Open Letter to Voting NRA Members, from NRA-BOD Tim Knight

Comments by your NRA BOD Timothy Knight (Current term 2018 to 2021).

Members Contact the NRA Board of Directors
Members, Contact the NRA Board of Directors

USA – -( My fellow NRA members:

Our National Rifle Association is the nation’s longest-standing civil rights organization, and our name has become inextricably tied to our Constitutional right to firearm ownership. Our multiple roles are crucial. We preserve our hunting heritage and provide training to private citizens and law enforcement officers. We protect our ranges and foster our shooting sports. We lobby in defense of our Second Amendment rights from state legislatures to Capitol Hill, and we are pivotal in elections – the consequences[current Socialist Congress] of which should now be painfully clear to all. Your NRA currently boasts nearly six million members but, through our efforts, represent the interests of more than ninety million activists, shooters, sportsmen and competitors.

All of this and more is paid for through memberships, from Life members to those stretching to pay dues one year at a time. It is YOU, our members, who are the very foundation of the NRA and not some building in Virginia. You must be able to trust that your Association is well run and focused on its true purpose and promised objectives.

And, if you feel that your organization is no longer representing your interests, you must exercise your voice and your vote in the annual elections to elect a Board of Directors who WILL represent those issues.

Like Congress, the NRA Board of Directors is elected to represent your interests, but they need to hear from the members about what issues need representation. Silence can be construed as either apathy or tacit consent. Most Directors do not see comments posted on social media. Therefore, for your questions, comments or concerns to be heard and addressed, I urge you to take the time to write to individual Board Directors, not to the NRA itself. Be sure and include your contact information and current member number as only communication from active NRA members will be forwarded to the individual BOD.

(Name of Board Member or Attn NRA Board of Directors)
NRA Office of the Secretary
h/t AmmoLand News
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA, 22030

or [email protected]

Contact the NRA Board of Directors
Contact the NRA Board of Directors : Each monthly NRA magazine has a list of all Board members with several ways to contact them, including a mailing address.

Each monthly NRA magazine has a list of all Board members with several ways to contact them, including a mailing address. The entire 76 member Board works at large; you can mail a letter to each Director to equal effect. You can also choose to write to the Directors that live in your state or to those who represent your specific interests.

What matters most is that you write to the people that represent you.

And if you are a voting member*, please vote! Approximately one-third of the NRA Board is up for election every year, and yet fewer than 10% of our 2.2 million voting members participate. You will only have the NRA that you are willing to help shape. The 2019 ballots will start reaching members on January 22nd, 2019. Read the candidate biographies. Search the internet or read AmmoLand News to see what candidates have done to further our Association’s objectives. You can vote for up to twenty-five candidates. However, voting for only those candidates (Bullet Voting, is more effective) that represent what is important to you increases their chances of winning a seat on the Board.

As only one of the seventy-six Directors on this Board, I cannot single-handedly fight for you. But I will gladly continue to do so with you – if you work the system and are willing to participate.

Respectfully yours in Liberty, Timothy Knight: NRA Board of Directors (Current term 2018 to 2021)

*A voting member has been an NRA member for at least five consecutive years or a Life member.

About Timothy Knight

Timothy Knight is a national 2nd Amendment advocate. He founded the 2013 grassroots Colorado Recall Movement and has continued to engage gun owners of all kinds across the country.  He has been a member of the NRA Board of Directors since 2015. He is an avid shooter, NRA Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer.

Timothy Knight
Timothy Knight
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CLAPTRAP! (That’s a slightly more polite description of this “Open Letter” but the more common word BULLSHIT would be equally appropriate). I don’t know Tim — he may be an upstanding individual and he may support the right to keep and bear arms — but what I do know is that he is a member of the board, which makes him part of that infamous UNANIMOUS vote to keep the entire so-called leadership of the NRA in place and to continue business-as-usual where the officers do little beyond lining their own pockets and the pockets of their friends and associates.… Read more »


TomC…..The so called “Unanimous” wasn’t……they use “Robert’s Rules”…..since WLP was the only person to be voted on, it only took one vote to call it “Unanimous”….
And that’s the load of Bullshit…….IT WAS NOT UNANIMOUS…..quit swallowing, and then spouting bogus headlines…..learn the truth…..

Tim Knight is the type of person we need on the NRA BOD…..we need more like him……

We need the NRA to be a true 2A supporting organization……that can only happen if we elect more people like Tim Knight to the BOD…..


I don’t disagree with anything you wrote here Tim. I am an NRA member and still support the organization but they are making that decision harder with their vote yesterday to maintain the status quo. We just got back from the annual meetings and did attend the members meeting Saturday so we did see the filibustering and attempts to silence members that do not agree with the status quo. I do plan to contact board members but have a couple of questions. As of this writing, I plan to “Stand and Fight” for our organization. How was the vote for… Read more »


The so called “Unanimous” wasn’t……they use “Robert’s Rules”…..since WLP was the only person to be voted on, it only took one vote to call it “Unanimous”….

Roxy Bryant

SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!! The NRA has SUPPORTED the DEMONcRATS INFRINGEMENT OF OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS when they backed “RED FLAG LAWS”!! They actually believe supporting those “LAWS” are FIGHTING for gun RIGHTS and protecting our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS? What a f***ing JOKE! “RED FLAG LAWS” are Unconstitutional and will do more than just infringe on our second Amendment RIGHTS, they will pretty much destroy them. They are LIARS and TRAITORS and they SOLD OUT gun owners, the second Amendment and the CONSTITUTION! Liberal DEMONcRATS “RED FLAG LAWS” will basically render EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN who owns… Read more »


Do you support a vote on removing LaPierre from his position?


I know Tim, and I think he would say something to the effect of “I support a vote for removing anyone who fails to do their job.”


Well that pretty much sounds like a politician. Does he or doesn’t he support removing LaPierre??? Why does the membership never hear how the DOD members vote…..or even if there are votes. Talk about lack of transparency!!!! Makes Obummer seem like an open book!!!


Pure propaganda. The rules have changed so that voting the swamp dwellers off the board is no longer possible. The group covers itself… even when you have scumbags like Joaquin Jackson supporting infringements on the 2A.

Until the BoD has the moral fortitude to get rid of Wayne, Chris and the crazy cat lady in Florida… my name will never be on your rolls and money will go elsewhere. I won’t hold my breath.

Bob Koceja

If you are a gun owner and you vote Democrat, shame on you. You are part of the problem.


Depends on the Democrat. I would vote for Nelson over Scott again.

Scott cost us Caldwell’s rightful position as Ag Commissioner because he didn’t care about open voter fraud till it effected him (Snipes was caught doing this in 2016 as well!). This showed beyond a shadow of a doubt has no loyalty to the party, only himself. Nelson wouldn’t be running in 2022 one way or another, but since people fell for this nonsense that any Republican is better than a Democrat we’ll have a big cerulean D running as an incumbent that year.


You are correct Bob on that one!

Thomas J

34’ 68’ 86’ 94’ bumpstocks redflag laws, no thanks, no more Negotiating Rights Away, the gravy train is off the tracks! Lol suck it fudds


SO trolls who hate the NRA, Tell me WHAT has the “GOA” accomplished? What laws have they backed and gotten passed?
You all sound like a bunch of liberal gun owner trolls.

Wild Bill

@Colonialgirl, The GOA has funded and staffed the case of Kettler v. USA to the Supreme Court. If successful, the National Firearms Act (NFA) will be declared unconstitutional. That is a lot of planning, lawyering, and fund raising.


Hey Wild Bill….are you serious or delusional or both? The NFA isn’t going anywhere nor the Hughes Amendment either. We are mucked on those two! The ” ONLY ” thing we can hope for is a total upgrading of their system so all these NFA transfer processing can be brought into the 21st century and sped up to weeks instead of months!


Now us not the time to stand and point fingers. It will take all of us, whether NRA, GOA, or whatever to defeat the forfes currently arrayed against us. Let the left try and divide us! We don’t need to do it for them. Let’s work together and win together!

Ansel Hazen

Indeed we must. But the ability to change this country at the ballot box or in the justice system has passed. When Tyranny Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty. Join your states militia.


I agree on GOA. We need all pro-gun groups but what really has GOA accomplished?


@Colonialgirl — how about we tell you what laws the NRA has gotten passed. Let’s start with the National Firearms Act of 1934 (the first federal gun control law, which made all the others possible) Then the Federal Firearms Act (1938) The the Gun Control Act (1968) Yes, @Colonialgirl, those were all either proposed or actively supported by the NRA. Then we have the misnamed so-called Firearms Owners Protection Act (1986) including the infamous Hughes Amendment Then we could add the Assault Weapons Ban (1994) which the NRA supported once the 10-year expiration was included. Most recently we have the… Read more »

willy d

The main job of all members is to get in touch with the NRA Directors and if you are members of GOA get in touch with them also, we as private gun owners have to have more than one organization putting up a fight as the party of doing away with the 2nd Amendment is a lot bigger and well funded than 1 organization, but like our government we have to get out and vote and get others to do the same!!!!!!!


There is only one way that NRA members can “get in touch with the NRA Directors”

That way is by closing their checkbooks.

Stop donating money to an organization that has an 85 year record of fighting AGAINST our right to keep and bear arms.

Calvin Blumhorst

Tim, I appreciate your call to unity and for working together towards common goals. That being said, I find a bit disingenuous your statement, “Therefore, for your questions, comments or concerns to be heard and addressed, I urge you to take the time to write to individual Board Directors, not to the NRA itself. Be sure and include your contact information and current member number as only communication from active NRA members will be forwarded to the individual BOD.” There’s hardly a day goes by that NRA doesn’t send out a “Call To ACTION” to members. Simply by clicking the… Read more »

Jim Boyd

All of New England is now under siege by Social Democrats intent on massive gun control . Massachusetts has long been on a tear to destroy the Second Amendment and is too liberal to change . Tax avoiding residents are fleeing to NH, Maine, and Vermont dragging their liberal baggage behind them. NRA has a vested interest in re-educating these transplants . Florida is has similar problems with new York/ New Jersey people . They can’t grasp that Alligators and Patriots were here first ! The NRA will lose all these states in the next election unless they educate the… Read more »

Jack Higbee

It seems like the NRA (of which I am a member) is having trouble with the basics. I get 3 lbs. worth of letters to renew, I renew, they send me a membership card with someone else’s name on it, and I spend almost 3 hours trying to rectify the situation. Nobody knows anything (or chooses o help) outside of their own bureaucratic bubble). Reminds me of the old restaurant saying:
Customer: “Hey waiter, what time is it?”
Waiter: “I’m sorry, this is not my station”.

phil morris

I was a $upporting/participating member for many years , then got tired of “the fight” , then chose to vote with my dollars , I didn’t like/approve of where the organization was heading so I just stopped $upporting/participating , if only we could do the same thing with our government , I think/believe we could $tart to make positive changes then.


I guess you are somehow proud of your post making a statement that you don’t support the ” biggest ” gun rights organization in the world. SMH. Instead of being cute, or an anti-gun troll, support the NRA and vote in their elections. I have only missed a very few votes in 47 years myself. They are not our only shot, but our best chance at defeating the upcoming anti-gun legislation that is assuredly coming down the pike…..


@HoosierSheepdog1954 So you joined the NRA 47 years ago — shortly after their great success in getting the Gun Control Act passed in 1968 to close up the loopholes that had been found in the NRA’s National Firearms Act (1934) and their Federal Firearms Act (1938). That means you were a member when the NRA supported the misnamed so-called Firearms Owners Protection Act (1986) including the infamous Hughes Amendment And you were a member when the NRA changed sides and supported the Assault Weapons Ban (1994) after the 10-year expiration was included. And you were still a member in 2017… Read more »

Dave C

Bailing is not part of the solution, no matter how many whiners and trolls do it! Write your reps, congressmen, etc. Don’t JUST complain! We need EVERY ally in this fight and it will still always be an uphill battle.


I’m a life member and have supported the NRA for 40yrs.. till now .. No red flag orders,they dont support that for me or anyone I know.


Concur 100%. This is why I so greatly appreciate Ammoland’s suggestions and background data on its choices for NRA Board members. Many Board candidates’ “bios” published in the NRA publications may not give the entire story we need to vote wisely.
NRA Patron Member
NRA Member since 1954

darrel rawls

My hat is off to you, my brother! ANYONE who has supported NRA since 1954 deserves AT LEAST that much! Despite not always agreeing with the NRA’S views, I generously supported NRA for several years. Finally, I stopped doing this after a “discussion” with someone in their headquarters about NOT sending me a NRA cap that they said was being sent to my wife and I ! This “person” was extremely rude ABOUT A CAP and it took us both over the edge, after YEARS of supporting them! I will ALWAYS be a STRONG supporter of our 2nd amendment, and… Read more »

Jack Mac

Ralph, I have been a member since the 1960’s and have seldom voted for the board for the same reasons. I will vote this time hopefully wisely.

Gregory Romeu

“Most Directors do not see comments posted on social media. Therefore, for your questions, comments or concerns to be heard and addressed, I urge you to take the time to write to individual Board Directors, not to the NRA itself. ” President Trump doesn’t have any problem seeing comments posted on social media and he’s only one guy? There should be only two words and two matters in the minds and the mouthes of the NRA board of directors for the entire year of 2019, “National Reciprocity” and “The Hearing Protection Act”. Everything else should be totally off the table… Read more »

Douglas G

If you think Pres. Trump is the only one looking at social media and responding, you have a problem with scale. Trump has a Team of social media personnel and a Team of publicists and press personnel doing the looking and responding. Like judicial clerks and speech writers, these people develop a feel for who they work for and skillfully adapt their writing to match their boss. So what you think is Trump responding is in most cases someone on his team.

Duane Brown



Duane, we NEED more than running around yelling ” shall not be infringed ” from you and your kind! Get involved, write letters, vote in NRA elections, help out!


I will ONLY vote for board members who believe that our 2A right SHALL NOT be infringed upon.
That’s is simple to understand and more than enough to go on.

Michael - Former NRA

It seems odd that the NRA Board of Directors would need to hear from its members before it can produce any positive results. We hear lots of what the NRA “used” to do but very little of what they are doing to fix what they themselves broke. It was NOT the members who have blindly followed them, it was the management of the NRA that sold the 2nd Amendment out. For the NRA to survive and rebuild, Wayne LaPierre needs to resign, as well as anyone else who capitulated gun rights in the face of pressure against the organization AFTER… Read more »

och will

The NRA is a gun lobby marketing organization whose sole purpose is to keep the US firearms marketplace as broad and expansive as possible for its real backers, the gun and ammo manufacturers who buy tens of millions of dollars worth of ad space in NRA publications and give tens of millions in donations annually to the NRA. Fear sells guns. Fake patriotism sells guns. The NRA’s president is an extremist , a convicted gun trafficker and someone who commonly mocks and taunts children who have been involved in mass shootings. America has the worst per capita gun violence rate… Read more »


och will, you are a traitor and a fool. I seriously believe you are a liberal troll, not a defender of 2A. Half of the pablum that spewed out in your letter is exactly what gun grabbers have to say. Go ahead give your guns to a real supporter of 2A, because you don’t even have a basic understanding of it’s purpose.

Wild Bill

@Madvet68, Holley moley, you have caught yourself a trolley! Ork swill is constantly slowing down the website with his long winded socialist diatribes.

Armatus Rebellio

“We preserve our hunting heritage and provide training to private citizens and law enforcement officers” “We lobby in defense of our Second Amendment rights” The 2nd amendment isn’t about hunting. BOD? There’s what, like 172 board members? (ok, “just” 76.) It’s a status symbol with no power. You parade the ‘presidency’ of the NRA like a friggin NASCAR decal, nothing more than figurehead. You lobby state & federal legislatures? Good. Thank you. You also send out “sky is falling” mass mailers with every proposed piece of legislation asking for money, regardless of the likelihood of passage. The members eventually get… Read more »

Mark A. Fenedick

Instead of stepping up and fighting for the members in State’s like New York, Maryland with Red Flag laws the NRA is no help. It looks like they just gave up.


I do not know who distresses me more. The Crazy Nancy supporting trolls or Crazy Nancy herself. If you have issues, get involved. Don’t stab the NRA (us) in the back. Yep we are the NRA, we the members.


NRA headquarters in Virginia -one of the most compromised worst gun rights states ,,lately turned into a communist muzzie shit hole/people are sheep and they believe all that bullshit coming from the mainstream media /they are going to get what they deserveSimply because they won’t pull their heads out ofTheir leftist asses

Wild Bill

@Hoplite, yes, Nancy is in the perfect position to shock and piss off middle America. She is the paradigm of foppishness.


Both Nancy, and the NRA support Red Flag Laws…. so you’re distressed over yourself?


Troll elsewhere.


Facts are now trolling?

Robert Puddy

Anyone wanting my vote this year it’s going to have to Lobby hard for it and just because they’re from my state is it going to hold water anymore. I would like to see board members explaining what they accomplished last term and what specific plans they have should they be elected. Not the same old same rhetoric I’ve been hearing year after year.
Thank you


The BOD has no power.

We have no idea if our votes count anyways. All the counting is done behind closed doors.


Hey JMR, did you see a ” bigfoot ” over there stepping out of that UFO?


No, I would get your eyes checked. And I’d do it fast and leave Bigfoot out of it, if the NRA has its way and red flag laws get passed mentioning you saw Bigfoot is grounds for firearm removal by federal or state agents.

If on the other hand you want to post evidence that I am wrong, I as always have an open mind to facts.

Heed the Call-up

Bruce, I haven’t yet seen Bigfoot, but the tracks of the NRA are verifiable and known – helped write the 1934 NFA, helped pass the 1968 GCA, nodded at the 1986 automatic weapons ban, and ducked the 1994 assault weapons ban. Currently they have agreed to a bump stock ban and red flag laws.

Does it really matter what the current BOD “thinks/does”, based on past and present NRA actions?


N.R.A. is finished, the mask is off, you betrayed members for the last time with support for Bump Stock regs and communist ” Red Flag ” laws. — Gun Owners of America is fast approaching 2 Million members. Why you ask ? Because they do not write BAD laws and call it ‘ Compromise ‘ to surrender more and more of our Rights to keep your bloated lobby & advertising ‘ business ‘ on the gravy train. Go sip your NRA ” whine club ” Merlot and fade into the Sunset. Quislings.

Robert Puddy

The problem is leadership is telling us what we want to hear and we can see it ain’t happening. I guess they think we’re stupid or something. Think! I know they think we’re stupid. I don’t even read the magazine anymore it’s not worth my time same old rhetoric. Something’s going to have to change in the 21st century. The NRA is going to have to take I throat punch stick a stick in its eye attitude toward the liberal-left. I guarantee you the left isn’t unafraid to do it. Sneaky backstabbing SOB’s

Sandy Sanders

Red Flag laws are just another confiscation vehicle. #GOA


Spoken like a crybaby, The NRA might not be perfect, But where would you be now without them. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, vote and work for change from within


The NRA ” does not ” write laws! Where do you people get this stuff? GOA is good to have on our side but not at the expense of supporting the NRA. Join the NRA, write letters to them and your legislators, vote in their elections and quit your whining….

Dave C

AMEN! Bailing is not part of the solution, no matter how many whiners and trolls do it! Write your reps, congressmen, etc. Don’t JUST complain! We need EVERY ally in this fight and it will still always be an uphill battle.

Greg K

Actually, Bruce, Special Interest Lobbyists are instrumental in writing proposed legislation. In fact, Look at that Oregon Gun Grabber proposal…It was framed by a bunch of Lake Oswego school children.

Heed the Call-up

Bruce, the NRA has had its hand in writing anti-rights legislation – read their history. I am a life member, but unless they change their ways, I will be vocal about their anti-rights proposals, such as their current stance on bump stocks and red flag laws.


NRA Benefactor Life Member
From the Northeast

Ansel Hazen

Not one single member from the Northeast.

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts.

No wonder we feel like flyover country with the NRA.

Green Mtn. Boy

Mr.Wayne La Pierre had a ad a couple of years back for Negotiating Rights Away,where he said “stand and fight”while he was kneeling and capitulating to the civilian disarmament politicians. If the NRA wants to exist and truly represent Americans/members second amendment rights,it needs to divest it’s self of the current establishment management including Ack Mac and become a No Compromise origination representing the 2 A. It would appear that Mr.Knight forgot to include the contact information for the board as it is not on the NRA web site last I looked and searched or is his protest one of… Read more »

Russell Wilson

Email It’s in a letter a couple of times…
It’s easy to complain … But don’t complain if you haven’t personally contacted anyone from the Board.

Gregory Romeu

We are contacting the BOD right here, right now. Haven’t you been paying attention?

Read more:
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“comments by your NRA BOD Timothy Knight (Current term 2018 to 2021).”

He can carry out messages and complaints to the rest of the BOD or else he must not really give a damn about his position or our concerns?


I concur Russell!

Gregory Romeu

Wilson, you must not have been paying attention?
“Comments by your NRA BOD Timothy Knight (Current term 2018 to 2021).”

He’s (Timothy Knight) right here right now and he can take our comments and complaints back to the rest of the board of directors for us, unless he really doesn’t give a damn about his role in the NRA?

Ansel Hazen

I don’t want a general email box read by some flunky. If the BOD wants to hear from us they need to give us real contact info.

och will

Stand and Fight. An appeal to gun violence.

Wild Bill

@ochswill, Pure swill. First there is no such thing as gun violence. I have never met a violent gun. My guns all stay where I tell them to stay, never make a move on their own, and have never so much as whispered an opinion toward violence.
And when Cain slew Able, inventing murder, guns had not even been thought of, yet.

Richard L

Wild Bill, och will must be wearing Toms Shoes and they are much too tight.

Wild Bill

, Yes, and Tom’s hat band, too!

Dave in Fairfax

Oddly enough Cain slew Abel with the jawbone of an ass. Perhaps och will could donate his?

Jack Mac

Och, what method of violence do you prefer? It seems that the no gun violence people believe that people killed by other methods are insignificant. If I am murdered, hopefully it wont be by strangulation with panty hose, stumped with boots, stabbed with salad fork, or a liberal’s knee-jerk least I will not be listed as a significate dead person.

Ansel Hazen

And it likely will come to that if the left continues with their attempts to disarm the population.

Richard L

The last one I actually remember was Dick Riley of Riley’s Sport s From Hookset, NH