Pro-Gun Group Protests Ventura County Fair Gun Show Ban ~ VIDEO

California – -( California Rifle & Pistol Association plans protest at the Ventura County Fair Board Meeting Tuesday, September 25 supporting yet another one of the gun shows statewide gun control extremists want banned.

WHAT: Well-financed and coordinated groups like Giffords and Everytown For Gun Safety are attacking gun shows across the state, and especially the Crossroads of the West show held several times each year at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Opponents argue that these immensely popular events should not be allowed on public property because gun shows “glorify the gun culture” – a cultural expression that they want to censor and suppress – among other reasons, many of which are complete myths (see

WHO: Dozens of California Rifle & Pistol Association activists, staff, who will be providing testimony to the Ventura County Fair Board as to why this – and other – gun shows should be allowed despite gun-control enthusiasts’ calls for closure.

WHERE: Ventura County Fairgrounds Board Room – 10 Harbor Blvd. Ventura, CA

WHEN: Tuesday, September 25, 9:00 AM (CRPA team will be there at least one hour before)

WHY: “Crossroads works closely with police and regulatory agencies to comply with all laws and to make their shows safe, fun, and family-friendly,” said Chuck Michel, attorney for Crossroads of the West Gun Shows. “These groups are using every myth in the book to push their anti-gun agenda on a legal, safe, and family-friendly event that has been held for decades because they simply don’t like guns,” he concluded.

Less than ten percent of the activity at a gun show involves firearms or ammunition. The shows are a modern bazaar, with a wide assortment of food, interesting merchandise, and services available. Only the Fairgrounds is large enough to accommodate the show – and there are no other suitable public or private venues in the area.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top myths, busted, at 

California Rifle & Pistol Association

California Rifle & Pistol Association

Founded in 1875, the California Rifle & Pistol Association provides training in the safe, responsible, and enjoyable use of firearms; sanctions competitive shooting state championships; and fights for the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms for those who choose to own a gun in California for sport, hunting, or self-defense. For more information, visit

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Gregory Romeu


We all know you have tofu for brains, but damn! QUIT TALKING ABOUT IT AND REMOVE THESE CORRUPT ASSHOLES ALREADY!

By the way, this is just ONE such link. Do YOUR homework and get after it WE, The REST of the United States are growing weary of all your whining and bitching about all your failures!


HEY ! ! ! . . G.R. . . GO F**K YOURSELF ! ! ! . . . Those of us who are STILL here in California were ABANDONED, by Californians who fled the state to get away from this B***S**T .We were out numbered In the 1990’s at the very least by a 2-1 ratio, The start of 2000’s it became a 4-1 ratio. 2010’s 6-1 ratio (Yeah, Arnold S. got in but he was a R.I.N.O). Today it’s a F**king 9-1 (with all the illigals that can now vote) . . . WE’RE BEHIND ENEMY LINES just incase… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

? …and YOU have personally involved yourself at least how many hours a week in maintaining your elected and appointed officials over the past 30+ years and what accomplishments have YOU been involved with other than watching people’s asses as they leave that shithole over the past 3 plus decades?

Gregory Romeu

? I hear crickets?

Laird Ralston

This is just another example of the “GUN GRABBERS” of California trying to cripple the rights provided by the US Constitution as well as that of the State of California. This is nothing but another example of how the Islamocrats try to force “we the people” to their way of thinking. It all stinks that a few can ruin life for the masses.


The Ventura County Fairgrounds is a PUBLICLY OWNED and Supported FACILITY; The people presenting the Gun Show are legal and honorable taxpayers and there can be NO EXCUSE for preventing them from using the PUBLIC facility. This has been decided in other areas by numerous levels of courts.


This is discrimination against the CREED of gun owners and enthusiasts. You can not discriminate against race, color, religion, or CREED. Gun owners and enthusiasts are a CREED.

Gregory Romeu

This would be the perfect time for the crpa to present notices and demands against the board members to put an immediate halt in their practices against the taxpayers of Ventura County. Perhaps a Recall Notice would be a nice addition to the Sept 25 meeting?

They, (the board members) are not law enforcement. I can be pretty sure that if the county sheriff of Ventura County thought that there would be any grave danger in holding gun shows at the fairgrounds that the sheriff would have said or done something about it by now?