Bullet Points on California’s New Proposed Ammunition Legislation

Bullet Points
Bullet Points

Fayetteville, AR –-(Ammoland.com)- California cannot let go of the dream of violating basic rights. It’s not enough for the state to restrict gun buyers to an approved list, to make legal ownership of semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines difficult, and to deny carry licenses to people who aren’t politically connected in the most populous counties. Now the state is seeking to increase the burdens on sellers and purchasers of ammunition, requiring stores to keep records of who is buying and buyers to show identification before handing over money.

In the most recent figures for ammunition manufacturer that I’ve seen (2013), America alone produces some ten billion rounds a year. At least another five billion rounds are made in other nations. These numbers, of course, do not necessarily take into account what gets made in small shops or by personal reloaders, and how much ammunition is cranked out by extra-legal operations is anyone’s guess.

This is to say that California is trying to stop a flood with screen doors. I’m told time and again that Indiana is to blame for the gun violence in Chicago. If guns can cross borders, ammunition surely is easier to move. Rounds could be concealed in the guns that travel with such felicity, for example. Or they could be hidden in the tons of illegal drugs that move about the world daily.

Realism is not a quality that gun control advocates value, however,  most of their proposals would be mere busywork if it weren’t for the violations that they would impose. We are told that we must “Do Something” to reduce the number of people who are killed by gunfire each year, but the advocates mumble and slink away when I ask them to show that a new gun law has ever resulted in a significant reduction. As with so many of our reactions to 9/11, the demands that get made, including what California is doing with ammunition purchases, are security theater, an attempt to create the illusion of safety, illusions often being easier than actual achievements, such as reducing what motivates violence in the first place.

The lack of potential in ammunition restrictions to save lives is but the practical fault of the proposal. What California’s latest attempt at gun control seeks to do is to make gun rights entirely hypothetical by taking away what is needed to exercise them in the real world.

Consider a parallel case. What if the Golden State were to pass a law restricting access to paper or to Internet service providers? Would this violate the freedom of the press of the state’s residents? It’s no good saying that Californians have the enumerated right to express their opinions and to report on their observations in a tangible medium if the process of obtaining the materials that make up the medium is made arbitrarily difficult. In the same way, a gun without ammunition is just an oddly shaped paperweight, and laws that make buying that ammunition more difficult are nothing but an attempt to chip away at gun rights generally.

Gun control advocates hope that we’ll let this or that or the other proposal slip by if they push for enough of their demands at once, and it’s up to us to have the fortitude to stop them every time.

About Greg CampGreg Camp

Greg Camp has taught English composition and literature since 1998 and is the author of six books, including a western, The Willing Spirit, and Each One, Teach One, with Ranjit Singh on gun politics in America. His books can be found on Amazon. He tweets @gregcampnc.

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John A. Davis

The inherent Right to Self Defense of Self, Others, & Property and The Pursuit of Happiness as a United States Citizen is beyond reproach by Intent of Law and Purpose……..In fact , Self Defense is a ” Universal Right ” and Immanent Danger Doctrine is a ” Perfect Defense ” by State & Federal Law …..California is forcing what are normally ” Law Abiding Citizens ” to become ” Unlawful Citizens ” who will ignore ” CA Gun Laws ” to protect themselves, Family Members & Others, and Property despite the Legislation prohibiting Weapons and Ammunition out of NECESSITY, which… Read more »


Some 50 years ago Washington state tried the same thing CA is proposing. They dumped it because it provided NOTHING to help solve crimes and was a big cost item. In those days WA had some pretty good representative of the people but not so much now, with a few exceptions, of which all Republicans.

Dens Post

Start a militia if you can. The Constitution is still law. Take it little by little until you become relevant.

Wild Bill

@Dens Post, Yeah, but don’t call yourself a militia, or you will be infiltrated. Call yourself the Helping Hand Civic Relief Organization or the Cuchaching County Chess Club or something that does not call attention to yourself.


I feel for lawful gun owners in California. I live in New Yorkistan and cannot wait to bail to South Carolina next year. I just simply cannot take the Libtards in this state anymore. Be cautious on bashing liberal states as a whole, the are suffering pro gun folks everywhere, but not all can just leave like me.


I grew up in NYC, departed there in 1967, ever looked back either.


Just go to Nevada or Arizona and buy ammo [email protected] commiefornia

A.X. Perez

In the 1980’s such a requirement existed t the Federal level. It was cancelled after several years because it didn’t work.
Chicago used to brag it was “the city that worked.” California is the stte of making laws about guns that can’t work.


It started with the Gun Control Act of 1968, and ended with the Firearm Owners Protection Act , on a Federal level.

Two whores and a divorce

I think these public shootings will become so much more commonplace that these progressives won’t have much influence on people arming themselves while about. As far as their propaganda goes; I take my AR to the target range and not the assault range. The Military has considered for quite some time that 5.56 is inadequate.They say the AR is designed for the purpose of killing. It was designed for a military task and like all firearms, cigarettes, and cars, it has the inherent ability to kill. Baseball bats have been used to assault and kill. They all should be serialized… Read more »


Gun control will not come about by banning guns per se… there are simply too many in private hands. The Left knows this. Rather, they will limit or eliminate completely the ammunition. This is far, far easier to do since it’s a production bottle neck already controlled by the government. There are very few producers of ammunition components (powder, primers) and they’re all owned by the government (contractor operated – government owned). All you need is a future, wannabe Obama with a “pen and a phone” to single handedly stop private sales of smokeless powder with an executive order. It… Read more »

TSgt B

Where did you get the ridiculous idea that “government” owns all of the ammunition component plants? Last time I looked, CCI/Speer, Hornady, Sierra, DuPont, ATK, etc, are PRIVATELY OWNED entities. All one must do is to stock up on components. And Moynihan was full of meadow muffins. Properly stored ammunition will last well over a century. I have ammo that was made during WWI and it is still good.


Just put all rich in one place WITHOUT any guns and body guards. We’ll see how they can handle it with s..t and f…k!


They need to stop those godame trait ers in California. The 2nd admendment was written for a reason, for this fasict shit going on in that stinking state. They are a bunch of pussy,s. Where is the NRA on this?


The NRA was vying with President Trump for who would be the fastest to demand outlawing bumpstocks.

rich z

They either never LOOK before they LEAP ,OR don’t give a S>>T as to what happens to YOU.


Yea Nashville TN tried that a few years ago….didnt last long the people stood up and the gun shows continue…..


If you people in California don’t vote the Dems out of office nothing will change…yall put those assholes in office so don’t complain……you want change out there put people in that WILL make a difference……….


Sounds like the Congress! No idea of the PROBLEM od the SOLUTION!
Let’s just do something!
Well California voters, “Vote the bastards OUT!”


@ Bill – Kern County was the first in Calif. to enlist the aid of electronic vote “counting”. Read: electronic vote rigging. There probably hasn’t been an honest election there since the mid 60’s, or anywhere else in this country after other places adopted the same system of “counting” what I jokingly call “votes”. We won’t get change in California – or anywhere else in this country – until we go back to independently verifiable and people-countable paper ballots. Even then it’ll take getting high-finance out of the voting process, because before electronic vote counting big (corrupt) business was influencing… Read more »


The ones who voted these assholes in aren’t worried about it, it’s the god loving, gun loving red blooded real Americans that are here in comifornia that are, and if you dont thi k we vote to change how this fkd up state is ran, then you are sadly misinformed and mistaken……the Democrats have a hold on this state and I personally dont think we can change it, due to the corruption at the upper levels.

Boogie man

In the past people did not pay attention to what the politicians were doing to our state. This year they are becuase its so expensive to live here now, homelessness is at an all time high, crime rate numbers are fudged. This years elections will be the most interesting.

John Galt

Kalifornians are such pussies. Private sales of guns and ammo that used to be routine are now frought with people too afraid to do a private face to face transaction. Even with guns that were pre-68. As Americans it is our HERITAGE and our DUTY to defy such unconstitutional laws. Period. You will either teach your children to be free or slaves. Ultimately, you / your children will have guns or you will register them. Stop beating the incrementalism around the bush and learn your history. How can you respect any private gun or ammo seller who will not subvert… Read more »


I would be more inclined to state that I, for one, am not, as you so eloquently phrased it, a “pussy” where the current state administration has placed us in this latest gun grab.
The great citizens of the state of California have seen fit to recycle this current governor and we are all paying the price for that.
I will keep my guns and continue to reload as much ammo as I have brass.


Hey, So. Cal, Born and Raised. Leaving to N.C, or TN soon I hope. A relative owns 35 firearms (just in case) The “Rodney King Riots” paralized So. Cal. In 1990’s; all his friends wanted to borrow a gun. I’m a Reagan Conservative who’s seen California go from The Golden State to a SideShow with: Highest ń Craziest Taxes, most Homless, more immigrants (we got China Town, Little Korea, Olvera St. (Mexican Heritage), Croatian and Lithuanian Communitys, Highest Home Prices (In a Decent Neighborhood, $700,000 for a modest 3 Bedroom Townhouse – 1.5 Million to upgrade to Middle Class, and… Read more »

steve rigdon

yes things have changed & not for the better, in 1958 I was in high school in Bakersfield the school provided bolt action single shot .22 rifles we had to get permission from our parents to qualify the shooting range was underneath the boys gym, [ i still have my certificates of marksmanship, expert , sharpshooter in cooperation with the National Rifle Association , we used to take our shotgung to school during dove season & after school would go hunting, we owned cowboy capguns, bb guns, and so forth i went into the Army 1960 – 64 & neither… Read more »

Crybaby cali

Californians are stupid and wimps. They vote the dictacrats into office then cry about what they do. Then, instead of fixing it, they move to other states, which retained their freedoms, to suck them dry of THEIR freedoms by voting for more dictacrats. STUPID NEVER LEARNS. YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID.

Missouri Born

If the elected officials in California are so against the rights granted under the constitution of the United States they should succeed from it and form their own country or rejoin Mexico.


They have seceded from the rest of the country -it’s called Commie-fornia, unfortunately I live, I grew up here & saving up to MOVE from here to Texas in 2 years time – & to the writer of this article (which is very good) they have ALREADY implemented this Law, that why so many Mom & Pop Firearms retailers are going out of business, I hope that after I move to the ‘Real’ America – that when Trump builds his wall, he’ll also ‘wall-off’ Commie-fornia from the rest of the USA …

Joseph P Martin

I wonder what’s going to happen if all the good folks in California who don’t want to live in a Socialist, welfare state where only the rich have rights and everyone else is subject to total control by the authorities? Imagine how much better off the nation would be without all the congressmen and senators from California (New York too).

John Sims

How can you SAY THAT WE HAVE A HIGH SPEED TRAIN TO NOWHERE. Going to have our own satellite and now we want to give medical to the illegals what a great place to live. They just haven’t explained who is going to pay lol.

Fred Lead

It’s not about saving lives, it’s about choking legal gun culture until it’s dead. When people don’t have exposure and don’t legally use guns they don’t see any value to them and happily take guns away from others. The egregious bills in California are not designed to save lives today or ever, they are designed to create new generations of people that have never touched a gun, never want to, and never want anyone else to either. They will argue making legal ownership very difficult will make people safer based on false studies with correlations they made up and a… Read more »

lynn hall


e you every stop to think like hitler said to conquer a nation first take away their guns.


Correct. It was done in Soviet Union in 1917. After that haft of the population were executed.

Galina Herzog

It was done in Soviet Russia in 1917. After that half of the population were murdered. They can’t defeat themselves !!


Lets control drugs; better yet, control dopers from breeding. We are now “enjoying” the 4th generation offspring of the 60’s drug culture.


I remember some years ago speaking with a retired police officer in a large city in northern Illinois. I asked him what kind of guns the street gangs like the most. He said ” AKs and UZIs! ” I said “where are they getting them?” He said…” they’re coming from Mexico with the drugs!” Gun and ammo control? Give me a F*cking break!!

Jasson Hornsey

I watched a video on YouTube that a channel I follow posted. He went to commiefornia to reveal an airsoft rifle being made for his business. I’m beginning to think that will be the only legal gun they will be allowedto own.


Not for long. They will legislate that into oblivion as well. Anythig that looks evil will be banned. Anything that fires a projectile will be banned.

Marc Leblanc

Just wondering when you people trying for new legislation are going to actually get it. the only thing you’re doing is making it harder for legal people who own guns to get guns and get ammunition to protect them selves and their families. and for sporting and for hunting and for any other legal purpose that there may be . Criminals will always be criminals. the laws , rules and regulations are there now . They don’t care and they’re not going to . Stop taking it out on the honest American citizens.


Gun control is NOT about saving one person, period.

“Stop taking it out on the honest American citizens.”

THAT is exactly what gun control is intended to do, and only that.

Theodore I Nevarez Jr

That’s why I moved from socialist/communist state of California. I often wonder if there is a civil war will it start in California? What do you think.


Ca Born ń Raised. I’m hoping to leave pre-revolution. Any suggestios?

Keith Gillogly SSGT/USMC/RET

I live in San Diego, CA and all that these fruits and nuts that run this state want to do is ban all firearms not only in this state but others. I can no longer buy ammo online. Just this week the Del Mar Fairgrounds here in San Diego County voted to cancel all 5 gun shows scheduled for 2019. How much farther can they go without being stopped.


They will go just as far as the population let them go. Much as it may hurt to say this: but, it may be time to hold all of those elected and nonelected bureaucrats that they can not simply do as they please. It may be time for tar and feathers to be employed… Literally.
I seriously feel for y’all in Vali that are honest folks, yet are lied too and told it’s for “public good”. It is not. You know it, i know it, hell, everybody knows it.


California State Senator Scott Wiener recently introduced a bill to ban gun shows iat the Cow Palace here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It won’t be long before this state will be known as the “People’s Democratic Republic of California,” and the residents will be singing the “Internationale” as the state song.

Danny Woodruff

I have a few firearms, I’m a retired correctional officer. I believe California has the dumbest politicians, I know I’m not the only one feeling that way.Let’s give it to Mexico, build a wall and not let those idiots leave that state.We need to limit term limits on all their politicians, governor,etc. I don’t remember Jerry Brown doing anything good when he was governor years ago.

Wild Bill

@D. L. W, It would be cheaper and easier to assert the preemptive authority of the Second Amendment over federal and state legislatures. I have a plan to seal the US southern border for a mere five million dollars, with no fuss no muss.

James Evans

California has had an illegal drug problem for decades and now they are going to create a very lucrative black market for ammunition and the gangs of California will make millions selling it.

1776 Patriot

Politicians are only good at creating more problems with their needless laws and regulations. This, of course, perpetuates the false need for more laws and regulations. If the energy industry operated under the same paradigm as the legislative process, we’d have had perpetual energy years ago!

Wild Bill

@1776 Pat, Was it Cicero that first said? “Politicians are not born, they are excreted.”