Time for the National Rifle Association to Hire Translators


the second amendment is your Right
La Segunda Enmienda es tu derecho. or the Second Amendment is your right needs better translation.

United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- The NRA is arguably the best defender of our Second Amendment rights. I’m not asking you to just take my word for it. Ask Andrew Cuomo, who has resorted to the misuse of financial regulations to silence the political opposition to his extreme anti-Second Amendment agenda. However, the NRA isn’t always perfect. Lately, it’s having trouble in the suburbs.

Winning the suburbs is important, but there is also a need to reach out to urban areas. One necessity of doing that will be to deal with the fact that over 250 cities and counties will be required to print ballots in multiple languages, according to the Pew Research Center.

Let’s get one thing aside: Ideally, every citizen in the United States, whether natural-born or naturalized, should have command of the English language that they can vote with an English ballot.

That ideal is not the reality, though, and ignoring reality is a good way to suddenly find that you’re in a bad situation trying to figure out what will cause the least damage to our Second Amendment rights. This is something that is best avoided, right? But how do we prevent that situation?

We know that the facts, when considered rationally, support pro-Second Amendment policies. Given the present state of Congress and the law, it is likely that multi-lingual ballots will be around for the foreseeable future. The problem is, getting those facts out to people. Hostile media does a lot to attack our Second Amendment rights, and that is bad enough. But language barriers can also hurt our efforts to defend the Second Amendment, and what’s more, they are addressable.

So, to avoid that situation, at this point, the NRA and other pro-gun groups needs to start hiring translators.

This is not only a short-term gain for those already voting. This is also a long-term play for those who will be naturalized and their kids as well. This forms the nucleus of grass-roots activism in those communities. Hiring the translators to make the NRA’s vast supply of fact sheets on Second Amendment issues far more accessible to non-English speakers is a no-brainer in this regard.

In fact, such efforts not only help in the United States, it can also be used around the world, where some advocates of gun control have long tried to use the United Nations to further their extreme anti-Second Amendment agenda. This also will have ripple effects that can at least make life harder for anti-Second Amendment extremists.

A large percentage of success is simply about just showing up. Getting out there and making the case for pro-Second Amendment policies (and against the likes of those advocated by Cuomo and others) to all walks of life is essential. And when it comes to non-English media, the NRA hasn’t done that. It’s left that part of the battlefield uncontested, and with it, potential votes on the table.

This is one mistake that has been going on for decades, and it is well past time for pro gun groups to correct it. It may take a while for a big payoff to come, but there is nothing to be gained from failing to try.

Harold Hu, chison
Harold Hutchison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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Better idea, the NRA should transfer it’s members to GOA and SAF! Then they should relocate to Mexico along with a name change to MRA, Mexico Rifle Association! Wayne will have to change his name accordingly!

A.x. Perez

Una militia bien regulada siendo necessario por la seguridad de un estado libre, el derecho de la gente no se puede infringer. Literally: “A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, The right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.” Not quite the original. But remember “the people” does not have to be translated as “la gente,” it can also be translated “el pueblo.” So who cares? “La gente” means a group of individuals, “el pueblo” is essentially the whole community. Which translation do you want Spanish speakers, even those who… Read more »

Douglas Kuykendall

Doesn’t matter what their names are.Only matters that they speak English period.

A.x. Perez

If they love America in Spanish or Mandarin is semi Okay and better than them hating it in English like so many leftists.

Ronald Nuxon

Of course, Puerto Rico is the exception and should receive outreach by gun rights organizations through the Spanish language. But let’s not kid ourselves, most Spanish speakers will view the use of their language by gringos to win them over as shameless pandering. More importantly, the real problem leading to setbacks in our quest to defend 2nd Amendment rights is that you don’t win by playing only defense. Taking up the cause of gun rights, and by that I include the right to use deadly force, when necessary, in defense of life and limb, must be proactive and strident.

Pa John

There is a much broader reason to have pro-2A translators monitoring U.S. corporate media. Here is one recent example: – – – L.A. Times Endorses 3 White Candidates in English — and Their Latino Rivals, in Spanish https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2018/11/01/l-a-times-endorses-3-white-candidates-in-english-and-their-latino-rivals-in-spanish/ – – – The left is expert at exploiting ignorance, and not just ignorance of American history or how our constitutional system of government is supposed to work, but even our ignorance of other languages. We need skilled translators monitoring ALL of U.S. corporate media in ALL of the languages in which they are available, and that would naturally include all of… Read more »

Timothy Votaw

As usual, comments range the entire spectrum, from some wisdom to none. IF you are an American CITIZEN, whether born or naturalized, your gratitude for what this country has given you, especially if you are an immigrant, is going to be measured by your assimilation, and that includes learning and using our national language. . If you’re not a citizen, especially if you’re here illegally, and you do not make an attempt to prove your intentions to become a citizen, including learning our language, then for me, you are part of our problems. I fought on foreign soil, and bled… Read more »

The Revelator

@Harold Hutchison Saying “The NRA is arguably the best defender of our Second Amendment rights.” is the same as Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono saying “The reason Democrats aren’t connecting with average Americans is because we are just too smart.” The NRA’s problems are not in the suburbs right now. The NRA’s “Problem” is its millions of members it has repeatedly stabbed in the back whenever it helps get anti 2nd Amendment deals cut and shuffled through the back door. Writing puff pieces for the NRA isn’t going to magically win back our trust. You want to help fix things Harold,… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

The Revelator

Agree with your list to correct Negotiating Rights Away,however I would add just one item line that of preventing “Mac Ack” or any front company they might devise to replace them as advertising agent for the organization.

Jack Hamilton

The author is obviously very uninformed/misinformed! The NRA is NOT, “… arguably the best defender of our Second Amendment rights’! It was the NRA that proposed the background checks which is a clear INFRINGEMENT of our God-given/Natural, unalienable rights! Clearly, the NRA does not need a translator nearly so badly as it needs someone to explain what “Shall not be infringed” means!


I’m an immigrant, a naturalized U.S. citizen, and I’m pro-Second Amendment, owning 17 firearms myself with most being guns targetted for bans by the anti-gun crowd. With that, I often find myself on the defensive even against those who aren’t against gun rights. My friends and family question how I can associate with the pro-gun crowd. The reason why is exactly what I’m seeing in many of the comments here. There are so many disgusting, hate-filled, vile individuals here who are helping to create a correlation between being pro-2A and being a racist piece of shit. This is not only… Read more »

Wild Bill

, Tell your family and friends that if they are against Civil Rights, like our Second Amendment Civil Rights, that position will make them even less acceptable to traditional Americans. People that want to be accepted (by Americans that have been here longer) better like hot dogs and beer, national service, pick-up trucks, standing on one’s own two feet to support the family, pickled herring, and the Civil Right to keep and bear firearms.
Go tell them that and that you were welcomed to this site. Welcome to this site. MCAHNY


Hispanics are not going any where any time soon. Strength is in numbers and if we educate and embrace people instead of pushing them away then we wont have to worry about those liberal fucks brain washing these people. I am definatley a 2A supporter and I try to educate as many as I can on the importance of all our rights. I dont give 2 shits if they like pick-up trucks or hotdogs.


Hutchinson usually writes pretty good articles but this one stinks to high liberal thinking. The NRA is just looking for more memberships and are looking toward the democrat way of thinking that if you can’t get support here at home then import it. What a crock to even think that we have to cater even more to these little brown welfare suckers. Conservatives are hoping it will go the other way rather than giving them more. Where are we supposed to move to when they completely fill this country. At that point there will be no more welfare because the… Read more »

El Zorro

Adapt or become obsolete.


How about ” If you are going to live in America, learn to speak English. We know it’s a difficult language, but give it a try. Unless you feel you are too stupid to learn it, then you need to go back to the 3rd world $hithole you left and make that a better place to live, because unless you are an American citizen, you don’t have any 2nd Amendment rights !!!”


Not quite… lawful residents also have the right to arms, and can buy firearms through an FFL with background check asmittedly an infringement upon their right to arms, but the same one under which we natural born citizens must currently endure.

Non residents, though, are debarred the use of arms in most cases. As should be.


No habla

Brian Smith

Now that was funny!


The damn democrats gave us the “we don’t care what language” attitude. Everyone should show an ability to use English before they can become a citizen and vote. You are in the United States of AMERICA and we speak English. Learn it.

Chip Saunders

I’ve been telling them this for over 30 years. They don’t give a fuck.

rich z

For those who bitch about the NRA, Did you go out and VOTE or just stayed home and said to yourself , we can’t win so why vote. Most high members of gov. ,the House and Senate LIE thru both sides of their faces , to get elected, You still are the one who votes them into office not the NRA or other pro-gun groups. DO look at a candidate before you VOTE for them.

Roger Marshall

Lets see this is still America right, the language we citizens speak is called English. It seems to me if you can’t read English if you can’t write English you’re not a citizen who’s willing to be 100% American. Those that refuse to assimilate As Americans have no business being here. So there’s no problem. Can’t read English CANT vote. !!!!! NO PROBLEM. That’s right our government is in it for their agenda anyway they don’t care about the citizens. Proof is the way they run their agenda and not ours…When was the last time your rep held a town… Read more »

Will Flatt



If the NRA wishes to outreach to groups that might speak Spanish or Somali or Russian or Pakistani or Arabic or Farsi and desires to use a translator to get their message across then fine. However, when I call the organization and receive a prompt to press some number for Spanish, then I have a problem. English is Americ’s language. Either learn it as good citizens do, or remain ignorant, or better still, go back to whatever place you came from. I have been an NRA Life member since 1977 and I vote in every election and should a prospective… Read more »

Will Flatt

The NRA IS NOT the best defender of our gun rights. GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA IS!!!

NRA needs to stick to hunting and target shooting and leave RKBA rights to GOA. AND STOP TAKING CREDIT WHERE IT’S NOT DUE.

BC rules the wind

GOA? Who? -politicians


maybe so but we, gun owners, need to stop fighting between ourselves and take on the antis together.

Wild Bill

, You have made the best comment this year. Concise, correct, and insightful. Happy New Gun Stuff, patriot!

Mark Zanghetti

I am a Life Member of the NRA, you telling me I should support GOA too? Why? Convince me!

Wild Bill

@mac Zanhgetti, Each of the several Second Amendment protecting organizations take different approaches to defeating our Rights diminishing enemies. Sometimes one approach works. Sometimes a different approach works. Each organization has staff to come up with ideas, execute the various approaches, and embody that Gun Rights organization. That staff needs to be paid. Our future Civil Rights will follow the money. If there are careers in defending our Second Amendment Rights, then those Right will prevail. Right now, there is more profit in diminishing the Civil Rights of a once free people. We are behind, but we don’t need to… Read more »


You don’t see NRA opposing the bump stock ban, but rather they offerred them up!


ahhh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after 50 years of growing up and living in LA, now an illegal alien hell hole!
lets just says this…Latinos if you give them the ‘crutch’ of using ‘spanish’ all the time====them using it!
WHERE as Vietnamese or Cambodians where not given that CRUTCH all the time, they learned English and did well!

Just stop doing it!

mark my words
the ‘elysium movie’ shows the future…spanish will be the language of the poor and the rich will speak English or something else!

El Zorro

You are brain dead amigo


okay then—name 10 latino billionaires OUTSIDE of the USA…ONES that DID not…STEAL all the money from a nation they ran or drug money….we’ll wait?

John Barrett

Any company, business or organization that translates their message into a language other than English is doing a disservice to the people they are reaching out to. By doing so there is no incentive for those not speaking English to learn the language.

Tina Walters

If they are going to interpret for anyone it should be for deaf American citizens.


Press #1 for English.

R # 1

Douglas Kuykendall

Shouldn’t even have to press shit to speak English.This is America,learn the language


I was just being facetious Doug.

Grigori Rasputin

NRA has bigger problems that need fixing, to include their tendency to support incumbent politicians who may have done something nice for us, years ago, but who have since gone against good Pro-2A legislation more often than not. Frequently, NRA supports these turncoat incumbents over newcomers who genuinely want to help us. I dumped NRA a few years ago and have no plans to return.

terry ralston

If they do then I will leave. This is an english language country. They need to take that language back to their own countries. Plain and simple speak english or GET OUT

Will Flatt

Amen to that!!!!!


Spanish is the official language of Puerto Rico and one of the official languages of New Mexico. I know it’s confusing but both of those places are part of America.

Heed the Call-up

Stan, and most people in Puerto Rico speak Spanish. Based on that, you are advocating for speaking English in the USA. As for NM, Spanish isn’t *the* official language, as you stated. Go to Puerto Rican government websites and try to find an English translation – they don’t do that.


I Agree HTCU

Heed the Call-up

At least not any of the sites I went to.


New Mexico is a state. Spanish is not the one of it’s ‘official’ languages.(English in all 50) But, like every other state,
(unfortunately) they ‘kiss ass’ to PC. Puerto Rico on the other hand is a ‘territory’. (to my knowledge) And as such,should stay that way. Not to become a state. Let them speak as they will.

terry ralston

if they hire translators then i will quit them and go to another second amendment group, dont need wetbacks who dont speak english here. Try living in ca with these fools who can barely speak english. Signs in stores being replaced with that p.o.s. language. if they do then you can have them i will not reup my membership. And before you say racist walk in my shoes a while with these wetbacks.

Abie s.

O.k. you think, “damn wetbacks”. Well I guess that makes you an ‘oceanback’.. now swim home!

Rick Nemcik

Im an NRA certified Pistol instructor for 15 years. I teach in Puerto Rico in Spanish. I offered to the NRA to translate the NRA basic pistol materials into Spanish for free twice and was ignored twice. Gun ownership and participation in the shooting sports aren’t language specific. It’s time to address all voters about gun rights and training in whatever language.

Jim Macklin

With all its faults, Google and other Internet sources and programs can translate almost instantly.
Just go to http://www.google.com and search for TRANSLATE.


gooooogul translate is TERRIBLE. Best to hire a competent translator who speaks the “other” language as a native.

kahn marq

I agree… In Northern VA… the DEMOs hand out voter directions in Spanish… so these people will vote DEM. The state of VA was once a red neck conservative state… Now the Leftist DEMOs have taken over WHY? They have the legal and illegal Spanish speakers/voters In their pocket. WAKE UP… YOU can hate these people but they are changing the face of America…. to be like South America… where a narrow Elite control government and in every country private guns have been taken away from the people. I say again WAKE UP…! VA is now lost…. Along with other… Read more »


Tolerance and apathy are the virtues of a dying society – Aristotle

Tolerating new citizens who don’t want to learn English, and changing our values to suit them, is the destruction of our society.

El Zorro

That is a fake quote from Aristotle. Dr. James Kennedy said something similar…but not Aristotle.


Well, translate this: whiney lets-pee-in-the-air(Wayne lapierre) needs to leave with his boy toy kiss cocks(Chris cox) never to return or have any type of retirement from the NRA. It is now a joke , surrender first, Congress ass kissing agency that pays way too much for that condescending jerk. He takes what, a mil plus a year, gives us gun ban after gun ban saying it’s a good deal considering what we could have got, yet goa is trying to hold the line for us gun owners…. NRA is no real agency. Think of the lawsuits that could be applied… Read more »

Joseph P Martin

Well said Joe. We are agreed. when LaPierre is finally gone many, many folks will enroll in the NRA and hopefully bring the changes Wayne has stifled for all these years in lieu of his own personal wealth and power.

Matt in Oklahoma

The only translation the NRA needs to have done is “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.
If your in America and going to stay and live here then learn our language.

Green Mtn. Boy

Time for Negotiating Rights Away to focus on the defense of the Second Amendment on behalf of it’s members,instead of negotiating it’s members natural rights away.

Will Flatt

The NRA won’t do that!! They want to stab us in the back behind closed doors, so they can turn around and gin up fear of our rights being taken away such that their members will fork over more of their money… meanwhile, the NRA lavishly overpays their top leaders and overspends in their main budget on piddly sh!t. They don’t give their members their money’s worth.

Better for gun owners to ditch the NRA and support Gun Owners of America – http://gunowners.org