Don’t Let Bias Poling Scare You From Voting


2016 Presidential Election Polling
2016 Presidential Election Polling

USA – -( Skewed Polls are intended to keep Conservatives from voting – so why don’t you vote and piss off the left.

The same polls that told you it was Hillary in 2016. The polls that told conservatives not to bother to show up at the polls because it was all over are the same group telling you that Nancy Pelosi will be the speaker of the house, and you are just wasting your time showing up at the polls.

So here is how it works, MANY – not all but MANY of the polls are total frauds. They are political hack jobs intended to get conservatives to stay home and not vote. The purpose of the polls is to suppress the vote for the people they’re telling have no chance. I mean why waste your time voting if your side can’t win, right?

Here’s how they do it. Polls are not just counting people. You take a sample, the bigger, the better. Then you divide that sample into the group and make assumptions.

So here is a simple example. You poll 1,000 people, and 60% of the women liked Hillary, and 60% of the men liked Trump. You then (as the pollster) make a judgment as to what % of each group will show up.

So the NY Times makes this assumption. 50% of the population lives in Cities, and people in Cities are more likely to vote. Plus more women in the Cities vote than men. Next, they say men in rural areas tend to not vote at the same rate as women in Cities. BINGO! They then skew the poll based on those opinions. While you and I might think the gender biases cancel each other out, the NY Times will give the edge to Hillary, because more women in Cities will vote than men in rural areas.

2010 Election Results
2010 Election Results

So the Times and other polling groups tend to use the biases they think are true. Or so they say. In reality, many of us think they biased the polls to show phony momentum for their candidates to gin up support.

The turn-out for mid-terms is different than for a general election, but many pollsters are assuming a huge democrat turn out and a complacent turn out for Republicans. That assumption is where the “Blue Wave” came from, pollsters making assumptions about how THEY felt people would act.

So Trump goes on a rally tour to swing states where turnout is critical. If people respond to him, then pollsters need to change their assumptions. Don’t hold your breath.

The map to the right shows results from the 2010 elections. Pollsters told us that Democrats would hold the house, the dark red is GOP wins, and the liberals got slaughtered. The GOP gained 63 seats.

Many polls are lies, intended to convince you to stay home. Don’t let them win, don’t let the legacy media select your member of Congress. Get out and vote.

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Douglas Kuykendall

How many times in the last few elections were the polls right?A big 0. I think a lot of that is people are not telling them what they done. I know I don’t when they call me. I don’t think it is none of their business who I voted for.


Polls are no longer relevant because of the reasons Mr McDougall mentioned. Real Clear Politics that Fox relies on is anything but clear and honest. Don’t even give them a moment of your time because the are all fake news. Tomorrow is the day we must make it happen with no excuses why we couldn’t vote. Just do it!


Nothing should stop you from voting!


I’m not afraid of dying, we will sooner or later. I just hope that I don’t vote Democratic after I’m dead!


Voting red tomorrow here in Tennessee.

Gideon Rockwell

Despite the RINOs in the party we had best vote straight Republican. The country is at a tipping point where there are almost as many social leeches in our country as there are producers. I am not talking about retirees who paid in and earned their retirement and social security, but welfare cases, food stamp cases, and those with their hands out wanting something for nothing because they would rather party and hang with their buds all day and all night and let the workers of this nation pay the tab for their life style. These are among those you… Read more »

Wild Bill

@GR, Yes, for the time being the Grand Old Prostitute party is our best option for lower taxes, Second Amendment Civil Rights, secure borders and immigration law reform, national security, jobs and a really really good economy, and about 289 other blessings for the American people. Let us not forget or overlook the corrupting influence of political parties. Both political parties have brought us nepotism, elitism, financial corruption, and a political ruling class. The trick will be to get “uncorrupted yet” candidates to vote for newer and stronger controls on our political employees before they get corrupted by party threats,… Read more »

Geary Mcdevitt

Please, don’t ever think your vote doesn’t matter.
It is your duty.


The real reason is ,,most working Americans have to take time off on Monday or Tuesday to vote /you might see something if the Democratic Commies don’t pull all the dead people and illegal’s out of their pocket Which has always been their modus operandi-MO

Dave in Fairfax

You can always vote absentee if your work would keep you from voting.

Wild Bill

T, Seize the moment by the throat! Take the time off, vote, and then throw a barbecue for all your friends that vote for the benefit of the American people. As long as one is happily slapping the “Hollywould” libtards in the face, one should have a party to celebrate it.


Thanks Bill already early voted here in Florida doesn’t mean the Commies are beating down my door though /tons propaganda and foot soldiers knocking on doors it’s embarrassing

Wild Bill

T, Fox News is implying a dem. win in the FLA gov and senate race. What is your opinion?


Gee certainly hope not bill there certainly are a lot of commies here lately from the West Coast/ “ Puerto Rico/Haiti/cuba and other mixed bag countries They all have one thing in common being poor and indoctrinated subject to commie rule/Looking for something free because people like George Soros’s have baited and switched themAlways with United Nations in the background :so how you liking this new world order so far?? Hope and change Ha? How about some socialist driven crime and poverty for everyone in the state? No ice no cops no prison -dope on every corner what do you… Read more »


We Americans are too culturally ignorant to recognize the tactics employed in the past by Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s minister for propaganda, or by the Stalinist AgitProp machine (Committee For Agitation and propaganda). George Soros and other billionaire magnates are funding this disinformation (the old Soviet dezinformatsiya) as they did for Comrades Obama and Clinton. GET OUT THERE AND VOTE, because hordes of foreign invaders are voting too!

Ansel Hazen

Other web boards I watch people are saying huge early voter turnout and most of it is RED!

Red Wave = Blue Grave. I can’t early vote but I’ll be sure to go on Tuesday.


I am with Ansel Hazen on this…