CA: San Diego Considers Ordinance to Ban Recreational Shooting on Federal Land


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California: San Diego Board of Supervisors Considers Ordinance to Ban Recreational Shooting on Federal Land

Fairfax, VA – -( The San Diego Board of Supervisors voted in favor of a ban (on first reading) on federal BLM land for the Donohoe Flats and Pink Gate recreational shooting areas.

This ordinance will be on the agenda again at the Board’s November 13th, 2018 meeting and we need Second Amendment supporters to attend and write to the Board to oppose the final passage of the ordinance. NRA and CRPA attorneys have been in contact with local gun clubs, BLM and the Board of Supervisors over the past several weeks and drafted a letter outlining the legal concerns with the Board trying to exercise local authority over federal lands.


We would encourage members to attend the Board meeting on November 13th at 9:00A.M and/or write to the Board of Supervisors and tell them to VOTE NO on the second reading of the proposed ordinance.

Meeting Location:

Board of Supervisors North Chamber
1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA

What to Say: I oppose the proposed ordinance to permanently stop recreational shooting near Donohoe Mountain and Pink Gate areas.  There are already ordinances that protect these areas during high fire danger times and permanently closing these areas to recreational shooting is an attack on lawful activity on federal lands. As a concerned citizen I stand in opposition to the proposed ordinance and ask that the Board of Supervisors vote no on this action.

Continue to check your inbox and the California Stand and Fight web page for updates on issues impacting your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage in California.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

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Since when does a two bit local government get to dictate what does or doesn’t take place on FEDERAL LAND? I find myself curious as to that.

Wild Bill

@Albbac2, that is a complicated jurisdictional issue, and I am not sure if I am up to the level of explanation necessary, but I will try. Exclusive Federal Jurisdiction hardly exists anymore. I only know of one Exclusive Federal Jurisdiction enclave, left. And “Since when” is also answered by the Assimilative Crimes Act, whereby Congress lets federal property be controlled the criminal law of the state in which that property is located. Por ejemplo: Ft Hood being located in the State of Texas has the same criminal regulation as the locals just off post because the working of the Assimilative… Read more »


Re your closing, history reminds one of the following dictum. From Marie Antonitte as I remember my history. GIve the people circuses and they will go without bread.

roger g.

what gives a local board the right to make any laws or bans on federal land ?


Typical leftists. Anything they don’t like is forbidden.


County and state ordinances can be enforced on Federal Land if that land falls under the county umbrella. All they have to do is specify that part of the county as a no shooting area. Just like Fish& Game Laws. State and county law has always applied to violations on BLM land.

Gregory Romeu

This is true, however, this points to TWO major issues:,1) Your county sheriff has no balls. 2) WE, The People take away the federal funding and the city and county have NO access!


Ron McCauley

You have no authority or jurisdiction on federal land.


As commented above, how can federal lands be restricted for one kind of use?

Gregory Romeu

In the circumstance such as this you would seek to remove the board of directors personnel for acting outside of their jurisdictional powers and authority as per their charter.

Kenneth Waggoner

Sorry Commiforna, Federal lands, you have no authority.


Exactly. Federal lands, jack asses!