Alamo Precision Rifles Custom in 6.5 Creedmoor ~ VIDEO Review

Video courtesy of the Firearm Rack YouTube channel.  Patrick reviews the Alamo Precision Rifles Custom in 6.5 Creedmoor.

USA – -( isn’t hard to fall into a rut when you are shooting for a living. I know that sounds super jaded, but I was spending 16 to 20 hours weekly on the range doing the same thing over and over again to test the various firearms that were assigned to me. Further complicating things, my former editor was not interested in switching things up and focusing on fun things like skill building.

Falling In Love With Shooting Again:

Right about the time that I thought that my passion was going to die out altogether I was informed that I would be covering a factory tour of McMillan Fiberglass stocks, Timney Triggers, and Grayboe stocks.

What I wasn’t told was that I would be meeting one of the greatest rifle builders in the southern US.

I should probably tell you a bit more about the guys behind Alamo before we get too far into the review. When I met Jason Davidson and Robert Waggoner of Alamo Precision Rifles I was met with a wealth of knowledge and more importantly true passion for shooting. At Alamo, Jason runs the front of the house but the real magic happens in the back with Robert at the helm of his machines with several skilled machinists on his team. Further adding to the pool of knowledge that makes up Alamo is Dave Nicholson, Robert’s right-hand man in the shop. Both Dave and Robert are both accomplished shooters, passionate hunters, and top-tier gunsmiths.

Shooting the Alamo Precision Rifles Custom in 6.5 Creedmoor that renewed my love for shooting.
Shooting the Alamo Precision Rifles Custom in 6.5 Creedmoor that renewed my love for shooting.

Well, the rifle that made me fall back in love with shooting was an Alamo Precision Rifles Ranger chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.

The Alamo Precision Rifles Custom 6.5 Creedmoor Build:

After talking with the guys at Alamo I was sold on them building my dream rifle. I sat down with Robert and talked about what I expected to use the rifle for and what options I thought I preferred we came up with a build list. The entire process was painless and enjoyable.

The action that Alamo used to build my rifle is a Curtis Custom Axiom action. The Axiom features a 3 lug bolt that allows for a short 60-degree bolt throw and a Remington 700 pattern footprint. We decided that the short action receiver should be mated to a Hardy Remington Varmint contour barrel made from 416R stainless with a 6 groove 1-8 twist rifling imported by Dallas Rifle. The American Precision Arms Lil’ Bastard muzzle brake covers 5/8×24 threads that mate up to my suppressor should I want to shoot with a can.

Alamo Precision Rifles Custom in 6.5 Creedmoor
A Closeup of my Alamo Precision Rifles Custom.

The trigger I selected was a Timney Triggers Calvin Elite with a curved trigger set to a crisp 2 pounds and the unnecessary bolt stop was removed from the trigger pack since it is built into the Curtis action. I decided that I wanted a more traditional stock with my first custom rifle and settled on a McMillan A5 with a spacer system and an adjustable cheekpiece. I also opted for McMillan to include flush cups on the stock in five places as well as a four-inch pic rail on the forend for a bipod.

Right after the build was completed I mounted a Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 in a Spuhr SP-4001 mount but have since swapped that combo out for a Bushnell XRS II with an H-59 reticle in a Spuhr SP-4011 mount.

Range Time:

The first thing that I did with the rifle was zero the scope at 100 yards and then try different types of ammunition at 200 yards to see what the rifle responded to best. My best result was .208 MOA with factory loaded 147 grain Hornady ELD-M, simply astonishing results.

The rifles best group to date, .208 MOA at 200-yards.

While I have owned this rifle for some time the range trip I am going to be talking about going forward is the one in the above video.

The first lane of targets that I started with were all 3 MOA in size, easy pickings for a rifle as capable as this one is. The steel plates were placed at 300 to 800 yards and the Alamo Precision rifle had no issue landing a 140-grain bullet on each one of the targets on the first trigger press.

On the 2 MOA lane, things got a bit more sporting. Even though we had reduced the target size by a third getting first round impacts all the way to 600-yards wasn’t an issue. 1,000 yards was the next target I jumped to. I dialed my dope in and landed a first-round impact. With only one miss out of 8 shots taken at 1,000 yards, I think that I can consider my range day a success with that kind of performance.

How Do I Feel About My Rifle After A Year?

This is easily my favorite rifle in my safe. After longing for a serious precision rifle for the better part of a decade I couldn’t be more ecstatic about my Alamo Precision built rifle. Not only did the rifle meet my expectations when it came to accuracy, it exceeded them by quite a lot.

I can’t recommend working with Robert and Jason at Alamo Precision Rifles if you are looking for a handcrafted precision rifle for PRS or general target shooting. In addition to full-on custom builds, Alamo offers several more budget-minded rifles that will shoot just as well as this rifle.

Enjoying my Alamo Precision built 6.5 Creedmoor

My only gripe is the PTG bottom metal that I purchased on my own. I really am not a fan of the latch on it and feel that the rifle really needs something nicer like a Hawkins bottom metal.

While I don’t really care to divulge what the rifle cost me (my wife would kill me) I can say that Alamo Precision Rifles offer semi-custom Mavric builds starting at just under $2,000. Make sure to visit Alamo online to see all the rifle options available.

About Patrick R.Patrick Roberts

Patrick is a firearms enthusiast that values the quest for not only the best possible gear setup, but also pragmatic ways to improve his shooting skills across a wide range of disciplines. He values truthful, honest information above all else and had committed to cutting through marketing fluff to deliver the truth. You can find the rest of his work on as well as on the YouTube channel Firearm Rack or Instagram at @thepatrickroberts.

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Ron Green

A 3 shot group at 200 yards proves nothing. Most people shoot at least a 5 shot group. If it were a 5 shot group that measured .208 I would be impressed.


“I can’t recommend working with Robert and Jason at Alamo Precision Rifles if you are looking for a handcrafted precision rifle for PRS or general target shooting. ”

You “can’t (can not??) recommend” working with them enough? Or were you trying to say “don’t bother them for a less than custom rifle”?

Mark Zanghetti

I was wondering what exactly he was trying to say there as well, please forgive my replying to you rather than posting a new comment.

Patrick, exactly what were you trying to say there; “I can’t recommend working with Robert and Jason at Alamo Precision Riffles. . . . ”
I thought you liked the company? But you can’t recommend them? Why not? Inquiring minds want to know!