Adam Kraut on the 2019 NRA-BoD Elections ~ What Do You Want? NRA’s Future

Editor Note: Please consider voting for Adam Kraut in the NRA 2019 NRA Board of Directors Election.

Adam Kraut and Jeff Knox
Adam Kraut is endorsed by Jeff Knox

USA – -( While at SHOT this year I ran into Fredy and Brian (the owners/editors) in the SHOT Show media room. Fredy told me that he was publishing articles from candidates soliciting votes from NRA Voting Members for the 2019 NRA Board of Directors election and did not have one from me. I was asked to write a short piece if I wanted something published.

This year, I have decided to take a different approach. I am not asking for your vote. For the past three election cycles I have published numerous articles and videos that contain my thoughts on various issues, ideas that I think the NRA should be pursuing, proposed bylaw changes to restore some accountability to the Board of Directors and positions on various actions taken by the NRA. Despite articles published by certain Board Members suggesting that the Nominating Committee is the only way to vet an individual’s intentions and qualifications, I believe that I have communicated them to the members at large for some time, so much so, that for three consecutive years, the Members have nominated me by petition.

Rather than asking for your vote, I am asking you to consider what you want for the NRA’s future.

One of the most disturbing observations I have made over the past year has been the blind allegiance or hatred of the NRA by gun owners. There are many NRA Members (along with Board Members) who are seemingly unable to accept that while the organization has done many good things, it has also failed in other respects. On the reverse side of the coin, there are many gun owners who want to focus on things the NRA has screwed up and ignore the contributions to gun rights and ownership that the organization has been a central part of.

Neither position is infallible. Most importantly, the blind allegiance of certain individuals means that issues which need to be corrected never will be. Since when did it become impermissible to question what the organization is doing while supporting its overall goal? Constructive criticism typically results in deficiencies being corrected, after all, that’s the point. Similarly, it is now en vogue, especially on social media, to relentlessly complain about the NRA. You can find that in the comments to almost any article on AmmoLand News which is related to the NRA. To be fair, some of those complaints are absolutely warranted and needed.

Adam Kraut Headshot
Adam Kraut

For example, NRA’s Carry Guard has become a disaster of a program. Everything from its inception to implementation has been marred with complications. NRA alienated and angered a number of NRA Instructors by taking away their potential trainees with the Carry Guard program. Numerous USCCA members were extremely upset that NRA would destroy the symbiotic relationship the two organizations had (recall NRA booting USCCA from its Annual Meeting in 2017). On top of that, it has now subjected the organization to litigation which has been nothing short of costly.

There have also been a number of articles posted in the past few months on various websites, including The Trace (the Bloomberg funded “unbiased” site) and Wall Street Journal, which have documented instances of self-dealing business relationships, promotions of individuals with questionable judgment and character and rather high salaries being paid to executives. While the source isn’t one that holds a lot of credibility amongst gun owners, the information is accurate. I’ve been told by several people and seen in the comments that “now is not the time to address these issues,” because of the political climate. If not now…when? Simply kicking the can down the road is not an acceptable answer and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the political climate isn’t going to be sunny any time soon.

Regardless of what anyone else tells you, it is entirely permissible to be a member of multiple gun rights organizations. Sometimes your state gun rights group is a more effective choice for issues that directly affect you. Many of you know that I work closely with the Firearms Policy Coalition, of which I am also a member.

Here is the bottom line…you can be a member of multiple organizations and it is ok to not send money to all of them.

I would urge people to join or retain their NRA membership for voting rights in order to vote for candidates (be it me or someone else) who represents them. That does not mean you need to donate money to the organization. In fact, if you are sending your funds elsewhere, allowing your NRA membership to expire, or joining another organization I would urge you to contact the Board to let them know why (information as to how will be at the end of this article).

I set out on this campaign three-years ago, not because I thought the NRA was doing everything right and only wanted to have a seat on the Board, as some have accused me of, but because I thought the NRA needed some help in the right direction and that I might be able to provide assistance in helping change course.

When you receive your ballot and cast your vote(s) this year, be sure to ask yourself “what do I want for the NRA?” If you want an NRA that is going to be lean, effective, and in touch with the next generation of gun owners, then be sure you are voting for people who reflect those ideals. Since the biographies included with the ballot are worthless when it comes to discerning what an individual candidate thinks, you may have to do some research. A great number of candidates have websites set up (such as mine or have solicited votes by posting articles on AmmoLand News. For those that do not, maybe they respond to inquiries from members.

At the end of the day, we all want the NRA to reflect our values, champion the Second Amendment, and be the 800-pound gorilla that no one wants to take on. In order for that to happen, it requires the Members to participate, not just in elections, but in pushing to preserve the Second Amendment as it was written.

~ Adam Kraut

Adam Kraut with Rifle
Adam Kraut, from my Cold Dead Hands

NRA Board Contact Information

Unfortunately, because nothing can ever be simple, you’ll have to address the letter to the Board Member you wish for it to go to. I’d suggest Duane Liptak, Lt. Col. Robert Brown, Marion Hammer, Willes Lee, Timothy Knight, and Pete Brownell. However, you can choose from any of the individuals listed below. More info on contacting the NRA Board is found here.

Email : [email protected]

You’ll need to include your 1) name, 2) address, and 3) membership number for them to pass along the message to board members.

OR snail mail.

***Name of Board Member***
NRA Office of the Secretary
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

Here is a list of the current 2018-2019 Board Members:

Joe M. Allbaugh, Oklahoma; Thomas P. Arvas, New Mexico; Paul Babaz, Georgia; Scott L. Bach, New Jersey; William A. Bachenberg, Pennsylvania; Bob Barr, Georgia; Ronnie G. Barrett, Tennessee; Clel Baudler, Iowa; J. Kenneth Blackwell, Ohio; Matt Blunt, Virginia; Dan Boren, Oklahoma; Robert K. Brown, Colorado; Pete R. Brownell, Iowa; Dave Butz, Illinois; Dean Cain, California; Ted W. Carter, Florida; Richard R. Childress, North Carolina; Patricia A. Clark, Connecticut; Allan D. Cors, Florida; Charles L. Cotton, Texas; David G. Coy, Michigan; Larry E. Craig, Idaho; John Cushman, New York; Edie P. Fleeman, North Carolina; Carol Frampton, South Carolina; Joel Friedman, Nevada; Sandra S. Froman, Arizona; Julie Golob, Missouri; Marion P. Hammer, Florida; Maria Heil, Pennsylvania; Graham Hill, Virginia; Susan Howard, Texas; Curtis S. Jenkins, Georgia; David A. Keene, Maryland; Tom King, New York; Timothy Knight, Tennessee; Herbert A. Lanford Jr., South Carolina; Willes K. Lee, Virginia; Carrie Lightfoot, Arizona; Duane Liptak Jr., Texas; Karl A. Malone, Louisiana; Sean Maloney, Ohio; Robert E. Mansell, Arizona; Carolyn D. Meadows, Georgia; Bill Miller, West Virginia; Owen Buz Mills, Arizona; Craig Morgan, Tennessee; Il Ling New, Idaho; Oliver L. North, Virginia; Robert A. Nosler, Oregon; Johnny Nugent, Indiana; Ted Nugent, Texas; Lance Olson, Iowa; Melanie Pepper, Texas; James W. Porter II, Alabama; Peter J. Printz, Montana; Todd J. Rathner, Arizona; Kim Rhode, California; Wayne Anthony Ross, Alaska; Carl T. Rowan Jr., Washington, D.C.; Don Saba, Arizona; William H. Satterfield, Alabama; Ronald L. Schmeits, New Mexico; Esther Q. Schneider, Texas; Steven C. Schreiner, Colorado; John C. Sigler, Delaware; Leroy Sisco, Texas; Bart Skelton, New Mexico; Kristy Titus, Oregon; Dwight D. Van Horn, Idaho; Blaine Wade, Tennessee; Linda L. Walker, Ohio; Howard J. Walter, North Carolina; Heidi E. Washington, Michigan; Allen B. West, Texas; Donald E. Young, Alaska.

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I don’t like the NRA for a number of reasons. But the fact remains, like it or not, the NRA plays in the sandbox with the big boys. Other organizations simply don’t have the political clout to be effective. If you don’t like this reality don’t stop joining the NRA but do start joining other pro-2A organizations so there are more big boys in the sandbox on our side. When you think that you get protections for two boxes of ammo, it’s not really that expensive.


I’m the NRA. If I have anyone to criticize it’s my deficiency and inaction. That said the NRA is in all states and we have invested countless hours and donations to support the NRA. Being the establishment pro gun platform the NRA needs to never compromise gun rights to please the opposition. When NRA execs do, they give an inch and the opposition takes a mile. We know this, so we need zero compromise. Let’s use NRA to organize our efforts and we need to rally and hit the streets and be unapologetic. Article VI within the Constitution is Supreme… Read more »


What rifle is Adam holding in the last picture?


I was wondering the same thing.

The General

I’m not sure which model, but it appears to be one of Q’s rifles.


Im voting for Adam Kraut.


Sorry i quit NOW RETRACT AMENDMENT after the money they pay the ones at the top that do crap like ok bumpstock bann. Or several other things leftys want us to give up

Glenn Terry

Patriot Life Member
I voted for Adam last year . I helped Nominate him this year, and will only vote for him this year.
Adam, I support you ,,,110%.


Adam is correct , when all one does is criticize but does not actively try to change the process, and more importantly does not know what the process entails or costs- they they are not part of the solution- they become part of the problem. i have been a member of the NRA since the early 70’s, seen many issues pass through, many of these would have gone worse if not for the NRA, some could and should have gone better. Carry guard is a fiasco- messaging to the public is still almost non-existent and the board is made of… Read more »

The Revelator

I did “Actively” try to change the NRA. I have been one if its most outspoken critics here. What I say to you, I’ve said to everyone else and it is as firm and true today as when I said it a year ago or yesterday. I WILL NOT REJOIN THE NRA UNTIL AFTER IT IS FIXED. Period. No compromises, no promises to pay up at a later date. I do hope Adam gets in, but about 5 years ago with letter writing, voting, and everything else I could do, the only option left to me was to vote with… Read more »


I have been an NRA member three times. None of those memberships simply expired by ‘forgetting’ or ‘not bothering’ to renew. Each time my membership ended as a deliberate decision that the NRA was operating directly against by right to keep and bear arms. Sorry, but three strikes YOU’RE OUT. I wish Adam Kraut all the luck in the world, but I am convinced that fixing the NRA is a lost cause. At this point, I must oppose the recommended strategy of maintaining an NRA membership to have a vote in the fake pageantry to the election of directors. There… Read more »

Israel Rozemberg

Adam, you are exactly the change the NRA BOD needs. You are definitely inspiring members like me, lifetime endowment, to vote and you have my vote


Well this is a start. Ask what the constituent base wants instead of getting a big head because you were voted in, and assuming you know what is good for the base without their input like our Congressmen and Senators do.

Good start, we’ll talk about the outrageous salaries and perks later.


Bullet vote for Adam once again! We need this guy on the board!


IT IS IMPORTANT! I know and have recently talked with a couple of the most pro Second Amendment NRA Board members possible. They RECOMMEND bullet voting (search AmmoLand for this). Their recommendations for the ONLY votes to cast are for: Kraut, King and Colandro. Many of the decent others such as Col. West, Craig, Brownell, Nugent etc. will get on the board–no sweat. But the bullet voting will assure these above very pro Second Amendment “NRA shaker ups” will fare better.


Agree, only voted for five & Adam was at the top of the list!

Michael Ellis

I’ve been an NRA member since I got out of the military for well over half my life and I’m 67 yo Patron now. In the last 5 years I’ve noticed an abrupt change in the leadership – for the worse I’m afraid. Missing Charlton Heston right abt now. These today lay down when they should stand and throw these big parties for themselves where they slap each other on the back and tell one another how lucky the rest of us common folk are that they chose to devote themselves to our cause. They pay the top kick over… Read more »


I want an NRA that stops compromising their rear end off. In Illinois they state wants under the FOID card law to have the right to go into peoples social media accounts plus web site forums and search for comments, pictures or anything else they want to look at.

Problem is the NRA wrote and supports the FOID card law. SO this means a law the NRA wrote and supported a law that is going to be used against gun owners.

So much for the 4th amendment

Filthy compromises

Thomas J

Not coming back to the nra, to much compromise. I like Adam, you fudds should vote for him, but you’ll never know who really wins anyway so whatever. If the nra wants me back they are going to have to start curb stomping everything in sight, starting with the NFA, put up or shut up fudds.

Tim L

Go big Adam! CEO chairman. Top of the food chain!

J Wampler

Mr. Kraut, Esq.

I won’t be eligible to vote until next year. Frankly this saddens me, as I’ve wanted to provide you my support for the last two years.

Please don’t give up the fight!

James Wampler

Mr. Kraut, Esq.

I won’t be eligible to vote until next year. Frankly this saddens me, as I’ve wanted to provide you my support for the last two years.

Please don’t give up the fight!


You got my vote again.


Had my vote, has my vote.

This is the kind of thinking we need – more than one swamp to drain.


I like Adam Kraut, he seems to be a realist.

Jim aka No Filter

Adam, you seem like a man that gets it. If l could, you’d get my vote. Maybe someday. Maybe what you’ve said here will be incentive for non-members to join, even if it’s just for one year. Knowing that you’ve had eyes on AmmoLand comments and acknowledge the differences and divide means you care about the outcome. Thanks for that! Does this mean l can email Ted Nugent? Just kidding:) But seriously, we need to right the ship, eliminate the perceived corruption, and absolutely fight to keep our rights free of infringements. We are watching what happens next, especially out… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JakaNF, He has my vote, too, again! Just a couple of things: Willes Lee is also a retired LTC and authorized by Congress to continue acknowledgement of that title. And beards prevent one’s protective mask from sealing. Just saying.

Tess Ailshire

Sadly, joining for one year does nothing. One must be an annual member for five consecutive years to get a vote. Or a life member. That is the *SOLE* reason I am a life member. Especially with the NRA’s perceived support for Red Flag laws and bump-stock bans.

No Filter

Thanks! That detail l didn’t know but when l looked into joining, the 5 year membership looked like a great value.