Dealing with Social Stigmatization of the Second Amendment

The effort to get companies like FedEx to cut ties with the NRA is part of an effort to stigmatize the Second Amendment and those who defend it. (Wikimedia Commons photo by Raysonho)

U.S.A. –( The good news on the Second Amendment is that the courts have been shifting in a pro-Second Amendment direction. With the Heller and McDonald rulings, the Supreme Court has formally ruled what we all knew was the truth: The Second Amendment is an individual right. However, the bad news is that there is an ongoing effort to stigmatize that right.

We saw glimpses back in the Clinton years when Eric Holder called for “brainwashing” people against guns. Well, in the years since Holder made that call, that has been going on. In addition, the brainwashers have been leveraging power in corporate America.

In essence, while Second Amendment supporters largely won the legislative battle in the wake of the shooting at Parkland, Florida, the opponents of our right to keep and bear arms made major strides in the stigmatization of the Second Amendment. The companies that pulled out from affinity discounts from the NRA (admittedly, some did so under pressure from the likes of Andrew Cuomo) didn’t just represent a discount lost, they represented a successful “othering” of Second Amendment supporters.

Why does this matter? After all, most of you reading this never joined the NRA for its discounts. You probably never even knew you had those discounts. You joined to protect the Second Amendment. That is all well and good but getting those affinity deals mattered beyond just your pocketbook. It was something more. In one sense, it was a sign that the nation’s foremost defender of the Second Amendment was well in the mainstream of society.

Furthermore, when those companies sought the business of those who defended the Second Amendment, it meant that they believed that our opposition to onerous and unworkable gun laws did not make us complicit in the horrific acts of criminals, terrorists, and madmen. That is starting to change, and that is becoming an existential threat. To understand why, it is important to understand the objective behind all the Second Amendment shaming.

One of the objectives of this shaming campaign isn’t to get you to change your mind. It’s to get you to shut up. To hide your support for the Second Amendment in order to preserve your professional, economic, and/or social standing. Speak out, and you become a target. They will drag your reputation in the mud. There is another objective, one that works in the long term. By making the Second Amendment a subject of shame, it will dry up the support in future generations, making it easier to turn it into a dead letter, and then repeal it.

What can be done about this? As much as we want to take this head-on, this is where we need to fight smart – because this is a step-by-step process. The first step is to know the facts about the issues surrounding our Second Amendment rights. Knowledge is power – and this will be crucial in defeating the prejudice-based shaming campaign – and pass that knowledge on to your family.

The second step – something that can be done in conjunction with the first step – is to build relationships with your neighbors and friends. Have your family known as the people who can help the elderly shovel their sidewalks when the snow hits, who help out when others are sick, or who are among the upstanding members of the community. This does two things: This marks you as someone who is concerned about your community, but it also serves as a bulwark when the inevitable attacks come for you publicly defending the Second Amendment.

The third step is to reach out to your local news outlets. This has both short-term and long-term benefits. In the short-term, providing the local reporters feedback on how they cover Second Amendment issues will make their reporting better. Many local reporters are always looking for story ideas and showing them some of the many ways our Second Amendment rights are exercised responsibly not only educates them but their viewers.

Finally, we must be willing to confront the anti-Second Amendment prejudice when it emerges forcefully, with facts, but in a civil manner. This will be the hard part – because even with all the work you have done, the anti-Second Amendment types could win. But the odds will be much more in your favor. This is a serious threat, but it can be overcome. In the meantime, join the NRA, and support both NRA-ILA and NRA-PVF!

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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    1. Why does the NRA = 2nd Amendment? (or refusing to support NRA = stigmatisimg 2nd amendment supporters)
      That’s like saying jihadist = Islam, KKK = Protestant Christian, or French Revolution = democracy.

      I’ve can support the right to bear arms while condemning their blase attitudes toward the tragically increasingly common mass shootings. Why should it be easy for any illegal immigrant or retard who can’t tell the difference between a trigger or a safety or teenager who think it’s cool to swing a gun like a toy around aiming at people to own or have access to guns?

      A gun is just as dangerous, but also essential, as a car. Why can’t we make sure whoever has one has the responsibility, maturity, and knowledge to use one?

      Citizens have the right to vote, but it makes sense to have voter ID laws to make sure it’s legitimate. Likewise, we have the right to own guns, but it also makes sense to make sure people who have it aren’t going to be psychopaths who are going to shoot up a bar, synagogue, church, or school.

      1. No, Bob… “mass shootings” are NOT “more common,” but they do consistently receive much more (and much louder) media coverage. According to FBI and CDC official statistics, those shootings are statistically level, and have been for three decades. Do not buy into lying liberal propaganda.

      2. No, the ONLY way to ensure that firearms cannot be obtained by psychopaths… is to go to draconian lengths to seriously (and very dangerously) infringe directly upon – impose unconstitutional restrictions upon – ALL law-abiding, responsible citizens. That is too high a price to pay, and effective results cannot be obtained WITHOUT such restrictions… moreover, simply trying to implement additional “background checks” is totally worthless.

        Having all those law-abiding citizens take responsibility for their own defense is the one (and only) Constitutionally mandated and approved solution. No other proposed solution is legal… at least, not according to the “Law of the Land.”

      3. Bob, voter laws do not ensure voters are informed and know and understand the issues nor how to actually vote. I doubt you’d agree to any voting laws that attempted that. Actually, the Democrats did that during the Jim Crow years to suppress the blacks right to vote and firearm ownership.

        No, the NRA does not equal the second amendment, and the NRA has bent under pressure, past examples, the 1934, 1968, and 1986 gun laws – and currently agreeing with a “bump” stock ban. One comparison you didn’t mention was ignorance, misinformation and deceit equals Leftism. The most ill-informed and deceitful people seem to believe that they still have all their rights as guaranteed by our constitution while trying to infringe on ours. The Democratic politicians are the worst of the bunch. Virginia just elected an anti-rights US congressional representative that agrees with all the failed “gun control” ideas, meanwhile she is protected under LEOSA, allowing to carry just about everywhere in the USA. Meanwhile she does not believe in Constitutional carry nor National reciprocity. That hypocritical stance of “for me and not for thee” is what we are fighting. The worst part of this is that Democrats continually state they believe in equality – seemingly the equality as written about in “The Animal Farm”, that some animals are more equal than others.

        Please explain what laws will prevent your scenarios. Already murder is illegal, bringing firearms onto school property, in many states, onto church property without permission, are all illegal. Yet, you believe another law making a thought or action illegal is going to stop that? Maybe you should try your hand at illegal drugs. Opium and Heroin has been illegal to manufacture, import and sell, possess, and use in the USA for over 100 years, yet we are in the middle of an opioid epidemic. We could certainly use some “common-sense” drug laws that will prevent the hundreds of thousands of ODs annually and kill more than firearms and vehicles combined. What laws do you believe you can pass to stop that?

    2. The attacks on our Second Amendment are not just about our right to Keep and Bear Arms, but are really attacks on all of our Individual Rights. If they are successful in overturning or repealing this Amendment, they will not stop there. The peasants cannot be trusted with Individual Rights, and all of our rights as guaranteed in our constitution will come under attack. Motions will be submitted to repeal our constitution because it was founded on the principle of Individual Rights. That is really what the left in this country wants, and the Second Amendment is just the first that must go. After that the rest will fall easily.

      1. The Constitution is an old piece of Hemp paper sitting in Washington wondering” where did all the Americans go.”According to that document of Supreme Law for this land it calls “The United States of America”,in order for the Federal government to make a law affecting all 50 states there has to be an admendment made to Supreme Law as was done with Prohibition of Alcohol in the early 20th century.Also to repeal such law.SO WHAT IS FEDERAL LAW.FEDERAL LAW is a violation of Supreme Law as defined by law(Supreme Law).The Constitution trampled by gun toteing thugs who have no more respect for law or America than any gun toteing criminal anywhere.Besides the Constitutionbeing the biggest joke in America,FEDERAL LAW is the biggist inside joke at cocktail partys where criminals figure out, how next to spend your tax money.I believe The Constitution of the United States of America to hold principles for government that are timeless and righteous but if it is not practised it cannot be blamed for the “state of the union”.Sorry bout spelling.They have Already trashed it in the Smithsonian,is all I’m saying

        1. 4true, the US Constitution was written on sheepskin parchment. The rest of your blather isn’t worth the time to rebut. Suffice it to say that you started off wrong and just continued, in a run-on sentence, in the same direction.

    3. Every gun-control bill proposed by liberals should be inundated with dozens of “riders” by conservatives… first attach a clause to rename the proposed legislation the “Inanimate Object Safety Omnibus Bill”… then add a clause to outlaw eating utensils, because forks and spoons create obesity… a clause to outlaw writing instruments, because pens and pencils create errors on school tests… a clause to outlaw drinking cups, because bar glasses cause drunk driving… is the pattern starting to emerge?

      This action of drowning gun-control bills in addendums will accomplish several things, including 1) eventually putting a complete stop to all such ridiculous legislation attempts, 2) expose the unbelievable and complete lack of logic, sanity, or reasonableness on which such bills are predicated, and 3) do so by using EXACTLY the same “rationale” on which the original screwed-up gun-control idea was based.

      Hey, Republican Representatives… it’s worth a shot!! (pun intended)

    4. A lot of people have died because of our second amendment rights.
      But, a million times that many have died because they didn’t have that right.

      1. Unfortunately I believe that more are going to end up dying to defend that right and insure that we retain it. The enactment of so called “Red Flag” laws in many of the states is simply an effort on the part of those opposed to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to abrogate and usurp that Bill of Rights and eventually the Constitution itself, and res assured this is their ultimate goal.

    5. It would be helpful if you could list the organisations and companies that have shown opposition to the Second Amendment so we can avoid using or purchasing from them.

    6. It is sickening how the larger percentage of the populous is handed such value is rights without having earned them, then they trash those very, most precious rights as if the mean nothing and have absolutely no understanding of when they try to deny or destroy the rights of others.

      The bottom line is, NOBODY has the authority to alter, annrogate or otherwise mess with ANYBODY’a rights, (Except the individuals when WAVING thie rI guys for ANY reason) and if you do, YOU deserve to lose ALL your rights! Perhaps if EVERYONE were made to EARN thieir rights, they would have a higher desire to defend them?

    7. “A Southern White Male” is what I and others of the same ilk are derisively referred to as because of our stance on issues that are contrary to the media. About 20 years ago the big issue in Georgia was the Confederate Battle Flag that was incorporated into the state flag since 1956. Per 1986 goals set at the annual NAACP (National African American Communist Party), “all vestiges of the Confederacy must be removed” (Street names, Monuments, Symbols). The Governor at that time, Roy Barnes, spent $240 million dollars in a campaign of bribery to “buy” legislator votes to change the flag. It worked. The populace was not allowed a say (The Atlanta Constipation had a poll showing 73% of Georgians opposed changing the flag). Before any legislative action too place the “new Barns flag”‘ was being hoisted at banks and business’ across Georgia (McDonalds, BOA, etc.). The NBA threatened to boycott Atlanta for any playoff consideration as well. Former President Jimmy Carter stepped in and brought a compromise flag that is flown on poles today. So, as you stated, you first demonize the people, and then the object that is the true target. All good greedy for money business’ will jump on board without any qualms, and the people will have no say. You now know that it has happened before.

      1. Lets then extend our thanks to the NAACP and Roy Barnes’s heroism in melting down these bronze statues and shredding the Confederate flags to unknown graves. They do not belong anywhere except unmarked graves, or recycled in a responsible manner. Thank you though for your dated comments. The GWD.

        1. You are no watch dog. You are a propagandist. How much do they pay you per response to write outlandish crap that annoys people? You won’t change anyone’s mind. We will just refuse to respond to you.

        2. @The Green Watch Dog, in the Marines when anything ever appeared as f’d-up, like a little shit-sucking weasle such as yourself would appear, we would proclaim The Green Weenie was at fault. You don’t even rate THAT title.

        3. GWD…

          Only in YOUR screwed-up excuse for an “opinion” is the demolition of the real world, and the re-writing of actual American history, somehow supposed to be “proper” and “acceptable.” The term “manure-for-brains” comes readily to mind.

        4. Quote: “all vestiges of the Confederacy must be removed” To truly meet their goals then, they must also remove the Democrat Party since that is the Party of Slavery.

      2. John, I am proudly an NRA member…I am proudly black…On an issue whereon you and I can so solidly agree, 2A, and 1A, it makes it so hard for me to recruit others when we so solidly diverge on what is such a divisive issue as the Confederacy and what it represents to my race…So as to not be vague or politically correct here, let me just call out what it represents to my race: Slavery, castration, whips, etc…If you are ok with that painful aspect of our history, then I support your RIGHT to come on out and verbalize it…On the flip, if you say it was not you who perpetrated these institutionally heinous crimes against my ancestors, then I understand that too…But to try to illucidate my point by example, if your wife or girlfriend had cuckholded you, you would not want her to keep a photo of the “other” guy in your view…Heck, I give Skynard their props, and like their music, and their raising of the “flag” during concerts doesn’t preclude my appreciation of the music, but I was not likely to attend a concert for the obvious…Come on guy, let’s fight these libtards as one on this issue…Coz it’s for danged sure that if the revolution breaks out, you and I are going to be glad to see one another show up with our munitions.

        1. “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” While I do not celebrate the pre-civil war South, I also do not try to remove all vestiges of its existence. I try to examine it and embrace its good parts and shun its bad parts. To do otherwise just seems foolish and shortsighted.

        2. jc, I have seen blacks wear the Confederate flag on clothing and fly it, too. Apparently not all blacks, just as not all whites and others, share your views on that flag. To many, I believe, it just represents being. “rebel”, not a racist. The Leftists that always stereotype others appear to be the racists and bigots, which is the sad irony of their kind, projecting their faults upon others they scorn. They might not believe in God and religion, but they practice their ideological beliefs with at least as much fervor as the most zealous religious person, and often, as in the case of Antifa, much more violently.

        3. JC, if you get to wipe out all vestiges of our history then the same should go for yours. If we can have no confederate flags then you should never be able to mention slavery. If we can have no statues of confederate heroes then you should get no statues of “civil rights leaders”, or for that matter of union heroes. If we can have no street names then neither can you. MLK day should be abolished. The Lincoln memorial torn down (and Lincoln was more racist than the guys he was fighting).

          If you want us to understand what those things mean to your people then you need to understand what they mean to ours; states and individuals rights, federal obedience to the constitution, no taxation without equal representation, and respect for long lasting and successful traditions (not including slavery of course).

          Since you mentioned castration I will point out that it was exceptionally rare in American slavery. Importation of new slaves was banned in 1808,52 years before the war of northern aggression. The continuation of slavery in the US was dependent on breeding the existing population. That’s difficult to do after castration.

          Arab and Muslim enslaving of black Africans, on the other hand, went on for more than 4 times as long as European/American enslaving of blacks, and Arab/Muslim slavery regularly featured eunuchs. Eunuchs typically have most or all of the penis amputated above and beyond mere castration. Maybe we should eliminate Arab and Muslim symbols as being more representative of slavery than any symbols of the confederacy.

    8. A local news station did a interview with local 2nd amendment group president, recorded to air later, same camera, same sound system they used to record interviews with other people before and after, When it came time to air the interview they had a glitch in the sound system so the interview was lost, a glitch which mysteriously fixed itself for the next interview (and all subsequent interviews) recorded on the same system that day.

    9. Perhaps WE should adopt the Silent No More meme and get noisey about our God-given right to protect ourselves individually and corporately. Banks start dumping clients who sell things they don’t like? Fine.. wlk in and TELL the manager WHY you are pulling your accounts. If two people do that, maybe he’ll jus tlaugh about it over lunch with his second. If twenty do it in the same week, he might give it a second thought. If a hundred a week do it, maybe he’ll mention something to regional.

      I guess Dicks are hurting, and rightly so. Fred Meyer were close to closing the gun stores anyway. Most real gun folks prefer to buy from folks who KNOW and love firearms. The gin counter folks at Freddie’s were just hirelings, could ave been off in the bedding or potted plant departments. They all got some training how to fill out the 4473, but any monkey with one eyeball can do that. They weren’t making enough money on firearms to justify the floor space.

      But when the Big Boys begin to play the bully, they need someone(s) getting up in their grille and pushing back. Do it politely, but firmly.

    10. Oh I love it. Be a good neighbor, help out the old folks shoveling their driveways. But do it in the spotlight because it makes you look good and adds credibility to your arguments. Don’t do it just because the 75 year old widow living down the street might actually die if she tries to move that snow herself. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with anyone keeping enough weapons in their home to stock a mid-sized paramilitary group. That’s all fine and dandy. Don’t compromise the integrity of your values to justify it though. That second step is a pretty great one prima facie, but if one of your motives is to avoid having people question your firearm fetish, then you’re just pretending to be a good neighbor. The majority of the folks here are probably good neighbors already, don’t reduce that to social camouflage.

      1. Linco, you know what he meant, trying to twist it is just being disingenuous. Leftists try to make us appear to be something we are not. They try to make us appear to be bad people, stigmatize us, change the narrative, and create, co-opt and change the meaning of terms, such as “assault weapons”, and “high capacity” magazines, or as they typically call them, clips.

      2. Yeah, I just hate that “morality signaling” that big business does to deceive and attract the libtard suckers, and humorously, they fall for it. Oh, and what is a firearms fetish?

    11. There’s hope. Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves the bench and our fearless leader appoints a new Supreme Court justice confirmed by the Republican Senate. The NRA, SAF, etc sue NY and other states for their infringing, odious anit-2A laws and regs that were affirmed in the lower courts and the Supreme Court acknowledges those infringements as unconstitutional once and for all.

      1. Hop, we can hope and pray things will transpire as you outline. No ill will toward RBG, of course, but it’s time for changing of the guard, so that SCOTUS is actually defending the Constitution again, instead of legislating from the bench.

        Re suing left-wing states … that’s been happening for a long time in CA, but
        (a) the Ninth Circuit shoots down most everything, then SCOTUS declines to take the case [hopefully that will change], and
        (b) we’re bailing the boat with buckets (pro-2A lawsuits) as fast as we can, but water (anti-2A CA laws) are pouring into the boat even faster!

        You are right — nothing will change until SCOTUS accepts and rules on another couple of major 2A cases.

      1. @SuperG, I live next door in CA, so “I feel your pain”.

        And it’s not just our media —also our respective state governments.

      1. I’ve heard it said a long time ago that guns are the new tobacco. It’s a big, slow machine. I’m not very sure that we will win this. The opposition has tremendous inertia already.

    12. While I generally applaud your thoughts, please understand that the majority of media operates with an anti-gun agenda. While making contact with media outlets and expressing your opinion on their firearms rights coverage may seem like a good idea, it’s also dangerous.

      It’s quite easy for reporters to interview people with no other purpose than furthering their anti-gun agenda. They will quote you out of context, and twist your thoughts to make you look ridiculous, untrustworthy and dangerous.

      I would not recommend that anyone that supports gun rights approach the media without proper press relations training.

      1. @Marc, And big business persons, too, generally operate with an anti-Second Amendment mind set. They could care less about conversing with an individual. They do, however, understand a loss of business profits. And the good news is that the boycott of Citibank is working. Their shares were down a smidge over 2 percent, just the other day! Keep hitting anti-Second Amendment business where it hurts them.

    13. America hating foreign governments and America enemies are also pushing for gun control. The Un has been doing this for years.many foreign countries invest their money in various investment firms and then they push to bam guns inthe USA. .back in world war 2, the japs were going to invade the USA but were afraid of all those Americans who owned guns and would fight them off, so now these America hating foreign countries figures out just have guns banned in America then there would be no one to fight them off. Also flood America with illegals who are not loyal to America, just their own countries, and flood America with illegal drugs so people are doped up.
      How do e know if. Japan, North Korea, Russia, China, Germany arent behind this gun banning movement? I even heard where some say the Bill of Rights should be abolished! Then that would stop crime, drug dealers, criminals. Now we have the new Hitler youth in Florida calling for repeal of the 2nd amendment.

      1. You can ban guns – not that it would matter. I can guaranty you that there are thousands more people out there who just like me will never give up their guns. There is no way on God’s green earth that I would live in a home sans weapons, just not going to happen trust me.

        1. Alex, guns? I thought, like me, you lost yours in the woods. But your post reminds me that I need to get some more ammo, I only have about four boxes left.

    14. You should add another action: vote not only at the ballot box but also with your wallet… stop doing business with corporations who have policies that are directed against law-abiding citizens and businesses. For example I will never again set foot in Dick’s, will never buy or use Yeti equipment, and I transferred all of my banking out of Bank of America to a bank that stays out of politics. The latter took me about 4 months to patiently transfer military retirement, social security, investment distributions, and a small pension from Northrop Grumman. The loss of my business I’m sure means nothing to the aforementioned corporations, but if 20 million of us did that it would definitely be felt.

    15. On Nov 6 2018 the Democratic candidate for Governor in Oklahoma found out what happens when you are anti-gun. Being anti-gun on any level in Oklahoma is a losing proposition. The only exception might be the “higher education” sphere and even there inroads are being made.

      1. Hi, Roy…
        Yes, generally Oklahoma has historically demonstrated that being “anti-gun” is indeed a “losing proposition” for politicians. (I hope it remains so for many generations.)

        But there was a single exception – certainly an anomaly – this year. House of Representatives district 5 was [shockingly, and against MY vote] taken by a very liberal woman, whose anti-2nd Amendment idiocy and super tax-and-spend mentality make Cuomo and Bloomberg look completely palatable. She scares any and all sane, conservative human beings. With any luck, our other four Representatives can keep her in check for two years – although they may have to physically muzzle that worthless excuse for a politician, and dump her in a closet to do so…

        1. It has been said that Russel lost because he ran his TV ads too late. I watch very little local programing but the couple of Russel ads I saw were just two or maybe three days before election day. This supposedly hurt him with those that vote by mail and vote early. And then you have to consider the district and who lives there southeast of OKC. Lucas is my congressman.

      1. e rThe Second Amendment protects the other nine. Take a lesson from history. Look at what happened during WWII. After Hitler was voted in, he took people’s books. Then he took the guns. The hen he took the Jews.He dragged them away to Concentration Camps, where they were starved to death and gased and thrown into mass graves. But he didn’t stop there. He continued his quest to torcher
        People across Europe and into the shores of the USA. So, don’t think it can’t happen here!!!

    16. Continued demonization of gun ownership is the goal of the MSM. If they can convince the general public that gun owners are evil, we will meet the same fate as the Jews. The propaganda machine under Hitler was able to convince the public to the point where it was justified to murder millions. Hitler didn’t kill 6 million Jews by himself, he had plenty of help.

      1. Don’t forget the other 6 million that was murdered in those death camps: Slavs, Poles, Russian POWs, homosexuals, mentally disabled persons, political opponents, grumblers & complainers. Pretty much anyone that his regime deemed unfit to live. Such is what happens when the State has way too much power over the citizens. And just how did they get that much power? It was given to them by the people.

    17. The 2nd Amendment is as much a civil right as the 1st Amendment. If a gun dealer has to have a license to sell guns & a citizen needs a permit to buy a gun then media outlets need to get a government permit & every reporter must have a permit. Or, every church must be licensed & everyone must get a permit to worship.
      Simply put, Anti-gun people are bigots trying to violate our constitutional rights & we need to drive that point home over & over. We need to label them as bigots. It will drive them nuts!
      LeMoyne Pilcher, Frankfort, KY

    18. People against the 2nd amendment have a mindset that is hard to change. My guns are a freedom that I enjoy. I will use my best judgement if I must defend myself.
      My preacher is pleased to know that I set in the choir right behind the pulpit and that I have my 9mm.

      1. According to the left, you should not have permission to carry in a church. Imagine if someone you hate were to come into your church such as a homosexual, or perhaps a black person… you would instantly go into an uncontrollable right-winged rage and start shooting! I guess they actually believe that.

    19. Its not only the NRA gun rights activist. FedEx is re-aligning their price structures. Stop reading between the lines and believing reports you are brainwashed to read. What a bunch of Mr. Fred Ziffels you are.
      “Effective Nov. 4, more than 100 organizations — including the NRA — will no longer receive discounts through the FedEx Marketing Alliance program, the company said today. Those accounts are currently being transitioned to different pricing programs”.
      From the The company’s press release.

      1. Green Watch Dog, Other than the Fed-ex pict at the beginning what part of the article was about Fed-ex? Did you read the article or just need to spout off against anyone who stands up for their rights?

    20. We are a little too fixated on the Second Amendment. ITS ALSO A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE! Its depriving gun owners of the equal protection of the law based on bigotry of the gun control busybodies. Why should firearms have more regulation than refrigerators?

      1. JBS, it’s because the 2A is what’s being attacked. Civil rights are doing fine. That’s why BLM, LGBTQ & all those other acronyms are flourishing in being accepted. They don’t see the second amendment as a civil right…& in reality, it’s not. It’s an enumerated right that is UNALIENABLE, not removable by choice or vote. It’s the only right mentioned in the BOR that supports & protects the other rights. It’s the only right that won our independence from British Rule. We didn’t talk them into surrender…we shot the hell out of them so that they couldn’t take it anymore!
        I lost my two grown children because of my stance on the second amendment. They have labeled me a racist, bigot, all the phobes you can imagine, close minded, unaccepting, & of course, a Fox News cult member. I hear all the rhetoric that the far left speak in their hatred for any that speak differently than their ways of inclusion. I love my kids but I love my freedom to protect myself, THEM, & America…just as much. Thank you for your concern but I think I’ll remain “fixated” on my 2A rights. Think I’ll go to my fridge &’get a beer now.

        1. Could it be that we should be far beyond mere talking to those that spew the propaganda in the first place ?!! (Open Season?)

      2. Doesn’t matter why. Just matters that it is. We need to stop trying to reason with the left and start fighting them more aggressively.

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