“Unarmed” Police, What a Shame…

John comments on the Thousand Oaks Bar Killer and the six unarmed police officers that faced the shooter.

Police Car Lights
“Unarmed” Police, What a Shame…

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “‘Police’ is not ‘what you do.’ Police are WHAT YOU ARE! We may be ‘off-watch.’ We are NEVER ‘off-duty!’” ~ Farnam

Talking about the Thousand Oaks Bar nightclub shooting in CA, Sheriff Geoff Dean of Ventura County CA stated during a press conference today that there was six LEOs present (that he knows of) among the guests attending the club at the moment the perpetrator starting shooting.

A reporter asked the Sheriff if any of the six officers present at the scene dutifully engaged the suspect with precision gunfire.

The Sheriff sheepishly answered: “None of them were armed!”

At least six unarmed police present when a madman starts shooting, and not a single one able to call upon his training and instantly stop the carnage!

The words “unarmed” and “police” should never be found in the same sentence. This situation is a sad testimony to CA law enforcement.

American police officers should be gallantly carrying concealed guns no matter where we are, day and night, every waking minute.

It is a point of honor!

The world of 2018 is no place for the unprepared, particularly among those of us who are paid to be prepared.

“Destiny doesn’t make appointments, nor does she waste her time with the naive and unready!” ~ Farnam, again


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As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or in-actions.

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American Patriot

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it every time and being an American citizen, ex-military & believing & thinking the Constitution is the law of the land. I believe a Cop’s job is no different then any other job, once you take off that uniform you are no longer above the law or a step above anybody else. I used to carry an M16 & a colt .45 & have a secret security clearance in the military, now that I’m out I know longer get to have that although I do carry my Glock were ever I go now.… Read more »


A cops job is different than everyone else’s. It’s not a fireman, it’s not a lawyer or doctor it is a COP! We are always on duty and most departments mandate that. You will carry 24/7/365. We cannot turn our backs on a crime committed in our presence anytime anywhere if they are done within our legal jurisdiction which can range from 300 feet or anywhere in the state depending on the crime. Joe the Plumber is not obligated to fix a leak when he sees one. If I stopped a crime off duty I would get paid. So all… Read more »

American Patriot

I’m guessing maybe you’re a CA cop or ex-cop or wannabe but giving you the benefit of the doubt, because you sound & talk like your above & on a pedestal from the rest of the civilians…You’re not! I am fully aware of the constitution, I took an oath to defend & uphold it and to my knowledge there is no expiration date on that. On being equal I was just trying to be brief…Of course where are NOT all equal that’s a fact. On duty 24/7? I know for a fact you have no obligation to put your life… Read more »


FYI I was on the job 25 years up North. Then I did PI work for 15 years and worked as Mitt Romney’s driver when he ran for office everytime he was in Mass and NH and NO I was not a cop in Mass. A cop is above the rest of the civilians. They take an oath to serve and protect and I was obligated to be on duty 24 seven. Maybe you’re the wannabe. I don’t know where you get all your factoids. My guess is you are ex military and so what you shoot a lot. I… Read more »

E. Bryan Hoover

Charles Moore, you just proved my point, you just lied again.

E. Bryan Hoover

Actually most people commenting here are … but I understand why you, Charles Moore, would lie about it … because the position a majority of posters are taking is abhorrent…

Charles Moore

I do not lie, except when in bed.

E. Bryan Hoover

Charles Moore, you just proved my point, you just lied again …

Michael J

The right to self defense (concealed carry) in California is a privilege granted to only a few at the county level. This is not without limits as evidenced by having unarmed off duty law enforcement denied their weapons in a gun free zone. It’s this asinine view decided by some idiot/s that somehow all are magically protected in these rainbow zones. It’s been said there’s never a cop when you need one, but after each carnage there’s seems to be plethora of them. Where are all the cops before any massacre has occurred? Law inforcement in most cases are reactionary… Read more »

E. Bryan Hoover

The arguments made here, by most people are abhorrent.
They are suggesting that 12 people dead is OK, but that having six police officers armed is NOT OK.

To say that this makes ARGUMENT no sense and is beyond SICK is a gross understatement.

Charles Moore

Were you dropped on your head a lot as an infant? Not ONE PERSON is saying any such thing!

E. Bryan Hoover

Actually most people commenting here are … but I understand why you, Charles Moore, would lie about it … because the position a majority of posters are taking is abhorrent.


“Lie about it”????

The whole point being made here – the point you refuse to acknowledge – is simple. If the six officers HAD been armed, the twelve civilians would not BE dead. Therefore, the problematic fact of disarmed officers actually IS worse than a specific number of deaths… because disarmed protectors (that is, if/when societal situations are without existing armed protection) means that the number of deaths WILL continue to increase in the future.




If dept and or county law required all six to be disarmed, they at the least should have had access to
less then lethal shotguns with LTL load to disable any attacker.
Yes, going up against an unknown armed maniac (who happened to be a trained former marine) is tough,
but doable.

Newell Anderson

Using non lethal force against an armed active shooter!!! How about tranquilizer pea shooters!!
Remember the Texas Ranger with a cocked & locked 1911 with the grip safety taped down with electrical tape. He was ask,”Isn’t that dangerous?”
He replied, “I sure hope so”!!

If a gun ain’t dangerous it is scrap iron!!
Gun safety is in the owners brain!!


RIght, walk into a bar carrying shotguns. You’re a special kinda stupid aren’t you?


In my state, no one can carry in a bar except working staff/owners, who must not drink on duty anyway. No patrons can legally. Iincident in the large rural part of the state some time back…… feller begins to patronise an establishment regularly, almost every night. Gets to know the other regulars, all is well. Known only by his first name… he’d sit at a table off near the back wall, not hiding, folks would come and chat, move on. One night a new guy walked in, went up the bar, pulled a gun on the Keep, waved it around… Read more »

Dennis Congdon

It is not the coppers job to defend us.That has been ruled on.It`s that simple


American police officers should be gallantly carrying concealed guns no matter where we are, day and night, every waking minute. American CITIZENS should be gallantly carrying concealed guns no matter where we are, day and night, every waking minute. Sorry (NOT!!) had to fix that for ya John. Some states allow armed folks to be IN a bar, but they cannot consume alcohol whilst being there in that state. Not my original idea, but we’ve got “Designated Drivers” to increase the odds their pals get home safely when they leave the bar. How’s about “Designated Defenders”, same thing only they… Read more »


Former LEO. It was always my understanding that we were expected to be on call 24/7/365. And if you are expected to be on call you need to be able to show up sober. Therefore, it follows, that cops should not be drinking, and certainly not in public. If this agency had a different protocol, and a cop can be drinking if he is not on duty, and if he is drinking he should not be armed. Just like a “citizen” I might add. Currently I go armed all the time, and there is a gun nearby even at home.… Read more »


I agree. LE are not some sort of super being. When not on duty you are a normal citizen and you should be subject to all of the same laws we endure. Its totally stupid they get a pass on carrying and other restrictions on CITIZENS.

E. Bryan Hoover

So you are saying 12 people should die so you can be be politically correct.
That is disgusting.


An LEO is on duty 24 hrs a day and can make an arrest anywhere the law for that state allows him. I was required to carry 24/7 by my Chief.

Missouri Born

I wonder if all these unarmed police officers in the bar who were drinking planned on getting into their cars and driving home, which is worse a drunk behind the wheel or a drunk cop with a gun?


Or a drunk anything, with a gun, behind the wheel?


SO you have a breathalyzer shoved up your ass to make this judgment? Must be a liberal always judging other with whom you don’t agree. Average 200 pound guy needs about 6 drinks before they get to legally intoxicated. How many times have you been a .08 and been clearheaded? Oh, wait, you probably don’t drink because you are so judgy!!


The stupid never stops it just gets stupider and stupider in moonbeams state. People are now burning to death in Calif because of the Jerry Browns stupidity. Passing more gun control laws is just proof of stupidity. How can U make murder more illegal.

Foot in the Forest

Just curios John what you are going to do when the state of Colorado passes the same laws that California has? For those not living in Colorado a little info. WE were the blue wave. Democrats now control the house and senate and governor elect Sodomite never met a gun control scheme he would not support. The dems passed magazine bans in this state and promptly had several members recalled. Payback is going to be a bitch. As for me, I always took Charleton Heston’s words literally. MOLON LABE Foot in the Forest

Gregory Romeu

Your cillective of County Sheriffs have BALLS and step-UP to the plate in defending the freedoms and liberties of even the dumbest idiots of Coloado that voted for your, Blue wave”.. Your Sheriffs will most likely, “veto” any unconstitutional, “laws” signed by your wingnut governor.

A side note to all you lot-smoking gun-toters? I STRONGLY ADVISE choosing one or the other as your future with both looks awfully grim!


1) Property right matter, bering a co does not overriide that
2) Even with Cops Guns and alcohol are a bad combination


Off duty cop = citizen, just like anyone else. ALL citizens should have the right to carry wherever they go, but if you choose to partake in activities that preclude carrying a firearm, i.e. drinking, being a cop gives you no magical powers to ignore the effects or to perform at a top level. Get over your “some animals are more equal than others” attitude.


Sorry to inform you but that is grossly incorrect. Some sage u r.


Off-duty “cops” are subject to the same laws and restrictions as the “average” citizen, with the exception of being authorized to carry and arrest, in most locales. Take it from a former LEO


That’s what I said.

Chris Mallory

“Armed” and “Police” are two words that should never be said together. Agents of the state should always be at a disadvantage when dealing with citizens.
Cops work for us. Their carrying of weapons is a privilege that we the citizens can and should remove from them.

Citizens should be armed, not government employees.


Huh? The fool shooting up the club was a “citizen”.


Just wow … this mind set will be the death of freedom

Don Bailey

Mallory, What is your problem with law enforcement? No, certified peace officers should be dis-armed to deal with criminals who most often do not respect the laws of our land, much less the well-being and safety
of individual citizens. Without our various police agencies, our Nation would be in chaos.


caliph-ornicate’s demo-fags will disarm the police to emulate their idols in london & elsewhere

RMC(SS) W.R. Fields USN Ret

The shooting was in a bar. Officers were undoubtedly drinking. Gunpowder and alcohol should not mix, never mind the legal repercussions! I would take an inebriated officer over a whacko any day. But I’m not a lawyer.

Greg K

Will go 1 better…”Unarmed People” should not even be in our DNA.

Mark Zanghetti

I like the way you think!