstanding. The lady friend I was with tried it and wouldn’t give it back. She neatly tore her pocket reaching for her wallet. While waiting for the NHDOS check she called both of her son’s and talked them into one as well


The issue isn’t whether the gun shoots well, the issue is reliability. And there are problems with the latter….


Picked up one from the latest batched released and on Saturday put 500 rounds of FMJ, Federal HST 124gr +p, Federal HST 147gr, Hornady 115 gr TAP, Winchester PDX1 147gr, Winchester Ranger T 124gr +p+, Sig 365 115gr JHP, Barnes TAC XPD 115gr +p and not a single issue.

This one is a keeper.

Carlos Garcia

Picked mine up yesterday and very happy with it. Juat got back from range after 250 round and 0 problems. My wife put another100 thru it and now wants one. I gueas i have to order one for her now. She’s putting her Bersa in the safe and caring the 365 when she gets hers.


I now have 1500 rounds thru my May 2018 P365 and it has been flawless.

Scott Strickland

Got mine May 22nd. Less than 300 rounds was sent to Sig to get broken striker replaced!

Mark Hummel

I’ve never even heard of a striker breaking on a gun before. This really is not cool, Sig. On top of that there are the trigger spring issues. I’ve read a number of people have had to send theirs back multiple times. Harry’s Holsters among them, and as everyone’s seen, MAC had a failure after 900 rounds.

Bill nelson

What will be the price of the new sig?


I found a concealed carry mag pouch for the 365. It fits in your pocket and looks like a pocket knife. It’s made by Extracarry. Their website is

I have several others as well from them. For my 1911, my Beretta Pico, my Springfield XDS and my Ruger LCP.

They all have been working great for several years.


Richard Hilton

Wow that great too bad they aren’t available anywhere in north east Illinois or north west Indiana. Can’t find one anywhere. Was told by one dealer he had to return the ones he had gotten due to some problems with them. So far I am not impressed with the Sig 365 and a little tired of seeing stories about something not available everywhere.

Bob Lutz

Mine broke after 196 Dry Fires, using Snap Caps. Zero rounds fired.


Great idea but in my opinion poor execution. I’m not a fan of MIM parts but I know many manufacturers use them for low stress parts. However, using MIM parts made in India for critical components is a terrible idea. Especially for the price Sig wants for these guns.

Jack A Furbush

I don’t know about the low quality of Indian parts so much. I was a University cop for 12 years. Thire engineering and medical students are some of the sharpest you can meet. The state of manufacturing is such that almost all Gun makers use mim parts in non stress areas. That’s actually been going on since WW2. SIG is one of those Gun makers that really needs to get twice it’s size. IT’S designs and products are top shelf. Then it can’t make enough fast enough. Military and Lawenforcement normally get first dibs on everything. Being multie million dollar… Read more »

Bob Lutz

It works until it breaks. THEN, its normally a striker or the trigger reset bar, which is not addressable in the field. When (not if) one of those goes, pray its at the range, and not on the street. Or you are dead……and SIG does not care.

Ty Maltby

I have a SigP938 7+1 DAO and carry it cocked and locked. I replaced the Ambi Safety w/ the P238 inboard for a righty, a stainless steel trigger and dropped the trigger pull to 3lbs. You can keep the 365. With no reason to change; I can tell y’all with at least 3000 rounds through it I’ve never had a failure and I trust completely along with 2 spare mags EDC. That said, anyone not happy with 365 let me know and I’ll work it over.

Bob Sutter

Solid review, lots of great info. I’m excited to check this lil gun out. Thanks.

Vincent J. Gambone

Do you think Sig will make a Hammer version of the 365???????

they could call it the 365 H


No because that would be a retarded DA/SA gun at that point and no one wants that bullshit.


Josh –

I’ve got one of these on order and can’t wait for it to come, though I do have some concerns about Sig’s Quality Control lately. There have been numerous reports now of “primer swipe” and broken strikers. Do your spent casings exhibit any “primer swipe” at all?

PS: RE “SIG includes a great IWB holster” – I don’t think they include them with every gun. They’re available, but to my knowledge you have to pay for them

Mark Hummel

Yeah this ‘review’ was a bit of a blowjob-puff piece.

Rod Klomp

I can’t wait to get one, I’ve been on a list for months now and , and as for Sig, I own several of them, and have never been disappointed, Sig in my opinion make nothing but quality firearms, anyway I already have a Vedder holster and 12 round mag for the P365, just need the gun now, my LGS for which I’ve known for a long time now and trust, told me of the few he he has gotten in, every one has been very happy with the P365, so I’ll have to wait and see, but I don’t… Read more »

Don Whitten

Mine was built April 29th and I shot 54 rounds through it before the trigger return spring failed. Sent back to SIG a week ago today. Have not heard anything yet. Paper works states 3-4 week turn around time. Have seen enough problems on enough forums to question SIG’s quality control at this point in time.


The superb Glock 43 just got trumped!
Ten 9mms plus one in the gun capacity is outstanding. 2 3/4″ groups at the 25 yard line??? Unbelievable!!
Even though i owned the Sig P220 SAO im still not a fan. Primarily due to the unfriendly, not bilateral Sig decocker. I might change my mind on the P365


Not really. I mean, the Glock 43 will not break after 1000 rounds. You can count on it. And the capacity isn’t that bad if you get the Vicker’s 8 round mags. Or you can just carry a P320 subcompact, VP9SK, or Glock 26. Yes, they are bigger than the P365, but they are reliable and have good capacity (12 – 13 rounds).


Mark, Glocks are good pistols but I have seen plenty of broken ones. Some, right out of the box. I worked as an LE FA instructor for a very long time, including a few years with Glock, Sig, and S&W. The one thing I can tell you is that all pistols can and do break. It a mechanical device and parts do fail. None of them are perfect. Find one you like, shoot it, train with it and carry it.


I’ve transitioned away from Sig after the P320 debacle and Sig’s intransigence in settling those cases where LEOs were injured from inintended discharges. I’m a lawyer (not involved with any of the cases) and a former homicide prosecutor. My P228 has been shelved for a Glock 19, and a Glock 26 nicely fulfills my need for concealed carry. I’ll pass on the P365.


As a retired firearms examiner and firearms instructor for 40 years, I’ve testified in over a dozen unintentional discharge cases since my retirement. If you are truly worried about that, I think you may have transitioned to the wrong line of pistols.


I’m “worried” about corporate responsibility.

Henry Cherry

I like your post. I’m a Glock man myself. How do you like your 26?


Outstanding weapon.

Jim Hovater

My dad is a HUGE SIG fan. He bought a Sign 365 from an LGS the other day. A local LEO had traded it in, claiming he ‘couldn’t hit anything with it’s. Allegedly, the officer only fired 10 rounds through it. Those of us old enough to remember LEOs carrying revolvers, probably also know how to shoot a DAO firearm. Apparently, DAO shooting skills are no longer taught in the academy.


These aren’t high capacity mags. A high capacity mag holds 15+. 10rds is usually pretty standard for a handgun. Also I don’t know if I can trust sig right now after the issues with the military models that shouldn’t have been picked with the failure rates in testing.


It *is* high capacity compared to every other gun in its class. All the others – G43, M&P Shield to name a couple of the most popular, are not only bigger, but top out around 7 rounds in their flush mount magazines.


For a pistol smaller than a glock 43 ten rounds is fantastic. This is in no way a standard hand gun.

Kat M

Too heavy for a woman to conceal carry.