FK BRNO Field Pistol – VIDEO Review & Long Range Shooting Test

U.S.A.-( When I was asked if I wanted to give the FK BRNO Field Pistol a hard honest look I jumped at the chance. After all, when would I even get a chance to see one of the $7,500 pistols again?

I do want to thank Luxury Firearms for sending the pistol out with a ton of ammo for the test. Sadly I wasn’t able to shoot all 1,300 rounds they sent and only got a chance to shoot 300 rounds through the pistol. Luxury Firearms asked for the second gun back much sooner than expected preventing all of the testing that I would have liked to have done.

I should probably explain the ‘second gun’ comment above. The first gun that Luxury Firearms sent out to me was missing the firing pin and firing pin block. I imagine that the pistol had been used as a show gun for SHOT Show and never been put back into working order. It was mildly annoying that the pistol showed up inoperable and I had already mounted an RMR to the gun then driven over an hour one way to test the pistol to find the firing pin missing.

I wasn’t even able to get the time with the pistol to take some proper photos.


Unboxing the FK BRNO Field Pistol:

From my dear friend Jeremy S. at The Truth About Guns

The pistol ships in a hard case that resembles a Pelican case with a ton of goodies stuffed inside. While the case is missing the street cred that a Pelican might have, I am rather confident that it would hold up to the same level of abuse without allowing damage to the pistol.

In addition to the pistol, FK BRNO also sends out extra recoil springs that I didn’t really investigate the reason for their inclusion in the short time I had the gun in my possession. They also include a cleaning kit, A mediocre leather holster that seems to be designed more for showing the gun off at BBQs rather than securing and protecting the gun, a second more traditional rear sight, and an RMR mounting plate.

The Ammunition:

From Left To Right – Federal Hydra Shok Deep 135gr 9mm, 7.5 FK 95gr HP, Hornady .223 Remington 75gr BTHP, 7.5 FK 95gr HP, Silver State Armory .308 Win 168gr SMK, 7.5 FK 95gr HP

The FK BRNO is chambered for a proprietary caliber that FK BRNO has dubbed the 7.5 FK. While I am sure that there are several variants of the ammunition out there, I received 1,300 rounds of the 95 grain all copper stuff. Why did the company send me the ammunition? Since it is proprietary the only place to get it is through Luxury Firearms It wasn’t like I could run down to the local sporting goods store and pick up some ammo.

The ammo is also priced at a lofty $82 per box! Had we been forced to foot the ammunition bill for this thing I can promise you that this would have been a 50 round review. While I don’t have an issue paying that kind of money for rifle ammunition, there is something in my brain that screams THIS IS WRONG PATRICK and prevents me from paying over a buck and a half per round for pistol ammo.

There are several great articles on the internet about the 7.5 FK that I know I couldn’t come close to matching since I am not a ballistician.

The Pistol:

Once you dig into the guts of the FK BRNO you find a pistol that is extremely similar to a CZ 75 pattern gun with a few changes that don’t seem that giant of a leap technologically. I have seen comments on the internet praise the recoil reduction mechanism of the pistol because it looks different. When you explain to that person that the recoil reduction mech is a big ass weight that keeps the recoil spring captive you get a saddened “Oh.” from the commentator.

While the FK BRNO might be a relatively common design that has been sexed up with a fancy caliber, some nice machine work, and some great marketing it still is a very nice pistol. But is it a $7,500 pistol?

Nope. I sure as heck don’t think so and I plan to tell you why. 

Now I know what you are thinking, I have some vendetta against FK BRNO and Luxury Firearms because of the missing firing pin debacle or the fact that I didn’t get to finish my testing. Not the case in the least. I just don’t see more than $2,500 of value in the gun looking at the features and machine work. Let’s get into that a bit deeper.

Shooting Impressions:

Shooting the FK BRNO Field Pistol is kinda an underwhelming experience if you have shot a big more revolver before. The reason that I compare the experience to a big revolver is that the conclusion of the 7.5 FK round coupled with the mediocre single stage trigger, the entire experience is very similar to a production model Smith & Wesson with a bad trigger.

The trigger feels like what one might end up with if someone who spoke only English and knew something about nice triggers described what it should feel like over the phone to someone in another country that spoke English as a third language. Why am I being so hard on the trigger? This is a $7,500 pistol. I own an EAA Witness that has a better trigger and that pistol cost me less than a grand.

When you being to depress the trigger shoe, you find there is some slack to take up to the wall. As soon as you start applying pressure to the trigger shoe you find creep. A ton of it. There is flat out no excuse to produce a premium pistol with a trigger as abysmal as I experienced on both examples that I had in my possession.

I was able to shoot out to 250 yards with the pistol thanks to the light trigger. I feel that if there was less creep in the trigger I would have been able to hit the target from the final position.

You might notice that recoil is a bit on the more stout side. Regardless of what kind of witchcraft FK BRNO has stuffed into the CZ pattern frame, they can’t cheat the laws of physics. The pistol is flippy and hard to shoot quickly. There just isn’t any getting around that given that we are shooting a 95-grain bullet at rifle speeds.

The grip was also rather slippery in my opinion, I feel as though that could really hold back a shooter on a wet hunt or even in a role where the pistol is being employed as a sidearm if the end user got a bit of blood on their hand.

While at this point I am just repeating all of the things I said in the video, I think you get the idea.


Is the FK BRNO worth $7,500? I said it before and I will say it again for the TLDR crowd, nope. It isn’t.

I would expect a pistol that lives at that price point to be at least as good as a CZ TS Orange or a Witness Elite Limited since they are so closely related. Sadly the FK BRNO just doesn’t stack up where it counts. With the sub-par trigger, the slick grip that is in desperate need of some good old American gunsmith know how, and it being chambered in a caliber that is only available from one source I just couldn’t bring myself to spend my hard earned dollars on the pistol.

Now if you are the kind of person that has everything and would love to add this gun to your collection? Go for it. Just make sure to buy at least 5,000 rounds and a couple of spare mags right out of the gate should the pistol go the way of the Delorean.

If you want to learn more about the pistol head on over to the Luxury Firearms website or the FK BRNO website.

About Patrick R.Patrick Roberts

Patrick is a firearms enthusiast that values the quest for not only the best possible gear setup, but also pragmatic ways to improve his shooting skills across a wide range of disciplines. He values truthful, honest information above all else and had committed to cutting through marketing fluff to deliver the truth. You can find the rest of his work on as well as on the YouTube channel Firearm Rack or Instagram at @thepatrickroberts.

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@ Wild Bill Thanks for your comments to the asshat that calls himself BRNO. I told him I would not be be bringing myself down to his level of communicating, but he doesn’t understand much english. By continuing his tripe will be comparable to him pissing up a rope because he is a pure waste of time and typing. I see his name appear I will just delete without reading.


@tomcat @Wild Bill
ur both pendajo.
Parece que eres basura blanca.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, Yes, and his Spanish is worse than his English.


@ Wild Bill do you suppose this asshat has something to do with that overpriced, underperforming gun?
If so he should not be commenting to Ammoland readers, that’s bad business. Anyway, he is just out to pick a fight and do it in languages he is not good with. What a dimwit.


@BRNO apparently you flunked comprehensive 101 so there is no reason to explain to you what I meant. It is clearly written and if I chose to spend three times what a gun is worth I would buy one. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Tomcat I have searched your other online posts and discovered you are keyboard commando that know little about pistols.
You also have little money.
Go buy a SCCY an leave money guns to other people.


I am a fan of the tokarev, also a bottleneck pistol cartridge. While the 7.5 might have better accuracy, the tokarev costs $180 and I got 2400 rounds for another $200, more than I can shoot for a long time. For $7500, I could build an extremely left and right pair of nice mexican style gold plated 1911s, and chambered in a round that exists in the United states. Or 4 desert eagles. Or, as mentioned above, tokarevs. About 40 of them. This gun seems like it’s built to separate idiots from their money


Marketing 101, you build it, put a big price tag on it and someone with an ego to match will buy it and carry it around with the price tag showing.


The writer said he’s not a ballistician and couldn’t shoot it much.
From that you draw a “marketing 101” conclusion.
My conclusion is you can’t afford it.


Marketing 101, was that a comprehensive course for you?
Explains alot.


@Brno you are a weak minded troll, aren’t you? Your original stab and this response are both way below average intellectual conversations. Therefore, I refuse to engage in a pissing match with a dim wit. Adios!


@tomcat Hola amigo. Tu hablas espanol?
We can converse in spanish if you would like.

Pero probablemente no seas tan inteligente.

We best communicate in inglese so one of the dimwits can communicate.
That would be you.

Wild Bill

@Brno, Hijole! Qual class de bendejo es ousted? Por que diga esto a otros, aqua? Usted es una asno en dos linguas.


@Wild Bill ¿El spanglish es tu primer idioma?
Because your spanish is not very good.

Eres un asno en todos los idiomas.


I’d prefer to carry a $500 American made USGI 1911 and spend the rest of the money on front strap checkering, an Ed Brown Perfection Trigger Kit, grip safety, and a vacation in the DRC.. 😛


So it’s a bottleneck high pressure pistol cartridge that more or less duplicates .30 Carbine ballistics when that round is fired out of an M1 Carbine. So it’s underwhelming as either a handgun hunting cartridge or self defense round – and aside from the absurd price, it has got to be awfully LOUD as well. I’ll pass.


Did you mean DeLorean?
Spelling is important for someone that wants to write for a living.

Try spell-check?


I noticed that.
Good correction on fixing DeLorean.
Now change the “muck” to “much”.

Should be good to go,


I just bought one and have different experience.
You missed part about accuracy in several hundred yards.

To appreciate finer points of FKBRNO requires some knowledge of firearms beyond taking orders.
You could no afford a $7,500 car, yet a $7,500 pistol.

You only write good things about Glock or CZ.
You are picture perfect Glock/CZ fanboy.

I believe we spoke when you were order-taker for Cheaper than Dirt.
Or was it Brownell’s?
Are you same Patrick?


Sounds like a gun for someone with a huge ego and a lot of money.


I’ll stick to my SR1911, very accurate and I can get 3, possibly 4, boxes of ammo for the price of one 7.5 FK box of ammo. The FK designation was probably added to be your sticker shock reaction when you see the price…. Holy FK !!!!!!!!!! $7,500.00 could get you a couple or few Match grade custom pistols.
Yeah, I’ll pass…….