Will the GOP Senate Have the Will to Stop the House Democrat’s Gun Control


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Will the GOP Senate Have the Will to Stop the House Democrat's Gun Control

Washington, DC – -(AmmoLand.com)- So, you think the GOP Senate will stop the Democratic House’s gun control…

Since the Democrats have won control of the House of Representatives, we know that either California Representative Nancy Pelosi or another anti-gunner will be Speaker of the House.

And with the Democrats in power, they have renewed their calls for gun control. In fact, they are planning one of the most aggressive pushes for gun control in years.

Nonetheless, since Republicans strengthened their majority in the Senate, many gun owners are still confident this “red wall” will block all of Pelosi’s gun control.

But is this really the case? Sadly, this “red wall” maybe more porous than one might think. First, consider that in the 115th Congress, with GOP control of both chambers, Congressional Republican leaders gave gun owners crumbs while passing a massive background check expansion bill.

Overall, it could be argued that the Second Amendment suffered under the Republican leadership, especially when President Donald Trump’s pending bump stock ban is considered.

So if the Second Amendment took a “net-loss” with complete Republican control, why should gun owners be so optimistic that the Senate will buck all the House’s gun control?

Second, there are simply some gun control measures that certain Republicans support. Consider so-called “red flag proposals,” which allow for an ex parte hearing to confiscate one’s guns.

Not only do such proposals completely disregard due process, they have even turned out to be deadly.

However, these proposals have the support of certain Republicans across the country. At the state level, the Republican-controlled Florida legislature passed a red flag law as part of a gun control package after the Parkland shooting. Even in deep-red, pro-gun Texas, there was a tough battle over a red flag proposal. Additionally, red flag laws have been signed by Republican governors in Maryland, Illinois and Massachusetts.

In the Senate, Republicans such as Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and Susan Collins have introduced or cosponsored red flag legislation. Also, President Trump has loudly stated support for “taking the gun first, due process later.” This Republican support, along with praise from Democrats, make a red flag proposal a dangerous threat the Second Amendment in Congress.

So, will the Republican Senate stop all of the Pelosi’s gun control?

The answer will likely be determined by how vocal gun owners are. An additional ray of hope is that there are still pro-gun Republicans in the Senate, such as Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, among others.

It’s said that no one’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session — and that’s true no matter which party is in charge. That’s why gun owners must be vocal and active in the fight for the Second Amendment.

Jordan Stein is the Director of Communications for Gun Owners of America (GOA), a grassroots organization representing more than 1.5 million gun owners. He can be followed on Twitter at @jordankstein.

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Erich Pratt, or another GOA spokesman, is available for interviews. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over 1.5 million members and activists. For more information, visit GOA's Newsroom.

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    1. “Why do the American people allow elected officials to break the oath of office (Which is a federal crime) and not hold them accountable?

    2. Whether you have a bump stock or not, the fact that it is on the table for being banned, once this accessory is banned, the leftist will have an easier ban event the next time, like AR ban! Give them an inch, they’ll take it all! Remember, it’s not about the “kids”, it’s about people control.
      Does Hitler, Jews, 1930s, gas chambers disguised as showers, gun confiscation bring back history class memories?

    3. U.S. Congressman and Senators take an oath to uphold and preserve the Federal Constitution. Persons of little character, or honor disobey their oath. Deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution, or laws of the United States, is a Federal Crime. It would be interesting to hear where these oath breakers think that their expanded powers have come from. Maybe it’s time to remind these elected officials, that Government was not to exercise any power not delegated to it by the Constitution. Any person advocating gun control, gun registration, etc., of law abiding citizens, does not deserve to be an elected representative. We The People of America have never authorized their elected representatives to destroy their Bill of Rights, The Peoples’ Rights. Citizens must see that their elected officials are bound by the chains of the Constitution.

    4. If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.
      I believe either Mark Twain or George Carlin. What matters is not who votes, what makes is who counts them. Joe Stalin, the most underrated mass murderer of all times, except in the history books used in the masters schools, right here in the good old U.S. of A. -30-

      1. Electronic voting machines can now be hacked remotely. After the Certification Inspection, code is inserted remotely, even from the other side of the planet, that makes the results come out any way the hacker wants. Then the code is erased, using a program such as ERASER, which is free to download. The hacking is invisible and untraceable, employing nano technology. And guess who makes these machines and sells them around the world ? . Could it be the same people who demand that the “elected” officials obey, or they don’t get anymore money ? And they MUST sign THE PLEDGE !!! You can bet your sweet bippy, baby. Bone up on the PLEDGE that Sen. Cynthia McKinney told us about. And the Trumpster is surrounded by these PLEDGE demanders. He has been in business with them for decades and is heavily indebted to them. And they have much, much dirt on him that they are blackmailing him with. Welcome to how the world really works.

    5. Bumpstock bans are constitutional (stupid, yes) but its not a direct 2nd Amendment violation.
      Stupid because if someone wants one bad enough, they can use a stick, their finger, or, if they’re mechanically inclined, fabricate their own bumpstock at home.

      I’m more concerned with the red flag. Ignoring due process is dangerous.
      Further, who’s calling this red flag? who decides when someone should have their firearms confiscated?
      If no crime is being commited and there is no reasonable doubt that a crime is planned, there is no right to confiscate anything. especially without due process.

      1. @Trey

        First, I have a few reasons why such a ban is unconstitutional, but I would like to hear where you find that authority in the US Constitution first. Please explain, and I will give you some time to respond before commenting again.

        Second, the red flag issue. Its called an Ex Parte order. This is when one side presents testimony against another individual that is not informed, not given a chance to face their accusor, defend themselves, and faces legal penalties or transgressions . This is indeed a violation of several restrictions on government infringement of individual liberties, most notably the fourth and sixth, but also in some circumstances the fifth as well. I will be awaiting your reply to address the first part of your comment.

        1. “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

          A bumpstock is not “arms” nor is it required item for any firearms that could use it to function; like a trigger, a hammer, or even the ammunition. Therefore it isn’t protected by the 2nd Amendment.

          But as I said above, and why, it is still stupid to ban it.

          1. Okay Trey, then you’d also have no problem with them banning competition triggers, night scopes, regular scopes, muzzle brakes and any other add on all under the heading of “it isn’t protected by the Second Amendment”? Boy, I’d hate to live in a world where you interpret things. While we’re at it, explain your rationale with the ban again? Because you don’t like them or you just think it’s okay for the government to ban things it doesn’t like?

          2. @Trey, You make a distinction without a difference. Arms are comprised of parts. All the parts comprise the arms that the founding fathers intended and the Second Amendment enumerates among your Rights.
            Now, back to Rev’s question, “… such a ban is unconstitutional, but I would like to hear where you find that authority in the US Constitution first.” ? We are all waiting on you, Trey.

          3. @Trey

            Since you decided to start with the second amendment, I will address that in depth shortly. First however We must cover why you do not know the Constitution and the reason I originally questioned you.

            Article 1, Section 1~ “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States Which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”

            The proposed ban is coming from the Executive branch is it not? I’m sorry, but no where in the Constitution does it grant the President authority to make law, and that includes executive orders (Executive orders are meant to operate within legislative law for the purpose of implementing existing law.)

            Now, to address The Second Amendment. You quote it, but you do not understand it, and nowhere in it does it grant the authority you are arguing for. Think about this, no level of government body is specified by the second amendment to restrict. It is left open because it restricts all levels of Government. What level of regulation does it allow for? This is simple because the stated allowable level is zero infringement. So to go back to where the authority comes from, you have now advocated violation of the Ninth amendment as well. Just because some rights are specifically mentioned, does not mean Government has the authority to deny or disparage any other right held by the people themselves.

            Now Vanns40 and Wild Bill both brought up thoughts along with the other part of what I was thinking. Now according to your rational “Bump Stocks aren’t required for a firearm to function.” Again, having asked you to point to the part of the constitution which authorizes such a ban, where in the Constitution does it specify “Unless required”? Remember, the level of allowable regulation is ZERO infringement, not dependent on individual opinions of what is “required” or even what the definition of required should be.

            You lost this argument before you even started because you wanted to advocate for your opinion, not what the Constitution actually says. That’s why you were not able to quote the constitution directly to show where it called for regulation/restriction. I asked you to quote the constitution for a reason, because it’s not in the constitution. Call it a dirty trick if you like, but this is a no win situation for you. If you are smart you wont be responding further even though Wild Bill has stated we are waiting for citation. Don’t dig the hole deeper than you already have.

            1. On the contrary, I’ll respond once more.

              After reading what you have to say, as well as Vanns40 and Wild Bill’s comments, I admit I didn’t know the Constitution nor the 2nd Amendment quite as well as I thought I did.

              With what Vanns40 said about scopes and a competition trigger; why is a bump stock any different, and it makes sense now that I’m thinking about it.

              So with that said I’m changing my view on the bumpstock being banned after this thrashing.

              Note: I will be reading into the Constitution more and trying to understand it better than I did when writing my original comment.
              Failure is a learning experience.

            2. @ Trey

              First of all, I meant no malice towards you, my caution on not responding further was simply to keep you from possibly feeding some that would want to dogpile on you.

              The Modus Operandi for our Military’s training is that they must first break down a recruit before they can teach them the correct way. This serves to prepare and strengthen the recruit so they can handle the labors of the tasks they are to learn and to not crumble when they finally go into battle. If you are truly taking this as a learning experience, then you can consider this Constitutional Boot Camp and you just survived Hell Week. Never forget, Iron sharpens Iron. It is my hope that what you learn about the constitution from here on will enable you to teach others and allow you to become a true defender of it.

              Now, You are welcome to think of me in whatever way you like, even badly. As stated, I have a very dirty way of arguing that makes no allowance for opinion and focuses entirely on factual evidence and original intent. Having said that, don’t change your thoughts just because someone elses opinions are different and you lost an argument to them. Question everything, always seek out the truth, and hold tight to your principles. Should you ever wish to have a debate or ask questions just to bounce ideas around, I’m more than happy to. Vanns40 is also someone I would put my trust in, he is truly a great guy.

              I would also like to point you to a resource if I may. David Barton. He has written several topical books on Constitutional Principles and Issues we face today. I highly recommend his primer on the Second Amendment. Its short, about 66 pages long, and 20 pages of works cited which show you where he got his information. If you like to argue with friends, it is pocket sized, and shoots holes in any Anti Second amendment claims about the original intent of the founders.

              Stay safe and Merry Christmas.

          4. @ Trey

            If you want to learn more of our Constitution,you may consider this free course from Hillsdale Collage,it gives one a better understanding of it and purchase your own copy of the pocket Constitution..

            Free Constitution 101 course


            No one is too old to learn,I try to learn something new every day,most of the posters who took you to task are more than fair in their understanding of the document,I have gleamed something from each of them.

    6. As an enthusiastic 2nd amendment supporter – a “gun nut” – I fail to see why the last congress was a “net loss” for the 2nd amendment. The author gave as his reason “Trump’s bump stock ban”. A bump stock id designed to make a semi auto rifle mimic a machine gun. The left is targeting semi auto rifles, which I think is ridiculous, but when someone invented the bump stock the idea was to do and end run around the NFA, making a semi auto rifle effectively into a fully automatic rifle without BEING a machine gun. In my opinion, installing a device like a bump stock is just giving more ammunition to the people who want to disarm American citizens. I think they should be banned. Leave the semi autos alone. There’s no reason at all why people should not be able to own semi autos- Garands, M1 carbines, ARs, the works. So long as you can fire only one round with one trigger squeeze, you’re good to go, but if you turn it into what is in effect, a machine gun, then you’ll have a problem. And rightly so.

      1. Don’t know the history behind it do you? The original “Bump stock” was a shoe lace for which the user was arrested by ATF and charged with a felony. It’s folks like you who want to change the definition of semiautomatic that will allow ATF to get all of us in trouble. It’s either semiautomatic or it’s not, period. There is no “faster than normal” or “slower” than normal because there is no “normal”. It’s either semiautomatic as defined as one shot fired with each pull of the trigger or it’s fully automatic as defined as one pull of the trigger firing more than one shot. Stop playing into the other sides hands and start reading the dictionary.

        1. @Vanns40

          What Mr Podesta forgets is that the Second Amendment says “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” First, it specifies “Arms” meaning firearms or weapons meant to be carried and used by an individual, it does not specify the type or mode of operation for them. Second, the standard that was expressed at the time was “In Common use.” This was not to say how many were owned, but was describing any Arm which may be fit for or similar to those held by the army.

          This includes fully automatic weapons. Sadly, we have individuals like Mr. Podesta who practice a self imposed ignorance while trying to claim they understand and support the second amendment. Well, as long as it fits in with what they feel is acceptable or “Rightly so” according to their opinions. It’s funny because it makes him little more than a hypocrite when he has been here for over five years arguing against “Assault Weapons Bans” like he did in this 2013 Ammoland Article comment.


          Good to see you still kicking and standing up for the truth Vanns. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

      2. The FixNics part that was added to the omnibus bill was far worse than the bumpstock thing.
        We didn’t get National Reciprocity either.
        Joe Bidens Gun Free Zone act wasn’t repealed.

        Our Founding Fathers would be shooting by now.

      3. With a bump stock, it is STILL only ONE round for ONE PULL of the trigger; a bump stock simply allows for the rifle to recoil into it under spring pressure to achieve a reset of the trigger, and it’s forward return causes ANOTHER separate pull of the trigger, unless you relax your finger or come off of the trigger. STILL semi-auto, STILL LEGAL. Personally, I don’t especially like them, as accuracy deteriorates and I’m all about accuracy in my rifle shooting.

    7. Gentlemen,

      Listen carefully. I do not claim to know everything. I’m not trying to start a fight. I can’t help but wonder why this national reciprocity concealed carry bill is so damn fired important to you. These questions are rhetorical, I don’t need to be yelled at for asking you all to think. Think long and hard about this; Do you really want the Feds, the AFT for that matter to be in control of concealed carry permits for the entire nation?!?!?!?! May I ask why you think it’s okay to ask for permission to carry concealed? (Don’t get pissy, read on). Yes, granted that is the current state of affairs In most States, we have to petition for permission and pay a tax to carry concealed, but really if we’re going to be purists then wouldn’t it be best to fight for a pure, uncontaminated 2nd Amendment and not support something that further entrenches our willingness to accept the government’s control of our INALIENABLE rights? Why are we so willing to just go along with these proposed laws, not just the one currently being discussed, but all proposed laws that are meant to appear as being advantageous to us (a thick, black smoke screen), yet embolden the elected officials in their quest to enslave us?!?! This is legislation that in reality will allow every concealed permit in the nation to be cancelled in one felled swoop of the pen at any given moment and talk about legalizing ownership data bases. We must quit settling for almost and we must see the dressed up pig wearing lipstick for what it is.

      1. Todd: First and foremost you are operating on a false premise. The “Feds and ATF” won’t be in control of anything. All this Bill does is exactly what it says, allows reciprocity between all States if you lawfully hold a concealed carry permit in any State – PERIOD. There’s nothing issued by the Federal Govt. or ATF, nothing controlled by the Federal Govt or ATF. There are no standards set or required.

        As far as wishing for all or nothing, if that’s the stand you want to take and that’s the hill you want to die on we’ll never see it in your lifetime or your great great grandkids lifetime. That is reality, not wishful thinking. National Reciprocity WAS doable until the threesome of Trump, McConnell and the NRA screwed gun owners and gun owners refused to use the power of the purse to bring all of them to their knees.

      2. I live in WV right close to Maryland where most of buying anything you go there or drive for 25 miles.Point is I carry all the time,equipment breaks down you got to cross in to communist Maryland,where if caught, you might as well killed Jesus Christ himself,because that’s how they are. I have known people that’s got caught (I have been lucky so far) an to jail they went.This is the biggest reason.Hell in WV I don’t need a permit, but have it for other states.Don’t see why the subject is so complicated.They just need to get it done

        1. I was investigated more thoroughly for my carry permit than my drivers license. But I’m legal to drive in all 50 states.

    8. ALL supporters of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the US. EVERYONE who posted on this site – And – EVERYONE who reads this site. I have a question?
      Have You called or emailed or written Your senator(s) AND Senator McConnell!?
      If not- Stop with your comments Until You do.
      Don’t be hearers of the word and Not doers!!

      1. Fat Neg Greystone. Politicians have stopped listening. And now, because of out of state big money the only ones I can write have an F rating with the NRA.


      2. Yes, most of us here on this site are politically active and do contact our representatives, even those that are anti-rights and do not uphold their oath of office.

    9. Both parties are just two sides of the same rotten coin. The swamp dwellers in Washington (both parties and the bureaucrats) are interested in anything that will allow them to keep their jobs regardless of the Constitution, laws, regulations, ethics or morals. The system is broken and needs to be fixed, but how to fix it is the big question. When those in charge make the decisions, not the people, change won’t take place.

    10. The answer is obvious. When the Republicans held the House, Senate, and White House, the Nationals Receprocity bill was passed in the House. However to this day with only a feew weeks left before it expires, it has died on the vine in the Senate. McConnell refuses to bring it to a vote on the floor. That’s your answer going forward.

    11. It’s as simple as this people. We are being given a warning cry by our Constitutional Republic. The very fabric of the Constitution is being threatened by so called representatives passing laws against it. They are throwing it in our face saying “What are you going to do about it?” We make the rules you don’t. They have already shown their true colors, comply or we’ll gun you down. If that doesn’t work we’ll nuke your ass! The question is are you ready to fight? They are censoring people for what they say for God’s sake! We are having our bill of rights taken by force and are doing nothing! The time for talk is over! If our leaders are going along with this they need to be removed! This is the call people sheepdog or sheep?

    12. Yep, the GOP failed us, you and me, miserably, after they ‘won’ in 2016. And now the party has paid for it.
      All we have left is the Senate and Trump, and they need to made to understand that there cannot be any ‘bargaining’ with the 2nd Amendment, the right to defend ourselves, or ANY more gun control.
      No, these things must be non-negotiable and off the table.
      Whilst the Dems hammer thru more gun control (and they will), how many law abiding citizens will suffer their wrath until the Supreme Court overturns their convictions (which will take years).
      The GOP Congress has abandoned us folks.
      And now they turn tail and run (retire).
      The RINOs left behind are only going to take care of #1, that’d be themselves.

    13. If the senate passes Democrat gun control, then that will pretty guarantee the complete defeat of the GOP in 2020. Go ahead, Republicans. You’ll never get another vote from me, ever, if you do. I’m not alone.

      1. HP, you for certain and for sure are not alone. If the “Republicrats” in the Senate go along with the “Demorats” in the House, and Trump does not Veto the coming gun control schemes, I will never vote for another Republican again!! And I have been voting a straight Republican ballot for about 50 years.

      2. The ONLY reason I voted “republican’ in the 2016 election was because Trump ran on that party’s ticket. I only voted “republican” in the 2018 Michigan mid-terms was because Trump had his people in place. We lost here in Michigan with the election of a democRAT for governor and senator. Watching the Kavanah ordeal we all learned the TRUE color of the GOP – YELLOW. They are either cowards or in on the destruction of this country. I hate to think the latter but if so, then WE need to eliminate them once and for all….along with the communist/democRAT traitors. We are witnessing the attempt of the overthrow of this Constitutional Republic from enemies-from-within. Unless we rise to the occasion, this country, the last bastion of Freedom, will be gone from the face of the earth. This is just not another year of fighting for small things, it is whether or not we, as a nation of freedom and liberty survives. It is a call to arms.

        1. If the Republicans manage to betray us by passing a sweeping Democrat gun control bill, there really wouldn’t be any point in voting at all anymore. Other than to find a third party candidate to use a protest vote, or maybe I could write someone in, like Abe Froman, the sausage king of Chicago.

          1. @HP, I can’t disagree and I like the Abe From an, sausage king of Chicago touch, but I think that we can make a difference by winning in the primaries. By that I mean defeating the party favored hack and forwarding the “not corrupted yet” primary candidate. If we do, then the party is over the barrel.

      3. Remember, it’s not just the Republicans in Congress that have abandoned gun owners. Trump sold us out on National Reciprocity, the Suppressor Bill and Bump Stocks. PLEASE, don’t anyone say “I don’t care about Bump Stocks”. The sheer stupidity of that statement is just overwhelming. It’s an accessory and if that is banned then ATF can come right back and ban any other accessory they so choose. The only reason Trump has so much support is because of all the rest that he has done for the country that overshadows how he, the Congress AND the NRA, who endorsed him so wholeheartedly, have screwed gun owners.

        Is he better than the Democrats? Sure, but so is a rock. He’s not pro-gun, he’s a businessman and we should approach him with the attitude that it’s very bad business for him to oppose us. Remember, he wants to be re-elected. Let’s make that conditional on him doing something for us.

    14. Some supposed Republicans are the opposite side of the same corrupt coin,aka RINO’s. If they had the majority were going to pass suppressors,reciprocity none of which has nor will happen with spineless men ,sad to say think again if anyone expects Liberty to be preserved by the Republicans.

      1. It looks like National Reciprocity is dyeing a slow death in the GOP controlled Judiciary Comittee and the murderer is none other then the Head RINO in charge is Turtle Man , Mitch McConnel.
        He has the power to bring it to the Floor of the Senate for a vote ( it has already been passed in the House ) . President Trump has already vowed to sign it , if it comes to him. The last window of opportunity is fading away and will be gone by January 2nd !

        1. You’re right. But he has a smoking hot wife! He is part of the problem and I think the Republicans will sell us down the river. I have no faith in them to do the right thing. All talk and no substance.

      2. @GMB, the RINOs can and need to be weeded out in the primary elections. Freedom is won and lost in the primary elections and the caucuses.
        A guy and a handful of friends can take over a township caucus, and send themselves to the county caucuses. At the county caucuses, they find some like minded people and send themselves off to the state caucus.
        Primaries are harder. It takes fund raising and campaigning to send someone to oppose the party hack. The party always sends their chosen one.

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