Vulcan Circle Launches All-New Optics Subscription Service

Vulcan Circle Launches All-New Optics Subscription Service
Vulcan Circle Launches All-New Optics Subscription Service

U.S.A.-( Vulcan Circle, which officially launched this month, has sought out to revolutionize today’s shooting sports market by offering an optics-rotation subscription service.

“We have found many firearm enthusiasts, including ourselves, purchase an optic that took months of savings, to then find the ‘next best thing’ just hit the shelves,” says John Luke Tippetts, President of Vulcan Circle. Tippetts hopes to eliminate this feeling by allowing members of Vulcan Circle to receive and use high-end optics from brands like Vortex, Leupold, and Swarvoski and send them back to receive a new item every 3 months.

Sign-up is simple with plans starting at only $45 per month for their Legionary Armory, which includes optics like the Aimpoint T2, Trijicon ACOG, and more. Vulcan Circle also offers a step up from their Legionary Armory, the Centurion Armory. This plan includes optics like the Elcan Specter, all optics found within the Legionary Armory, and more. The final plan, the Tribune Armory, is the highest level offered by the company and includes optics from Tangent Theta, U.S. Optics, all optics found within the Legionary and Centurion Armories, and more.

As interest in shooting sports continues to grow, Vulcan Circle seeks to help those new to the idea familiarize themselves with optics and determine their needs. “Instead of purchasing the optic up-front, members have unprecedented access to the most advanced firearm optics on the market,” says Tippetts. He goes on to say, “Even better, members can exchange optics every 3 months to experience something else.”

Vulcan Circle also offers a point-based rewards program for its members. The “Vulcan Honors” program allows members to redeem points which are accrued every month for products like tents, binos, rangefinders, YETI coolers, and more. Members are rewarded with points for continued membership and for returning optics on time and in good condition.

“We really wanted to spice things up, so we searched hard and found a quality often underemphasized in this industry. That quality is exclusivity,” says Tippetts. “As a member, our goal is to create an enriching experience through a “club-like” atmosphere never seen before in respect to the commerce of firearm accessories. From our reoccurring giveaways to our Vulcan Honors program, our goal is to provide you access to experiences often found unattainable.”

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