2nd Amendment Under Legislative Attack in Maine ~ VIDEO

Maine – -(AmmoLand.com)- Maine has always been a beautiful place for sportsmen and a well know place for those who like to hunt! Maine has also been very gun friendly for as long as one can remember. Well, that could be changing very soon as 25 anti-gun bills have been submitted in the 129th Legislative Session.

It’s all there…Red Flag, Magazine Ban, Universal Background Checks, etc. No stone has been left unturned by those who will stop at nothing when it comes to stripping the 2nd Amendment.

Here is a link to the bills:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” and Article 1 ~ Section 16 of the Maine Constitution: “To keep and bear arms. Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.”

The above Constitutional foundations of liberty do not dictate the enumerated infringements below.

Here is a list of the 25 anti-gun bills referenced in the above video:

LR 1618
Rep. Perry of Calais
Title: An Act To Protect Children from Accidental Injury Due to Unsafe Storage of Firearms

LR 1953
Rep. Moonen of Portland
Title: An Act To Allow Municipalities To Prohibit Weapons at Municipal Public Proceedings and Voting Places

LR 147
Sen. Millett of Cumberland
Title: An Act Regarding Access to Firearms by Extremely Dangerous and Suicidal Individuals

LR 377
Rep. Doudera of Camden
Title: An Act To Protect Children by Requiring the Safe Storage of Loaded Firearms

LR 546
Rep. Brooks of Lewiston
Title: An Act To Establish a Statewide Voluntary Firearm Collection Day and Ongoing Program

LR 1088
Sen. Breen of Cumberland
Title: An Act To Allow Municipalities To Prohibit Weapons at Municipal Public Proceedings and Voting Places


LR 2139
Rep. Fecteau of Biddeford
Title: An Act To Implement an Electronic Background Check for Firearms Licenses and Permits


LR 1670
Rep. Andrews of Paris
Title: An Act To Allow a Valid Maine Concealed Handgun Permit To Serve as a Background Check To Purchase a Firearm from a Licensed Firearm Dealer


LR 1462
Rep. Cardone of Bangor
Title: An Act To Prohibit Large-capacity Magazines

LR 1096
Sen. Sanborn of Cumberland
Title: An Act To Better Enforce the Prohibition against Dangerous Persons Possessing Firearms

If you live in the State of Maine, it is time to contact your state legislators to help stop these anti-gun bills! If you are not sure on how to contact your legislators, you can watch this video that will explain the entire process to you. It is not difficult at all! Remember to be respectful and tell them that you will remember how they vote when their term is up for vote. Also, follow up the calls with emails and reach out to them on their social media accounts.

The time to be a united front is NOW!! You can locate your Maine Representative here: https://legislature.maine.gov/house/house/MemberProfiles/ListAlpha

Jared J Yanis
Jared J Yanis

About Jared J. Yanis & Guns & Gadgets

With over 20 years of experience in the law enforcement field, I have learned the numerous channels used by those who would love to see our 2nd Amendment rights stripped. Because of this, I am often able to bring you the news on new bills submitted at the local, state and federal levels that look to carry out those attacks. If you are new to the channel or want to stay up to date with the constant infringements on our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/GunsGadgets

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maxwell carter

as a resident of rural maine, this is very disappointing news.. hasn’t even been brought up on local news stations at all here.. as a constitutional carry state, i wonder how long it will be before they try to repeal that too !!!

Michael J

The liberal left will always use proven tactics to push gun control. The red flag laws are spreading like a cancer across the nation. Circumventing due process simply by citing fear without proof will be disastrous for anyone who owns a firearm. Mere hearsay will result in the conviscation of firearms from innocent owners. What judge is going to risk a wrong decision when it costs him nothing? Innocent until proven guilty is now forfeit and we are powerless to resist their infringement on our rights. This law was proven to be flawed in California, then another law had to… Read more »

George Clark

After reading said article and comments I found it necessary to remove myself from the matter at hand. I was born and have lived in Maine for 67 years. I elected to work out-of-state to provide an income to raise my family of 3 children. I did ok but make no mistake I’m poor most standards. With my children college educated, for what that matters, my wife at the time and I decided to split. I moved from southern Maine, Portland area, to central Maine. This is the purpose of boring you with my sad story. I was able to… Read more »


Nice try but your comment is a page right out of the liberal play book. I suggest you find another venue for your liberal vomit.

rich z

To the people in the GREAT state of MAINE, Get RID of all those LIBERAL know it all’s or your going to start looking like the rest of the east coast(N.Y., N.J. MASS, CON, R.I., ) Just to name a few. STAY STRONG Watch what you vote for and WHO you vote for. GOOD LUCK.

Jim Mackey

That would probably require sinking Portland into the ocean.
The unfortunate thing is liberalism is an ideology, and it spreads much the same way diseases do. Ever notice that disease outbreaks are most dangerous in cities?
One thing our Founders understood was that liberty can only be fostered among a population that truly cherishes it. The unfortunate thing is our population no longer cares for liberty, they instead seek servitude. This cannot be cured. And furthermore, the end result is they seek not only to chain themselves to the state, but chain us all.

Elections have consequences.

John McNair

What most here do not understand is that in politics It’s a very slippery slope. Any gun legislation is designed to appear reasonable at first sight. These laws will have provisions that will evolve over time becoming more and more onerous and prohibitive once they are on the books.Once the public allows even the simplest laws that hinder ownership or use it lays the foundation for more egregious changes later on. It’s best to fight every attempt the left tries because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure… Don’t forget the NFA was unconstitutional when it was… Read more »

Richard L

The decision of the US Supreme Court was also an egregious Ruling.

Richard L

And of course I forgot to type in the date of said Ruling. 1934

Paul Norton

People kill people not guns,this is all nonsense, What’s next knives and axes,pepper spray, Every one of these politicians is protected by people with guns, but you your on your own against violent criminals,and don’t shoot them as they rob and rape your family or friends you will be the one going to prison,Fuck all these libertard demoncrats,they are all enemies of the country period.


I was born in Maine. Grew up around guns and hunting. I fully support the right of law abiding, non-mentally ill people to own firearms. That said, whoever wrote this article is just a delusionally knee-jerk, reactionary extremist. Every single one of these bills is a common sense law. Most are designed to protect kids from killing themselves with dads unlocked gun. Anyone who takes issue with making patents lock up their guns so their kids dont accidenty shoot themselves, is an ideological psychopath. Not to mention that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with prohibiting dangerous people from owning firearms!!! It… Read more »


common sense gun laws enabled the national “socialist” workers party to kill the Jews of Europe quite efficiently. FU, a**hole.


No Pete, you don’t “fully support the Right of law abiding people to own firearms”. If you did you’d understand that no “arms” law, in the history of the world, has ever been about making people safer or stopping criminal activity. It’s always about controlling people. If you understood this you’d immediately ask why firearms are singled out as the only object, in the home, that needs to be locked up. Why weren’t razor blades, knives and all pointed objects included? As for keeping “psychopaths” from getting guns, how is a law going to prevent that? So far all perpetrators… Read more »

Jim Mackey

Looks like the liberals have found out about this site. I thought we were safe here.

Robert Messmer

Quote: “Most are designed to protect kids from killing themselves with dads unlocked gun.” I don’t live in Maine so I don’t know. Does Maine currently have laws being enforced that require dads to keep all the knives locked up when he is not actually using them? How about all the common poisons most of us have in our kitchens/bathrooms for cleaning – are they required to be locked up? About 730 children die every year from home poisoning compared to about 500 children by accidental shootings at home. It looks like that if the purpose is, as you claim,… Read more »

Anthony Robinson

So, Sachesi, under your version of the self defense law, if three thugs with baseball bats approach an old man and state that they’re going to bust him up, he’s not allowed to use a handgun to defend himself. Your law clearly states that “Only in the case of imitate (sp) protection from certain death shall lethal protection be justified” If a thug with a gun approaches an innocent husband, his wife and minor child in public, and states that he just wants to murder the wife and child, and has no ill will toward the husband, the husband is… Read more »


This is a good thing, we need more of this. This is what the Gun law should be. Step 1- Gun “school” and written exam- You should be required to take a course on gun safety and how to use a gun correctly, that is 7 days 1-2 hours per day. From how to load, to how to shoot, unload, keep locked up safely, and about actual gun laws, and self defense laws. On the 7th day you are given a test and must get 90% or higher. Step 2- Gun training- You should then be required to prove that… Read more »


What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t you understand?


Should read the whole amendment and not cut snippets out to suit your argument, PePe. it also says “a well regulated militia” so the state and feds can regulate said militia i.e. laws about firearms

Dave in Fairfax

And you need to understand that, when it was written, regulated didn’t mean controlled, it meant provisioned. Go read the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers, Blackstone and A View of the Constitution by Wm Rawles. When you’ve done that you’ll learn what you missed in History and Civics classes.
As for the originating troll, The name tells it all. Sack e sh..


I bet you need some Preparation H, and maybe some bandages. After pulling all that sh*t out of your butt, I know it hurts.

Anthony Robinson

Sackeshi, according to your law, if three thugs with baseball bats approach a senior citizen on the street and threaten to assault him, the senior citizen is not allowed to defend himself with a firearm. If a thug with a gun approaches a husband, wife and minor child on the street, and states that he intends to kill the wife and minor child, but not the husband/father, the husband/father is not allowed to use his firearm to defend his family. If, however, the thug breaks into the same family’s house and makes the same threat, the husband/father is only allowed… Read more »


blow it out of your a**, d-sucker


@Sack-o-DunkeyDust, Why don’t you go move to Canada, or some other country where people have to get permission to exercise their God Given Rights. This is America, Einstein. Our Esteemed Founders got it right over 200 years ago. We already have “common sense” here that precludes the criminally insane, or mentally deficient, or whatever, from buying or owning guns. We don’t need your Commie Bolshevik “laws” on the books that are open to interpretation from TRAITOR judges or LE or other bureaucratic goons and morons. Our values and customs have served us very well over these centuries. If you want… Read more »

Jim Mackey

Based on the Canadian system, eh? I have a better idea, how about you move to Canada?

Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire are the safest states in the nation in regard to guns. I don’t think they need any more laws, they are doing fine, as is.
These laws are inventing problems where none exist.


“LR 1670
Rep. Andrews of Paris
Title: An Act To Allow a Valid Maine Concealed Handgun Permit To Serve as a Background Check To Purchase a Firearm from a Licensed Firearm Dealer”

This one doesn’t sound at all, “anti-gun”. We have it in SC and it speeds up the process of buying a gun from a FFL dealer for the dealer and the customer. Instead of having to wait for NICS check, along with whatever delays and computer glitches, they call State Law Enforcement Division and ascertain that your permit is valid. If so, your sale moves forward, immediately.

Dennis Mitchell Fishbein

It is the same way in my adopted state of Nevada .
When you have a concealed carry permit, it demonstrates that you
Have passed a complete background check . Now you walk into a licensed gun dealer’s business pick out a handgun you desire to purchase, show the dealer your concealed carry permit , the dealer runs in through the system and when it clears you walk out with your
handgun .

Also speeds up long gun purchases also .

Angelo Montour

I totally agree, our CCL should be clearance to walk out of a gun store with the gun we purchased. We have been through the back round check prior to that and it’s obvious we own a gun and we are law abiding citizens.

Ansel Hazen

Agree Grigori, on the face of it sounds quite sensible. Renewal this year I had to sign off on permitting records release from Medical and Mental health care in addition to the regular background stuff. So it’s more thorough now than before when I first got my CCP. In fact more thorough than my drivers license, which lets me buy a car and drive in all 50 states.


Until you understand that they are further turning a Right into a privilege they control, or don’t you care? You were born with certain inalienable Rights and you seem perfectly willing to let governments turn them into privileges to be granted or denied at their whim!