New Year’s Resolutions for Second Amendment Supporters ~ VIDEO


AmmoLand New Years Resolution
AmmoLand New Years Resolution

New York – -( As 2018 fades away and we come to 2019, it is time for us to review the past year, and think about how things went, and what can be done to better protect our Second Amendment rights. Reflection and assessment might sound odd, but it is an essential thing for any endeavor – and protecting our rights is a significant endeavor, indeed.

A considerable part of this involves taking an honest and realistic look at the situations Second Amendment supporters are dealing with. Second Amendment supporters have to look at how things are, not how they wish it to be. There are a lot of threats to our Second Amendment rights that need to be addressed.

For the next two years, we will have an implacable foe running the House Judiciary Committee, and the most prominent of the anti-second Amendment leadership of that body. Returning this body to pro-Second Amendment leadership will be essential, as is the case with the Senate. The re-election of the current pro-Second Amendment president is a priority.

Without further ado, here are the New Year’s Resolutions for Second Amendment supporters:

  1. Cut the drama over tactical and strategic differences.

Looking over comments in the last three months, it seems that Second Amendment supporters spend as much time bashing other Second Amendment supporters over how to defend our rights. NRA gets raked over the coals as “Negotiating Rights Away” while others slam GOA for being unrealistic.

Look, it’s easy to want to have nationwide constitutional carry, no gun bans, and the only gun laws on the books focused on those who misuse firearms to commit crimes. Getting there is not going to be a sprint, but a marathon. Furthermore, the anti-Second Amendment extremists aren’t going just to let us have our rights.

It takes strategy and tactics as well as an eye towards our ultimate objective to keep our rights safe, and sometimes, the best we can do is to minimize the damage. Other times, we may need to accept partial progress towards a goal. But the only beneficiaries of infighting among Second Amendment supporters are those who would seek to take away our rights.

  1. Build a stronger pro-Second Amendment coalition

You can bet that Michael Bloomberg and other anti-Second Amendment extremists are looking to see how they can get more people to vote for their radical agenda, including gun bans, registration, and additional hoops for the law-abiding citizens who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Without a doubt, that means Second Amendment supporters need to be expanding their base of support as well. This means securing Second Amendment support in the suburbs. It means reaching into urban areas like Chicago and Baltimore, where gun control has failed. It also means getting past language barriers – which can help with the urban outreach.

Some of this will mean looking at our political landscape as it is, not as some may want it to be. Ask yourself this question: Would you rather see the NRA/GOA/SAF have Spanish versions of their websites, or Senator Feinstein being able to get the votes for the semi-auto ban she dreamt of during that 60 Minutes interview?

  1. Start preparing for the next round of elections.

Virginia and New Jersey have legislative elections this coming November. Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana will be electing governors. Those are the big-ticket races. More importantly, the other state and local elections, where the bulk of the next generation of pro-Second Amendment Congressmen, governors, attorneys general, and Senators will come from, will also be held.

Then comes 2020, where Second Amendment supporters have a chance to win back control of the House of Representatives, keep control of the Senate, and make sure a pro-Second Amendment president is still in office. Again, there will be many state and local elections as well.

Find good candidates and support them with time and money, or if you feel so inclined, run for the office yourself. Get other Second Amendment supporters registered to vote. Help educate voters on Second Amendment issues.

Help expand the reach and influence of pro-second amendment news outlest like AmmoLand News. Share our storys, help AmmoLand get more subscribers to the email list, like and share our stories in social media. Just the simple task of opening AmmoLands daily email and clicking some of the links helps Google and others metric tools know that these stories are important.

  1. Join the NRA and support NRA-ILA and NRA-PVF

Going back to item one on this list, I know people have their differences with the NRA. But the NRA is seen by those who want to take our rights away as their number one obstacle. Why else is Andrew Cuomo trying to misuse financial regulations to shut the NRA down? Why was there such a push to get companies to break ties with the nation’s oldest civil rights organization?

The fact is, the NRA has been there for law-abiding gun owners since 1871. Not just on the legislative and political fronts, but in firearms safety training, running competitions, hunter education, supporting law enforcement, and a host of other activities for law-abiding citizens from all walks of life. Put aside your differences about their legislative and political tactics and strategy – without the NRA law-abiding gun owners and all Second Amendment supporters would be in a world of hurt.

Let’s work together to make 2019 a banner year for the Second Amendment – and get ready for the battles to come.

Harold Hu, chison
Harold Hutchison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics, and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

  • 89 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions for Second Amendment Supporters ~ VIDEO

    1. @Charlie Foxtrot

      “Many, if not most, legal immigrants do not speak, read, write and understand the English language 100%. Judging by the comments here, many American-born gun owners seem to have similar problems. There is no harm in reaching out.”

      Most Legal Immigrants do speak English, whether they are from Central America, Germany, Russia, Japan, China. They learn English because they have to live here and work with people who only speak English, and also out of a sense of wanting to look good as someone coming into our country. They don’t always speak it well, but they do speak it. The Time, money, and effort put into becoming a citizen legally is something they are very proud of. What your comment just did was urinate all over their efforts.

      What is being discussed here is not Legal Immigration, its ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. You want to talk about a culture war meant to divide? You stuck your foot in your own mouth buddy. Furthermore, citing an Anti American propaganda source is not what one would call reassuring.

      1. Many, if not most, legal immigrants do not speak, read, write and understand the English language “100%”. Is it your opinion that they should first fully learn the English language and then exercise their 2nd Amendment right and get involved in 2nd Amendment right issues? As I said, there is no harm in reaching out. There is, however, harm in not reaching out. A large part of the legal immigrant community is not pro gun.

        There is a reason I posted the link to the short documentary about Chicago’s Chinese Gun: I personally know these people. Language issues are the most common problems for legal immigrants when it comes to understanding their rights. Remember, they come from countries where the 2nd Amendment right does not exist and where the government is an overbearing entity. If we do not help them assimilate, they will bring this crap into our country.

        The reason why I originally commented was: Why are we discussing ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION here? The NRA or GOA providing information in other languages has exactly ZERO to do with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. It has all to do with reaching out to a community that has been largely ignored and therefore has been largely voting anti gun.

        By the way, I would not call a documentary about Chinese immigrants providing firearms training in Chicago anti-American. It was featured on many pro-2A blogs, such as this one “Chinese Immigrant Becomes Second Amendment Advocate in Chicago”

        In conclusion, you have pretty much urinated all over yourself by suggesting that legal immigrants should better learn the English language first before exercising their rights.

      2. @Charlie Foxtrot

        I did not say that Immigrants speak or read English well. However, the above statement and difference between two different types is still there.

        Immigrants who have come here legally have to study our constitution and our Governmental system and pass a Naturalization test. Two of the key components of this test are English and Civics(Understanding our government and rights. This is why I pointed out most of them have a better grasp of their constitutional rights compared to people like yourself. You want to get into a battle over Citation? Here, in plain English.

        Had you not stupidly jumped the gun, you would not be looking as foolish as you do now, having as you put it, urinated all over yourself. The original Article was written targeting those in the country illegally who have not learned English. Of course though, the fact that you are commenting on the wrong article is another giveaway to your blatant stupidity. The article you are pretending to be discussing can be found here

        Sorry Charlie, learn to think before you speak.

    2. The NRA is not a friend of gun owners! They are called “Negotiating Rights Away” for a very good reason! This constant pro NRA BS has got to stop. Machine guns were first taxed, regulated and eventually banned because of the NRA. We now have red flag laws because the NRA wrote them. We now have a Bump Stock ban because of the NRA. The NICS was supported by the NRA. The 1968 GCA was supported by the NRA. The NRA was behind the ending of mail order sales of firearms. At what point do fudds stop supporting the NRA? Never??!?

      The Second Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting! It has EVERYTHING to do with THROWING OFF TYRANNY IN GOVERNMENT! That means we should be allowed to have ALL MANNER of man-portable implements of war (arms) to keep the government in check should they choose to ignore the will of the people.

      The NRA won’t acknowledge that fact, and that’s yet another reason why they Negotiate Rights Away. Unless you’re a fudd, your safest bet is to support GOA and the other 2A groups out there. Supporting the NRA just gives them the financial muscle they need to stab us all in the back again and again!!

    3. If we lose the Second Amendment it will be solely because we did not use the Second Amendment. It will not be in any way due to what the NRA does or doesn’t do. That time is coming very soon. Ammo up.

      1. How about protesting peacefully first? I know, it interferes with your weekend schedule of watching sports and there won’t be any beer and Twinkies. LOL.

        The Internet is full of chest thumpers that will die of a heart attack when they need to move their guns and ammo from their house to their truck. The vast majority of gun owners in the US are lethargic and can not be convinced to peacefully assemble to protest against gun laws. What makes you think they will heed the call to arms when needed, especially with their lack of knowledge, training, practice and physical fitness? They will line up, when the time comes, to voluntarily hand over their weapons to the government.

        1. Your logic is unfair – ungrounded if you only knew what really waited outside your door ,,ignorance is infectiousAnd truly must be bliss /you mean try “peaceful protest “where you’re attacked by the leftist anTifa and black lives matters while the police standby and do nothing /that’s not how “we the people “protest Junior ,we protest with free hot lead facials for the commies /muzzies :ask George Washington what he would’ve done-1776And we really don’t care what the speech police/English teachers have to say

    4. “Deep State” lmao. Ya hear that Roy? Bhahaha
      Man speaks his mind and suddenly your “deep state”.
      Might try going to the range and striking up conversations and see if they are all deep state too lol. We are mad and not without reason. Check the numbers drop and you’ll see. Watch 2020 and you’ll see.
      We aren’t the dividers it’s the compromisers that are.

      1. As you well know Matt, I speak the truth as I know it and have paid dearly for that. But, I know no other course, it was how I was raised. To do otherwise would dishonor my parents, and their parents, ect. I really don’t care what people call me as long as it isn’t, “a liar.” Everyone else will be held to account for how they live their own lives so they are free to do as they please.

        1. @ Roy D

          I wont tell anyone how to think or form their own opinions. I can absolutely respect what you just said.

          Standing for the truth isn’t always easy, especially when you have to do so against your own side. But that is also what makes Honor, Courage, and Integrity so valuable when you can.

          Make your actions match your words and stand by them even if we disagree. As long as the words and actions match, you have my respect. Happy new year.

    5. WOW! It’s painfully obvious that we cannot be unified in the battle. Yes I was exceptionally disappointed (ok pissed) at the lack of push to Grassley and McConnel to bring forward the House bill for Natl Reciprocity to the Senate floor. Having let that die I doubt if we see the opportunity again at least in my lifetime. Having said that we must put up a unified front for 2019 and 2020. I am a Lifetime Endowment NRA member that also contributes to the SAF and my State Rifle Association.
      With what the Dems have planned for us in ’19 we can’t rely on SCOTUS (also pissed at their lack of taking any one of numerous 2A challenges. $upporting groups that have a voice will be important to keeping the fight in the forefront. Based on the comments above I’ll add GOA to my list.
      Keep on FIGHTING

    6. The NRA is not a friend of gun owners. This constant pro NRA, NRA, BS has got to stop. We have the FOID card law in Illinois because the NRA wrote the law. We now have a red flag law in Illinois because the Illinois gun lobby wrote the law. We now have a Bump Stock ban because of the NRA. The NICS was supported by the NRA. The 1938 Dealer licensing bill was from the NRA and last but not least; the 1968 GCA was supported by the NRA. The NRA was behind the ending of mail order sales of firearms after race riot concerns in 1965-1966.

      GOA just needs members and support . There are state groups that already favor GOA but we need more. At one time Eric Pratt told me they would help (with advise) someone wanting to start a State wide GOA affiliate group. I was hoping the ISRA would straighten up but the old guard is full of compromising NRA types. So maybe its time for a new Illinois gun group. What about your state? Contact GOA and lets get started building a grass roots gun rights movement across the USA

    7. This is what we are up against.
      “Alinsky’s list of 13 “Rules for Radicals,” offered with his proviso that political activism cannot be a self-serving enterprise: “People cannot be free unless they are willing to sacrifice some of their interests to guarantee the freedom of others. The price of democracy is the ongoing pursuit of the common good by all of the people.”
      1. “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” Power is derived from 2 main sources – money and people. “Have-Nots” must build power from flesh and blood.
      2. “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone.
      3. “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.
      4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.
      5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.
      6. “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.
      7. “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Don’t become old news.
      8. “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.
      9. “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist.
      10. “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.” It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.
      11. “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.
      12. “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” Never let the enemy score points because you’re caught without a solution to the problem.
      13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.”
      Watch and you will see all of these in the actions of the Left as it applies to our basic right to self protection and the other freedoms we enjoy based on the what America was founded on.

    8. Divide and Conquer: that’s what will come of this arguing over NRA versus GOA etc. My advice to you is buy a Lifetime Membership to the NRA, and invest the same Ca$h into GOA. See which side gets you further. I support the NRA for multiple reasons, but it’s only as good as it’s members: I don’t like the way it has resorted to elitism over member feedback, but it’s a big machine. I voted last year, as a voting member that’s all you can do. Don’t vote for unconstitutional leadership: which is most these days. How many leaders do you see screaming to invoke Artivle VI within the US Constitution? None. The status quo establishment whatever you want to call it is not in the business of relinquishing their powers: it has to be taken back. Demand that ArticleVI is enforced as Supreme Law of the Land! I don;t need to say this but we all need to vote for Trump again in 2020 because if we don’t the alternative is far worse, we all know this. Any argument to shill otherwise is a fallacy, and can only be attributed to the demented mind of a fool or a leftist troll attempting to disrupt the elections by creating doubt. ArticleVI !!!

      1. @Core

        Never gonna happen. The NRA will not get my support until they change. Period. Also, Sorry, but if you put Trump up again in 2020 I cant vote for him.

        If you truly believe in the constitution, then it is time to stop sitting on the fence and just saying “its better than the other side. You are responsible for your own actions, your own vote, and your own contributions. If you vote for someone that betrays the constitution that is on you, not on anyone else who didn’t follow you. If that betrayal costs Trump the election in 2020, its because you picked a bad candidate to run. Don’t blame those who actually stand when it is harder to do than to give in. It’s your choice to make, but the responsibility of the outcome is also yours if you want to complain about who is responsible because “the other side is worse” and you caved in.

        No compromise on the Constitution. Take it or leave it.

          1. Already been there when family was stationed at the behest of the government.

            Again, if you have a problem with the Constitution and you like selling out, sounds like you have 10 minutes.

          2. Clark, perhaps if you opened your eyes to actually SEE and your ears to actually HEAR, you would understand that with “friends” like Trump and the NRA, we sure as hell don’t need enemies. Keep giving both of them your money and support and see where they get us!

    9. What,you don’t post comments that you don’t like?As in: Not all Democrats are out to take your guns away from you, but it sure seems like all Republicans are out to steal the Social Security money we have all paid in.Voting for someone who is greedy, corrupt and has been bought off just because they are “Republican ” is stupid and shortsighted for our Country

    10. Not all Democrats are out to take your guns away ,it sure seems like a lot of greedy,corrupt bought out Republican s are eager to steal from your Social Security money you’ve already paid in and it is stupid to vote for any of them

      1. Both Parties are guilty as far as stealing Social Security funds, because the Democrats started stealing them under LBJ to finance their “Great Society”, but The Republicans have not done anything to change it either. Neither party has tried the obvious fixes to funding it and Medicare, remove the income cap on SSI taxable income and stop taxing SSI benefit payments and put the incoming funds into a separate TRUST fund not touchable for anything else and pay back what they have stolen, for Medicare, increase the taxes .5% to 1% and drop having to pay the premium ($134.50/mo minimum) for medical coverage(I have paid Medicare taxes for over 45 years which I don’t use unless I am in an accident and sent to a civilian hospital) and get my healthcare from the VA which charges me for all the medical services it provides me because they say they can’t charge Tricare or Medicare).

      2. Even if you are correct about “not all Democrats” being “out to take away” guns – although that is a dubious statement, at best – every single Democrat leader in this country damnably-well IS “out to take away” guns… all privately-held guns, and as quickly as possible.

        Slept through your history classes, didn’t you? Democrats (not Republicans) started the theft from Social Security tax revenue. And although Republicans did not stop the raiding from that revenue, Republicans are now at least trying to find a solution that will save the SS system… unlike the fiscally-inept Democrats, who are perfectly willing to let the system collapse completely.

        1. The Republican “solution” to fix a Social Security system that isn’t broken seems to be huge tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals and corporations who are already consumate tax dodgers and then continue the theft of more Social Security monies.If I need to use my guns to protect my liberties and Democracy it will probably be against Trump and his Nazi or Russian supporters and Orwellian propagandists

          1. Trump’s “Nazi” supporters???? Slept through history class, did you?

            The term Nazi is short for National Socialist Party. In the 1930s, Germany’s controlling party consisted (only) of leftists… socialists… NOT conservatives (or even moderates). Stop mindlessly parroting leftist hatred-based ideology.

          2. Barry Meiner, you have a very limited understanding of income taxes. “Tax breaks” can only be given to those that pay taxes. Those that pay the most, will ultimately see the largest amount of money being taken from them, and in the case of a decrease in the tax rate, the largest reduction in the amount of money being taken from them – simple math. One can’t take millions in income tax from someone like me.

            Now study the operative word – take. Income taxes take money from those that pay income tax. The government doesn’t “give” – it takes, then uses our money on programs and services in the way it deems fit, regardless of the worthiness of them.

            As far as “tax dodgers”, most of the “dodging” you refer to is legal. When it is illegal, and the IRS catches them, they pay the tax, usually with penalties and interest. Avoiding payment is not only done by the wealthy, though many legal tax deferment and avoidance schemes are only worthwhile and/or available to those that have large amounts of money. How many poor people have trusts? How many poor invest in foreign corporations? How many poor pay inheritance taxes? There are ways to limit the amount of inheritance tax, but only those that would pay it from their estates can use them. Inheritance tax, mostly, is a tax on money that was previously taxed (income tax). Most of those schemes only defer tax, once the asset is sold, it’s profits are subject to income tax. There are some finer points in the law, but this isn’t the place to get into that.

            As far as the aspersions against Trump and his supporters, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Stating that you would take up arms against a sitting president and and his supporters is quite extreme. No Russian connection has been made, but there clearly are links to the Russians between the Democratic party and the Clintons. And Barry was quoted as saying to Medvedev, “After my election I have more flexibility”.

            As far as Owellian propagandists, we need look no further than to the Democratic party, and supporters of its party elite for the most Orwellian monikers, comments and actions. Who pushes “gun control”? “Planned Parenthood” (aka abortion)? “PETA” (kills most of the animals it “rescues”)? I could cite numerous other examples, but I assume you will understand.

        2. @Barry Meiner

          Social Security has been broken for a long time. It’s insolvent now, and what will you do when it finally collapses and no more hand outs.. What then Baghdad Bob?

          Social Security got rolled into the General fund from the start. Mistake.

          Idiots in government awarded it out to people who should not be getting it, including those who didn’t pay in but now live off an “Extension” from another person.

          The amounts put in compared to the amounts taken out will never be able to catch up thanks to inflation and the continual devaluation of our dollar. All of this without mentioning the bungling mismanagement of our federal bureaucracy.

          Take your Marxist lies elsewhere. No one here is going to buy it.

          1. Marxist lies???LMFAO! Spoken like a true ardent follower of the Greatest Liar in Chief and Russian Puppet,Trump! If it’s alright with you, I will take my opinions anywhere I damn please. If it’s not alright with you, I really don’t give a fuck!

          2. Marxist lies??? LMFAO Spoken like a true ardent follower of the Greatest Liar in Chief and Russian Puppet, Trump! If it’s alright with you, I will take my opinions anywhere I damn please. If it’s not alright with you, I don’t give a fuck

            1. No it’s not ALRIGHT with me. Let this marxist find a leftist rag to post his BS on.
              Owns then votes to have it removed from him. Stupid, Dumb and Crazy can’t be fixed. That’s why the Constipated Crazy Commiecrats. Mind Sh!t Disorder.

              Barry will order himself another $50K in hotdogs to lick the juice off of them all.

            2. Oh, by all means! Absolutely! You just take your little old opinions anywhere you wish. You have every right to be wrong… and every right to conclusively demonstrate that point. (and you are, indeed, doing a fine job of it!).

          3. Marxist lies??? LMAO! Spoken like a true ardent follower of the Greatest Liar in Chief and Russian Puppet, Trump. If it’s alright with you, I will take my opinions anywhere I damn please. If it’s not alright with you ,I really don’t give a damn.

            1. Barry Meitner, yes, you are allowed to post your vitriol here. You will just not find anyone here that believes you lies and propaganda. And if you read the posts on this site, many of us are not Trump supporters, we just mostly are not Leftists.

          4. @Barry Meiner

            Yes, Bob, Marxist Lies. Also shows you don’t think before you speak and have earned the title of Baghdad Bob, since I did not vote for Donald Trump, and have been one of his most outspoken critics here on ammoland.

            Of course, I understand how hard it is for you to see or read considering how far you have your head shoved up your……..

            Quite honestly, nothing you say here is going to change the fact that we all view you as an idiot now. We know who and what you are, and there really isn’t anything you can say to get out of the hole you have put yourself in. It sure is fun though watching you just keep on diggin! lol

    11. Sad to see so many on the “right” side of things who are as devoid of critical thinking skills as any you would find on the left. Just because you once (as did I) believed the NRA (or Trump, for that matter) was on our side, it should not mean that you cannot observe and adjust your thinking if solid evidence to the contrary should become available. Instead of calling those of us who see through the deception the NRA (or Trump) has inflicted on us names, why not open your eyes and your mind to the possibility and reality that those we trusted have been working against us rather than for us? I guess if your wives ever decided to have an affair, she would have an easy time of things. With your mindsets, you could walk into the bedroom and catch her getting boinked by several guys and then you would turn around and go back to the living room, not wishing to disturb her while she “worked hard to make your bed more comfortable” for you.

      1. @Grigori

        That’s because dissention of thought threatens their perceived opinions. At that point facts don’t matter, history does not matter, it all becomes an effort to protect the illusion they have built by their opinions. In their minds if that illusion gets shattered it means they were wrong and would have to own up to it, and they absolutely shut down over the idea of possibly being wrong.

        That’s why they turn into Bagdad Bob and try to make us out to be villains. Critical thinking just never enters into it.

    12. I have. Been a life member of the NRA since 1999. NY was on a friend’s of NRA dinner committees in Florida .Tennessee was a recruiter volunteer took no money was a EVC .now I’m living in Arizona the NRA abandoned Arizona. Not one commercial was aired during the U.S Senate race many non Members I have talked to did not know McSally was rated A her opponent sinema.was rated F voted against the 2nd.Amendment ever time in Congress . . all the NRA did send flyers to members big deal . The NRA DID NOTHING FOR ARIZONA I will no give donations my wife will not renew her member ship no more NRA dinnerd Shame on the NRA!

      1. Because those illegal immigrants, who did not necessarily learn to read/write English, manage – with help from leftists – to vote anyway. So, yes we do need a Spanish version.

        1. @JoeUsooner

          Let me ask you… Why would they vote along side the NRA? They can’t legally purchase Firearms here as it is since you have to be a US citizen. They’ve already violated our laws to get here anyway. Their vote will be going to the left because the left promises them free stuff at our expense.

          Those who come here legally don’t need this nonsense, as Gnewman pointed out. Furthermore, they have a much greater appreciation for our Constitution generally speaking because they had to work to get it.

      2. A classic culture war argument t that has absolutely nothing to do with the 2A, but all to do with creating more division and alienating those that would support us.

        Many, if not most, legal immigrants do not speak, read, write and understand the English language 100%. Judging by the comments here, many American-born gun owners seem to have similar problems. There is no harm in reaching out.

        Watch the short documentary about Chicago’s Chinese Gun:

    13. Telling the truth is not bashing! Sheesh you sound like Hillary Clinton i.e. telling the truth about her, per her, is “attacking”. NRA = snake oil plain and simple.

    14. Kudos to you Harold. When I read those bashing the NRA and lauding others I often wonder if that writer is part of the Deep State. They are real good at destruction from within. Jeff Sessions is a prime example of a Deep State mole put into place years ago. And then when his chance came he performed well for them. ALL gun owners and freedom loving supporters of the Second Amendment should be members of the NRA. If they wish they should also join other pro SA groups as many of us have. Make no mistake, the NRA is the lighting rod for the Deep State and its public minions. There are those who profess to love and support the Second Amendment and call themselves Progressives. Yep, they vote for those who would destroy the Second Amendment. Don’t be fooled by the BS they peddle. Your interest and freedom is not in their minds. Vigilance.

      1. Not part of the deep state, just people tired of being fed lies when the NRA takes our money and then stabs us in the back.

        The problem we have is the self imposed ignorance of some, combined with the malicious liars who stand on the street corner and tell you all is well within the kingdom(NRA). Because of these two types of individuals it makes it next to impossible to fix the issues within the NRA, and thanks to the bureaucracy and quid pro quo going on in the NRA leadership the organization as a whole continues its descent into a cesspit.

        If the NRA continues to betray the second amendment as it has done for the last forty years, that is 40 YEARS, then it isn’t the progressives who will ultimately destroy the Second amendment. It’s the people who claim to support it but closed their eyes and ears to the truth that will be responsible. Stand now or cry later. It’s your choice.

          1. So suppressing grass roots 2nd Amendment groups, supporting and agreeing to unconstitutional bans, pushing for red flag laws All in violation of the constitution doesn’t count as a stab in the back? And that is just the current issues not counting the Gun control acts they helped get passed and offered advice on in the 80’s and 90’s.

            A group that takes money claiming to do something which it then in turn does not do, but actively engages in doing the opposite is just as guilty as the Elected officials who happily went along with it. Schools out.

          2. Clark, perhaps if you opened your eyes to actually SEE and your ears to actually HEAR, you would understand that with “friends” like Trump and the NRA, we sure as hell don’t need enemies. Keep giving both of them your money and support and see where they get us!

    15. Harold, great article, don’t buy into all the vocal haters commenting here they are the minority, the NRA s still the biggest and strongest civil rights organization in America and has the continued support of its members despite what the haters would have you believe. They would rather undue the NRA and leave us with nothing to fight Bloomberg’s paid minions and don’t give me the line that USCCA,SAF,GOA,ETC can fill the gap with the tiny member numbers. Stay strong.

      Looking forward to the next article. Happy New Year.

      1. YWN, most of us are NRA members, and many are, as I am, life members. The NRA has done many things against our best interests. The latest is agreeing with ERPOs and a bump stock ban. Several of us have listed the other major impacts to our rights that either the NRA helped write or went along with, starting with the 1934 gun control act that heavily taxed automatic firearms and created a registry of them. I recently read that there are only about 400,000 legally documented automatic weapons in the USA owned by private citizens. Due to the cost of ownership, since the 1986 automatic weapons ban that grandfathered all automatic weapons manufactured pre-ban, 1985 and earlier, most automatic weapons now are only toys of the wealthy.

        The NRA continues its cry for money to fight for our rights while on the other hand agrees with restrictions on those same rights. Being the largest supposedly pro-2A group, we gave them our money due to their promise to fight for us. Then they compromise our rights away. This is why we are so vocal.

    16. From the comments, a lot of people are not happy with the NRA, and I can understand that, I have been angry with them on numerous occasions.
      The problem we have is Washington and the entire country only understands two things, money and numbers. Everytime NRA membersship goes down the anti gunners see this as a win and people on the fence see it as our side is changing our minds.
      I have never seen an article talking about GOA membership numbers. We should belong to all these organizations.
      Like everything else if the NRA isn’t doing what you like, call them up and tell them.
      This is all a very large problem, because of who we are on the right, we all have our own opinions and ideas, we are free.
      We don’t don’t listen to someone like they do on the left, and obey, drink the Kool aid, be ruled.
      Just because who we are, free and independent, it’s hard to come together sometimes. But we have to.

      1. I DO belong to a number of other orgs, as well as having been an NRA lifer for 30+ years. You must have missed the part about the Cincinnati revolt and “the enemies within”. The NRA is not what it purports to be.

      2. I could write volumes about this though not a scholar. I do have a problem with the NRA. I believe its approach to an apparently timid Trump administration leaves a lot to be desired. When Obama did not like a state or local policy he sent is DOJ thugs in to force the municipalities to conform. The advocacy groups who pushed for this thus did not have to spend their own money, instead relying on an oppressive government to do their bidding. The NRA should be publicly lambasting Trump for his failure to direct the DOJ to start tackling state an local laws but he won’t do that. Sadly, SCOTUS seems reluctant to take on the question of gun rights; maybe another Trump appointee will make a difference. I once belonged to the NRA but dropped my membership when I realized they were far too restrained to pressure Trump to do something in favor of gun rights. Gun laws are much like marijuana laws though admittedly offenses with guns are more likely to do damage than abuse of marijuana. However, marijuana users, for decades have been proclaiming that there are so many users the law is unenforceable and all the country is doing is making criminals out of otherwise “innocent” people. This same argument applies to gun laws. I live in Suffolk County NY and while I have no problem with the police, the process I had to go through just to have a gun in my own home is clearly a violation of my 2nd amendment rights. Where is the NRA and this is precisely my point. Does anyone think that if the progressives outlaw my right to own a firearm that I will turn mine in? If they do they are naive. Trump: appoint future SCOTUS justices who have a clear view on the 2nd amendment and propose legislation for legal carry in all 50. I don’t think either you or the NRA have the courage to do that.

      3. It’s been over six months and I’m still waiting for a reply from the NRA. Now the GOA fas answered within one week. Plus can anyone here ever remember a time when the GOA has back-stabbed their members.

        Answer: A [email protected]king resounding NO! The NRA and NSSF, YES! They have left many members with multiple deep stitched wounds that are still healing and lost 2A rights that will never grow back.

        Bump stocks are gone! Don’t blame Commieberg either. It was Trump and the NRA whom first opened their BIG mouths to ban them for an incident that did not involve them without any evidence (still) before the investigation even started. The Exec Branch with a GOP Senate and Congress have done more damage in one year than Barry Sotero did in eight! Keep paying, forgiving and forgetting and the 2A will fade away.
        Remember give the commies ‘Fix NICS’ and we’ll all get Nat’l Reciprocity. We got [email protected]… ummm where was the NRA, Trump, the GOP Senate and Congress. Looking for more space deep in every gunners a$$ and dollars in their pockets, underwear, shoes, socks and hats to get re-elected.

        FREEDOM IS NOT GIVEN! FREEDOM MUST BE TAKEN! Yes look around. The world’s leaders are just giving it away… are they not??? Voting will not do it! Replacing poor representation will not do it!
        The majority are asking the government to stop socio-communism in the USA. Ask how did the government let it progress this far? Our nation was being subverted before the deal was sealed in ‘1913’. Put your heads to the ground and you’ll hear the commie termites eating away at America’s foundation… believe me it is tilting. Bloodshed is unwanted but now an unavoidable truth. They have their ‘Must Be Agenda’ and we the people must have ours.

        “I was born and will die free. I will not be tread upon, so DO NOT TREAD ON ME!

      4. @Geary McDevitt

        At the same time, the NRA understands money and will never change as long as you keep rewarding them. That makes your argument a lose lose situation.

        Unfortunately, I think the NRA is not going to change until they feel some serious hurt. We’ve tried calling, we’ve tried writing, we’ve tried voting. None of it has worked and they continually fight against us to maintain their grip. Its as corrupt as it gets. That’s why we leave the NRA and let their numbers and their donations drop, because we wont drink their Kool aid. We are done yielding ground. If the NRA wants us to come together, then they are going to have to come to us. The problem is they wont.

    17. Apparently the NRA thinks they are representing all the gun owners in the country. That is true if one assumes that the membership is comprised of hunters with one bolt action ‘deer rifle’, a shotgun and grandpas revolver. The membership has changed with the times and the NRA needs to recognize that and change with it or they stand to lose members. My money is now being shared by the GOA and SAF as they seem to get it.

    18. Sure Harold telling the truth about a gun control organization (I repeat go and read then NRA President Karl T Frederick’s congressional testimony related to the 1934 National Firearms Act – focus in on how proud he is of the NRA supporting and getting gun control measures enacted in several states over the previous 15 years) is “2nd Amendment supporters bashing other 2nd Amendment supporters”. Horses**t Harold! The NRA”s treachery is legion plain and simple. Throw your own money down that black hole Harold.

        1. @Blue

          Speaking of obtuse…

          Wouldn’t ignoring repeated history qualify as making an individual obtuse? Your argument over dates also sounds like someone who doesn’t support the 2nd since it was adopted in 1791.

    19. Harold, I’m with you but as you can clearly see by the gist of the comments, the division is already there, it’s wide and deep. If I understand correctly the NRA has clarified their position on ERPOs (Red Flag Laws) ad nauseum. They are willing to accept and support them, and this is the important part that so many seem to have missed, AS LONG AS DUE PROCESS IS ACCORDED. But that’s not what’s happening in reality. In the places where these clearly unconstitutional laws are being implemented, due process is being ignored completely and one man has already died because of it. ERPOs simply must be done right or not done AT ALL. Since they’re not being implemented in a constitutional manner they must cease until the institutional authorities can get it right. The NRA has to say this, fight for this until the untenable situation is fixed. I think they (the NRA) can heal this rift it’s created, but they need to do it really soon or it will be too late. Having said all this, they are still the organization with the most strength to fight for our Natural Rights and we should contact them and tell them what they MUST do to win back the unwavering support of so many that they’ve alienated.

      1. @ChiptheBarber

        You cant have a red flag law and maintain Due Process. They are oil and water, and do not mix. This is part of the problem. We don’t need ERPO’s.

        To do a red flag law, any person can state you are a threat with no crime committed. You are not notified of this accusation, you are not allowed to look your accuser in the eye, and your property is confiscated without cause. None of the above is constitutional, at any time, ever…..

        There is already a system in place for bringing an individual to a judges attention and removing that person to the custody of the state for mental evaluation. The problem with this is that it does not allow Government to confiscate property on the spot, which is why so many people avoid mentioning it to people like yourself. It makes the illusion that there is a problem in need of a solution. AKA Snake oil.

        I have written out a shortlist of issues that the NRA needs to do address and put it up for Harold on his previous comments, what they need to do to win back our support. He chose to ignore addressing that and penned this article. If you like, I will find the list and repost it here if you would like to see it(Provided comments are not closed beforehand). hope this helps enlighten some things.

    20. I am a member of both the NRA and the USCCA In my opinion the USCCA has done more for the brothers at arms in the short time they have been around then the NRA. I think we should support them and see what they do. So please join.

    21. The way to change the NRA is by voting for Board of Directors members who are more in line with your views, that’s the first step in changing the way they operate.

    22. Sorry, but the NRA (I am a Life Member) has sold out the Second Amendment way too many times. It’s all about the money and has been for a long time. This idea of allowing incrementalism has only resulted in fewer rights, and more control by big government types across the board. Oh, and in case some of you haven’t noticed not all Republicans are conservatives as well as quite a few that simply wear the tag to get elected. The Wyoming state legislature is a great example.

    23. You might be right about Harold ,,but we need everybody to convince Rhinos that they are on the wrong side of history – but a commonsense defensivePrepared posture doesn’t seem to move these folks -it’s pretty simple ,history bears it out,”” together we stand ,divided we fall “”,end of story patriots

    24. Got an email soliciting donations for the NRA and in it was C. Cox supporting ERPOs which have already been used and abused. My next action was to respond that they won’t receive any cash from me until that mess is addressed (sounds like I could be waiting for a while) next, I sent money to GOA & SAF. Maybe out of the 3, one will actually do something to protect my rights.

    25. I voted for POTUS and have been in the NRA even after they sold me out once. Where were you in the 90s with the Brady bill? I will not continue on the same path. The status quo of “well it won’t be as bad” aint gonna cut it. It states SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED not “it won’t be as bad”.
      We wouldn’t have to comment if the NRA did what it was supposed to. We wouldn’t worry about voting if POTUS did what he was supposed to. 1/3 of the republicans have jumped ship and are against us now by being for democrats. We aren’t the bad guys in this story.
      Journalist and writers like you are the problem.

    26. 1. Cut the drama over tactical and strategic retreats. Don’t retreat! (Simply not going to happen as the NRA never stops retreating.)
      2. Build a stronger pro-Second Amendment coalition by allowing the USCCA on the exhibition floor of the NRA Annual Meeting again. (Simply not going to happen as the NRA wants their money, not a coalition!)
      3. Start preparing for the next round of elections by looking for true 2A supporters. Disinvite President Trump from the NRA Annual Meeting, rescind his NRA endorsement and look for a primary challenger. (Simply not going to happen as the NRA has bet the house on this con man and charlatan.)
      4. Join the NRA and support NRA-ILA and NRA-PVF if you want your money thrown away. Only 10% of donations go to lobbying and only 1% go to legal fights. Join the FPC, GOA and SAF instead. (That’s entirely up to you!)

      We have tried to change the NRA from the bottom for years. The NRA leadership clearly doesn’t want change and has resisted for years, even going so far to rewrite BOD nomination and election rules to make sure agents of change have no chance. Now, change in the NRA starts from the top! Firing Wayne and Chris would be a start!

      We will see these shill pieces over and over again via various outlets as the NRA is a sinking ship and wants to make sure it can financially benefit from the Democrats ruling the House. Fear mongering has always been the NRA’s best cash cow. We will see more Angry Dana videos as well. Stay tuned for the NRA going full retard!

      1. @NRA Live Member

        While I know Dana is an actual 2nd Supporter and very intelligent, I think she is not fully aware of everything that is going on currently with her higher ups. That said, I would look her in the eye and start running through the laundry list that is the NRA’s closet. So with that being said, have another piece of laundry to add to your list.

        The NRA has at times actively worked to suppress grass roots state organizations to keep certain things from being pushed or passed at the state level. I’ve talked to people who tried to do startups in Virginia and also Pennsylvania. In a few cases, the GOA has stepped in to help after the NRA attacked and cleared out. Spread the word.

    27. Vote for anyone not,Marxists of Either Party .

      Support Firearms Rights organizations that haven’t capitulated on the Second Amendment and sold members natural rights cheaply.

      Party Like It’s 1776 !

    28. Harold Hutchison misses the mark once again.

      Still shilling for an organization that betrayed Second Amendment supporters nationally, and thinks that by and large the Ammoland readership is a bunch of morons that will be lulled into a stupor by his praises of the NRA. Further more, his article photo, “Vote for anyone not a democrat”…. Last time I looked we have some major 2nd Amendment violators calling themselves republicans. Case in point, John Kasich, soon to be former Gov of Ohio that pushed for AR-15 Bans and demanded a Red Flag amendment on HR228 in Ohio. Blindly voting for someone just so you can say you did isn’t defending our Constitution, and you’re an idiot if you buy into that Harold!

      Harold, on your last article I already told you what needs to happen with the NRA to earn back our trust and support. The NRA sold us out and has made no effort to right those wrongs. They are not defenders of the 2nd anymore. I have no doubt though that you’re just here to white wash that for them however, and that your next article will be more or less the same.

      You may like getting screwed over repeatedly by the NRA, but we do not.

      1. For those worried about the content or tone of my response to Harold given the content of this article.

        Just how much are you willing to let the NRA negotiate away for you. If you don’t understand what I am saying, reread the article. Harold is making up excuses about why its necessary for you to give in and give the NRA money even though they betrayed us. Harold is right, we will have a lot more enemies of the 2nd in power come January, but this entire article is trying to get you to abandon Constitutional Principles. I quote his second paragraph.

        “A considerable part of this involves taking an honest and realistic look at the situations Second Amendment supporters are dealing with. Second Amendment supporters have to look at how things are, not how they wish it to be”

        This is Harolds way of telling you to shut up and get in line, that you need to be good little children and let others do the thinking for you. According to him that’s “Just how things are, whether you like it or not.”

        1. The Revelator, you are correct – look at how things are – the NRA isn’t pro-2A based on “how things are” and what they support, and have in the past – anti-rights policies and laws.

            1. @Blue

              You sound like a plant intent on destroying the messenger. The Constitution was adopted in 1789, and the Bill of Rights added to it in 1791. You realize it isn’t 1791 right? Hello Kettle…..

              Well tell you what. We will take 1789, and 1791, and 1934 over obtuse morons like yourself.

        2. Revelator, well said!!!!

          Why should any of us continue to give NRA, and in particular ILA, money so they can use it to cut our throat? This isn’t only confined to their support of bad laws such as Red Flag laws, but also ILA’s unrepentant support for incumbents in Legislatures and elsewhere around the US who might have done something nice for us a long time ago, but who have demonstrated many times since that they wish to harm us and our cause. I watched with disgust for years as NRA-ILA gave endorsements, money, and “A” or higher ratings to two SC legislators who had once done nice things for us, but who long since had decided to do us more harm than good. One continuously voted against increasing reciprocity with other states and against so-called “restaurant carry”. This was made known to ILA, yet they endorsed him until he had to leave office under a cloud of corruption. The other, played a game for years whereby he would introduce, co-sponsor, or otherwise support good pro-gun legislation at the beginning of the year. If that good legislation started to get “too close” to being passed, he would torpedo it with “amendments” designed to make the measure wholly unacceptable to gun rights groups locally, who would have to call for the bill’s withdrawal. His amendments included increasing CWP fees 150% and increasing penalties drastically both fines and jail time if caught carrying in one of our many restricted zones. Again, when brought to ILA’s attention, they just continued supporting him. Thankfully, a heart attack has seen him resign from our Legislature but he will continue sucking money from taxpayers in another position which will allow him a lifestyle far above that of the typical voter or taxpayer.

          One wonders how many times across the nation this is repeated each election cycle by NRA-ILA, often leading to defeat of newcomer challengers who would be truly Pro-2A, unlike ILA’s fair-haired incumbents.

          I used to glance over NRA endorsement lists before going to the polls in case I missed something. Experience has taught me that any more, NRA’s endorsements are meaningless and may well be suggesting that I vote for a dyed-in-the-wool anti-gunner. The “NRA may not be perfect but they are the best we have” line of bs just doesn’t fly anymore!

          WHY should any of us give NRA our money to work against us and support those who work against us???? Keep your money. Use it instead to buy magazines and ammo. You will need them when “they” come to take your guns and magazines.

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