Elizabeth Warren has a Tin Ear on the Second Amendment

Elizabeth Warren has a Tin Ear on the Second Amendment
Elizabeth Warren has a Tin Ear on the Second Amendment (Wikimedia Commons photo by ElizabethforMA)

Massachusetts/Iowa/New Hampshire – -(AmmoLand.com)- Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was the first big-name Democrat to announce the formation of an exploratory committee for a possible run for President Trump. She isn’t the first to announce, though: Richard Ojeda, a state senator and failed U.S. House of Representatives candidate from West Virginia was technically the first Democrat to announce, but he is considered a longshot to win. So, it’s time to review where she stands on our Second Amendment rights.

Now, let’s keep in mind that the administrative decision to issue regulations banning bump stocks aside, President Trump has been a pro-Second Amendment president, particularly due to the quality of his judicial nominations. Even that bump-stock ban, which is being done via regulation, will be on shaky ground, as ATF has admitted in the past that they did not have the authority to pass such a regulation. The quality of judicial nominations means there is a very good chance that the regulatory bump-stock ban can be stricken down by the courts – something that could be a valuable precedent. But we digress.

Why do we discuss this situation? Yes, it is disappointing President Trump went along with the bump-stock ban. However, it should be noted that according to Project VoteSmart, Elizabeth Warren has been a reliable “NO” vote on every one of the pro-Second Amendment appellate and Supreme Court nominations that President Trump has made. The same judges who provide a distinct possibility shoot down this ban that the ATF has said it had no authority to impose.

Her legislative votes also reveal an anti-Second Amendment track record. In the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Warren voted to end gun shows and to also require background checks for private sales. She also voted in favor of an arbitrary limit on magazine capacity for many firearms used for sporting purposes (like three-gun matches) and personal protection. In addition, she voted to ban certain semi-automatic firearms based on cosmetic features.

Warren has signed on to a number of other anti-Second Amendment proposals while in the Senate. She has opposed arming teachers, even as a committee investigating the Parkland shooting has called for such an option. She also co-sponsored legislation to ban so-called “ghost guns” (really a way to make harder to afford to exercise your Second Amendment rights).

All the while claiming that she knows “that law-abiding citizens have a constitutional right to own and collect guns” (odd that she leaves carrying them out of that sentence, isn’t it?). She also was egging on corporate gun control, which is a major threat to our rights. In short, we could very well see Elizabeth Warren emulate Andrew Cuomo’s misuse of financial regulations to silence the NRA, or to target firearms manufacturers.

Not only that, but imagine how Warren would use the bully pulpit of the Presidency to encourage further censorship efforts by Silicon Valley and to stigmatize the Second Amendment. In addition to all of that, a Warren Administration could very well see the emergence of an army of Lois Lerners, government officials who wind up targeting Second Amendment supporters.

To sum it all up, Elizabeth Warren is an enemy of law-abiding gun owners. At this point, if the 2020 Presidential election is between Warren and Trump, Second Amendment supporters would be best served to give Trump four more years.

Harold Hutchison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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Wild Bill

@Music, Trump is the only one trying to drain the swamp; the only one trying to build a wall; the only one making a monkey out of the MSM and the libtards; and the only one not a professional politician. That is why we picked him, and that has not changed. Trump is just a stepping stone back to the Constitution, back to strong national defense, and away from socialism. For now, he is the best that we can hope for.

Green Mtn. Boy

It should surprise anyone that as a Marxist Fauxcahontas,has a tin ear of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.


Which is really the lesser of two evils? Neither the Democratic goal of a Democratic Socialist government nor the Republican goal of a Theocratic Plutocracy can exist under the current US Constitution and neither could tolerate the right of the people to have firearms under the 2nd Amendment. The Democrats’ and “Gun Safety[?]” groups’ approach is to make firearm ownership so onerous and restrictive that it approaches impossible, but (they hope) is not ruled unconstitutional. This is in addition to still trying to ban whole categories of firearms and magazines. The Republicans currently appear to support gun rights but that… Read more »


So many people are misunderstanding Bernie. He does not want to take anyone’s guns away. He simply wants to make sure that terrorists and crazy people are screened and kept from purchasing weapons in the first place. I am sure you do not want terrorists to be able to buy guns.

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Michael

I think it is you that doesn’t know the Burnmeister,we in vermont had to put up with him thru his mayor hood,congressman and finally senate seat,he is Vermont’s biggest mistake for those that fell for his line,don’t let yourself become one of the unfortunate.


@Michael….Yeah, sure. And who decides who is crazy or who is a terrorrist ? Isn’t that why they already have “background checks” ? Experience has shown that when you give government an inch, they will eventually take a mile. Bernie is just another Globalist Commie Bolshevik telling the people what they want to hear based on the polls. In the end he will side with the plicks who are intent on disarming America so they can have total control over us and turn America into SlaveLandia or GazaUSA.


You mean like people on the “no fly” list, which is arbitrary and erroneous and impossible to get off of. Give me a break. Any socialist is a gun grabber by definition. You cannot impose socialist/communism/fascism on an armed population


The government does not have enough proof to: get a warrant, charge, arrest, indict, try, or convict any of the 800,000 to 1,000,000 people listed on the terrorist watch lists of any crime or even conspiracy to commit a crime. However, the government wants you to believe that they should be able to use this list to prohibit US citizens and legal US Residents from possessing firearms. YOU want to give our current and all future governments the right to create and use a secret, unsubstantiated list with no legal due process or recourse as a basis for denying US… Read more »


The government does not have enough proof to: get a warrant, charge, arrest, indict, try, or convict any of the 1,900,000 people listed on the terrorist watch lists of any crime or even conspiracy to commit a crime. However, the government wants you to believe that they should be able to use this list to prohibit US citizens and legal US Residents from possessing firearms. YOU want to give our current and all future governments the right to create and use a secret, unsubstantiated list with no legal due process or recourse as a basis for denying US citizens and… Read more »

crazy1 wild1

I think the day of reckoning is coming, either you will submit to the democratic control and the money or you fight to keep your way of life and protect what is yours, Buy guns and ammo while you still can and hide some where they cannot find when they come to get yours!

Scotty Gunn

Natives always did hate thunder sticks.

Crazy 1 Wild1

The great thing about this wonderful country is our right to have an Opinion! And as always some of them really suck! Greg!. Who in the Hell are the people in this country now and where the hell did they come from to vote these damn idiots lie Ocasio Cortez and this muslim cunt Rashida Tlaib into office. And why the Hell does the media seem to give them so much coverage. Every time you see a photo of them their mouth is open wide enough to stick a football in it. Donald Trump may be an ass, but look… Read more »


There should be two parallel walls with about 10 yards between them. Automatic motion activated machine guns should fire at anything that moves between the walls. Heavily armed National Guard troops should be stationed at regular intervals along the wall. All types of electronic tech such as infrared, night vision, etc. should be set up to detect invaders, and listening devices should guard against those who would try to dig under the wall, along with ground penetrating radar to detect tunnels. Solar panels could provide the juice.


Trump pro-gun? Trump pro-2A?

“Take them first, go through due process second.” -Trump, 28FEB2018

That sounds pretty anti-2A to me, and if I recall correctly, his gun legislation to ban bump-stocks at a national level is on par with the AWB of ’94; unconstitutional and abhorrent. I didn’t see Obama ban bump stocks, I didn’t see Bush Jr. pass anti-gun legislation, but this guy is on our side?

Get your heads out of your asses.

– Pro 2A American


Warren is yet another millionaire Marxist… Aside from the lust for power, these people see themselves as a self annointed Elite class who are far smarter than you. If you would just let them run your life, everything would be fine. Their ideal is a stratified society, mega rich and 3rd world poor. The 3rd world poor are basically the slave class of the modern era. These are the people they use to raise their kids, cut their grass and clean their houses. These people are quiet, and polite and don’t complain. This is why they are so desperate to… Read more »

Michael Karpman

Bernie is the only one who we can trust. He is common sense regarding the second amendment. He doesn’t back down from what he says, we can trust him..


@ Michael Karpman Yea, you are correct we can trust Bernie to throw us directly into socialism and then communism. I can’t understand why you are posting such a revolting statement. Anyone voting for him must be on the take of the freebees. Did the government buy your computer and give you internet access in your government rented house while you eat what your EBT card will buy. Go away you troll, your comments fail to gain any ground here. You,probably got paid for my comment to your ridiculous post but it won’t happen again.

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Michael Karpman

I have a slightly different perspective on the Burnmeister as a Vermonter,he is a Communist,who has no more use for the second amendment than he does the U S Constitution.

Jim Mackey

Yeah so can you trust him when he says:
“And I indicated to you some of what I think has to be done in terms of expanding background checks, doing away with the gun show loophole, doing away with the so-called straw man provision, banning the sale and distribution of assault weapons, doing other things as well. That’s the gun safety part”

Robert Bentley

Pokohanus is just pissed because Colt invented the Peacemaker and Winchester invented the ’94 But on the other hand, I side with the American Indian. What in Hell gave us (the English, etc) the right to take their land and then treat them like shit?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Duhhh, mainly because most of them sided with the British during the Rev. War and then the War of 1812. Today they would have been called “Enemy Combatants”. Does that answer your question ? They were on the wrong side of history. And like many white Loyalists of the day, they had their land and goods confiscated, and they were banished, if not executed. Many white Loyalists had to move to Canada, the same as many Native Americans. Other combatant Native Americans were forced to move to Reservations out West. On the other hand, there were isolated tribes of Native… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Robert Bentley, The answer is force. The each tribe knew that the land was theirs as long as they were strong enough to hold it. Just as Putin knows in Europe, and more importantly just as the Chinese know with their eyes on North America, all of North America.

Dave in Fairfax

Assuming that’s your real name:
Interesting. West coast and DC affiliation, Language:Russian.
I’m not surprised that you like Bernie.

Green Mtn. Boy

Perhaps another troll / screen name for GWD as he’s wearing that one out.

Wild Bill

@Dave in Fairfax, Good catch! You smoked a carp, man!


You should read more of what Bernie is proposing before you reject him.

And by the way, I thought everyone is OK with Russia now. What’s the problem?

Ronald Nuxon

It can be taken as a given that the Democratic National Committee will allow candidates for nomination for president only if they tow the party line. This means, you guessed it, strict gun ownership regulations. At best, a Dem might pay lip service to the Second Amendment, but not deviate from gun control. There were no mavericks, there are no mavericks and there will be no mavericks among the Dems. Welcome to Moscow on the Potomac.

Joseph P Martin

We can’t discount this sorry excuse for a woman as a possible President. The voters and the broken system that put idiots like this in office are the same things that put a Muslim in the White House for TWO terms. Yes, it also allowed Trump to be elected, but even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn. That is why the Democraps want to do away with the Electoral College and flood the country with illegals they know will vote for them.

Gregg Greenwood

I’m going to disagree. As a 57 year old Army vet and someone who taught many semesters of university American Government and American History, I refuse to go along with this lesser of two evils crap. EW would be a big problem as President. Absolutely. And if Trump was just an ass as a person but an effective President who reflected my policy preferences, I could live with that. But this arrogant “I’m an expert on everything, I know more about XXX than anyone, I don’t need to listen to any actual experts in any field, the facts don’t matter,… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I’ll reiterate. Perfect is the enemy of good.
Trump is impetuous and arrogant, no question. He alienates rather than making allies. Even so, petulantly voting a protest is throwing away a vote against a greater evil. When the choice is between evil and childish, you don’t ignore the real choice. You are putting yourself in the position of the good men who do nothing. Give that serious thought.


@Music et al….Speaking of McStain, has anyone else heard the rumor that he did not die a natural death, but instead was subjected to a hushed up but very real Military Tribunal, where he pled guilty as charged and was given a choice of which way to go out, and he chose lethal injection ? They say he lived up to his nickname of “Songbird McCain” and squeeled on a host of other deep state traitors. And related to that squealing, quite a few people at Poppy Bush’s funeral received special envelopes inside their programs, much of which was caught… Read more »


I support your view 100%, but then I go even further! The greatest threat to our Democracy is now from within. In the United States, our sitting Republican President is a demonstrable authoritarian, who dreams of heading a Russian-style government. Trump has no understanding of the the Constitution of the United States or of our government. In Trump’s mind he has, or should have, the same powers that Putin exercises in Russia. Trump has shown both respect and admiration for Putin, Xi, Erdogan, and Duterte, all Authoritarian leaders and all adversaries of the United States, while at the same time… Read more »



Dave in Fairfax

If you want ANYONE to read your stuff, TURN OFF THE CAPSLOCK.

Green Mtn. Boy

If Mr. Trump wants reelection after his violations of various amendments of the BOR,he may want to have a come to Jesus moment if he expects said reelection to be carried by other than his Move On supporters.
Time to look at the primary of a president.

J Gibbons

Unfortunately, like in 2016 the 2020 vote will come down to the lesser of two evils. In that scenario, I’d take Trump, with all of his flaws and failures, over any of the big-name Democrat candidates. Each of them is guaranteed to put gun control and complete disarmament above all else.


Isn’t it a shame that we voters are reduced to picking between ‘the lesser of two evils’. Are there no more statesmen out there who want to serve the people not abuse them with their power? Warren falls in the evil category, if for nothing else, using some fake ‘native american’ narrative allowing herself special treatment from schools and employers. How many true native Americans were displaced because of her lies?


It ALWAYS HAS BEEN the lesser of two evils. Not 1 politician gives a shit about SERVING, they make their money and never get anything REAL accomplished except raising national debt. They are ALL liars, but I’ll vote for SATAN before I vote for a progressive liberal nazi socialist democrat traitorous piece of shit!


Bernie cares about serving. I am going to register as a Democrat so that I can vote for him in a primary.