Collectivists Threaten Escalating Anarchy for America if We Don’t Bow Down


Antifa Violent Radical Left
Collectivists Threaten Escalating Anarchy for America if We Don’t Bow Down

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Liberals never defend their position with legitimate, logical argument, because their position is ever incoherent and indefensible. Instead, via hyper-emotional temper-tantrums, they personally attack and denigrate all who dare disagree with them, even to the slightest degree. These attacks are invariably intimate and literal. Liberals consider any departure from their Marxist ‘party line’ to be so intolerable as to qualify as a ‘crime,’ deserving of severe, violent punishment.” ~ Carlson

Leftist Collectivists vandals attacked NYC Republican Headquarters last week, spray-painting ANTIFA symbols on doors, and smashing windows.

Such vandalism is not unheard of during an election season, but this instance is particularly threatening because perpetrators left behind a chilling note:

“Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive. We are not civil, and we will not apologize”

This on the heels of HRC’s [hillary rodham clinton] recent threat: “Democrats can’t be civil.”

Her NYC acolytes obviously took her words literally.

It is starting to resemble “Kristallnacht” of November 1938 in Nazi Germany, but for patriotic Americans.

ANTIFA is the para-military “enforcement arm” of the DNC, much like para-military Nazi groups who carried-out Kristallnacht, all with the acquiescence of local “authorities,” who did not intervene.

Likewise, local authorities have chosen not to interfere with ANTIFA’s illegal blocking of streets, intersections, and their physical attacks upon hapless motorists in Portland, OR and other liberal enclaves.

I’m afraid that their written threat, “Our attack is merely a beginning,” is only too sincere.

ANTIFA is confident liberal police chiefs and mayors will continue to cravenly stand aside as they destroy property and harm people, and recent history proves them right.

Who live in those areas will in-vain look to “local authorities” for protection.

Potential victims of political violence, a group that surely includes all of us, need to keep heads up and be prepared, in depth.

We’re in for some exciting world history, right here in the USA.

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
Anarchy is loosed upon the world” ~ WB Yeats


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I don’t understand why the cops don’t arrest them. They are rioting, destroying property, beating up on people, threatening people etc. They have a right to protest, I get that but they don’t have a right to riot, destroy property, threaten, intimidate, violence or murder. They already tried to murder people at that baseball game. Yes, they did catch that guy who shot up Scoliese and friends. How many more people have to get hurt or killed before the cops stop eating donuts and do their jobs? I have friends that are cops. They are not there just to give… Read more »


We the people…should protect and defend the constitution at all cost. Regardless of what the Liberals have to say, regardless of the CNN pundits and those on MSNBC. All lives matter! Lest we forget that our country was founded as a safe haven for the beliefs we hold dear. The truth is that anarchy or any form of rebellion that in any way defeats the purpose of the framework of our system of government should not be tolerated. Antifa, BLM, HRC are all in the same small boat, and it’s sinking. Whether HRC or her emissaries want the national spot… Read more »


Dear sir, thank you for your comments. While I do agree with you on some of your views on antics I do not agree with you on all. No doubt you are a law abiding, hard working, pistol packing, proud American just as I am. I am a very strong supporter of the second amendment, in fact all of the amendments. Including the right to free speach. You can not lump all of antifa in to one group of terrorists because of the actions of a few, don’t you understand that’s what the far left wants you to do? Then… Read more »


I am not able to run or take a punch or kick so there would be little choice for me but to defend myself, my loved ones, my friends and neighbors. Antifa is a terrorist group and they are literally calling for war. I’d bet that the most of them have never even seen what life is in a communist/socialist country. Fools. Someone is putting them up to this mess. Somewhere there is the ultimate goal of getting America off the world stage. The first thing that MUST happen to bring down a nation with military force is to disarm… Read more »


It is true that they are communists, no doubt about that. To top that off the DNC very well may post a Socialist to be their next candidate for president. Just think for a second about CNN’s reaction to a communist state here in the US. Perhaps that’s why they deify Hillary & Company, they want to be state tv in the “New World” that Antifa wants to help put in place.I know that I for one (even at 70 yrs old) will never accept what the liberals are trying to do to my country, I took an oath to… Read more »


Yes, Alex… Antifa members are indeed “domestic enemies” of the US, by any imaginable sane and/or rational definition. And our military oaths (I was Army, ’68-’72) have no expiration date – no sunset clause – so our responsibility to OUR country (a Constitutional Republic, NOT a “democracy”) is still as intact as ever. We certainly do need to be prepared for all-out, shooting civil war… because Antifa will not allow anything else. Antifa is a socialist terrorist organization that cannot be reasoned with, cannot be negotiated with, cannot even be talked to.

Mark Koernke

Why is it you all keep using terms about the “NAZI’s” when all of these POS’s are COMMUNISTS. Hardcore Soviet Socialists, Leninists, Trotski-ites, Maoists…..COMMUNISTS. Is this public fool system conditioning because you can’t call them what they truely will TELL YOU AND HAVE TOLD YOU WHAT THEY ARE! COMMUNISTS. They are preaching the RED TERROR. Do you not know about the RED TERROR? Do you know who did it then and IS pushing it now? The Hammer and Sickle is The Soviet Socialist International. Same with the “little red books” they are waving. COMMUNIST. Krystalnack my a_s. RED TERROR and… Read more »

Wild Bill

Koernke, Before we can answer your question, we need to know which, specifically, POS that you are calling communist. Maybe you are right, but we have to examine what that group has said about itself. As for me, I don’t see any real difference between National Socialism, Communism, Marxism or our very own Dense Nonsensical Commutard party .


One way, besides just shooting them, might be that any Antifa thug arrested and identified losses all government assistance now and forever. No college loans, no unemployment insurance, no health care benefits and no social security. They will think hard before rioting then.

Country Boy

Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive. We are not civil, and we will not apologize

Our self defense response will be merely the beginning. We are not scared of Antifa. We are legally armed out the wazoo”. We also will not be civil, and we will not apologize when you drop.
Be careful what you ask for ANTIFA…you might just get it.


What will happen when they run up against a legally armed citizen who resents getting hit with a bat or having his property damaged or destroyed.
If you fear for your life or that of others nearby, deadly force may be an available option, even in Kommiefornia.

250 savage guy

These antifa New World Order crackpots remind me of the far leftest animal worshiping cults. You know the ones who burn down homes, scientific labs, vandalize hunters pickups, saying that black bears and whitetail deer are endangered species. Also like the new Hitler youth getting on television and demanding that all guns be banned! George Soros uses his money to hire actors and unemployed to carry signs, protest, cause civil unrest to promote his New World Order plans.


Interestingly, these riots ONLY occur in areas where the public is unarmed and defenseless. That manure does not happen here in Oklahoma (and similar locations)… where locals would not put up with it – at all. Around here, rioters get shot… and not surprisingly, riots are ridiculously scarce here!

Take note, Antifa…


@JUS I agree with you when you say this only happens where the public is disarmed. I don’t see it happening here in Tennessee, either.If it did happen in the small town I live in I don’t think the rioters would fair very well.


They are TERRORIST plane and simple. Treat them as such! Enough with the PC sh*t and everyone gets an award. Work for it!


BLM & ANTIFA are criminal organizations paid for by George Soros and the DNC.
The U.S. Government should begin to use the RICO Statutes against both Soros and the DNC as well as any laws that cover the potential violent overthrow of the Federal Government.
I also believe that a number of States have laws against this kind of criminal activity.
Otherwise, the citizens have the Right to defend themselves and their property by any means necessary,

rich z

In the 1930’s Germany had a very POOR economy ,due to the losses in WW1 . The Brown Shirts helped cement what followed in the way of government control(Gestapo) If the left KEEPS IT UP, all hell is going to show up.


Hillary, no longer the darling of the establishment left, is turning to the violent left for support and relevance. Washington is shunning her as she has proven to be unelectable, but ever in need of a spotlight she is now supporting the violent far left and supporting their antics.

Capndad Capndad

Fun and games ahead!

Dan from ohio

When the killing starts,eliminate all marxist….media,politicans,educators.


A “Night of the Long Knives” will counter their “Kristallnacht” and please, let it begin with Soros!


Anarchy is not the answer, nor is violent activism or crimes against hapless persons. These emmisaries of the DNC need to rethink what they are doing. Why would anyone in their right mind want to cause disruption to the best economy we’ve had in many many years? It just goes to show you that liberals don’t think with their heads above water, they are firmly planted somewhere below the waistline in a dark and nasty orriface. Stupid people do stupid things and if you have trouble wraping your head around that concept just take a good look at HRC and… Read more »


You can bet your last dollar that the Antifa thugs don’t have regular jobs, so they have no concept of economics. As long as their gov’t entitlement checks come on time all is well.

Keith Christy

You bet your bippy. that weathered old hag hellery is going to play it up as hard as she can & don’t give a s–t who gets hurt or killed to get her way.
There’s a civil war brewing & it won’t be a pretty picture. we have to protect what IS ours .

Green Mtn. Boy

ANTIFA and BLM are but two of the mobs that the Second Amendment is in the Bill Or Rights along with the Tyrants sponsoring them. “Black Lies Do Matter” Sheriff Clark

Gods Creation

Anarchy is exactly what we need. There would be no “government power” to be wielded by those who think they have a right to tell others what to do.

Wild Bill

@GC, only temporarily, then back to the Constitution.